Downed Malaysian Airliner Act Of War?
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By Devvy Kidd
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Another horrible commercial airliner 'incident'. This one being the second Malaysian commercial air liner to go down - shot down this time for certain. Opinions are every where on whether it was Russian separatists or some other faction in rebel held Ukraine.

Over the past year, Vladimir Putin has become a hero of sorts to conservatives who think he's buff compared to the effeminate sexual deviant in the White House. They cheer because Putin very publicly condemns homosexuality. How quickly people forget. Putin is former KGB. He is a killer, a monster and no one should ever forget how ruthless he is.

The Putin Murders

Besides saying a little prayer for all those souls murdered on that plane, July 17, 2014, (298 passengers and 17 crew) my first thought was another KAL 007 (Korean Air Lines). Someone else apparently thought of it, too. Unfortunately, it's American style propaganda:

White House leadership: Reagan on KAL 007 vs. Obama on MH17

"There is a saying that great men make history and history makes great men. Ronald Reagan was the living example of this when, on September 1, 1983, the Soviet Union, without warning, shot down a civilian Korean airliner flying from New York to Seoul, killing all 269 men, women and children on board."

While it's true Ronnie Reagan cut short his vacation at his home in California and flew back to DC the next day vs the criminal impostor in the WH carrying on with fundraising and jokes, Ms. McFarland completely eliminates "the rest of the story" about KAL 007 and Ronald Reagan's heinous and inexcusable actions afterwards.

KAL was forced to make a landing by the Soviets on September 1, 1983. 62 Americans, including Congressman Larry McDonald and dozens of children plus all the other passengers, mostly from Korea. The plane landed off the island of Sakhalin. No bodies or luggage was ever found. I spent years reading everything available on that deliberate, alleged shooting down of a commercial air liner. Ronald Reagan and then Secretary of State, George Shultz LIED to the American people and abandoned all the passengers snatched by the Ruskies. Let me give you a preview from one of my columns on KAL 007:

"SEOUL, South Korea (UPI) - A Korean Air Lines jumbo jet flying from New York to Seoul Wednesday with 269 people aboard, including a U.S. Congressman, was forced to land on Sakhalin, a Soviet-occupied island north of Japan, the government-run television said. The passengers were reported safe. Among them was Rep. Larry McDonald, D-GA., John Birch society chairman, whose spokesman said in Washington that American officials believed the jet was forced down by Soviet or North Korean fighter planes.

"A report on the Korean Broadcasting System said Thursday the CIA had informed the Seoul government of the landing on the Soviet-occupied island about 850 miles north of Tokyo. In Tokyo, the Japanese foreign ministry said the soviet foreign ministry had denied the plane was on Sakhalin in a message conveyed to the Japanese embassy in Moscow. Soviet officials in Moscow refused to comment and the South Korean foreign ministry said it had no confirmation of the reports.

"The situation was complicated because South Korea does not have diplomatic relations with Moscow. Soviet news agency Tass did not report the incident. The Boeing 747 jetliner was reported missing Wednesday and officials originally feared the plane may have been hijacked. The plane, KAL Flight 7, which originated in New York with 29 crew members and 140 passengers had stopped to refuel in Anchorage, Alaska, and was due at Seoul's Kimpo airport at 6:00 am Thursday (3 p.m. MDT Wednesday.)

"Unconfirmed reports suggested the jetliner had strayed into Soviet controlled air space and was forced down by fighters based in the area, but U.S. military officials in Honolulu, where Pacific operations are based, declined comment. "We've been told unofficially the plane was forced down." said McDonald's press secretary, Tommy Toles. "We do have it unofficially, on good reports, that it was forced down either by Soviets or North Koreans."

"A CIA spokesman in Washington, Dale Peterson, said: "I can neither confirm nor deny that story at this time. I just don't have any information."

"On April 20, 1978, a KAL flight from Paris crossed into Soviet airspace by mistake en route to Anchorage and was forced down by Soviet fighters. Two passengers were killed. KAL officials confirmed that McDonald was aboard the plane. McDonald, 48, of Marietta, GA., is an ultraconservative who was named chairman of the national John Birch Society this year. There was no immediate comment from his family.
"KAL Vice President Cho Choong-keun said he was told the plane landed safely. Cho flew immediately to Tokyo to join negotiations for the return of the passengers, crew and airplane from the island, which was occupied by the Soviet Union after WWII. He said he would attempt to reach Sakhalin by way of Sapporo. It was believed U.S. officials would join Japanese officials in the talks.

"That zone is about 80 miles south of Russian airspace and all pilots get tense when they fly there," Cho said. "I cannot tell how the plane came to land on Sakhalin. It does not matter as long as the passengers are all right. At this time nothing can be determined."

"KBS, quoting government officials, said the jumbo jet landed at Sakhalin at 4 a.m. Thursday (1 p.m. MDT Wednesday).  "About 100 friends and relatives of passengers waiting at Kimpo were stunned at the report of the missing plane but cheered and applauded when the landing at Sakhalin was announced. "Cho said earlier he believed the plane could have been hijacked. "The aircraft had all modern navigation equipment and was in perfect shape," said Cho. "Thus, I am inclined to think that it was forced out of normal flight against its intention. I cannot tell exactly what actually happened to it."
Let's go to another newspaper on the same day:

The New York Times, September 1, 1983: Korean Jetliner with 269 Aboard Missing Near Soviet Pacific Island - May Have Been Forced to Land, but Its Loss Is Also Called Possible

"Tokyo, Thursday, Sept 1 - A south Korean airliner with 269 people aboard disappeared this morning near the Soviet island of Sakhalin, off the Pacific coast of Siberia, according to reports in Tokyo and Seoul. Early reports said the plane, a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 jetliner on a flight from New York to Seoul with a stop in Anchorage, had been forced down by Soviet Air Force planes and that all 240 passengers and 29 crew members were believed to be safe.

"But an airline official in Seoul said this afternoon that an explosion might have occurred in midair..."After its last contact with Japanese air officials at 3:23 a.m. and its disappearance from radar six minutes later, fears were raised that the lane had begun to run out of fuel and might have been forced to ditch in the Pacific. Sakhalin, where the plane was believed to have been forced down, is an island off the coast of Siberia. It is considered of strategic importance to the Soviet Union as a military outpost and a departure point for the Soviet navy."
Let's move on to the next day, September 2, 1983, The Rocky Mountain News headlines:

Reagan Demands Answer For 'Horrifying' Jet Attack

"President Reagan, demanding a "full and immediate explanation," Thursday assailed the Soviet attack on a Korean airliner that killed 269 people as a "horrifying act of violence" and dispatched sophisticated AWACS surveillance aircraft to search for the wreckage. All 269 passengers aboard a Korean Air Lines jumbo jet died when the airliner was shot down with a heat-seeking missile from a Soviet warplane, U.S. officials said. The commercial airliner strayed over Kremlin defense outposts on islands near Japan, the officials said."

The New York Times, September 2, 1983:

U.S. Says Soviet Downed Korean Airliner; 269 Lost; Reagan Denounces 'Wanton' Act - President Demands Explanation For 'Horrifying Act of Violence'

"Santa Barbara, Calif., Sept 1 - President Reagan expressed revulsion today at the reported downing of a Korean Air Lines plane off the Soviet Coast."

"Let's read that sentence again: President Reagan expressed revulsion today at the reported downing of a Korean Air Lines plane off the Soviet Coast.

"Are we to believe that Ronald Reagan expressed revulsion over something that is "reported" to have happened? Are we to believe that with all the sophisticated equipment this nation has funded from planes to encryption devices, and everything in the arsenal of the NSA and DoD, that Reagan reacted with intense outrage over something that has only been "reported?" We're to believe that the President of the United States of America didn't really know what happened - and, this - two full days later - I'm supposed to believe this malarkey? Either the plane was shot down or it wasn't and the President would darn well know the truth. Once you read Incident at Sakhalin, you'll understand why I say this."

The despicable, Juan McCain [R-AZ] reacted to the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner this way:

McCain: ‘Hell to pay’ if plane shot down: "Sen. John McCain said Thursday that he is withholding judgment on the Malaysia Airlines crash, but vowed that there would be “hell to pay” if the plane was shot down by the Russian military or separatists."

Really, Johnny? And, where were you in 1981 when Ronnie Reagan declared the Soviets had deliberately shot down a commercial air liner with 62 Americans on board? Reagan said the Russians owed the world an apology. He speeded up work on the 'Star Wars' missile system.

"He (Reagan) urged Congress and the American people to continue the Reagan defense buildup. He shored up our European allies and encouraged them to stand up to the Communists. And he understood that the Soviet economy depended on high oil prices, so he set about to bankrupt them. Six years after the Soviets shot down the Korean airliner, their empire collapsed."

Really? Dr. Edwin Vieira offers up the truth:

"Contrary to a widespread belief, socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe did not collapse because of the clever geostrategic maneuvers of the Reagan Administration. Neither did the East Bloc break up because its leaders were incompetents who put into practice the wrong plans. Particular politicians and policies--East or West--had next to nothing to do with it.

"The East Bloc fell apart--and had to fall apart, no matter what anyone did--because of an obscure principle of economics known as "the impossibility of rational economic calculation under bureaucratic central planning". Socialism failed--and must always fail--because, without prices for goods and services generated by a free market, central planners cannot allocate resources and manpower intelligently. But central planners cannot allow a free market to set prices (otherwise there could be no central planning). In the long run, this self-imposed bureaucratic blindness to the real values of people and things results in monumental waste, the failure of central plans to deliver sound capital investments and advancing standards of living, and finally the collapse of those societies that allow politicians and bureaucrats, rather than free entrepreneurs and workers, to direct the course of economic affairs."

Some pundits are asking is the shooting down of that Malaysian airplane an act of war since allegedly 23 Americans were on board (no one is sure yet)? Why would it be an act of war now if it wasn't when KAL 007 was (not) shot down by the Russians on September 1, 1981? Well, because the truth might actually have come out, so truth was not an option.

Media hot shots and their guests are demanding 'something' be done against Putin and Russia. More sanctions! It's a lot more complicated than that and all sides know it. Soon, it will be back to business as usual. Our ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were murdered in Libya, yet the U.S. Department of State continues to rob you, me our children and grand children to the tune of hundreds of millions of borrowed dollars in unconstitutional foreign aid. Business as usual.

I spent many, many hours on KAL 007 looking for the truth. I believe once you read all the research I was able to find from those on the ground and every other source, you will believe as I do without question that Reagan abandoned not just the 62 Americans on KAL 007, but all the Korean passengers as well. The late Sen. Jesse Helms knew the truth and he took it to his grave. The lies never end. Flying on any airline for decades has been nothing more than a game of Russian Roulette. Political expediency trumps the truth when it comes to the U.S. government and the toxic geopolitical games played by those who really run the world.

My columns by date:

Incident At Sakhalin - The True Mission of KAL Flight 007
- November 19, 1999
KAL 007 (Sakhalin Incident) - Follow- Up - December 10, 1999
Flight KAL 007 - Bring Our People Home Now - August 29, 2001
What about the passengers - of KAL Flight 007? - July 22, 2005
Anniversary of On-Going Cover-Up Approaches (KAL 007) - August 9, 2007

I also found this in my research:

KAL Flight 007 - Based on Incident at Sakhalin: The true Mission of KAL Flight 007

"Over more than ten years of investigation, Michel Brun has collected and analyzed evidence which indicates:

- that KAL 007's off course flight was intentional[1]
- that when the Korean airliner approached Sakhalin Island, so too did a number of U.S. military aircraft some of which had already over flown the Kamchatka Peninsula
- that when a number of them entered Soviet territorial airspace at Sakhalin, a more than two hour air battle was initiated in which some ten U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy aircraft were shot down with the loss of at least thirty U.S. servicemen
- that KAL007 itself appears not to have overflown either Kamchatka or Sakhalin but passed through the Straits just the south of that Soviet island, flew south over the Sea of Japan for at least 45 minutes and was then destroyed off Honshu by means and for reasons which remain to be established." (Destroyed yes, blown out of the sky, no.)

The poor families of all those passengers. Where was the world's or even America's outrage then? The site below is the official web site by one of the families that contains a massive amount of documentation they've fought for over the years. The despair all the families regardless of country must have and still feel all these years later because no one cared. Reagan huffed and puffed. The defense budget and 'Star War's skyrocketed and it was back to business as usual.

Rescue 007 Home

It's likely Congressman McDonald and all the passengers in the 40 years old range probably have now died in Soviet gulags, but the children might still be alive.


[1] Did MH17 pilot divert INTO the danger zone? Aviation expert claims captain made last-minute change of course over Ukraine because he 'felt uncomfortable'

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