9/11: A Challenge For Those Who Believe
The Government's Story

By Devvy Kidd
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My last two columns about 9/11 brought more email than I can possibly read. I do thank people for sending their comments. One man was indignant that I didn't include anything from James Fetzer. There are so many individuals who have done research about 9/11, I can't name them all. Some I wasn't even aware of, but got chewed on anyway. Of the emails I have been able to read so far, sincere folks simply cannot believe anyone in the U.S. government could have been a party to 9/11. They can and do believe it was completely orchestrated and carried out by grossly inexperienced pilots because it is the only acceptable version of the story. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. I know, I felt the same way for almost 18 months. The road to the truth is very, very painful.

In both of my recent columns, I included important links. Information and data I feel, after sifting through months and months of rank speculation, yellow journalism and theories that simply didn't stand up to things like the laws of physics, to be credible as are the individuals. I hope you will eventually view the videos in my two previous columns with an open mind. Flushing out the truth is paramount because our lives have not been the same since that day. The endless, grotesque, morally reprehensible "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan continue today -- all because of 9/11. The families and survivors have been shamefully lied to and manipulated. We all should want the truth.

I have a challenge for anyone who believes the version of events as put forth by Bush and his administration, backed up by cable tv networks like FOX and CNN, as well as "mainstream" newspapers across this country.

This weekend I want you to put aside the time to watch a video presentation of an event in Toronto, Canada, Sept. 8 - 11, 2011. The entire event is not in the videos posted in sequence on line, but you can obtain them. The videos are several hours of viewing, but I guarantee you will not be able to stop watching. Even if you don't believe the fairy tale sold to the American people, watch it as I did. Why? Because we cannot ever forget what happened and we must continue demanding a real investigation. An investigation broadcast live on C-SPAN with the individuals in those videos as well as other individuals I mentioned in my other columns for all the world to see.

Those videos, I believe, will forever change what you believed to be truth about 9/11. I also believe you will feel rage and anger as I did once I accepted the fact that we the people had to been lied to, again.

Each segment is important. In segment two, you will see Lorie Van Auken who lost her husband that day in one of the twin towers. You might remember the "Jersey Girls" and their fight for the truth. Mrs. Van Auken is a Jersey Girl. Listen to her story about how Bush and Cheney fought widows and mothers every step of the way for years. All they wanted was a real investigation. At the end of her statement you will have to ask yourself: Why? Why did Bush and Cheney fight so hard to derail any investigation into the slaughter of over 3,000 human beings on U.S. soil?

As you watch the opening statements, I want you to look at the credentials of those involved in that event. They're not arm chair bloggers, the same as the thousands - not hundreds - but thousands of architects and engineers with more than 25,000 years of experience who have gone on the record to disprove the lie that commercial air liners brought down those towers. Like so many who have stepped forward with honest sincerity in simply wanting the truth, they have been attacked and excoriated by those in denial or those with an agenda. The panel includes the Honorary President of the Italian Supreme Court who was a senior investigative judge focusing on terrorism and several others who also have extensive backgrounds dealing with terrorism.

No one should be too busy for the truth. No football game, trip to the mall, going hiking, fishing or watching the cooking channel is more important than the truth. Because the segments are broken down in five parts, it makes it easy to take one at a time. Listen to witnesses who were there. Are they all liars wearing tin foil hats? Are all of them "Bush haters"? That's wearing a bit thin, don't you think?. Believe what your eyes can see and what your ears hear.

Will you take my challenge?

The Toronto Hearings, Hearings on 9/11: Uncovering Ten Years of Deception

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