By Devvy Kidd

Please call your U.S. congress critter's office TUESDAY. Before you go to work, on your lunch hour or on your break.

 We must stop Speaker of the House, turn coat, John Boehner, from bringing that damnable senate bill up for a vote on Wednesday.

 Tell your congress critter:

 1 - There is no way to do background checks on 20 million illegals because that is a more realistic number. This is a national security issue. Whether the illegal is from Mexico, Lebanon, Ireland or commie China, there's no way to track their backgrounds - especially those who use a phony name.

 2 - 24 million Americans are out of work. 101 million Americans now received food assistance from the general government. 11.5 million jobs are now held by illegals who lie, cheat and steal their way into OUR country. They steal people's identities to steal jobs that belong to Americans and natural born Americans. Now we should reward any of them? This isn't about how long an illegal has been here ILLEGALLY or how nice they are. It's about the law. Stop making a mockery of citizenship.

 3 - Illegal aliens have been stealing the fruits of our labor for three decades. Hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars for people who have no right to be on U.S. soil. I am sick of being fleeced in taxes to pay for people who have no right to be here. The cost of another amnesty will continue bankrupting MY country.

 Republicans: Stop playing Obama's game because S.744 is HIS agenda.

 We don't need another phony immigration "reform" law that WILL turn into another Ronald Reagan disaster. Don't introduce a bill, period. The House is under no legal obligation to introduce any bill.

 It's time to put Americans FIRST instead of illegal aliens.

 This isn't about politics. More money to lock down the border and keep deporting those who have no right to be on U.S. soil.

 You can get your congress critter's number here:

 Please call their DC office first. Usually you will get a recording that allows you time to get those bullet points recorded. If you can't get through to DC, call their district office; you should get a live person.

 Also, if you have time, also hammer on Boehner. His office numbers are also at

 We beat the illegals and America-hating, militant Mexican organizations like LaRaza and MALDEF in 2007. We can do it again.

 Every call WILL count.

 Unlike the senate where pro-illegals like Rubio, McCain and Flake who are not up for reelection until 2016 - every house member is up for reelection next year. They are vulnerable. Tell him/her to stand up for we the people this time and stop catering to ethnic special interest groups at the cost of national security and our laws.

 Let me give you a staggering number. Here in Texas there are approximately 400,000 illegal aliens in schools K-12. They have no right to be here, much less steal class room resources. In 2011, it cost we Texans a whopping $3.4 BILLION dollars. They can blame their parents for being here illegally, but I am sick of being raped in taxes to pay for education that belongs to Americans and those who came here legally like my grand parents.

 This is coming everyone's way:

 CBO: Federal Highway Trust Fund bankrupt in 2015

 "The year 2015 looks to be the year of Armageddon for road funding at both the federal and state level. Texas lawmakers have been warned for nearly a decade that the state highway fund has NO more money for ANY new capacity beyond 2015. In fact, TxDOT is behind $1 billion/yr just for road maintenance and $3 billion/yr behind for new construction fro a total of $4 billion. There will be no easy way forward to fund roads at the federal or state level when it all hits the fan in 2015, but it won't be from a lack of warnings...our politicians are just plain derelict in their duty to fund this core function of government."

 Instead of that $3.4 BILLION spent on illegals, it should go for our roads and highways. How about your state? How much do illegals steal from your paycheck?

 Personally, I think it wouldn't cost any where near the figure cited, but the bottom line is it is cheaper to deport than reward liars, cheats and thieves.

 DHS confirms cheaper to deport every illegal alien than allowing them to stay

 If amnesty in any form goes through, America will no longer be America in five short years.




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