Indiana Judge Hears Obama
Forgery Evidence - What Happened

By Devvy Kidd

There was a hearing yesterday in the Indiana Superior Court regarding Obama/Soetoro's eligibility to be on the ballot. Below, exactly as I received them, are two items on what happened.

What I didn't see was the real meat of the issue: Barry Soetoro's father was a foreign national at the time of bouncing Barry's birth. Not a U.S. Citizen or even a naturalized citizen making Soetoro forever ineligible. There's no question about that - unless a person supports the Red in the White House. He simply is not and will never be a natural born citizen.

I guess we'll see if the judge in the case below is a coward or rules for the truth. The birth certificate is clearly a forgery; Soetoro has been passing it off as genuine.
HOWEVER, and I tried to tell this to Orly Taitz a couple of years ago about using fake ID's and banking on that SSN to get him off the ballot:
"Obama/Soetoro has been using a fake SSN to obtain school loans, employment, entrance to the Illinois Bar and other monetary gains. But, guess what? According to the courts, using someone else's SSN isn't really a crime! Courts: Using another's SSN not a crime

"Is using a forged Social Security Number -- but your own name -- to obtain employment or buy a car an identity theft crime? Lately, U.S. courts are saying it's not.

"The most recent judicial body to take on the issue, the Colorado Supreme Court, ruled last month that a man who used his real name but someone else's Social Security number to obtain a car loan was not guilty of "criminal impersonation," overturning convictions by lower courts.

"That follows a ruling last year by the U.S. Supreme Court that a Mexican man who gave a false SSN to get a job at an Illinois steel plant could not be convicted under federal identity theft laws because he did not knowingly use another person's identifying number. The ruling overturned an opinion by a federal appeals court in St. Louis -- and contradicted earlier findings by circuit courts in the Southeast, upper Midwest and the Gulf states.

"It hasn't been a shutout for identity theft prosecutors, however. In July, an Iowa state appeals court came to the opposite conclusion, affirming a lower court decision that a man who used a California woman's SSN to obtain employment was guilty of breaking that state's identity theft law.

"Identity theft can take many forms, but one of the most vexing is so-called "SSN-only" ID theft. In it, an impostor uses a victim's SSN --- sometimes purchased from a broker, sometimes nine digits pulled out of thin air -- to obtain credit or to provide necessary documentation to obtain work. In many cases, SSN "borrowing" is successful and the impostor goes undetected for years.

"At the heart of all these cases is a simple question: Does the mere use of an anonymous victim's SSN break identity theft laws?

"Mari Frank, a California-based lawyer and identity theft victim advocate, said courts are failing to recognize the real harm caused by impostors, even if imposters are unaware of that harm."

"Bull. The impostor doesn't know how they can destroy another person's life by stealing and using that insidious number. And, don't tell me it isn't the intent of criminals (illegal aliens) to steal SSN's:

"During this segment on illegals stealing YOUR social security number to gain access to jobs that belong to Americans, this is what one man said during a live interview: "Hector Angel, Relative of Swift Employee: Everybody has to do what they have to do to make a living. I agree with that, that it's wrong. But at the same time, it's not, because, you know, we are human beings."

"So, even though it's wrong to steal the identity of an American, it's not really because "we're all human beings." It's okay to smuggle yourself across the border, steal someone else's identity and credit history because, after all, "we're just human beings." It's okay to smuggle yourself across the border and take a job that lawfully belongs to an American because, golly, warm, fuzzy - "we're just human beings." This is how these criminals think: they know they're breaking the law, but any politically correct excuse will be used to justify their actions."

Chattanooga: Use of false IDs not necessarily illegal in Pilgrim's Pride case

"A federal judge has suggested that when two men used fake Social Security cards to gain employment at the local Pilgrim's Pride plant, they might not technically have broken the law.

"Juan Luis Dardon-Canelo and Andres Loarca-Reynoso, along with three others, are being criminally prosecuted in the wake of a large immigration raid in April. The pair arrived in court Monday expecting to plead guilty to using a fraudulent illegal identification document - a Social Security card - to get jobs at Pilgrim's Pride.

"U.S. District Judge Harry S. Mattice's suggestion that a Social Security card is not necessarily a form of identification, however, has allowed more time for the defense to evaluate whether guilty pleas are appropriate.

"I'm not sure you can base this charge on a false Social Security card," Judge Mattice said during the hearing, noting that another federal judge dropped a similar charge against Tyson Foods because of a loophole in U.S. immigration law. The 2003 Tyson Foods trial in Chattanooga concerned allegations, among other things, that the company had smuggled Mexicans across the border to work at various plants. The government accused Tyson of hiring the Mexicans even though the company knew they were using false ID documents - in this case, Social Security cards, too - in order to get jobs. But the defense argued that the portion of U.S. immigration law under which the company was charged does not expressly list a Social Security card as a form of ID."

"Why should any of us bother to follow any laws any longer in this country? From the Outlaw Congress violating the supreme law of the land everyday to judges giving free rides to illegal aliens and now stealing and using someone else's SSN, America is becoming a lawless nation."
I believe using a forged birth certificate to run for public office is a crime, but I guess we'll see what happens. Obama/Soetoro can always say his mother obtained it and he had no idea there was a problem.

Indiana Judge Hears Obama Forgery Evidence

Defense Attorneys Object Vigorously to Testimony of Two Professional Witnesses

Putative President Barack Obama Accused of Identity Fraud
Press release
Law office of Orly Taitz
October 22, 2012

Today a trial was conducted in Indianapolis Indiana on the issue of Declaratory relief and injunctive relief due to Obama's use of a forged Birth Certificate, a forged Selective Service Certificate, and fraudulently-obtained Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425.

The presiding judge is a Superior Court Judge Sherry K. Reid. For the plaintiffs appeared attorneys Orly Taitz and local Indiana counsel Greg Black. For the defense appeared Deputy United States Attorney General Kenneth Joel and Deputy United States Attorney General Jefferson Garn.

Over an extremely rigorous objection by the defense, Judge Reid admitted into evidence exhibits and testimony of witnesses Paul Irey and Felicito Papa.

Mr. Papa testified that he had graduated from the Indiana Institute of Technology and had some 20 years of experience with Adobe Illustrator program.

He testified that Obama's birth certificate opened in the Adobe illustrator computer software program in 9 layers, which means that this is a document which underwent computer manipulation. Mr. Papa testified that it cannot be a genuine document, as in 1961 there was no Adobe Illustrator. Birth certificates in 1961 were created not on the computer, but with a typewriter. He stated his opinion that this is a forgery. His exhibits, showing layers within the document, were admitted into evidence.

Mr. Paul Irey testified that he has 57 years of experience working for NSA and later advertising, typesetting and computer graphics programs.

Mr. Irey testified that Obama's alleged birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery.

Mr. Irey presented a large display board with exhibits, on which he showed enlargements of all the letters in Obama's birth certificate. He vividly demonstrated that letters came from different typesetting, which in itself is a proof of forgery.

Additionally Mr. Irey testified that when a document is printed with a typewriter, the spaces between the letters are the same. However, in Obama's birth certificate the spacing varies, which is a sign of a forgery.

Mr. Irey also testified that there is a white "halo" around letters in Obama's birth certificate, which can exist only as a result of computer manipulation. Mr. Irey testified that Obama's birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery.

A decision by the court is expected within a week.

More information on this and other cases will be posted on Orly

End of Press release

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From Paul Irey who has done an amazing job in proving the B/C is a forgery, as have others.


I just returned to Florida last night from testifying at the trial against Obama's elligibility as the presidential debate was going on in Boca Raton.  You have reported the trial accurately.  What was your source?

I might add that the judge had experience using typewriters ... as I understand from local people.  This is very good for us as I am sure she understood my evidence that was mostly about the impossible typewriter errors on the Obama birth certificate.  There was an audience ... and many of them congratulated me after the testimony.  One witness was with Army Intelligence and had good testimony also but was unable to testify as she was last just after me.

At the conclusion of my testimony ... judge Reid had to end the trial because of an appointment.  This judge was fair and overruled countless objections from the two government attorneys representing Obama.  In fact when I began to testify ... they both got out of their seats and came over to stand about 5 feet away from me seeming concerned ... as did Orly and Greg.  Fortunately I had previously explained my testimony to Greg when we first met at a federal express office just before he drove Orly and I to the court building.  Greg Black did an excellent job by the way ... and was exactly what Orly needed to assist her in this very tough environment.

There appeared to be about 20 to 25 audience members and there were actually 4 ... not 2 witness's who had attended to present their testimony and did so in my presence at the 3 hour mock trial we had ... just off the main lobby of the University Plaza hotel the night before.  My four 30" wide by 20" deep exhibits were entered into evidence and remained with the court.  I am going to attach them here.  I was not given enough time to present all of my evidence. The time was a problem because of the constant objections and long dissertations by the government lawyers which took one and a quater hours ... so Judge Reid allowed the following hour for evidence to be presented ... extending the trial 15 minutes until 12:15.  It had started at 10 am.

There was no easel available to put my exhibits on.  At first I held the first two exhibits in my hand and after that ... Orly held the other 4.  All my testimony was a direct answer to Orly's questions.  The only significant questions from the government attorneys was if I knew the make and model typewriter used to type the birth certificate and did I have "personal" knowledge of the methods used in 1961 at the Health Dept. in Honolulu ... to which I had to answer no.  I made my testimony in a clear direct assertive manner ... confident that I was correct and I think the judge was impressed.

When the government attorneys objected that I was not an expert witness ... the 65 year old lady judge answered that objection instead of Orly ... "He said he had 57 years experience."  At the beginning when asked by Orly what my qualifications were ... I had replied that I had ... in the U.S. Air Force ... from 1955 to 1958 ... almost four years experience typing forms ... two of which were at the National Security Agency for which I was given a Top Secret security clearance followed by 9 years after my discharge ... being employed by Hearst Corp. and three advertising agencies before I formed my own company in 1968.

Not testified to because of the time constrains ... but I intended to mention ... was that my company ... Bergen Graphics Inc. was incorporated in the spring of 1968 and in its peak by the late 80's ... employed 60 people.

Orly had forgotten to leave three of the exhibits with the judge.  One was the blow-up of the important part of the Obama birth certificate that I had used to point out the line over line spacing irregularities and another page with the pic of my typewriter showing a bent "H" key ... seen on the mismatched letters proof ... a blow up of many "a"s typed on my own Olivetti - Underwood 5 ... demonstrating how a typewriter was a precision instrument that typed letters always perfectly aligned vertically and horizontally and another pic showing how two keys could get stuck together and require being pulled apart manually causing the bent letters that have been proven in court in the past to positively identify any particular typewriter due to its unique assortment of bent letters. Also undelivered to the judge on that page ... was a pic of my own Underwood 5 typewriter ... and a pic of the same typewriter from the internet claiming that this was a "long-time standard of gov. agencies, newsrooms, and offices.

Most of my testimony was similar to the newspaper page we had published in the Washington Times a week before ... and Orly should have entered that in evidence also but forgot ... but I don't blame her as she had her hands full responding to what seemed to me to be the overbearing best lawyers the government could provide.

The "Baseline Errors" evidence is new and not in the Wash. Times page because I had just discovered it this past Sat. before I flew to Indianapolis.  What I did first was type a test of the particular way the old manual typewriters shifted from lower case to caps.  The entire mechanism holding the keys moves down when the shift key is held down ... causing the cap letter to strike in place of the lower case letter because both characters are on the same key.  It was considered a great innovation when this method was first employed on a typewriter because it allowed for cheaper manufacturing.

However if the typist did not press the shift key completely down before the letter was struck ... the result would be a cap typed letter a bit higher than the baseline of the word.  Also less common would be when a letter was typed before the shift key was fully released that would cause the following lower case letter to be lower than the baseline.  Once I had established that rule ... I decided to check the baselines of everything on the certificate to see if any cap letter was below the baseline of a word and if any lower case letter was above the baseline of a word ... which was impossible.  I found 4 lower-case letters ... marked with red arrows ... that were above the baselines of the word they were included in ... and this all by itself proved forgery because that is absolutely impossible for any manual typewriter since the mechanism does not allow that.  I found no caps that were lower than the baseline.  Then along in addition that evidence ... I found seven of the nine lines on the Obama birth certificate had words that were on the same line ... but contained whole words or parts of words that did not align with the rest.  Also impossible for a typewriter unless the typist were to release the roller and adjust the position up or down manually ... and why would any typist do that for no good reason in the middle of typing a single line on a form?  This proves forgery in two individual ways and shows us that no typewriter did it ... but that it most likely was all a result of the letter being positioned by eye ... probably on a computer monitor using Adobe Photoshop.   This was new evidence no one had found before ... and I was elated that I had discovered another separate proof of my contention that it was a computer created document.

The last three documents attached here are the two mistakenly not given to the judge.

Except for a completely controlled major media ... I could absolutely prove this to the American voter right now with my testimony and my cards ... a pointer ... and camera zooms.  And remember that this evidence was accepted in a Superior court in the state of Indiana ... from me as a person now recognized as an expert witness ... for the purpose of not allowing Obama votes to be counted because he has not proven his citizenship.

I have a bad feeling that if judge Reid rules in favor of Orly ... the media will not report it ... as they have not reported this important trial ... and also not reporting that Obama was served a subpoena to produce his original birth certificate and come to Indiana to answer these serious charges of forgery ... a contention if true ... also amounts to treason.

And if for some technical reason the Judge declines to rule against Obama ... then the media WILL fully report it with the expected usual headline:


A Headline I found on FOX NEWS in 2008 when a judge ruled against a plaintiff because of his not having "STANDING" ... meaning that Obama had not harmed him personally.  So FOX lied ... giving the impression that the judge had heard evidence but he actually had not ... and I would know the word "standing" should have been mentioned as part of that story

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