'Pledge To America' - Despicable GOP Ruse
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By Devvy
The much anticipated 'Pledge to America' was released today amid what can only be called high political theater pandering to desperate Americans.
What despicable "leaders" like House Majority Leader John Boehner (who voted to kill millions of jobs) handed the GOP faithful during their big photo op is nothing more than clever word smithing. A marketing pitch for the mid-term pretend elections (vote fraud decides who gets elected). That so called pledge is nothing more than a repeat of the same deception pulled by Newt Gingrich and the Contract With America. I'm an old war dog with a long memory. For those of you who might not remember, let's take a walk back into history.
On November 13, 1996, I spoke with the Washington, DC based Roll Call to confirm the quote below from a popular magazine for conservatives that ran in their November 1996 issue. Roll Call confirmed to me during our phone conversation that they did indeed have the tapes cited below and that there was much more on these confidential tapes they managed to acquire and would be printing it in their newspaper.
"House Speaker New Gingrich has admitted that a hidden motive behind his 'Contract With America' two years ago was to control the large and stridently conservative freshman class that was expected to come into the house with the 1994 mid-term elections. 'Nobody fully understand this,' Gingrich explained in confidential tapes obtained by Roll Call, 'but if you think of the Contract with America, it was, in fact, a training implementation document masquerading as a public relations device...It was designed as a training implementation document for the freshmen when they arrived...It was guaranteed that from election day through April, early April, that the House Republican Party would have to behave in a deviant manner from what it would morally be expected to do."
Gingrich's 'Contract with America' was a monumental failure as the Republicans outspent the Democrats once they took power (see chart here).
Newt Gingrich is a slick, deceitful political animal. The so-called Contract with America was a lie, a farce. The Grand Old Party thinks so much of your loyalty, they treat you like cattle. Mislead you, lie to you, feed you, medicate you with "free prescription drugs," and herd you into the desired direction using phony, glitzy headline grabbers, i.e. the Contract with America - introduced only six weeks before the election in 1994.
Here we are with polls and pundits predicting Republicans could pick up as many as 45 seats in the House and what do we have rolled out about six weeks before election time complete with drums and photo array? A "new" Pledge to America! What timing.
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