Obama Could Be Removed
By His Own Signature

By Devvy
My recent column, Why Obama Can't be Impeached, brought an avalanche of email with many questions. In particular, someone wanted to know if hypothetically, Barry Soetoro aka Obama, committed treason by selling sensitive military secrets, could he be charged with treason? The putative president is a civilian and can be indicted by a federal grand jury. If enough evidence exists, he could be tried and convicted. But, as someone who has usurped the office of the president, he cannot be impeached for the same crime since he does not legally occupy the office.
He clearly is guilty of violating 18 U.S.C. §1343, the federal wire fraud statute, which typically carries a penalty of at least 20 years. As a civilian, he can be indicted and tried in federal court.
Question about the oath of office ceremony. As Barry clearly has known all along he was never eligible, when he took the oath of office, he committed perjury - twice. We can all remember, there was a second 'swearing in' due to Chief Justice John Robert's tripping over his tongue. But, was there more to it?
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