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Now Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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By Devvy

The fight to stop sexual deviants isn't over. The Armed Services Committee is now underway in making the transition to force military personnel to accept and welcome the filthy sex of sodomites and lesbians. Just take a look at this disgusting new military training manual. Why don't they just hand out pink uniforms and get it over with? That officer was reassigned, but this will happen again. For what? To please a small group of individuals who prefer bowel movement sex?

That committee is made up of 35 Republicans and 25 Democrats. They are to report to the usurper in the White House whether or not such a change in policy will hurt the military.

My letter goes out today to all 35 members plus heads of our military and morally bankrupt Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

With that letter I attached a list of all the diseases common to men who have bowel movement sex with each other. A filthy dirty practice that you and I will pay for in medical bills.

Sodomites and lesbians should never have been allowed to serve in our military, period.

Now, the next step in destroying our military and further advancing the toxic agenda of the pro-sexual deviant crowd is going to be shoved down our throats if YOU do not make your voice heard now. Sin will become a badge of honor in our military. How shameful.

This link provides the list of all members of that committee and their mailing address. While it was very boring, I spent the time looking up all the addresses (they get there quicker with a specific building name) to make things as easy as possible.


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