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Syria: Mr. President, You Made the Right Move

By Devvy
Exclusive To

The never-ending screeching out in foggy-bottom aka Washington, DC, over how Trump is everything wrong under the sun, got even louder with his announcement last week to withdraw troops from the self-created civil war in Syria.

Let me take you back to two of my columns. First: Democrat Congresswoman Introduces Bill That Must Anger Obama, November 23, 2015 - I know everyone is busy but I ask you to please take time to read that column. The factual information I provided must get out to the American people so they understand the big picture and stop being distracted by BS headlines; anything to fill space on "news" web sites.

"As I have written several times, you and I are being raped in taxes to fund so-called rebels in Syria who want their legally elected president, Assad, thrown out of office. Assad is another bad guy who oddly enough has protected Christians in his country even though he is a Shia muslim.

"Reps. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, and Austin Scott, a Republican, introduced legislation on Friday to end what they called an "illegal war" to overthrow Assad, the leader of Syria accused of killing tens of thousands of Syrian citizens in a more than four-year-old civil war entangled in a battle against IS extremists, also known as ISIS.

"The U.S. is waging two wars in Syria," Gabbard said. "The first is the war against ISIS and other Islamic extremists, which Congress authorized after the terrorist attack on 9/11. The second war is the illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad."

"Scott said, "Working to remove Assad at this stage is counter-productive to what I believe our primary mission should be."

"Publicly, the United States has focused its efforts on fighting IS and urging Assad to step down. But beyond thousands of U.S. airstrikes targeting IS in the region, the CIA began a covert operation in 2013 to arm, fund and train a moderate opposition to Assad. The secret CIA program is the only step the U.S. is taking on Assad militarily." End of quotes.

"There is the key word: illegally. Something the criminal impostor in the White House and hundreds of Republicans and Democrats in Congress don't seem to give a damn about. In the case of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, he does what his handlers tell him to do while ignoring any input from high ranking military who are actually in the theater of operations. The brain dead in the U.S. Congress continue to sit back and allow we the people to be raped in more massive unpayable debt to play geopolitical games in pursuit of world government through brute force."

Remember what Bill Clinton said in Ireland in late August 1998 during a speech in response to a question as to what would he do if removed from office through impeachment: "...You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions." Probably one of the few times he actually told a truth.

Gabbard supports murdering unborn babies in the womb, supports the myth of marriage between sexual deviants, worked to get slimy socialist Bernie Sanders elected, is an environmental extremist and worships a false God under a religion called Hindu which is her right. (Hindu: One Supreme Reality (Brahman) manifested in many gods and goddesses. Reincarnation based on karma.)

Now, one would think, Devvy, how can you agree with someone so morally bankrupt and obviously a socialist on her way to communism? Because the old saying 'don't throw the baby out with the dishwater' is good advice.

Mrs. Gabbard knows war. She served in a field medical unit of the Hawaii Army National Guard in a real combat zone in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 and was later deployed to Kuwait. For her service, Mrs. Gabbard received the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster and the Army Achievement Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster. My late husband was a retired U.S. Army Colonel (27 years in uniform) who served in Vietnam. I am quite familiar with medals and how they are awarded.

It's a real shame Mrs. Gabbard fought for this country and took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution yet knows nothing about it, the restrictions placed on Congress and has been seduced by socialist mouth piece scum like Bernie Sanders. But, having been in the theater of operations she has seen the blood shed and does understand why we should never have involved our military in Syria's internal strife.

Second, and again, please take the time to read it because it contains factual information Americans need to know to fully understand why President Trump is right. States Must Refuse to Take Any More Refugees, September 21, 2015

"The American people need to understand the geopolitical games being played by the US that's helped feed that years long killing spree. This isn't the first time, either. The Praetorian Guard - The US Role in the New World Order is a book written by John Stockwell, the highest CIA officer ever to go public. It will sicken you to know how many innocent people you and I have paid for to be slaughtered in foreign countries for 'regime change'. Always butting our nose into other countries attempting to take out a particular head of state.

"Bashar al-Assad is the president of Syria. An incident in March 2011 sparked what is referred to as the 'Arab Spring' and efforts to throw Assad out of office began the bloodshed. A full time line can be read here.

"By August 2011, the criminal impostor in the White House masquerading as our president said it's time for Assad to go. What if the president of the People's Republic of Communist China decided it was time for a U.S. president to go and started throwing money at voters who want that U.S. president out of office. How would that sit with you?

"In September 2014, the Outlaw Congress approved raping we the people unconstitutionally once again to send nearly half a billion BORROWED dollars to meddle in yet another internal conflict causing even more death and destruction. More money to rebels in Syria so their war will continue.

"I hope you will read the articles below because they tell the real story of not only the US running guns from Benghazi to Syrian rebels but US involvement in growing ISIS. This is the reason I believe (as so many do) Comrade Hillary Clinton has fought so hard to hide her emails is because she is responsible for the slaughter of our U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi. I firmly believe she not only knew about the illegal gun running she authorized it. I also believe Johnny Wino Boehner knew and did all he could to cover it up until the pressure became so great he finally authorized a special committee headed up by Trey Gowdy to investigate. The families are still waiting for justice."

Assad was on the ballot with two other candidates. 98% of the voters said they wanted him as president. Some did not so they bombed 50 different voting locations during the election to keep their own fellow country men and women from voting. After Assad won, it was time to start a civil war and kill and displace as many of their fellow country men and women as possible.

And the killing just keeps on going. War is big business and business is booming - right out of your wallet.

US envoy in ISIS fight resigns in protest of Syria withdrawal: "The Trump administration's leading ISIS expert announced his resignation Saturday amid an uproar within US defense and diplomatic circles over President Trump's policy toward Syria and Afghanistan...

"McGurk's departure came as a result of a "strong disagreement" with Trump over Syria, he said in his resignation letter, according to reports. McGurk said ISIS has not been defeated, contradicting Trump's claim of victory this week over Islamic State militants in civil-war-ravaged Syria."

Suddenly Demorats and clueless robots out there are in love with Mattis. I say good riddance as well as any others in support of endless undeclared "wars for peace": Behind the scenes of the Mattis bombshell: More resignations expected after 'protest' exit

Here's a little bit of reality for McGurk. OUR government, the U.S. government creates and funds terrorist organizations. Again, this is a must read: When Paris Comes to America This Will Happen, November 16, 2015

'From author Jeri Lynn Ball, a superb writer and thorough researcher who wrote long ago:

"In Stalin's Russia, notes Mikhail Heller, enemies were blamed for everything; they were used to justify the invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968), the invasion of Afghanistan in 1980, and so on. The Soviet Communists were thus able to manipulate Soviet citizens into supporting government hunts for "terrorists," "traitors," and spies, for "liberation wars" for humanity.

"Using Marxist-Leninist strategies, the Russian, Chinese, and U.S. ruling elites have sought to frighten Americans and other populations with the specter of ruthless mass terror. They have created enemies and blamed them for everything including terrorist acts. They have used them to manipulate Americans into supporting government hunts for "traitors," "terrorists," and these never ending "wars of national liberation." Their aim is to manipulate whole populations into supporting "wars of national liberation" and achieving not only the sovietization of "liberated" underdeveloped countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, but also the full altruization and sovietization of the United States and other Western nations."

"Our government created and groomed "terrorists" like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. When the time came, "our" government turned the tables and went after them with the might of our military while feeding the masses reprehensible lie after lie after lie...

"Now we come around to home here in the U.S. What did I say in my column, States MUST refuse to take any more refugees, September 21, 2015, citing an article by Seumas Milne, "What's clear is that Isis and its monstrosities won't be defeated by the same powers that brought it to Iraq and Syria in the first place, or whose open and covert war-making has fostered it in the years since. Endless western military interventions in the Middle East have brought only destruction and division. It's the people of the region who can cure this disease - not those who incubated the virus."

Harvard Research Scholar Explains How America Created Al-Qaeda & The ISIS Terror Group

War Hawk Hillary Armed Jihadist Killers in Syria — Has the Nerve to Lecture Trump on "Empowering ISIS" After He Pulls Troops from Region

Trump: World would be '100%' better with Hussein, Gadhafi in power, October 25, 2015

Three years after Gaddafi, Libya is imploding into chaos and violence

The West is silent as Libya falls into the abyss. World View: In 2011, there was jubilation at Gaddafi's demise. Not any more: the aftermath of foreign intervention is calamitous and bloody

The train wreck is still the same today thanks to Hildebeast Clinton and the criminal imposter 'president', Barack Hussein Obama.

There are many voices very much opposed to Trump pulling our troops out of Syria. Republicans and Demorats alike. They all think we're stupid and don't understand the issue and their geopolitical games. Oh, but we do and I pray many more Americans will wake up and understand how they are being manipulated into supporting a one world order. By force. Led and fed by us.

We have been in Afghanistan 16 years. Not by a declaration of war by Congress but by one world government advocates in the White House and Congress. We know American troops have been guarding poppy fields so the heroin can get shipped to the U.S. We know pedophilia is openly practiced in many provinces of Afghanistan and for that American soldiers continue to die.

U.S. soldier in Afghanistan is killed in insider attack, Nov. 3, 2018. Think his family is having a happy Christmas? "KABUL — A U.S. service member was killed and another was wounded in an insider attack Saturday in Kabul, when a member of the Afghan security forces opened fire on them, officials said."

Our enemies in the Middle East are only our friend when Congress, channeled through the State Department, throw hundreds of billions of dollars stolen from we the people to them in violation of our Constitution. Every damn penny borrowed with the debt slapped on our backs, our children and grand children. Otherwise, we are the infidels.

Trump is right to withdraw from Syria - He should replace US troops with private contractors - WRONG. We the people have already been raped for several TRILLION borrowed dollars for these manufactured, undeclared "wars" in the Middle East since 2003. Contractors have received a massive chunk for what? No. No more borrowed debt and no more American blood spilled.

RIGHT ON POINT: The Foreign Policy Swamp: Why They are Wrong and President Trump Is Right on Syria by Retired Colonel Rob Maness who enlisted in the US Air Force at age 17 as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician.  As an officer, he served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, survived the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, commanded a B-1 bomber squadron in combat, was Vice Commander of America's largest airborne intelligence wing, and as a wing commander in nuclear operations.

Turkey says it will take over fight against IS after U.S. pull-out - Remains to be seen but it's in their part of the world so let them go after the savages.

I want to make a comment about the partial shut down of the criminal enterprise out in DC called "the government". While Mitch McConnell scratches his butt and maggot, Chuckie Schumer screeches from his about "No wall ever", EVERYDAY AN AVERAGE OF 12 AMERICANS ARE MURDERED OR KILLED (DRUNK DRIVERS) IN THIS COUNTRY BY ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Mitch McConnell Rejects Trump Call for 'Nuclear Option' to Fund the Wall

While these piles of dung posture for politics about building the damn wall, a dozen Americans die every day. Their families devastated - especially at Thanksgiving and now at Christmas. All so Demorats can puff their dirty feathers for votes and GOP Trump haters in the Senate can say they stood up to him.

The words and actions of dogs like dementia addled Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie and GOP Trump haters in Congress are reprehensible and cannot be defended. To refuse the money for a border wall by Demorats and GOP POS in the Senate to make OUR country safer and stop at least some of the terrorists from crossing over as well as heroin and cocaine, is gross negligence.

Voters: In two years I hope to Hell you remember who stood for border security in Congress (not a single Demorat in the House voted to fund the wall) and who stood for giving a free pass for more murderers to kill a dozen Americans a day.

Of course, it's not their wife, husband, brother, sister, niece or nephew that gets robbed, raped, obliterated by some drunk illegal behind the wheel of a car or a killer. Oh, no. It's average Americans who lose a loved one over politics and power.

Let's not forget the mindless zombies working so hard to destroy our country. A mentally ill person (so-called transgender) who started this should warn donors: The wall is federal property on federal land or ground controlled by the federal government. Think the feds and military guarding those walls are going to allow ladders slapped up against them to allow illegals to simply climb over?

Fundraiser for ladders counters border-wall campaign - $100,000 raised compared to $13 million for Trump's barrier

Put your ladder up against that. I hope the edges are razor sharp like the arrows I used to use with my Black Knight compound bow:

I want to wish each of you and yours a safe and blessed Christmas tomorrow. As usual, I'm spending it alone with my doggies just like so many other widows, widowers and those who don't have family nearby. But, I am blessed with a roof over my head unlike the tens of thousands left homeless from hurricanes, fires and other disasters in their lives.

Please take about 5 minutes to watch this absolutely spectacular video of Silent Night. Turn up your speakers; she has the voice of an angel. You won't be sorry. Be sure to click on the square box right hand side for full screen. I just LOVE that video.

God's blessings as the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Additional Links:

Choosing National Suicide, Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., November 22, 2015

He's absolutely right: Exclusive-Louie Gohmert: GOP 'Going to Lose' Every Election if Border Wall Not Funded

He is also absolutely right: Brandon Judd: 'Father Should Be Held Responsible for the Death' of Migrant Girl

I believe I've said in this my columns for the past two years. The Army Corps of Engineers and the National Guard are already on the payroll. Forget outside contractors charging billions. Materials, food and lodging for the troops and save we the taxayers a ton of money: Trump threatens to have military build border wall if Pelosi, Schumer won't budge

EXCLUSIVE: Read the Vile Hate Mail Sent to Triple Amputee Veteran Behind #GoFundTheWall, Encouraged by Liberal Media and Celebrities - None of them get a penny of my money. I don't need their movies, music or hatred of all that is America.

Illegal Alien Convicted of Sexually Abusing His Underage Daughters (Alabama)

No problem coming in to steal jobs that belong to Americans: Establishment Media Admit Caravan Migrants Looking for Jobs, Not Asylum

This is what Demorats in Congress, Hollywood whores and RINOs who refuse to vote for funding the walls want to keep protecting:

Honduran Murderer in Migrant Caravan Caught Illegally Crossing into U.S.

Previously Deported Illegal Alien, with Two Anchor Babies, Gets 25 Years for Raping Deaf Woman

Illegal Alien Gets 12 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing 6-Year-Old Girl

Texas AG Files Sanctuary City Lawsuit Against San Antonio Police Chief

THIS is what Demorats and Trump haters in Congress want to protect. Why in God's name would we want to import this into OUR country by illegals:

"Migrants who came with the caravan are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other serious health issues, Tijuana's Health Department warned on Thursday morning.

"The spokesman told Fox News that out of 6,000 migrants currently residing in the city, over a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues. There are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV/AIDS and four separate cases of chickenpox, the spokesman said.

"At least 101 migrants have lice and multiple instances of skin infections, the department's data shows."

They are NOT migrants, they are illegal aliens: Border Patrol Chief: 'Not a Single Migrant Climbed Over the New Border Wall'

Come to suck off your wallet: 450 Central American Migrants Apprehended at AZ Border in 48 Hours