Re-Electing The Band Aid Brigade
By Devvy
"[Samuel] Adams warned readers not to get caught up in the respect for high office and the lavish praise that is often bestowed on leaders. "This has led millions into such a degree of dependence and submission." Citizens should place their loyalty with the Constitution. "Whoever, therefore, insinuates notions of government contrary to the Constitution, or in any degree winks at any measures to suppress or even to weak it, is not a loyal man." Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution, Mark Puls, pages 29,30
The majority of primaries are about to begin. The call throughout America is "We'll remember in November!" "Vote out all incumbents."
Of course, the one party system consisting of two interconnected criminal syndicates are working over time to see their incumbents go back to Congress to continue the destruction of our constitutional republic. Yes, both parties. There is a lot of talk and blame going around about the "national" debt created by one Outlaw Congress after another for a hundred years. The Democrats had "power" for 40 years before the misnamed "Republican Revolution of 1994," at which time the Republicans took "power" and out spent the Democrats in royal fashion. The people said enough and with the help of electronic ballot machines and scanners, the same rats with a few new faces took "control" of the Outlaw Congress again in November 2006. Shall we take a look at the numbers:
National Debt - Created by the U.S. Congress driving America into financial ruin
May 13, 2010
No legal president, Usurper Obama/Soetoro, Democrat controlled Congress
January 5, 2007
Republican president, Bush, Jr., Democrats take power, Senate mixed with political opportunists like Libermann
January 5, 2000
Democrat president, Marxist Bill Clinton, Republicans held power in the House, but the Senate split over poltroons changing parties
January 5, 1998
Democrat president, Marxist Bill Clinton, Republicans hold power
January 5, 1995
Democrat president, Marxist Bill Clinton, Republicans take power
September 28, 1990
Republican president, Bush, Sr., Democrats hold power
September 30, 1984
Republican president, Reagan, Democrats hold power
September 30, 1981
Republican president, Reagan, Democrats hold power
September 30, 1978
Democrat president, Carter, Democrats hold power
June 30, 1976
Republican president, Ford, Democrats hold power
June 30, 1970
Republican president, Nixon, Democrats hold power
June 30, 1968
Democrat president, LBJ, Democrats hold power
When you hear Republicans yap about "smaller government" and "lower taxes," you can see they believe their own lies because that party had control of Congress for more than a decade and all they did was spend, spend, spend. Government was not reduced. Not a single unconstitutional cabinet was abolished. The Democrats know nothing but higher taxes, big government and redistribution of wealth so one can expect nothing else.
March 15, 2010, A web site recently carried this headline: No Democrat-Controlled Congress Has Balanced Federal Budget in 40 Years; No Republican President Has Balanced Federal Budget in 50 Years
Of course, this is just more double speak. You cannot have a balanced budget when social security and Medicare are "off sheet." Those obligations must still be funded. On or off some sheet of paper, they affect lives.
Those taxing schemes generate tax revenues that go into the general fund of the treasury. Social security is not an entitlement, it is a tax. Congress spends those tax dollars any way they want. There is no such garbage as an SS fund or "lock box." That's why SS and Medicare are $99 TRILLION "dollars" in unfunded mandates. They're insolvent because (1) Ponzi systems always go broke and (2) because those taxes are spent by Congress - then they borrow to cover the hot checks issued every month. How can you say you've balanced your checkbook when you have two double digit trillion ton elephants standing in the middle of the room? TODAY the total outstanding debt is: ONE HUNDRED EIGHT TRILLION, SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY TWO BILLION, TWO HUNDRED FORTY TWO MILLION - no make that seven hundred forty four million in the time it took to type this sentence.
You see that national debt above? How many trillions have we the people paid in interest to the privately owned, unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve since 1913 so Congress could borrow their worthless paper to spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend?
Remember what Congressman Wright Patman said:
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