Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project

By Devvy Kidd

Just like the Jesus peddlers, big money: Wounded Warrior Project CEO Confirms Organization Is Anti-Gun and Anti-Knife

"Two weeks ago that would have sounded crazy, but this week many shooters are convinced that itís true. Hundreds of hunts and shoots are held as fundraisers for the WWP, and gun companies donate to WWP for its projects. How could it be that this $185 million (2013 projected revenue) outfit could be anti-gun?"

Every month for longer than I can remember we make a monthly donation to Paralyzed Veterans of America, Disabled Veterans of America and more recently Guiding Eyes for the Blind (dogs) for all without sight. Very disappointing about WWP. As mentioned in the first column, there are other much better organizations that make sure 90% or more of every dollar goes to those they help.

Joel Osteen caught in financial scandal - Megapastor 'leveraging the church as a money-making vehicle' (Net worth in 2012: over $56 MILLION bux.)

SONG: Come And Listen To A Story About A Man Named Jeb

And, speaking of Jeb Bush, here's a little flashback from one of my columns:

Brother Jeb's Timely Executive Order

"On September 7, 2001, only four days before the "event," Florida Governor Jeb Bush issued an executive order. This was only one business day from 911. His brother, President Bush, is due in his state on September 11th. What is the significance of this rather timely EO? "Among the reasons cited in the document for the action was prophetically "potential massive damage to life and property that may result from an act of terrorism" (Executive Order #01-261, Section 3)....

"However, what is most startling about EO #01-261 is its predecessor. Executive Order #01-261 concludes by revoking Executive Order #01-17 which is nearly identical to EO #01-261 except for the language addressing "potential massive damage to life and property that may result from an act of terrorism." Issued on January 19, 2001, EO #01-17 wasn't to expire until June 30, 2003. This raises the question as to what events occurred on or prior to September 7, 2001 that compelled the president's brother to replace an existing executive order with another executive order which effectively inserted a reference to "acts of terrorism."

"Some will say it was just a coincidence, just like the biggest voting mess in a presidential election ever witnessed in this country just also happened to take place in the candidate's brother's state (brother Jeb, Florida) who also serves as governor. And, the candidate, George Bush, is also the governor of one of the biggest states of the Union! Gee, what a coincidence. Does brother Jeb's new EO, only four days before 911, indicate prior knowledge of something? That new EO gives Jeb the authority to call up the National Guard for "an act of terrorism" and declare martial law. Could the timing be anymore suspect?

"Why did Jeb issue this new EO four days before 911 when the existing EO, which didn't include terrorism, wasn't due to expire for two plus years? Jeb Bush needs to be put under oath and all the paper trail connected to this new EO (if it hasn't been shredded) be made available to we the people."

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