Victims Of Illegal Aliens & TSA -
Sue Individuals Not Municipalities

By Devvy
Exclusive to Rense
After being in the trenches going on 21 years, little surprises me anymore. That was until last week when I saw the headlines:
Illegal Aliens Out of the Shadows, Welcomed at Senate Hearing
"It's not unusual for politicians on Capitol Hill to recognize citizens during hearings on legislation that would have a positive or negative impact on their lives. But that tactic took a different turn this week when hundreds of illegal immigrants filled the largest hearing room in the Senate to openly participate in the proceedings. And they did so without threat of arrest from the nation's chief immigration law enforcement official who was sitting in the front row: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano."
They are not immigrants. More propaganda. Those who smuggle themselves across our borders are illegal aliens.
Durbin: Illegal Alien Could Be Future President
"After using illegal immigrants as props to push the DREAM Act, Sen. Durbin (D-IL) made the following statement at a Senate committee hearing: "When I look around this room, I see America's future. Our doctors, our teachers, our nurses, our engineers, our scientists, our soldiers, our Congressman, our Senators and maybe our President."
Durbin has been in the senate for 15 years. Do the people in his district in Illinois have crap for brains?
Durbin has no regard for the U.S. Constitution. He has no regard for our immigration laws. Bold as brass that sorry piece of corrupt garbage had the hubris to invite criminals who have broken into our house stealing jobs that belong to Americans and financial resources of the states of the Union to stand in the United States Senate and praise them.
Had I not seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it. Pile on more insult: the cow who heads up the Department of Fatherland Security, Jan "the Man" Napolitano, sits right there in the front row! The hell with national security or upholding the law she allegedly took an oath to protect and preserve. Have you ever seen anything like it?
While illegal aliens who have no right to even be on U.S. soil, hold 11.5 MILLION jobs while Americans stand in unemployment lines, a United States Senator, his equally corrupt colleagues and the chief immigration officer for the US welcome criminals into the Senate to rub our noses in it. Are the voters in Illinois just plain stupid to continue electing someone who is promoting lawlessness and unemployment for natural born and naturalized citizens in your state?
Hungry and unemployed in Durbin's district? Based on 2009 numbers, the State of Illinois, a bankrupt, corrupt state government, there are about 525,000 criminals (illegal aliens, not immigrants) costing the taxpayers of Illinois $3 BILLION dollars a year. Yet, the people of that state continue to reelect the same corrupt senator that makes it possible.
Since 2001 a whopping 45,625 Americans have been killed by illegal aliens. The blood of our fellow Americans killed by those criminals who smuggled themselves into our country drips from the hands of corrupt trash like Dick Durbin.
Sen. Patty Pancake Murray - another empty headed female in the U.S. Senate: Zinnie's blood is on your hands
"On July 4, 2007, 12-year old Zina (Zinnie) Linnik, was kidnapped from her back yard in Tacoma, Washington, only feet from her family after watching Fourth of July fireworks. An animal named Terapon Adhahn, a 42-year old convicted sex offender from Thailand is to be charged with her murder; he led police to her dead body. Her panties and other evidence were found in the dump he lived in; an autopsy will no doubt show he raped this child. That is why these children are abducted: to be raped and then murdered by two legged animals. Adhahn was convicted in 1990 for incest; he raped his 16-year old step daughter, but the charge was reduced. He's currently being held by ICE on immigration violations. That's right, another illegal alien slaughters an innocent child and all the talking heads on cable networks keep asking, "Gee, why wasn't he deported after his first conviction?" Guess what the response has been from law enforcement? No one requested he be deported!
"I watch these cases unfold on cable networks; they're becoming more frequent and the blood of little Zina drips from the hands of counterfeit U.S. Senators Marie Cantwell and Patty Pancake Murray of Washington State. These two brain dead females voted for the soundly defeated massive amnesty bill a few weeks ago. Cantwell and Murray voted for lawlessness. They voted to allow terrorists to stay in this country because they will lie through their teeth to stay here illegally. Cantwell and Murray voted to keep monsters like Adhahn here in their home state to continue killing innocents. "
Where is your outrage America? Will you wait until you or your loved ones become victims?
Look at how many elected public servants protect illegal aliens. Do the same poltroons stand up and protect bank robbers? Rapists? Killers? Yes. Just look at the incredible destruction waged against Americans by illegal aliens that commit robbery, rape, manslaughter, murder. State prisons are full of illegals accused of violent crime supported and protected by elected public officials:
It's okay for illegals to steal your identity
"Less than a month ago on Thanksgiving evening, Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews, 21, was killed by a drunk illegal alien. This young man on leave from serving eight months in Iraq and having completed a tour of duty in the Pacific, was out on his second date with young Jennifer Bower, age 24. These two innocent Americans were murdered by a drunk who knew before he got behind the wheel that his actions were criminal, but then again, he was already a criminal because he violated federal immigration law by smuggling himself across our border. Like a deadly snake just waiting to strike, he did and now two families and all their friends will suffer the loss of these two young kids for the rest of their lives and every "Thanks" giving will be filled with pain. Two more young people with everything to live for, killed for cheap labor and politically correct caving by cowardly politicians too afraid to offend voters of a certain ethnic category."
Thank you Sen. Dick Durbin. Thank you Juan McCain. Thank you Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Jeff Sessions, Jim DeMint, Diane Feinstein and the rest of the corrupt bunch who have refused to fix the problem for decades. DeMint has been in Congress since 1999. The Republicans had control of Congress under a Republican president from January 2001 until December 2007, while the invasion continued to spiral out of control because the Republicans didn't have the stones to get the job done. So, please, don't send me email about how wonderful Sen. DeMint is and how hard he works. Work at what? The 2011 census is a joke because illegal aliens were counted. Redistricting is going on based on counting criminals in the census. Americans are still dying at the hands of illegal aliens and terrorists are still coming across the border. It's enough to make you vomit.
Sheriff Frees "Low-Level" Illegal Alien Criminals
ICE Halts Deportation At ACLU's Request
"But immigrant rights advocates insist the program is racist, has led to the removal of hard-working immigrants who contribute to society and has tragically separated families."
Boo who.
If you have no right to be on U.S. soil, you have no right to jobs that belong to Americans, period. It doesn't matter if you're an illegal from Ireland, China, Kosovo, Somalia, Mexico or South America. Illegal means illegal and the only "right" they have is to be shipped back to their country of origin.
San Francisco to Stop Detaining Arrested Immigrants for Deportation
"San Francisco, one of the first sanctuary cities in the nation, plans to end its cooperation with federal immigration officials and start releasing illegal immigrants arrested for minor offenses before they can be picked up for deportation. The city's decision is the latest development in a tug of war between several communities and the federal government over its controversial national program that automatically checks the immigration status of arrestees." Officials in jurisdictions including Providence, R.I., and Chicago have also challenged the program, which they say undermines trust that it has taken local law enforcement years to build in immigrant communities."
Isn't that great? "immigrant communities? We're talking about protecting criminals who have smuggled themselves across our border like thieves in the night. What bull crap. Such actions by cities are promoting lawlessness by giving a free pass to those who care nothing about our laws.
San Francisco Not Liable for Fatal Shootings by Illegal Immigrant, Court Rules
(CBS/KPIX/AP) "A California appeals court says the city of San Francisco cannot be held responsible for the deaths of a father and two sons, allegedly killed by a man who was protected by the city's sanctuary policy. The ruling dismisses a lawsuit by Danielle Bologna and her surviving daughter and son, which alleges the rest of their family would still be alive if murder suspect Edwin Ramos, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, had been turned over to authorities after drug offenses and violent crimes he committed as a juvenile.
"The decision upholds February 2010 superior court ruling. The family appealed to the Court of Appeal in San Francisco after Superior Court Judge Charlotte Woolard dismissed the lawsuit last year, says KPIX. Bologna's husband, 48-year-old Anthony Bologna, and the couple's sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, were gunned down as they sat in their car at an intersection near their home on June 22, 2008. The lawsuit argued that the sanctuary policy at the time left Ramos "free to commit crimes on the streets of San Francisco."
Are the people of San Francisco so stupid they care nothing about the law or their own personal safety? Visit San Francisco? I avoid it like the plague and so should all Americans. Forget visiting for vacations or conventions. Send them a clear message: Those illegal aliens you let run around can end up in my town and kill my family. You won't get my money.
What can be done? Stop suing municipalities like cities or government agencies.
Unless and until the American people declare their independence and take on the enablers, the same insanity will continue. Declare legal war on all elected public servants who are putting your life at risk, stealing jobs and resources and endangering our country's national security.
Let the war begin
"Jon Christian Ryter is one of those journalists who writes factual material and his research is impeccable. Guess what I learned from one of his columns?
"It was Truman who pushed the Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952 through Congress in the closing days of his administration. Under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony. City, county or State officials that declare their jurisdictions to be "Open Cities, Counties or States are subject to arrest; as are law enforcement agencies who chose not to enforce this law. Police officers who ignore officials who violate Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) are committing a Section 274 federal felony. Furthermore, according to Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien."
"Read those words: if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien."
Get a good attorney and sue their backsides. Take their savings, their retirement and everything you can get and send a clear message: No more. You want to support and harbor illegal aliens, then you will pay and pay and pay. What do you think will happen if hundreds of elected public officials get sued and lose? I guarantee you it will send shock waves across this country that you, whatever your title, are not immune from the law.
The same applies to the molesters at TSA. All the yelling and protests have done virtually nothing. Here in Texas, the perfumed princes (to borrow that phrase from the late, great, Col. David Hackworth) in our legislature and uber coward, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, refused to stop TSA at Texas airports. I voted for Dewhurst. I won't make the same mistake again.
The gutless cowards in the Outlaw Congress created the unnecessary money machine called Department of Fatherland Security and TSA. They and they alone could have stopped what's been going on. They haven't and they won't.
Quit wasting your time demanding what TSA isn't going to do -- sue their employees as individuals. Get a good attorney. Stop being a victim. In the column below, Dr. Edwin Vieira, spells it out along with the law:
Tripping up the TSA
"To use the fashionable judicial mumbo jumbo, it is "clearly established" that what the TSA is doing would unquestionably violate the Fourth Amendment if it were done to "the man in the street". It is also "clearly established" that the TSA cannot constitutionally condition anyone's supposed "privilege" to travel by commercial airline on the traveler's waiver, surrender, or forfeiture of his rights under the Fourth Amendment. Therefore, every Blueshirt who coerces any traveler into submitting to an unconstitutional search or seizure has violated that traveler's "clearly established" constitutional rights-and, as a consequence, (i) is personally liable in his individual capacity for monetary damages, and (ii) cannot raise the defense of "qualified official immunity", because that defense applies only when the rights at issue are not "clearly established".
"So perhaps justifiably disgruntled victims of the Blueshirts' oppression should engage experienced and hard-bitten civil-rights litigators to sue-not the TSA as an agency-but instead the Blueshirts and their supervisors, as individuals, in order impose directly on them, as individuals, the full costs of their misbehavior, relying on an "implied cause of action" directly under the Fourth Amendment. See, e.g., Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents of Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 403 U.S. 388 (1971). Success in such litigation will seriously impact the TSA, too. For no tyrannical regime can long exist if its myrmidons are made to pay, as individuals, for the egregious effects of the regime's evil policies. Once the enforcers desert in droves, or are deterred from performing dirty deeds, or must "pay the piper" out of their own personal financial resources, the regime must soon collapse."
I refuse to fly, but if I am a victim of an illegal alien you can bet the term "hell hath no fury" - that will be me and I will sue every single elected public official my attorney thinks we can round up in the lawsuit. It is years past time for the American people to use the law to stop enablers of illegal aliens. The only language they understand are votes and money. The herds of grazing cattle out there might still give their votes, but we the people can take their money.
They died for cheap labor
Victims of illegal aliens
Their blood is on the hands of every elected public official in this country whether a member of the Outlaw Congress, state legislature, sheriff's or city or county officials and they must be held accountable. More victims of illegal aliens:
Officer Kevin Will, 38
Husband, Father, Son, & Huston Police Officer
Allegedly killed by Johoan Rodriguez, 26. Johoan Rodriguez, a suspected illegal alien has been arrested and charged with intoxicated manslaughter, cocaine possession, and resisting arrest, in the death of Huston police officer Kevin Will. Rodriguez allegedly was driving drunk when he drove his vehicle into a police barricade, striking and killing officer Will who was investigating a non-related hit-and-run call.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed an immigration hold on Rodriquez.
Sources: Huston Chronicle, 5-30-11 (Huston Police Dept. Photo)
Ilario Scuteri, 49, Son
Allegedly killed by Oscar Ramirez-Lopez, 29. Oscar Ramirez-Lopez, 29,
an illegal alien from Guatemala living in Brentwood, NY, has been arrested for the vehicular deaths of Ilario Scuteri, 49, and his passenger, Daniel Cambardella, 46. Police allege that Ramirez-Lopez was driving drunk when he crashed into Scuteri's car, which went off the roadway and hit a tree, killing the men. Ramirez-Lopez has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, driving without a license, and drunk driving.
Johnathan Campbell, 15. Lanier High School Student, Son, Brother
Allegedly killed by Jhony Velasquez Castillo, 34. Jhony Velasquez Castillo, a/k/a Jhony C. Velasquez, 34, an illegal alien apparently living in Georgia, has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and driving without a valid license in the death of Buford, Georgia teenager Johnathan Campbell, 15.
Police believe that Velasquez-Castillo was speeding excessively last March when his vehicle slammed into the side of the vehicle in which Campbell was a passenger (Campbell's sister was the driver).
Campbell's car reportedly then crashed into stopped traffic. The victim was a student at Lanier High School.
Shakir West, 3, Son, child. Allegedly killed by Rodolfo Temaj Felix. Rodolfo Temaj Felix, a suspected illegal alien was arrested and arraigned recently after a hit and run accident in Cincinnati, Ohio in which Fexix allegedly killed 3-year-old Shakir West and seriously injured the child's mother. Felix is accused of driving drunk and striking the mother and child while they were crossing the street in a crosswalk. Felix allegedly struck the pair and did not stop to render aid or remain at the scene of the accident. Felix was also charged with driving without a license.
The list is sickeningly miles long.
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