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Arizona Senate Bill 1308 Defines 
Dual Citizens As Natural Born Citizens

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By Devvy
Sen. Russell Pearce [R-AZ] has been a champion on the front lines against illegal immigration out in Arizona along with his colleagues who believe our immigration laws must be enforced. I have interviewed Sen. Pearce on the radio and have a great deal of respect for him. However, he and Sen. Ron Gould [R-AZ] have pushed a bill through one of their committees that I believe is dangerous and will not pass a constitutional challenge, so I must speak out.
As regular readers of my columns and those following the inexcusable farce regarding the usurper in the White House's constitutional ineligibility to be president of these united States of America, you will recognize the name Leo Donofrio. Leo is an attorney. His case was the first eligibility challenge to make it to the U.S Supreme Court; the court chose not to do their constitutional duty. This is Leo's legal analysis of SB 1308:
BEWARE: Arizona Senate Bill 1308 Defines Dual Citizens As Natural Born Citizens. February 23, 2011
"Arizona Senate Bill 1308 passed out of committee yesterday by an 8-5 vote. This bill is a cleverly disguised attempt to protect President Obama from eligibility scrutiny. It does this by declaring persons born with dual citizenship as natural born citizens. But it does this in a very sneaky manner. That's right. Arizona has now passed out of committee a bill which states that persons born with dual citizenship are natural born citizens of the United States. This same bill is being considered by all states party to the compact.
"So infamous congratulations to the 8 votes in Arizona who passed this unconstitutional bill to the full Senate floor. They've just declared those born as dual citizens eligible to be Commander In Chief of the US Armed Forces. The Arizona Republic completely failed to mention this incredible turn of events in their report:
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