The House That Evil Built - Part IV

By Little Bobby Motch

This series of posts are follow ups to Mrs. Devvy Kidd's Column at NewsWithViews on March 10, 2013. Miss Devvy’s to The Point Column begins with:

Exposing secret societies will help people better understand who pulls the strings”

Her second full paragraph is a quote by a former prime minster of England: "The government of this country has not only to deal with governments, kings and ministers, but also with secret societies, elements which must be taken into account, which at the last moment can bring our plans to naught, which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, who incite assassinations and can if necessary lead a massacre.” - Benjamin Disraeli, at Aylesbury, Sept. 10, 1876

Bottom line, Benjamin Disraeli was very aware of the behind the scenes actions performed by agents working for the Rothschild bankster family.

The seven major secret societies pulling the strings in AMERICA behind the scenes are skull & bones, the bilderbergs, the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations, the royal institute of international affairs known informally as the chatham house, bohemian grove's attendees; hereafter referred to as owls, and the masonic brotherhood.

After combining those societies/packs of wolves in sheep's clothing, as far as I am concerned money grubbing, pathological liars fits them to a T. Doubters please do some homework on your own, as way to many Americans have relied on cfr members,  television network television liars for hire like Katie/Katherine A. Couric, Paula Zahn, Brian Williams and George bilderberg, rhodes scholar Stephanopoulos for their so-called news.

In Part II I made it Clear why I won't capitalize the names of the secret societies and Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last worthy man of the title President, has my back. In late April 1961 during a speech to a gathering of newspaper publishers John said: "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings."

An example of secret proceedings - the goings on inside the chatham house; their "Rule" reads as follows: "When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

The chatham house, whelped in 1920, is best described as a pack of carrion eating hyenas and the council on foreign relations, a pack of monyed rats, took its present day form in 1921; they along with two cfr spin off, packs the world affairs councils and the american committees on foreign relations all use the same rule. To cut to the chase their agendas are a secret unless you are a member. The "Rule" above makes that Crystal Clear and there are currently over 100 councils operating in major cities all across the lower 48 along with Alaska and Hawaii.

 I hope everyone will read Part II and Part III. because they contain information along with links every Clear Thinker should be aware of. One example is the covered up katzenbach memo where the deputy attorney general Nicholas Katzenbach wrote a memo to Johnson's right hand Bill Moyers on November 25, 1963, recommending Lyndon mason Johnson put  J. Edgar master mason Hoover’s fbi in charge of the cover up, and if necessary also appoint a special presidential commission to further  the cover-up President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination on November 22nd.  

Moyers was Johnson's "special assistant" before becoming his press secretary in 1965. Moyers sat on the cfr/pratt rat's board from 1967-1974 and Moyers was a multiple time bilderberg - `67, `68, `69, `70, `71 and 1973. You can verify that here. Moyers also sat on the money grubbing bilderberg whore's steering committee with perennial bilderberg John skull & bones Heinz.

Ask Bill cfr Moyer’s friends, Jim cfr Lehrer and gen. James bilderberg, cfr, trilateral Jones have they received an award from the amercian committees on foreign relations?

On the same day the katzenbach memo was delivered to Moyers, November 25, 1963, Johnson took a phone call from a journalist, Joe porc Alsop, a member of ivy league Harvard's porcellian club. Those two wolves were discussing who would be placed on the "presidential commission",  Alsop: "... Dean Acheson, for example, two or three individuals beyond any possible suspicion as to their independence and impartiality, to draw up a written report giving to the public everything that is relevant and then you will have this written report..." The previous sentence can be verified here.

Dean Acheson was a certified pratt rat, a pilgrims society member and a multiple time bilderberg including 1964 with two members of the warren cover-up commission, pratt house chairman John bankster McCloy and future president, Gerald house of rats member, master mason, owl, pratt rat Ford.

From here on out, cfr members will be referred to as pratt rats and currently inside the hyena's den in London, John bilder-whore, owl Major holds the gavel and that pack's leading "patron" is none other than queen Elizabeth. Also know Elizabeth's husband, the duke of Edinburgh, was a bilder- whore in 1965 and prince Charles was a bilder-whore in 1986, and all three conniving royals are pilgrims pack members.

I recently learned the Gnostics website is down, another source of pilgrims members is here. Unfortunately Percy skull & bones Rockefeller isn't on that list but the good news is four Rockefellers are, including David founding bilderberg, founding trilateral, former pratt rat chair Rockefeller sr. Readers having the list of past and present day pratt rat directors, presidents and chairs etc., should be in everyone's favorite section of saved websites.

Elizabeth's first cousin, prince Edward the duke of Kent is a member of the trilateral wolf pack and the grand master of England's masons. Doubters can ask Charles house of rats Rangel; Fareed scroll & key, pratt director Zakaria; senator Diane bilderberg in 1991 Feinstein; former New Orleans mayor, Marc Morial; Francis pratt rat Fukuyama and former house of rats member, Jim ivy club, pratt rat Leach; one of the rotten to his core wolves behind the Graham-Leach-Bliley banskster act of 1999.

Seven of the duke’s fellow bilderbergs besides John bones Heinz and David pratt director Rockefeller sr., in `65 were the Netherland’s princess Beatrix, lord Mountbatten, house of rats member John scroll & key Lindsay, U.K. parliament member Dick Taverne, Time magazine’s managing editor Headley Donovan, John bankster, pratt chair, warren commission member McCloy and George skull Bush senior’s pal, David K. E. pratt rat Bruce, who was the first U.S. trade representative/ambassador to China after Taiwan was kicked out and mainland China was welcomed in the u.n. It's no coincidence when Taiwan was kicked out, George skull sr., was our ambassador to the u.n. and he was the second trade rep/ambassador to mainland China. The bones pack's history in China goes back to 1903. Yale In China means bones in China.
Seven of prince Charles’ fellow bilderberg whores in `86 were then bilderberg chairman lord Roll of Ipsden, senator Charles pratt Mathias, Denis member of parliament Healey, senator Daniel pratt Evans, John bones Heinz, English media baron Andrew bohemian grove attendee Knight and Henry pilgrims, pratt rat, trilateral Kissinger, the very first wolf chosen to head the 9/11 cover-up commission. Americans ask sir Evelyn bilder-whore, bankster Rothschild and his pratt rat wife, Lynn bilder-whore Rothschild did they have a hand in choosing Kissinger?

Three more bilderberg whores in 1991 include slick Willy Clinton, senator John skull & bones Chaffee and then Virginia governor, Douglas mason Wilder. For those wondering, “who was responsible for fast tracking the Clinton's into the oval/offal pile office in `92?” I've been typing clues as to the packs responsible for placing them there.

AMERICA it is important to know skull & bones is a spin off from the masonic brotherhood. Doubters can ask George W. skull Bush, John bones Kerry, Washington Post columnist Dana bones Milbank, ambassador Roy bones Austin or Earl bones Graves jr., whose dad founded Black Enterprise magazine. For the record, Austin and W. are skull mates from the class of `68, and just like wolf's head, scroll & key and book & snake, the bones pack welcomes fifteen members from ivy league Yale's student body into their brotherhood and now sisterhood of death each and every year. Ask Barack Obama’s close friend and advisor, Austan skull & bones, bilder-whore, trilateral Goolsbee which year the bones pack went co-ed?

A list of bones scum from 1833-2006 is here

David skull & bones, alfalfa club, pratt rat Boren is it possible for a former senate skank, governor and current president of a major university to tell the Truth? Boren, I was surprised when I didn't read your name here or here with current pratt rat director, Colin bilderberg Powell, former nsa head and former pratt rat chair, Robert fed bankster, owl Inman, former cia and fbi head William owl, pratt rat, trilateral wolf Webster and Kenneth lawyer, cover-up artist, owl Starr.

AMERICA, it is to The Credit of The First Americans, the forgotten race, The Red People that I haven't found one of their names on a list of secret society wolves.

Mr. David A. Rivera, other than bones, I judge a pack's power by the number of Rothschild family members among its membership, and after studying the bilderberg and trilateral packs, there are more Roth/Ratschild bilderberg whores than trilateral wolves.

Before we break down bilderberg 2002, Americans should understand there is no such thing as a democrat, republican or independent. If you haven't read Mr. Gary Allen's The Rockefeller File published in 1976 then please bear with me. I'll start with each fledgling member of the congress takes a mandatory Harvard sponsored course which should be titled "Welcome to the new world order." Folks believe it or not, Russia's fledgling duma/Politburo/parliament take the same course.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the point I want to make – everything is a game within a game. And last week I provided Facts into America, England and Nato building the Soviet Union from the ground up. The same can be said for mainland China. As to the pratt rats offering welcome to the new world order classes, ask senator Joe pratt rat Lieberman, a rocke-independent, or former senator, current sec. of defense Chuck bilderberg, pratt rat Hagel, a rocke-pub, or Michelle rocke-dem Obama, a board of directors member for Chicago's council rats. I first read about her board member status 4 or 5 years ago.

Sisters and Brothers, Gary has a sense of humor and it was Mr. Allen who coined the terms rockedems and rockepubs, which makes perfect sense after realizing David Rockefeller sr. was a founding bilderberg in 1954, and when the trilateral pack went international back in 1973 it was under David Rocke senior's guidance. Bottom line rocke-dem and rocke-pub house of rats members, senators and governors attend bilderberg whore and trilateral skank conclaves.

Gentlemen please Cowboy Up-Red Man Up by asking former  senator Mark bilderberg whore, pratt rat Warner when he last made a speech to members of the american committees on foreign relations in Newport News, VA? Brothers former rocke-pub senator John alfalfa club pratt rat Warner is as sorry and back stabbing as his replacement, Mark alfalfa club rocke-dem Warner. 

That can be confirmed or denied by rocke-dem Harold bilderberg whore in 2008, pratt rat Ford jr. whose father was part of Louis lawyer/liar Stokes' house select Cover-Up committee on assassinations and former rocke-dem senator, Christopher multiple time bilderberg whore, pratt rat Dodd, who was part of the Cover-Up committee, and former South Caroline rocke-pub governor, Mark bilderberg whore in 2008 Sanford.

Readers, both Carter and Mondale were invited to Tokyo, Japan in`73 by David Rocke sr. and Zbigniew bilderberg whore, pratt rat, trilateral skank Brzezinski. Susan pratt rat, trilateral skank Rice Cameron and Condoleezza bilderberg, pratt rat, trilateral skank Rice - will you two lie as usual, or will one of you tell the Truth? In a nutshell "Life" is all about choices and those two along with Obama, Biden, skull jr., Cheney, Clinton, Gore, skull sr., Quayle, George Tenet, Colin Powell, John Ashcroft, Eric Holder, Robert Mueller and John Negroponte etc. have chosen to lie whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Now that more cover-up artists and players in the wolf packs have been revealed we are almost ready to break down bilderberg 2002, which is an example of the crooked as a snake anglo-american establishment - and the department of justice; hereafter referred to as the dept. of corruption, working hand in hand.

To understand the significance of bilderberg 2002, first we have to travel back to September 20, 2001, when president George skull, owl jr. received a "letter" from the project for the new american century, the pnac pack. Some wolves inside the now defunct pnac include the world affairs council's alpha rat Paula Dobriansky, Jeb act of terrorism Bush, former cia director R. James owl, pratt Woolsey, Vin bilderberg, pratt, trilateral Weber, Paul bilder-whore, pratt, quill & dagger Wolfowitz and Donald multiple time bilderberg whore, bohemian owl Rumsfeld, who is very familiar with the harold pratt house's interior. Rumsfeld’s first time as a conniving bilderberg whore was in 1975.

An excerpt from the letter: "......even if evidence does not link Iraq directly to the attack, any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. Failure to undertake such an effort will constitute an early and perhaps decisive surrender in the war on international terrorism."

Those who have questioned why the bilder-whores Kean, Hamilton and Zelikow left Building 7 completely out of their published lies, those bilderbergs knew there was no possible way to try an explain that building imploding straight down onto its foundation, so they left it out of their lies/report. Please track down online a raging fire in Madrid, Spain which started near midnight on February 12, 2005 and burned for right at 24 hours. AMERICA on February 14th the Windsor Tower Hotel was still standing. Sisters and Brothers around the Globe, steel columns on some of the upper floors of the 32 story building were warped due to the intense heat but that's it. Later the hotel was torn down and rebuilt.

As to the Twin Towers which were also imploded on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, on July 28, 1945, a B-25 twin engine bomber crashed into the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th floors and the resulting fire was put out in less than 45 minutes. Barack bilder-whore in 2008 Obama when you and George skull jr. were standing side by side while lying on September 11, 2011, no doubt both of you had noticed the Empire State Building was still standing. George and Barack, the last time I was in New York City was 2005 and needless to say the building in question was standing tall.

Fact of the Matter: the Twin Towers were imploded from the top down, and Building 7 was imploded from the ground up.

Because of the bomber crashing into the Empire State Building a panel of engineering experts was convened before the Twin Towers were built. Readers it is a well-known FACT that WTC 1 and WTC 2 were Built to Withstand a Minimum of Four Direct Hits by Boeing 707s, at the time the largest commercial aircraft.

For more info into SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 please go online and watch Loose Change - Final Cut.

Excerpts from Michael Mukasey's bio at Debevoise & Plimton: “Michael B. Mukasey recently served as Attorney General of the United States, the nation's chief law enforcement officer. As Attorney General from November 2007 to January 2009, he oversaw the U.S. Department of Justice and advised on critical issues of domestic and international law. Judge Mukasey joined Debevoise as a partner in the litigation practice in New York in February 2009, focusing his practice primarily on internal investigations, independent board reviews and corporate governance. From 1988 to 2006, Judge Mukasey served as a district judge in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, becoming Chief Judge in 2000.”

AMERICA, in 2009 the law firm Debevoise & Plimton was one of the pratt house rat's corporate sponsors. And it would appear it was Mukasey who kept the Oral Histories spoken by Firefighters and Others at the scene on September 11, 2001, hidden from the Public until August 2005. One year after the 9/11 commission spewed their lies

I first learned about the Oral Hitories while reading one of Miss Devvy's Columns in 2007. In Her Column I read Fire Fighter Richard Banaciski saying, "There was an explosion in the South Tower. It seemed like on television when they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all around like a belt, all those explosions."

Another Oral History account, Assistant Fire Commissioner Stephen Gregory: “I saw flash, flash, flash at the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building.”

Another, Paramedic Daniel Rivera: “It was like a professional demolition where they set charges on certain floors and you hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.”        

In Part II, I mentioned the bush-blair memo, now let's visit that memo's precursor, the downing street memo. On 19 September 2004, the Sunday Herald published a well worth reading piece. The writer Neil Mackay chose "Bush and Blair: Secrets and Lies" for his title.

Please read ten informative paragraphs: "The rotting albatross that is Iraq still hangs around Blair’s neck, and, after the revelations of secret government papers laying out the dangers of joining Bush's war, its stench has become impossible for anyone to ignore but for the man closest to it – the Prime Minister.

BLAIR’S secrets are out, and this is what he knew a full year before the invasion of Iraq: the war was illegal, it would turn into a quagmire that could last for generations and it was more than likely that, once Saddam was overthrown, a new Iraqi government, even a democratic one, would start developing weapons of mass destruction. These warnings were contained in a series of top-secret documents that Blair read and digested long before the invasion. It's little wonder that Menzies Campbell, the Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, says these revelations are “the crown jewels”.

The documents show that, despite the reservations of his own foreign secretary and the Cabinet Office Overseas and Defense Secretariat, Blair was swept along by George W Bush into a war that the British people did not want. His motive? The preservation of the transatlantic special relationship. America, under Bush, was going to take out Saddam no matter what happened – and the White House clearly expected its loyal ally the UK to follow in step behind the US.

 The contents of the documents couldn't have been revealed at a worse time for Blair. Last week, Kofi Annan said the invasion of the Iraq was “illegal”. The forthcoming report by the Iraq Survey Group, which has been hunting for WMD in Iraq, will say Saddam had no stockpiles of banned weapons.

At the same time, MI6 was arguing against Blair’s decision to publish a dossier of declassified information designed to convince the British public that Saddam was dangerous. MI6 was saying that the intelligence didn't support the claims that Blair wanted to make. Jack Straw felt the dossier would be meaningless.

In a letter to the Prime Minister marked “Secret – Strictly Personal”, Sir David Manning, Blair’s foreign policy adviser, summed up the talks he had in Washington in March 2002, saying: “I think there is a real risk that the administration underestimates the difficulties. They may agree that failure isn't an option, but this does not mean they will necessarily avoid it.”

Bush “still has to find answers to the big questions”, Manning wrote, including a solution to the most vital problem: “What happens on the morning after?”

Manning added that the “US scrambling to establish a link between Iraq and al-Qaeda is so far unconvincing. To get public and parliamentary support for military options we have to be convincing that the threat is so serious/imminent that it is worth sending our troops to die for”.

Manning had briefed Sir Christopher Meyer, the then British ambassador to the US, and had spoken to US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. Manning told her that Blair wanted Bush not to rush into war until the invasion was deemed legal – something that would need the full support of the UN Security Council. A memo from Meyer was circulated which warned UK policy not to underestimate Bush's passion for ousting Saddam. With Washington pushing for war with Iraq in the autumn of 2002, Blair’s advisers told him that: “if any invasion is contemplated this autumn, then a decision will need to be taken in principle six months in advance”. That left Blair little or no time to make the case for war legally watertight.

Blair traveled to Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, in March 2002, to talk war with the President. Here was how Jack Straw interpreted the meeting: “The rewards from your visit to Crawford will be few. The risks are high both for you and the government.” Straw said there was a long way to go before parliament could be convinced about “the scale of the threat from Iraq and why this has got worse recently; what distinguishes the Iraqi threat from that of for example Iran and North Korea so as to justify military action; military action in terms of international law; and whether the consequences of military action really would be a compliant, law-abiding replacement government.” A side note: the downing street memo traces back to July 22, 2002.

From Wikipedia: "Previous to the appearance of the Downing Street Memo, six other British (Blair) Cabinet papers originating around March 2002 were obtained by Michael Smith and used in two Daily Telegraph stories[55][56] published on 18 September 2004. The documents describe issues relating to the meetings held between Bush and Blair at Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch in April 2002.

Next are six paragraphs from the Washington Post's Jefferson Morley on June 7, 2005:

"More than a month after its publication, the so-called Downing Street Memo remains among the top ten viewed articles on The Times of London site.

The July 2002 memo, labeled "SECRET AND STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL - UK EYES ONLY," reports the views of "C," code name for Richard Dearlove, the chief of British intelligence. Dearlove had just returned from a visit with Bush administration officials eight months before the war in Iraq began.

"Military action was now seen as inevitable," Dearlove told blair and his senior defense policy advisers. "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." (Hmm, fixed around the policy, instead of the intelligence and facts fixing policy.)

A separate secret briefing paper for the meeting said Britain and the United States had to "create" conditions to justify the war.

On Sunday, "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert asked Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman about the memo. Mehlman said "that report has been discredited by everyone else who's looked at it since."

When Russert noted the authenticity of the report has not been discredited, Mehlman said, "I believe that the findings of the report, the fact that the intelligence was somehow fixed, has been totally discredited by everyone who's looked at it."

Americans, how do You know when a national chair of one of the rocke-parties is lying?  Whenever one of those black hearted wolves opens their mouth and howls?

The gist of the above - skull jr., and former pratt house director, Dick trilateral Cheney, who at best is a money hungry skank exactly like his trilateral wife, Lynne, and the military industrial complex were growling to be fed regardless of the FACT Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction. Brothers it's a given I wasn't invited to bilderberg 2002, however there is no doubt in my mind about then sec. of defense, pratt rat, owl Rumsfeld announcing America was going to attack Iraq in 2003. For the record, Rumsfeld and his pack mates met inside the Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, from May 30-June 2.

Other than perennial bilderbergs David Rockefeller, Vernon Jordan jr. and Henry Kissinger, I'll point out fifteen more black-hearted americans in attendance and their titles at the time. Viet Dinh - assistant attorney general for office of policy development. Alan Greenspan - chairman, federal reserve system. Kay Hutchison - a rocke-pub senate skank from Texas. Charles James - assistant attorney general for antitrust. One of Barack's good buddies James Johnson - vice chairman Perseus. John LaFalce - a rocke-dem house of rats member from New York. Bill McDonough - president and ceo, federal reserve bank of New York. Andrea Mitchell - chief foreign affairs correspondent Nbc. George Soros - chairman Soros fund management. Former cia head John Deutch - institute professor MIT. One of Eric Holder's partners in crime, Stuart Eizenstat, from Covington & Burling, the liar filled law firm writing Holder's pay checks at the time. Jim Hoagland - associate editor Washington Post. Michael Moskow - president federal reserve bank of Chicago. Terry McAuliffe - chairman democratic national committee and Mark Racicot - chairman republican national committee. Those names can be confirmed or denied by current pratt house co-chair Carla bilder-skank Hills, as she was damn sure there!"

Twelve non-American black-hearts invited to bilderberg 2002 include the Netherlands’ queen Beatrix; Russia's Lilia Shevtsova  - senior associate, Carnegie Moscow Center; Eric bankster Roll - senior adviser, UBS Warburg Ltd.; John media Bernander -  director general, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation; Conrad media Black - chairman, Telegraph Group Ltd.; Ralf house of lords Dahrendorf; Adrian  Fortescue  - director genera, European Commission;  Ekkehard Schulz - chairman, ThyssenKrupp AG;  Jean-Claude bankster Trichet - governor, Banque de France;  James bankster Wolfensohn - president, The World Bank; Jacob bankster Wallenberg - chairman of the board, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken  and one of Tony who is a bilder-whore himself Blair’s cabinet members, Gareth house of lords Williams.

The “key” to bilderberg 2002 is this – 2002 is the only bilderberg pack meeting on record where “both rocke-party chairs” were invited. Terry rocke-dem McAuliffe and Mark rocke-pub Racicot received marching orders to drum up support for a war on capital/gut pile hill. I believe it was in October 2002 when the military industrial-congressional complex voted for a war in Iraq.

And let no American lose sight of the Fact two wolves from the dept. of corruption listened to every word spoken inside bilderberg 2002. And that very same dept. of corruption played a major role in covering up President John Kennedy’s assassination along with the implosions of the Twin Towers and #7 on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. Instead of arresting those who ordered and those who wired those three buildings with demolition charges, Robert elmo secret society member Ashcroft’s crooked, corrupt lawyers were busy writing an oxymoron known today as the “patriot act".  

Tony bilderberg, chatham hyena Blair and George skull, owl, alfalfa club member, owl Bush jr. ran into a problem, the united nation’s weapons inspectors had not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Truth Be Known the united nations is a farce. If the u.n. was worth a wooden nickel the very first motion passed would have been a ban on the shipment of weapons and munitions across borders. Instead the united nation’s security council members lead the planet in manufacturing and shipping weapons for war.

On Feb. 2, 2006 Richard-Norton Taylor a writer for The Guardian wrote a piece under the heading - “Blair-Bush deal before Iraq war revealed in secret memo – PM promised to be 'solidly behind' US invasion with or without UN backing” Please read ten paragraphs:

Tony Blair told President George Bush that he was "solidly" behind US plans to invade Iraq before he sought advice about the invasion's legality and despite the absence of a second UN resolution, according to a new account of the build-up to the war published today. A memo of a two-hour meeting between the two leaders at the White House on January 31 2003 - nearly two months before the invasion - reveals that Mr Bush made it clear the US intended to invade whether or not there was a second UN resolution and even if UN inspectors found no evidence of a banned Iraqi weapons programme.

"The diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning", the president told Mr Blair. The prime minister is said to have raised no objection. He is quoted as saying he was "solidly with the president and ready to do whatever it took to disarm Saddam".

The memo seen by Prof Sands reveals:

Mr Bush told Mr Blair that the US was so worried about the failure to find hard evidence against Saddam that it thought of "flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft planes with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours". Mr Bush added: "If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach [of UN resolutions]".

Mr Bush even expressed the hope that a defector would be extracted from Iraq and give a "public presentation about Saddam's WMD". He is also said to have referred Mr Blair to a "small possibility" that Saddam would be "assassinated".

Mr Blair told the US president that a second UN resolution would be an "insurance policy", providing "international cover, including with the Arabs" if anything went wrong with the military campaign, or if Saddam increased the stakes by burning oil wells, killing children, or fomenting internal divisions within Iraq.

The revelation that Mr Blair had supported the US president's plans to go to war with Iraq even in the absence of a second UN resolution contrasts with the assurances the prime minister gave parliament shortly after. On February 25 2003 - three weeks after his trip to Washington - Mr Blair told the Commons that the government was giving "Saddam one further, final chance to disarm voluntarily".

The meeting between Mr Bush and Mr Blair, attended by six close aides, came at a time of growing concern about the failure of any hard intelligence to back up claims that Saddam was producing weapons of mass destruction in breach of UN disarmament obligations. It took place a few days before the then US secretary Colin Powell made claims - since discredited - in a dramatic presentation at the UN about Iraq's weapons programme.

Sir Menzies Campbell, the Liberal Democrat acting leader, said last night: "The fact that consideration was apparently given to using American military aircraft in UN colours in the hope of provoking Saddam Hussein is a graphic illustration of the rush to war. It would also appear to be the case that the diplomatic efforts in New York after the meeting of January 31 were simply going through the motions.

"The prime minister's offer of February 25 to Saddam Hussein was about as empty as it could get. He has a lot of explaining to do." End quote.
When Colin alfalfa club, bilderberg, owl, pratt Powell flat out lied to his listeners inside the united nations on February 5, 2002, then cia director George pratt, trilateral wolf Tenet and John bilderberg, pratt rat Negroponte, at the time the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., were sitting right behind pathological liar Powell. My question to Americans is this: if Powell felt even a shred of remorse about his actions then why is Colin a pratt rat director today with former Tenet right hand Jami cia Miscik, Tom nbc bobble head Brokaw, Christine alfalfa, bilderberg Whitman, Margaret pbs Warner, Fareed bilderberg-trilateral Zakaria, Madeline alfalfa, bilderberg-trilateral Albright, Zoe markle foundation Baird and Frederick skull & bones scum Smith?
AMERICA, I hope You the People will place these posts into Your Peace Pipes and after smoking on the information contained, please forward them via email to Family and Friends.
In Part V we will break down bilderberg 2008 attended by then senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. One of the English huddled up Barack, Hillary, Condi rocke-pub Rice and then Kansas governor Kathleen rocke-dem Sebelius was none other than David chatham hyena Cameron, who is currently the U.K.'s prime minister. In 2008 Cameron was a member of parliament. Like his predicessors Brown, Blair, Major and Margaret Thatcher, Cameron was a bilderberg before taking up residence at 10 downing st. On this side of the Atlantic our presidents are either bones scum, bilderbergs and/or trilaterals or owls like Ronald Reagan before being paraded into the offal pile office.
We will also read excerpts from Mr. Pat Riott's The Greatest $tory NEVER Told: Winston Churchill and the Stock Market Crash of 1929 as we methodically dissect the anglo-american establishment. I wanted to here, but covering the lies and deception leading up to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan required too many paragraphs.
Between now and then please read General Smedley Butler's booklet War is a Racket published in 1935. The most informative 15 minute read I know of.

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