Throw The Bums Out? - Not In Texas
By Devvy
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Last night was our primary in Texas. An early e-mailer this morning said I sounded disappointed at the outcome because I voted for Debra Medina.
I am because it's tragic the people of this state haven't got a clue or if they do, they still chose to vote for two politically bankrupt candidates (Hutchinson & Perry) over an honest, knowledgeable candidate like Medina.
It was over in an hour. A one world government advocate and crook, Gov. Rick Perry, allegedly won with 51% of the vote. That crook is seeking a third term. He does have a Democrat challenger. Another dud.
It will be a few days before most of the numbers come in from the precincts, so I'm not looking at those yet regarding governor. As I mentioned in my last column, Bev Harris at Black Box voting brought out the "unwelcome" news: a hand count put Coakley ahead of Scott Brown as she is gathering numbers. It may have changed, but I haven't checked the past couple of days. Only so many hours in a day.
These things take time. I can tell you from digging through the numbers in California a few times, the "final" results can change a dozen times in two weeks before the final, final, promise it's final numbers are declared. Mind you, all those races are called within a couple of hours, but the numbers never match up weeks later.
Throw the bums out!
Clean house in November!
Not in our house!
We're fed up and we're not going to take it anymore. Vote out all incumbents!
Here in Texas is appears everyone is happy with the the majority of congressional incumbents because most all won their primaries.
Many were unopposed last night. They will walk right back into office, rewarded for destroying this country with their votes.
Texans seem to be ecstatic over the job done by all these incumbents. Guess they missed the memo about throw the bums out.
Ron Paul represents District 14. He won with 80% of the vote; some 56,000 votes counted. There is a Democrat challenger for that district who received 16,436 votes. It is unlikely the Democrat will beat him in November.
I don't have the breakdowns this morning by county and precinct, but I'll get them in a couple of weeks. I did get an email early this morning about one precinct....Chicago style voting. I'm working on tracking down the paper.
Anyway, here are the two links which give the "wins" for both Republicans and Democrats for last night.
Office of the Secretary of State
2010 Democratic Party Primary Election
Election Night Returns
Office of the Secretary of State
2010 Republican Party Primary Election
Election Night Returns
It can be a little confusing because on the GOP side, it only lists districts where there was a challenger. My worthless congressman is District 19, which is not shown because there was no challenger.
That's why you see no District 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 and so forth. A few cross check (14th) because there is a winner from both parties. They square off in November.
The Democrat list is short. The incompetent Sheila Jackson Lee won her seat, again.
District 22 shows a Lyndon LaRouche nut job as winning that primary with 52% of the vote. Scary. A newbie GOP currently holds that seat. Unless there's some sort of major digital scanner rigging, the incumbent should win, go back to DC and keep doing the same thing that will never solve the cancers.
The bottom line as you can see is that Republicans hold the majority of the 32 house seats. Those incumbents who had no challenger from either side are unopposed in November.
You will see the list of districts and how many incumbents won on both sides. They are the majority.
The bums will return in November.
I think I wrote a column about this very contradiction not too long ago:
What disconnect between Congress and the American people?
By: Devvy
December 3, 2009
"This morning some commentator was on FOX News explaining how there was such a disconnect between the American people and Congress. I asked myself: Where?
"Last November (2008) the American people voted back in the same Congress.
"This after the illegal bank bail outs by virtually the same Congress with the exception of a few seats.
"This after the massive hemorrhaging of their 401(ks) - a direct result of the rape of the American people because the same Congress has refused to get rid of the fiat currency which has brought the near death of the dollar.
"This after more tens of BILLIONS of borrowed dollars being thrown to the illegal, immoral, undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"If the American people were so incensed, why did they vote back the same Congress who have refused to implement the solutions for decades?"
Rest at link
Look at this page - GOP last night statewide:
Out of those 20 seats, 11 incumbents won.
Sample: District 15 had 3 candidates.
If you look at this page - Democrats last night statewide:
You'll see District 15 is held by a Democrat, an incumbent who won last night.
No throwing the bum out there, either. Why? Because the Democrat incumbent allegedly received 37, 391 votes, while on the GOP side all three GOP candidates together got 12,871. That is not a district that elects Republicans.
Well, perhaps things will be different in the other 49 states primaries.
Personally, I'll put my money somewhere else. Know why? Because voters are either ignorant of their incumbent's voting record, OR their congress critter is "bringing home the bacon," and we need him/her! Our bacon is good, yours is not. See what I mean?
BTW: If you would like to check the full voting record of your current representative in Congress or at the state level, here is a good source:
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