Reagan Most Popular President?
Does Anyone Ask Why?

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By Devvy
A few days ago, Gallop results show the Gipper as the most popular president for the third time. 
If I hear one more sugary tribute to Ronald Reagan, I will vomit.
GOP shill, Shallow Sean Hannity, is probably the worst in promoting Reagan ("Go back to the party of Reagan") as the greatest president who ever lived. He was not. Like tens of millions of others, I voted for him twice because I didn't know all the facts. Reagan was a polished actor and he played his part to the nth degree. He was a Democrat who switched to Republican. While Govn'r of California, Reagan signed gun control legislation into law. While Governor in 1967, pro-life, Ronnie, signed the "Therapeutic Abortion Bill into law which resulted in the murder of 2,000,000 unborn babies. He later regretted it. I'm sure those two million babies did, too. The voters of California tried unsuccessfully to recall him in 1968.
Good old Ronnie supported killing American jobs by proposing the concept behind NAFTA in 1979. He suggested in 1975 to make social security voluntary. It already is voluntary. You must apply for the number, but even if you choose not to enter that federal taxing scheme, you will be taxed separately to keep the Ponzi scheme going. Either Reagan knew nothing about how the system actually works or he deliberately misled people. Most Americans have either forgotten or know nothing about the Iran-Contra mess. Too many know nothing about "Oliie" North, and his work under the direction of Ronald Reagan to impose martial law:
While you might disagree with Libertarians, this column is factual about Ronnie. You can do your homework to cross check his facts.
Fiscal conservative? The national debt was $900 billion when Reagan took office and $2.8 trillion when he left; nearly triple. Campaign promises broken: Abolish the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education and the Small Business Administration. He didn't bother with either.
What about the 62 Americans, including Congressman Larry McDonald (arch foe of the privately owned Federal Reserve), who were sacrificed at the hands of the Gipper and former Secretary of State George Schultz? Few remember the shooting down of KAL 007 on September 1, 1983, but I do and so do the families who have never seen their loved ones since. There is NO question in my mind Reagan and Schulz lied to the American people and the families for political expediency and for that, he should never be forgiven or glorified one more day.
I have written several columns about KAL 007. I can't even count the number of weeks worth of reading and research I spent on that cover-up. It is a lot of reading, but the only way to understand how the passengers, the families and America's integrity was betrayed by a Hollywood actor is to do the research. You might wish to bookmark the links.
Incident At Sakhalin - November 1999
Follow up Kal 007 (Sakhalin Incident) - December 10, 1999
Flight KAL 007 - Bring Our People Home - August 2001
Will Bush Demand Putin Release American Hostages? February 2005
What about the passengers of KAL Flight 007?  July 2005
Anniversary of on-going Cover up Approaches, Part 1, August 2007
Keppel and Brun on KAL 007
"Two hundred and sixty-nine civilians and thirty or more U.S. Air Force and Navy servicemen lost their lives in a wholly unnecessary and improper U.S. intelligence and provocation operation. In fairness to the dead and the next-of-kin, the circumstances of their deaths should be made clear. The integrity of U.S. law is also at stake in this respect.
"In the incident the world came closer to World War III than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. If similar dangerous mistakes are to be avoided in the future, it is essential that the lessons of the KAL 007 case be learned. There is by now a large body of new evidence, all of it accessible and much of it easily verifiable, which should be examined by a Congressional investigation or one by a Special Prosecutor."
To date, not a single member of the Outlaw Congress (including past members like Jesse Helms) has the guts to blow that cover up wide open. The next time you fly on an international flight, just remember you are expendable to the shadow government. Reagan took the truth to his grave, but George Shultz is still alive and should be put in front of a grand jury.
Official web site by family members:
International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors
KAL 007 Revisited
"For a fascinating corroboration of the Soviet harassment on this particular vessel [Keiko-Maru No. 3] as well as corroborating Commander Piotti's assertion that the Soviets employed false pingers to divert and confuse the allied endeavors, we may turn to a Soviet seaman's report published in the Izvestiya series and quoted in "World Wide Issues," 31 May 1991: 
"I recall: there was a moment when Japanese search vessel Keiko-Maru No. 3 (or Kaiko- Maru No. 3) dropped anchor next to Merchink; this vessel had a self-propelled underwater search apparatus, controlled from the vessel via cable. The operational radius of the apparatus from the mother vessel is, if I am not mistaken, two to 2.5 kilometers... At that time the TOF commander, Admiral Sidorov, gave an order-immediately equip a trawler stationed on Sakhalin with grapnels [devices to cut mine mooring cables or hawsers] and send it to a station next to the Keiko-Maru. As soon as the vessel lowered its apparatus, the trawler was supposed to cut the control cable of the Japanese... See how far it went: this was outright banditry! The only thing that saved the Keiko-Maru was the false "pinger" planted by our Navy. The Japanese also took the bait of its beacon signal and went to the wrong area." 
"And so the Soviets not only safely absconded with KAL 007's surviving passengers, they also successfully kept U.S.-led forces at bay, preventing them from seeing and understanding that the "wreck" that their lead salvage vessel, the Mikhail Merchink, was bringing up-was nothing but a ruse."
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