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The Federal Death Administration

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By Devvy
For those who don't know, the now stalled Senate bill S. 510, the alleged Food Safety and Moderinzation Act, will give unprecedented power over the food supply in this country to a group of mass murderers: The Federal Drug Administration.
The FDA is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths after approving dangerous drugs and lethal cocktails taken by tens of millions of Americans who either have no access to the truth about the FDA or are so gullible and trusting, they believe a stamp of "safe" by that evil agency means it's okay to take their approved drugs. Advocates of S. 510 use arguments that pale in comparison to the deaths caused by the FDA:
"According to the CDC, one in four Americans get sick, hundreds of thousands are hospitalized and more than 5000 people die each year from eating contaminated food. It's unacceptable that this continues in the United States in the 21st century. The House passed its food safety bill more than a year ago. Since then, there have been more than 100 voluntary recalls of FDA regulated foods because of pathogens like salmonella and E. coli. Congress should work quickly to finalize the bill and deliver it to the President's desk."
FDA "safety" approved VIOXX was linked to more than 27,000 deaths in this country from sudden heart attacks; not counting the thousands of strokes. My brother was a victim of that "safe" drug; a series of mini strokes that almost killed him. Merck finally pulled it and paid out a king's ransom:
Merck Paid 3,468 Death Claims to Resolve Vioxx Suits
"Merck & Co. paid claims to the families of 3,468 users of its Vioxx painkiller who died of heart attacks or strokes, a court-appointed administrator told a judge today.
"A $4.85 billion settlement fund made payments to the families of 2,878 Vioxx users who died of heart attacks and 590 who died of strokes, according to Lynn Greer of BrownGreer LLP, a law firm in Richmond, Virginia, that analyzed 59,365 claims.
"Merck pulled Vioxx from the market in 2004 after a study showed it doubled the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Merck set up the fund, which covers claims of death and lesser injuries, in 2007 after reserving $1.9 billion to fight 26,600 Vioxx suits. U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon in New Orleans has overseen Vioxx lawsuits since February 2005 through a process known as multidistrict litigation."
Of course, no amount of money will bring back a loved one who took a drug deemed "safe" by pimps for the big pharmaceutical houses.
The Federal Death Administration has now approved another deadly drug called Stelara to treat Psoriasis, a common and chronic skin disease. Taking Stelara can increase your chances of getting cancer. That's right. Here are some of the side effects of this "safe" drug:
"In the controlled and non-controlled portions of psoriasis clinical trials 0.4% of ustekinumab-treated subjects reported malignancies (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers). Serious malignancies included breast, colon, head and neck, kidney, prostate, and thyroid cancers. Non-melanoma skin cancer was reported in 0.8% of ustekinumab-treated subjects. Oncologic side effects including malignancies have been reported."
We must remember what those government approved drug dealers so often remind us: The percentage of those who suffer side effects is so small, you shouldn't worry you will be one of those who gets cancer from taking that drug. Reminds me of the HPV vaccine hype: Oh, a very small percentage of young girls and women will suffer severe side effects, but it's actually really safe and should be taken because we must assume all girls over age 13 are sexually active.
Sept. 28, 2010. Judicial Watch Uncovers FDA Records Detailing 16 New Deaths Tied to Gardasil. Records Document 3,589 Adverse Reactions Related to Gardasil between May 2009 and September 2010, Including 213 Cases Resulting in Permanent Disability
Gardasil girls suffer in silence:
"Gardasil is the HPV vaccine, touted to fight cervical cancer. What they are not telling you is that thousands of girls are having adverse reactions to the HPV Vaccines, some have even died -at last count, over eighty lives have been lost. We have got to do newlittleribbonsomething about this. These girls need our help! These girls are having reactions such as; seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss just to name some of them!
"There is no known treatment to help these girls, as they suffer in silence. The doctors, if they even admit the connection, have no idea how to help them. So they spend their days going from appointment to appointment, from specialist to specialist trying to find someone to help them. Many of these families have started looking for help outside of mainstream medicine, which in some cases, may bring minor relief. However, most insurance plans do not cover this type of treatment, and as a result, this route is out of reach for many girls.
"As you look at the faces on this page, remember that these are just some of the thousands of girls whose lives have been affected by Gardasil. Sadly, one of the girls pictured above, Jessie Ericzon, passed away just two days after her third gardasil injection."
The ghouls at the FDA are getting ready to unleash another horror onto a largely uneducated public: genetically modified salmon: Biotech Salmon Leaves Many Questions. When are Americans going to stop putting deadly foods into their bodies? When are Americans going to figure out that natural foods are the best source of nutrition on this earth and stop feeding their consumer dollars to companies out to make an extra buck by buying the favors of the FDA and the Outlaw Congress?
Not so subtle brain damage
"The damage caused by psychiatric medicine is only the tip of the iceberg. I began to look into this issue myself and discovered a good number of the major classes of drugs that doctors give patients as they age bring on dementia.
"Heart drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, sleeping pills, antidepressants, narcotics, stimulants, including Ritalin, the ADHD drug given to children, anti-cholinergics, anti-epileptic drugs, to name just a few, all can damage the structure of the brain.
"Anti-depressants shrink the hippocampus of the brain, and statins lower crucial fats, or lipids, which compose much of brain tissue.
"Beta-blockers and other drugs that aggressively lower blood pressure, such as calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors, also lower blood flow to the brain, creating all the hallmarks of Alzheimer's Disease
"Even good old painkillers the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory class of drugs can cause a variety of cognitive changes, from delirium to disturbances in memory and concentration.
"Many of these drugs actually shrink brain volume, destroying the crucial fatty structures of brain cells, or causing abnormal accumulation of tissue in vital brain structures.
Drug Cocktails
"Even though they represent only one-seventh of the population, the over-65s take one-third of all prescription drugs and usually a cocktail of them. The average senior is on six drugs at a time, many of which can affect the brain.
"Given the fact that some 90 per cent of Americans from their mid-fifties onward are taking at least one drug regularly, and nearly one-third are taking five or more drugs, it's small wonder that dementia is one of the world's fastest growing diseases, now absorbing $90 billion per year, or one-third of America's entire Medicare bill. It's now expected that one in four of us will have some form of dementia by the time we reach 80."
I am 61 and take no medications, never have. I thank God everyday that I am as healthy as I am "for my age." Oh, the brain works fine, but like most people my age, there are the aches and creaks. However, I am trying to do everything I can to remain healthy; at the top of the list is no medications. Try to find a natural remedy for your ailment. Use the Internet and do the research. It takes time, but isn't your health worth it?
S. 510 isn't about food safety, it's about food control and stomping on the absolute right of the states of the Union to monitor food grown and sold within their state. This is the classic Tenth Amendment fight. This is a letter to a constituent (who I know) from her U.S. Congress critter assuring her that S. 510 has amendments to protect small farmers and businesses.
Sounds all warm and fuzzy doesn't it? So much so -- and SHAME on them -- organizations like the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, the National Farmers Union, National Organic Coalition, and the Organic Trade Association have bought into this massive grab for federal power. Obviously they know nothing about federal jurisdiction or just how rotten and corrupt the FDA is - not to mention incompetent. If you are a member of the aforementioned, urge them to oppose any more efforts to put our food supply under control of the FDA. If they refuse, remove your support. It's the only language understood. As so accurately stated by Campaign for Liberty, those so called protections are just more smokescreens:
"The bill also empowers federal agencies to impose international guidelines and standards on domestic food producers - molding American food production into an unhealthy globalist Codex system. And in these tough economic times, S. 510 will drive up the costs of food production by adding more layers of government interference."
The liars in the Outlaw Congress cannot be trusted to tell we the people the truth; monstrous, unconstitutional bills get passed and then we find out the destruction:
Leaked trade agreements and hidden dangers of S 510: Corporations plan to end normal farming
"Epoch Times noted: "Under provisions in CETA [Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement], using saved seed could result in a farmer's land, equipment, and crops being seized for alleged infringement of intellectual property rights attached to plant varieties owned by corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and Bayer.
"It includes the freezing of bank accounts too, so you couldn't even defend yourself in court. And this is for alleged infringement, says NFU president Terry Boehm.
"These are the most draconian measures possible and they would literally create a culture of fear in the farm population where, I think, that ultimately farmers would end up buying seeds every year for every acre just to avoid prosecution or the threat of prosecution.
"The biotech industry is facing exposure of the health dangers of GMO/pesticide dependent crops, of attacks on scientists (even armed ones), and GMOs, poor crop performance across different crops, public outrage at no labeling of GMOs, media scorn at its humiliatingly poor science, and falling stock value. Is the industry now attempting an end run around all this, by trying to criminalize and thus end normal (organic) farming its increasingly sought after, healthy, higher-performing competition?"
The Federal Death Administration should be abolished. Their dragoons in cahoots with the USDA are killing the natural rights of Americans, farmers and ranchers -- besides approving drugs that kill and permanently maim humans without every being held accountable. Got that? No one in the FDA who is responsible for signing off on drugs deemed "safe" which result in recalls after Americans die or are crippled by stokes and endless medical problems are ever punished. Personally, I think the honchos should be indicted by grand juries for depraved indifference for human life at the least and assisted murder at the top.
For those who think abolishing the FDA is "extreme," allowing it to exist is allowing an agency to continue approving drugs that literally kill people and enrich the pockets of lawyers who make their money suing deep pocket drug manufacturers. Oh, except those who manufacture vaccines that have been solidly linked to causing autism. Then the tens of thousands of parents with an autistic child are on their own because the corrupt maggots in the Outlaw Congress give those manufacturers immunity. Then the tens of thousands of parents with an autistic child are on their own.
Forget the worn out mantra of "reform." It hasn't happened and it will not happen no matter which party "controls" the Outlaw Congress. We've seen reforms over the decades that have done NOTHING to reform that deadly agency.
Jim Grichar, formerly an economist with the federal government, has come up with what I consider to be a very workable plan to get rid of the FDA:
"To sum it up, a private market for the review of drugs and medical devices could save the public billions of dollars. Not only would the public (including drug and medical device manufacturers) save the $1.7 billion it pays in taxes and fees to fund the FDA, but effective drugs and devices would be brought to the market more rapidly and at a lower cost. More lives would be saved, there would be fewer permanently disabled, and illnesses would be shortened. Lower lawsuit awards and settlements would more than likely compensate for any extra costs of reviews."
Currently, the U.S. House of Representatives has put the brakes on S. 510. It seems they have recently discovered something called the U.S. Constitution, Art. 1, Section 8. Please continue to pound on your House critter to vote NO for any bill (Text of H.R. 875: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 already passed) putting food safety under the FDA. The House has rejected S. 510, but can still resurrect this treachery in another bill. Time is running out for the Demorats, but with corrupt animals like Pelosi and Reid still at the helm, anything can happen.
Second, please print this column (cut and past if you need to into a word document to shorten) and send it to YOUR state rep and senator. Remind them of federal jurisdiction and that under the Tenth Amendment, food safety is an internal right of the state, not the general government. I will be sending it to my new state rep and a couple of our very constitutional reps outside my district.
Don't let the commerce clause be the hammer used by the corrupt and stupid in the Outlaw Congress or any treaties slipped into those bills:
FDA, DEA Find Basis in International Treaties
"Control over the possession and sale of any item within the states is not a power possessed by Congress. This was so held in United States v. DeWitt, 76 U.S. 41, 45 (1870), which tested the constitutionality of a federal revenue act making it illegal to sell illuminating oil of a certain flammability. Here, the Court held Congress did not have the power to penalize these sales: "As a police regulation, relating exclusively to the internal trade of the States, it can only have effect where the legislative authority of Congress excludes, territorially, all state legislation, as, for example, in the District of Columbia. Within state limits, it can have no constitutional operation."
"Another not unimportant consideration is that the powers of the general government will be, and indeed must be, principally employed upon external objects, such as war, peace, negotiations with foreign powers and foreign commerce. In its internal operations it can touch but few objects, except to introduce regulations beneficial to the commerce, intercourse and other relations, between the states, and to lay taxes for the common good. The powers of the states, on the other hand, extend to all objects, which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, and liberties, and property of the people, and the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the state." --Joseph Story, associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833
Come January, we the people need to scream down the roof to abolish the Federal Death Administration. While it would be an epic battle, it is a necessary one. The more Americans learn (through you, me and fine organizations out there) why the FDA should be abolished, the more support will be and hopefully we can get our state legislatures to take the lead in booting the FDA out of our states. Without question state legislatures in all 50 states MUST stop companies from further nanotech food distribution because I can tell you sure as the sun shines, in the end, the pimps at the FDA will end up approving it, killing untold numbers here in America over time.
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