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And In Case You Missed This…She Is Making It Clear WW3 In On Her Table…

Clinton Said, de facto, She Will Go To War With Russia…By NOT
Answering The Most Important Question Of The Debate - Click

NeoCon, War-Lover, Blood-Soaked Clinton Refused To Answer Question
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Female Clinton Voters - When A Muslim Or Other
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The Most Dangerous Thing Trump Said During Second Debate

Take These Animals Out And Shoot Them

Clinton Body Double - What Changed My Mind

9/11 - Never Forget the Lies Fed to the American People



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US 'False Flag' Against Russia Puts Hillary In

Czar Nicholas II & History's End

9/11 'Jewish Remembrance Month!'

How The Debate Was Rigged

Hillary Clinton's Sickness Unto Death

Hillary Clinton Wants Your Guns!


Paul Craig Roberts

Roberts - US Reckless Aggression Toward Russia, China

Roberts - Will Russia Surrender?

Roberts - Russia Has No Partners In The West


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Atzmon - Can Jews Ever Leave Their Cult?

Atzmon - War Dogs – A Film Review

Atzmon - Jewish Bigotry On Speed? Check Out Rabbi Sacks

Atzmon - Yawn…The Jews Are Furious Once Again

Atzmon - Is Bibi A Lizard?

Utopia, Nostalgia And The Jew


Preston James, PhD

The City Of London's Re-Colonization Of America

Pedophile Terrorism Is Running Rampant In America

Subjects And Serfs Of The Lesser Gods Pt 3

Subjects And Serfs Of The Lesser Gods - Pt 2

Subjects And Serfs Of The Lesser Gods - Pt 1


Prof James Fetzer

More On Michael Robinson Becoming Michelle Obama

Fetzer - US, Intl Experts To Alt Versions Of 9/11 Attacks

Academic Freedom...Limits To Inquiry?

Russia - Evidence Proves US, Israel Orchestrated 9/11


Patricia Doyle

Now 'Democracy Now' Calls For Help With Haiti

New EBOLA Outbreak In Africa? Many CDC Secret Flights

What Do Black African 'Refugees' Have To Do With Syria? (Nothing)

On Soros Putting Half Billion Into The Muslim Invasion Of EU

Ads On Swedish TV Tell Citizens To Bow To Muslims


Yoichi Shimatsu

Hacked Emails Prior To Scalia Murder Show Hillary’s Rage

Thumbs-Down For Durnford - Ugly Attack On Environmentalism

Shimatsu - Rebuttal To Pro-Nuclear French Media

Flawed French-Japan Steel In Reactors Dooms NPP Industry


Jordan Maxwell

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America's Youth

Moses Gets Mooned

A New Day


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Better Schools…Or A New (Communist) Form Of Government (1956)

Iserbyt Explains Dumbing Down In Schools


David Duke

Constant Zionist Efforts To Censor Dr. Duke May Result In Some Broken Links

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Baton Rouge…Black Lives Matter...& They Murder - Vid

The Dallas Massacre & The War On Whites - Vid


Gerald Celente

In The Age Of Stupid, Consequences Of Disaster

Celente - Warren Buffett 'Dead Wrong' On US Future!


Dean Henderson

Convenient Monarchy

The Debate - TTIP & CETA Trade Deals

Tea-Sipping Embezzlers

CIA Escapes Costa Rican Justice

Indiana Hull & Contra Cocaine

The Enterprise

Reagan’s Terrorists


Mike King - Tomato Bubble

Meet The Man Who REALLY Started World War II

'Proud' To Be An American? Really?

Liberal MacArthur Foundation Kicked Out Of Russia


Charles Smith

DNC Breach Online - 100,000 DNC Donor Cell Phones

Charles R. Smith - Calling The White House...

Did Clinton's Server Put Lives At Risk? (Yes)

Missile-Gate - US Tech In China Nuclear Missiles


Frosty Wooldridge

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Voting Hillary Increases Killing Of Americans

You Can't Vet The Minds Of 100,000 Muslims

Deadliest Birthrate Affecting Humanity - Africa

2nd Deadliest Birthrate Affecting Humanity - India


Jon Rappoport

The Rise Of The Deplorables

Rappoport - Who I Write For

Yes, A FOUR Yr Old Allowed To Undergo Sex Change


Stephen Lendman

Shaky Russian/Syrian Ceasefire In East Aleppo

Draining The East Aleppo Swamp

Liberating Mosul A Walkover, Not A Giant Battle As Hyped?

Dueling Russia - US Agendas On Syria

Security Council Wars

One-Sided Scoundrel Media Reporting on Aleppo



Within Months Duterte Left The US Speechless - Morris

We Are Already Living In Greater Israel - Morris

Materialism & #Turkey #Russia #Kurds #Debate - Morris

Why Disclosure Of Fake ISIS Vids By Pentagon? - Morris

Trouble Everywhere & US On The Frontline - Morris

Israel Rules, Pentagon 911 Was Their Coup - Morris

McKinney And The Elections - Morris

US War On The World - Not Countries - Morris


Breaking All The Rules - BATR

The Stupid US Is Starting WWIII

Vladimir Putin...Nemesis Of The New World Order

Inverted Totalitarianism & The Corporate State

To Conspire Or Not To Conspire - That's The Question

Bolshevik Elite Hold Coronation Of Clinton


Kawther Salam

The Role of Advanced Medicine For The Care Of Refugees

Turkey Coup Points Finger At Obama, US And Israel

World Bank Group - Six Principles On Climate Action


Jay Weidner

Weidner - It's Been 3 am For Over A Year Now...

Rense & Weidner - Psychopathic Satanic Evil Everywhere - Vid

Smoking Out The Monster

Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD

March 15, 2013 Interview

The Scene is Set

Suffering Is Inevitable... Enjoy It! Part 3


John Barbour

John Barbour Open Letter To Bernie The Betrayer

Bush Splash


Frosty Wooldridge Adventures

A Blind Man’s Quest To Backpack The World

High Altitude Adventure - Hut-To-Hut In The Rockies


Matt Barber

The Myth Called 'Race'

Hillary’s Fall - Specs, Lies And Video


Dave Martin

Remember The Liberty

Vince Foster’s Indignant But Curiously Unconcerned Sister

Press Truster (The Remake)

Hillary…The Other Woman - A Review

An Honest Book On The Vince Foster Case

Bad, Bad Uncle Sam


Professor Doom

A Good College Has 4.1% Graduation

Seven Highest Paid At UC Berkeley? Coaches

The Uber Cheater Economy

Most Arts Grads Say Degree Overpriced

Poo Bah Arrogance Exposed Again

The Amazing Careers Of The 1%

The Most Racist College...Scripps

Professor Sues Over Required Gibberish


Dave Lindorff

Is Sanders’ End Game To Sell Out His 'Revolution’?

Dem Convention Delegates Story Nobody Mentions

The Problem Is That Clinton IS Qualified For Pres


Xaviant Haze

Robin Williams Death From Autoerotic Asphysixia?

The Secret History Of Laurel Canyon

Dr. Ed Ward, MD

Happy 13th Year And 514th Day Anniversary Of US Treasons - Too Many to Count All

Boston Bombing Treason - Four Important Articles

First Israeli Friendly Fire ‘Soldier Settlement’ Kill?


Ted Twietmeyer

New UN Boss Guterres - 'Take Over American Communities

Weather Control & NOAA Altering Hurricane Images

Why Kaine Will Become President?

Strange Charlotte Police Department Footage? - pdf

Human Beings Often Don't Know Their Potential


Barbara Peterson

I Am The Pusherman

When Machines Make Our Decisions


 Joe Tells It Straight

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JoeTalk - Down To Hell 1/2

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JoeTalk - The NWO Owns The Internet

JoeTalk - Good And Evil Pt 6

JoeTalk - Pain And Worry


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Aspartame Study - 2 Diet Drinks Day Double Diabetes Risk

Aspartame - The Deadly Poison

Diet Coke WON’T Stop Diabetes - It Can CAUSE IT

Aspartame Violates FDA Rule On Sanitary Food Transport

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American Genocide

Fall Leaves - Good For The Garden

Shiny Beetles, Square Tomatoes & Crafty Coons

Seed Saving Time - The Float Test


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Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer


E.T. Williams - The Dr. Of Common Sense

ET Williams - Americans Must Prepare For War

Obama Apologizes For Hiroshima - What About Pearl?


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Grown Men Fake Being 'Child' Refugees In UK

The United States Of Refugees

Islamic Invasion Of America MUST BE STOPPED

EU Nation-Destroying Invasion

German Ski Resort Hit By Black, Muslim Crime Wave

Germans Leaving Germany - (They Must Stay & Fight)

Look What European Children Are Being Forced To Do

German Mayor Begs For Help With Muslim Crime Deluge

EU Told To Take 1.3 Million MORE 'Muslims' Yearly

Paris Covered In Filth, Excrement By African Blacks

Mass Immigration Ruins The Streets Of France


How Hillary's Face Suddenly Gets 25 Yrs Younger!
Here Is The Stunning Technology - Add In Botox...

Trump Tells How He Will Save America - Historic Speech

Trump - The World Hates America & Obama

Still - Vegas Oddsmaker Says Trump Will Win

James O’Keefe Warning - Part III Of His Blazing Film
To Be Out Monday - Hillary And Brazile Are Implicated

Hillary - Reasonable To Make Guns Inoperable At Home!

Perv Biden Wants To Take Trump Behind The Gym!
One Can Imagine What Creeper Joe Really Has In Mind

Take A Look At Perv Pedo Joe Touching Girls

Hillary's Eye Problems Show Up At Clevelend Rally

Proof Of Criminal Clinton Cheating In First,Third Debates
She Read Her Major Replies From Hidden Podium Prompter

'Rigged' Debates - Hillary Read From Podium Prompter

Still - Dems Caught Trying To Rig The Election


Clinton Press Sec Caught On Tape 'Rigging' Media Qs?

Obama 2008 - Democrats Monkeyed With Elections

Inside Rat Ryan’s Campaign To Elect Hillary President

Wiki - Truth About Benghazi & Hillary-Obama Treason

Podesta Emails Reveal Incompetence, Fears About Hillary

NYT Falsely Claims Hillary Emails Weren't Damaging!

Kirwan - Transparency Now!

State Department Releases 122 Clinton Emails

Hillary's Source At State Revealed In Podesta Email

Ex Haitian Senate President - Clintons Are 'Common Thieves'

Clinton Pay-To-Play Scheme Has Campaign On Full Alert

Proof Brazile Is Wrong, WikiLeaks Emails Are Real


Email From Lynn Rothschild To Hillary Against Warren

Clinton Linked To Bogus Pedo Smear Dating Site

17 US Intel Agencies Did NOT Say Russia Hacked Dems

US Officials Change Tune On 'Russian Hackers'

'Putin,' 'Russia' Mentioned Most Often During Debates

Leak - Military Drill Expects No Rule Of Law After Vote?

Papa Trump Cleared Of Vile Smear By NYT, WaPost, Etc

Curt Schilling Destroys CNN PUPPET Jake Tapper

Obama Mind Police 'Intervention Teams' vs 'Ideologies'

Read Comment Censored By The Guardian

Guardian Front Page Channels Orwell’s 1984

Russian Diplomats Threatened Re US Polling Stations

OSCE Experts Examining US Election Process & Media

Police In Indiana Find Evidence Of Voter Fraud

70% Of GOP Voters Say Clinton Win Means Vote Fraud

Over 60% In US Fear Govt Corruption Above All

Voting A Tool To Create Illusion Of Consent

Introducing Clinton's Four New Supreme Court Justices

WikiLeaks Poisons Hillary’s Relationship With Left

Our Long National Nightmare Is Just Beginning

Cyber Attack By US Govt - Not Russia - On Wiki & Twitter

Assange Speech At Ecuadorian Embassy…Is From 2012

The City Of London's Re-Colonization Of America

Brother Nathanael - Trump Drains The
Swamp In Final Debate
- Vid


What’s Behind The Massive DDoS Attacks

Was Massive Hack On Amazon, Etc Practice For Election?

Who’s Trying To Murder The Internet?

Grown Men Fake Being 'Child' Refugees In UK

The United States Of Refugees

Islamic Invasion Of America MUST BE STOPPED

EU Nation-Destroying Invasion

German Ski Resort Hit By Black, Muslim Crime Wave

Hollande To Meet Cops Over Growing Lawlessness

China Warns US Warship After S China Sea Patrol

WH Confirms US Navy Patrols South China Sea

US Wants To Keep Alliance With Philippines - Carter


Within Months Duterte Left The US Speechless - Morris

We Are Already Living In Greater Israel - Morris

US To Put F-35s In Japan In 2017

Russian Federation Sitrep, 10-20-16

Pressure Building For Direct US Intervention In Syria

West Is trying To Protect Nusra Front - Lavrov

Russia Extended Aleppo Humanitarian Pause 24 Hrs

Ceasefire in Aleppo Is A Joke

'Rebels’ Create Child Victims To Sell West Interven

Saudis Violate Yemen Ceasefire Again

US Hits 2 Targets In Central Yemen, Killing 8

US Coalition ‘Massive’ Airstrikes Near Iraq’s Mosul

UNHRC To Open Probe Of Aleppo War Crimes

EU Has All Options If 'Atrocities' In Syria Continue

1,200 Terrorists Prepare To Attack Aleppo - Russia


Iraqi, US To Face Wave Of Suicide Bombers In Mosul

Tusk New Conspiracy Theory On Presidential Plane Crash

Russian Embassy In UK Shrinking Due To Visa Policy

Is The First Lady Of Italy A Tranny?

Remember The Liberty

Jury Nullification - What Every American Must Know

Hammonds Break Silence - Were Threatened By Feds

Global Alert News - 10-22-16

Your Radiation This Week - No 77 And 78

Press TV Interview - May On Brexit

Chem Plume Across Atchison, KS, People Evacuated

26 Treated After London City Airport Chem Incident


India Nuclear Triad May Tip Control Indian Ocean

Pak Cops Slap Female Journalist During Live Report

Cell Phones Banned From Indian Gov't Meetings

VZ Opposition Screams After Recall Suspended

VZ State Oil Default = Problems For US Refiners

Trump Exposes Est Politics A Metaphor For FX

Did Secret Central Banking Cabal Turn AGAINST US?

Panama Papers - Still 'Business As Usual' In Tax Havens

Canada-EU Trade Talks Collapse In Brussels

EU-Canada Trade Deal - Canada Minister Walks Out


Canada A Progressive Paradise? That’s Mooseshit

Mining Giants Face Homicide Charges In Brazil Dam Dsaster

Doom - UNH...Don't Give Us Money

Aspartame Study - 2 Diet Drinks/Day Double Diabetes Risk

Shocking Vid Of Cosco 'Cage-Free, Humane' Egg Farm

Piece Of ET Constructed Aluminum 250,000 Yrs Old

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Finally Solved

Planet 9 May Be Twisting Our Solar System - Scientists

Lost Mars Lander Fell 2-4 km,Destroyed On Impact - Pics

Divide & Conquer - Role Of Agent Provocateur

Inside The Hunt For Libya's Lost Treasures

Why Does DNS Make The Internet Break?


Did Hackers Show How To Take Down The Net

Roberts - Rigged Elections Are An American Tradition

US Intel Worker Likely Behind DNC Leaks, Not Russia

The Records The FBI Might Never Be Able To Find

The Man Who Bombed Oregon

Conehead DNA Matches No Human Or Animals On Earth

Ex World Bk Sr Council - 2nd Species Controls Money, Religion

Podesta Urged To Involve Obama In ET Disclosure

UFO At Incredible Speed Tracked By Radar

Duterte Asserts Philippine's Sovereignty - Cynthia McKinney

The City Of London's Re-Colonization Of America

Zika Found To Change Human Cells


Trump Explains The Rigged System

Trump - Media Poisons Voters With Lies, Allegations

Ingraham Slams Republicans & Clintons Gross Lies

Trump On Unprecedented Mass Media Deceit & Corruption

1,000 Clinton-Petraeus Emails Vanish From State Dept

US Elite Eagerly Awaits Expansion Wars Under Clinton

Obama Put The CLINTON FOUNDATION in Charge
Of Haitian Quake Relief - $14.3 BILLION Was Given
To The Foundation And Virtually ALL Of It Vanished!

Clinton Nuke Strike Remark Violated Natl Security

Will Trump File Felony Mob Charges vs Hillary, DNC?

Trump To File Felony Charges vs Hillary And DNC?

DNC Incited Violence At Trump Rallies

Watch Hillary Lecture State Dept On Cyber Security


Outrage Over Clinton Skating From Crime After Crime

Hillary - Liar, Liar, Pants On FIRE!

David Duke Qualifies For Louisiana Senate Debate

FBI Served For Hillary's Back-Up Device - FBI Has It

Benenson Strategy Group Employees Rate Their Jobs

Is Hillary Mumbling At Someone During Debate?

Stunning Confessions Of Hillary Bagman - In Own Words

Why Trump Is RIGHT To Challenge Election Results

Atzmon - The Meaning Of Trump

Scarborough Slams MSM Over Trump's Election Remark

Trump Takes Message Directly To The American People

CNN Cuts Satellite Feed When WikiLeaks Mentioned


HuffPo Fraud - Has Syrian Kids Read Pro-Hiillary Script

Hillary Hugs Soros Radical Open Borders World View

Wiki - Soros Mentioned Over 50 Times In Hillary Camp Email

Wiki - First Of Obama's Secret Emails

49 Abominable Facts About Hillary MSM Hides

Fact-Check Catches Hillary Lies, Disinformation

Could Hillary's 'Creepy Smile' Cost Her The Election?

Ruling Elite Has Lost Consent Of The Governed

Trump - Hillary Got Questions Before Final Debate

Trump Unchained

Buchanan - Establishment In Full Panic

Clinton Promises To RAISE Social Security Tax

New ClintonCriminal Pay-To-Play In Podesta Emails

Morocco King $12m To Clinton Fndn To Meet With Her


Clinton 'Created This Mess And She Knows It'

Quid Pro Quo Email Had Benghazi Attack Intel

Madsen - So Who Hacked Clinton? Shocking Truth

Wiki Publishes Obama Emails - Shows His Address

Wikil - Has Surprise Tim Kaine & Lying Donna Brazile

Hacking Democracy

Newsweek’s Eichenwald Loses It On Twitter

US Pressured Ecuador To Cut Assange’s Internet

US Bars Russian Monitors From Election Vote Polls

Trump-Bashing Amy Schumer Greeted With Boos

Apple CEO Tim Cook Was On Hillary VP List

Tim Cook - Apple’s Aim Is A Cashless Society

5 Events That Would Put US Under Martial Law


TX Students Walk As Prof Says All Humans From Africa

US Updated B61 Nukes To Cost Us $9 Billion

About That 'Pillar' Of US Democracy – Sovereign Man

CNN Cuomo - We're 'Criminals’For Reading Wiki Emails!

Russian War Ships Headed To Syria For Showdown

Years After Hillary-NATO Destruction Of Libya

Italian Mob Trades Weapons For Looted Art With ISIS

Canada Goes To War

Toxic Mind Control Contaminates The Public Sphere

Russia To Revive Lunar Rover Moon Program

Putin Backs Armed OSCE Mission In East Ukraine

Putin’s Third Way As Seen Through the Nooscope


Three Russian Officers Wounded In Syria

Lavrov - West ISIS Genie Out Of Bottle

RadarData Proves Belgian F-16s Killed 6 In Syria

Russia Shows Belgian Amb Proof Of Jet Strike

Civilian-Killing Al-Nusra Not A Priority - US State Dept

US Used DU Shells In Syria, Iraq

How Israel Became A Hub For Surveillance Tech

NATO Fears Russia May Use Carrier Group In Syria War

US Moved ISIS Terrorists From Iraq To Syria!

Escobar - The Aleppo-Mosul Riddle

Syria Warns It Will Shoot Down Turk Jets Next Time

Turk Army Destroys 46 Daesh, Kurdish Forces' Positions


Erdogan Is Now Just 15 km From Syrian Army In Aleppo

ISIS Fighters Enter Kirkuk, Take Civilians Hostage

Terrorists Attack All Aleppo Humanitarian Corridors

Israeli, East Euro Weapons Suppliers Fuel Sudan War

NSA Contractor 'Has Breathtaking' Amount Of Data

Saudi Civil Servants - We're Headed To Bankruptcy

Mass Cyberattack On India Banks Hit Millions Of Accounts

ECB Leaves Interest Rates At Record Lows

Calls For Multi-Trillion Helicopter Money Stimulus

EU Fails To Agree On New RussiaSanctions

Italian PM - More Sanctions On Russia Pointless

How Russia Dominates Western Headlines


Putin & Russia ‘Hysteria' Profitable For Western Media

US Arms Merchants Win From Anti-Russia Brainwashing

Moscow Ready To Provide Assistance To Philippines

Aspartame - The Deadly Poison

Diet Coke WON’T Stop Diabetes - It Can CAUSE IT

Antibiotics In Fast Food – 25 Top Chains

Record Rates Of STDs Hit America – CDC

‘Mysterious Dragon’ Filmed Flying In Chinese Mountains

6.6 Quake Hitts Japan

1942 Ghost Blimp That Bewildered A CA Town

The Bizarre Outbreak Of Hallucinations In Oregon

Tasmanian Devil MIlk Kills Several Deadly Superbugs


Will Trump File Felony Mob Charges vs Hillary, DNC?

Trump To File Felony Charges vs Hillary And DNC?

Massive Internet Attack, Outage Across US

Two Huge Cyber Attacks On US

Mass Cyberattack On India Banks Hit Millions Of Accts

Look - Real Time World Map Shows Cyber War Hits

3rd DDoS Attack On Internet Said Mitigated

Would These 30 US Cities Be First To Be Nuked?

WikiLeaks Tweet - Heavily Armed Police Gathering
Outside The Ecuadorian Embassy In London

WATCH - Trump Destroys Clinton At Al Smith Dinner!

Donald Trump Makes A Major Announcement!

Hillary's Catastrophic Agenda

Clinton Vows To Push For No-Fly Zone In Syria

Did Clinton Compromise National Security In Debate?


‘We Came, We Saw, He Died’ - How Clinton Killed Gaddafi

Libyans Miss Gaddafi - 5 Years Since His Murder

Wiki - More Horrible Clinton-Benghazi Truths Revealed

Globalism - The Monster In The Presidential Campaign

Krauthammer - Clinton Represents Corrupt Business As Usual

Clinton Said The Fndn Gave 90% To Haiti...IT WAS 5.7%

Huma Implicated Hillary In Clinton Fndn $12m Morocco Deal

Hillary Gets Post Debate Scripted Question From MSNBC


Hillary Commits ANOTHER Crime -
Leaks Nuke Secrets In Debate

Trump vs Hillary - Sin City Spectacle

Mass Cyberattack On India Banks Hit Millions Of Accts

Hillary Superpac Pays Off NBC, WSJ For 11 Pt Poll Lead!

Bernie Finally Stabs Hillary In The Back

Hillary Is Running vs Locker Room Talk & The Russians

Obama - The Whiner In Chief…21 Wimp Excuses

You’re Like A Thief' Donna (Liar) Brazile Snaps At Kelly

Dick Morris - Bill Clinton’s Sex In The Workplace

Trump To Terminate NAFTA If Can't Get Better Deal

Trump 60-Sec Guide To Get Rich Quick The Clinton Way

Wiki - Podesta...OK For Illegals To Vote With Just DL


Wiki - Hillary Took Algeria Off Terror Watch List
After Large Donation Was Made To The Clinton Fndn

Clinton-Pagliano Emails Question Her Sworn Testimony

Bill Clinton Love Child - Prostitute Mom Tells All

Jill Stein Leaves Clinton Supporter Speechless

Campaign Finance Violation Charges Filed vs Clinton Camp

CNN's Tapper Emailed Podesta For Advice In 2015

Russia Its Deploying Its ENTIRE Northern Fleet To Syria

The Suicidal Insanity Of 'White Guilt'

Predicting Plans To Destroy America - Robert Welch 1958

Euro Court - IP Addresses Are Personal Information

Haven't Felt This Good Since Bangkok - Allgire

UFO Hunter Dies - ‘If Anything Happens To Me...

Strange Signals From 234 Stars Being Investigated


Kirwan - Clinton Crimes - Both Of Them Deserve The Gallows

BEWARE - Obama Talking 'Truth Tests' For The Alt Media!

Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump 43%, Clinton 40%

Clinton Said She Will Go To War With Russia…By NOT
Answering The Most Important Question Of The Debate

NeoCon War-Lover Clinton Refused To Answer Question
On If She Would Shoot Down Russian Planes Over Syria

Kellyanne Conway - It Was A Tough Night For Clinton

Trump Defends Wait And See Approach To Election

Proof Of Hillary's Rigged Podium Mini Teleprompter - Pics

Hillary Cheated AGAIN…Had Podium Mini-Prompter


Frankenstein w/Injector Or Laser - Drugged Hillary Skates

LA Times Poll - Trump Leading And Rising

Kellyanne Conway - It Was A Tough Night For Clinton

CNN Rigs Poll AGAIN - Over-Samples Dems 3rd Time

Brazile Freaks When Asked How She Got Debate Question

One Of Hillary's Brain Doctors Has Just 'Committed Suicide'

Wiki - Hillary Begs Forgiveness From Rothschilds

Asinine - Clinton Blames Russia For Podesta Email Wikileaks

Clinton Hides Wiki Bombs By Blaming Russia For Attacks

RT May Sue Clinton Comm Chief Over Disinformation

DNC Boss Brazile Caught, Dismembered By Megyn Kelly

New Clinton 3% PAYROLL TAX Planned For Middle Class
To Funnel Your Hard-Earned Money Straight To Wall Street


Shocking Vid Shows Media Hiding Clintons Looting Of Haiti

Clinton Fndn Insider - 'Bill Far More Conflicted Every Day'

Hillary Admits 'I Asked That They Be Deleted'

'What Planet Is She On?' - Clinton Adviser Mocks Hillary

Wiki - Clinton Camp Chief On Feud Between Obama, Bibi

Pig Madonna Offers Oral Sex To Clinton Voters

Wiki - Zuckerberg Seeks Political Advice From Podesta

Voters Based In UK Could Swing US Results

End Of World Better Than Clinton Or Trump - 25% Millennials

Newsweek Silent - Twitter Demands Retraction

Kirwan - Timing For The Perfect Storm

2,000 Seattle Teachers Wear BLM Shirts To Class

Has World War 3 Already Started?


Iskander-M Missile Units Conduct Drills Russia's West

Russia Sends Biggest Naval Force Since Cold War To Syria

Russian Carrier Group Provokes Hysteria In Europe

We Trust Russia In Everything It Does - Syrian Pol

Putin Vows To Extend Aleppo Ceasefire

White Helmets Admit Being Funded By West

Shaky Russian/Syrian Ceasefire In East Aleppo

800 Fighters w/Families Leave Damascus Suburb

Terrorists Vow To Kill Civilians Trying To Flee E Aleppo

Draining The East Aleppo Swamp

Terrorists Shell Russian Humanitarian Corridor

Putin, Assad Committed To Defeating Terrorism


ISIS Ranks Panicking, Cmdrs Flee Mosul For Syria

ISIS Leaders Escape Mosul Amid Iraqi Offensive

Pentagon - ISIS Will Use Chem Weapons In Mosul

At Least 17 People Injured In Saudi Aramco Oil Fire

Democracy Or Dictator? Erdogan Pushes For More Power

Russia Rips US Strikes On Weddings, Funerals, Hospitals

Moscow Concerned Over Civilian Deaths In Yemen

Yemen Truce Begins Amid Pressure On Saudis

Israeli Forces Murder Palestinian Girl In West Bank

US To Send THAAD To S Korea 'As Soon As Possible'


Vietnam Backs US ‘Intervention’ In Pacific'

STRATCOM Detects Failed NK Missile Launch Weds

Normandy Four To Prep Donbass Election - Hollande

Putin Talks To Media Afte Normandy Four In Berlin

West Pressure On Serbia Unacceptable - FM

US Screwing The Elderly And Disabled

Cops Target Poor, Black Neighborhoods With Stingray

Brazil Impeachment Mastermind Arrested For Corruption

Ice World With 20,000 Yr Orbit Discovered iIn Solar System

Storm Nearing Philippines Intensifies Into Super Typhoon

More Than 200 Stars Emitting Bizarre Signals


Saudi Oil Boss - Non-OPEC Producers To Output Cut

Saudi Arabia To Raise Record $17.5 Billion In Bond Sale

Saudi's Already Spending The New Bond Money

UK Inaction 'Undermining Global Corruption Fight'

Vattenfall's Suit vs Germany Should Warn vs TTIP'

EU Hopes Of Meeting CETA Deadline Fading

East-West Division Is About Dollar - Not Nuclear War

Escobar - BRICS Continues Its Advance

Chinese Flags Found On Protesters In Kashmir

India, China Hold Quake Response Drills


Giuliani - Clinton Should Be In Jail Right Now

Hannity - Gingrich...Trump Kept Scoring, She Kept Failing

Donald Trump, Jr - 'We Did Great'

O'Keefe's Brilliant Film Forces Another DemoRat To Resign

Robert Creamer – Felon (Bank Fraud), Incited Violence At
Trump Rallies, Organized Vote Fraud, 340 WH Visits - Fired

Wiki - Clinton Fndn Insider Caught Loading Spyware

10 Cases Of Vote Fraud That Are All Too Real

Trump - Worse Than Assad Is 'Rebels' Win In Syria

War Against Russia Is Top Issue In Campaign

War US & Russia Could Be Sooner Than Later

Iran Seeks 'Many Billions' In Ransom For Americans

Hidden in Plain Sight - Global Depopulation Agenda

Katie Hopkins - Migrants, Who Are They Kidding?

Ex Dem Pres Candidate Say FBI Probe Was A Fix

ISIS Has A Drone Strategy, Too


2nd Death By Hanging Sentence In Gaza In 4 Days

Palestine Question Can't Be A 'Secondary' Issue

Hottest September On Record

US Officially Lost Philippines To China

FBI Fake Russian Agent Reveals His Secrets

The Rise Of The Funeral Livestream

Preparing For Hurricanes And Tropical Storms

Pressure Canning For Preppers

Curing Alzheimer’s - The Possibilities Are Endless

2016 Ends With 3 Supermoons

Back From Dead After Being Lost In Arctic

Could Volcanoes Have Shaped Human Evolution?


Venus Explodes With Volcanoes

Plutonian Clouds And Dynamic Eris

Face Recognition Threatens Privacy Of Millions

2 Weeks In Mts Can Change Blood For Months

Can Cannabis Cure Dravet Syndrome?

Exorcism In Italy Too Scary For Young Priests

Poison Is Green And Environmentally Friendly

CDC HAN On Zika Exposures In Miami Dade, FL

Everything Wrong w/Beauty Industrial Complex

80 Yr Old Man Given 2 Weeks Cures Cancer w/Cannabis

Br Nathanael - Who Owns The Media Attacking Trump?


2 Big Dem Political Hit-Men Out After Film Exposes Them

Physicians Detail Evidence Of Hillary Parkinson's Disease

Clinton Team Emails About Naps, Sleep And Health

Hillary Needs Podium - ‘Cannot Walk Around’

Wiki - Clinton ‘Doesn’t Know What Planet She’s On’

Gingrich - Hillary Scandals Make Her Even More Frightening

Trump To Push For Term Limits On Congressmen

Trump Leads Clinton Nationwide - Poll That Called 2012 Race

Reagan Trailed Carter 47-39 10 Days Before Vote


Dem Vote Rigger Visited White House 342 Times

Soros-Tied Company Voting Machines In 16 States

Hillary Worried About Keeping George Soros Happy

Whacking Trump Ahead Of Final 'Debate'

Ex Clinton Chef - Hillary Hand-Written
Notes Called Blacks N***ers

FBI Docs - 'Shadow Govt' Protected Hillary In Email Probe

Wiki - Podesta Email - Clinton Hates Press, GOP Are 'Bozos'

Clinton Aides Allegedly Took Funds From Foreign Interests

Wiki - Clinton Camp Tried To Curry Favor With Soros

Wiki - 'Doofus Bernie'...Podesta Emails Show More Contempt

Wiki - Clinton Camp Illegally Worked Closely w/Super PACs

Wiki - Hillary Staffers Scramble
Over Bill's 'Roommate In Chappy'


Obscene Media Bias For Hillary

Newsweek Journalist - Intel Fed Him False Putin-Trump Info

Coup? - Faith In Military Soars - Trust In Media, Politicians Dives

IN Probe Into Voter Registration Fraud In Election

NOBODY Recognized Hillary At A Chipotle Stop

FOX News Anchor Smith Finally Admits He’s Gay

Hillary Bus illegally Dumped Human Waste In Street

Why Is Obama Threatening Russia With WW3?

The Imperial President - A Dictatorship Waiting To Happen

Understanding The NWO – The Who, What, How & Why

Ecuador Admits To Cutting Assange's Internet Access

Kerry 'Asked' Ecuador To Stop Assange's Clinton Docs


US Election A 'Global 'Shame’ – Russian FM Spox

8 States Obamacare Rising By At Least 30%

Hollard - Wilders Call To Close All Mosques & Ban Koran

Insane Swedes To Reward Returning Jihadis - Unbelievable

Christian Refugees Persecuted By Muslims In Germany

Journalist Raped At Knifepoint In Calais ‘Jungle’ Camp

'Reich Citizens Group' Members Shoot At Cops, Bavaria

Russia’s Patriarch Kirill Meets Queen, Talks Of Christians

Putin, Erdogan Talk Mosul Offensive, Syrian Crisis


Does Boris Johnson Want War Wiith Russia?

Texas Bentley On Who killed Motorola And Why

30 Vehicle ISIS Convoy Destroyed Near Mosul

Iraqi Source - ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Is Dead

A Snapshot Of Deplorable NYT Misreporting On Syria

Syrian Cmdr - US, Israel, Saudis Helping ISIS

Asma Assad - ‘It Is The West Dividing Us'

US-Supported Terrorists Ignored Russian-Syrian Ceasefire

Belgian F-16s Kill 8 Civilians In Aleppo Village?

700,000 To Flee Mosul During Military Op

Saud Prince Executed For Murder

Iran Sentences 6 US Spies Ten Years In Jail


Majority Of Pal Kids Tortured In Israeli Detention

UK Takes Male Group Of Muslim (30 Yr Old) 'Children'

Lavrov - UK Pressuring RBS To Block RT Bank Accounts

Alex Salmond On RT UK Banking Woes

Strong RT Response To Attempted RT Acct Closure

Convenient Monarchy

EU-Canada Trade Deal To Be Scrapped

Brexit May Threaten $590 Billion US Investment In UK

Saudis, China Dump $346 Billion In US Treasuries

Beijing May Give Philippines Rich S China Sea Area

An After-School Satan Club At Your Kid's School?

A Good College Has 4.1% Graduation

NYPD Cops Execute 66 Yr Old Woman


Documentary Slams US Police Militarization

Selfies Put 50% In US In Facial Recognition Database

US Army Still Equipped With 1980s Weapons, Equipment

Gitmo Most Famous Prisoner Released After 14 Yrs

CO Air Force Base Dumped Toxic Waste Into Sewer

US Shuts MIT Reactor After Plasma Pressure Record Set

Scientists Accidentally Convert CO2 Into Ethanol

VZ Opposition Official Caught w/Grenades, Army Vests

ISS Cmdr Talks About His UFO Sighting In Space

Florida Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal

JoeTalk - You Will Be Judged

HS Teacher Racism Lecture - 'To Be White Is To Be Racist'

College Forced Toxic Masculinity Film On Students

Six People Alive With Severed Hands In Mexico

Chemicals In Plastics Cause Cancer, Diabetes, ADHD, More

Scientists Won't Deny Climate Engineering Reality

Glyphosate Contaminates World Ecosystem - New Report

3 Corporations That Manufacture BPA

Wheat Is Toxic Whether You're Gluten Sensitive Or Not

Mysterious Chambers HIdden In Great Pyramid

Artificial Eggs Grown In Lab Create Living Mice

Antarctic Ice Hides 'Alien' Life In Subglacial Lake


Hannity, Conway - Clinton Camp Interfering With Democracy

Hillary VP Picks Divided Into 'Food Groups'

National Poll…50,000 voters - Trump 67% Hillary 19%

92 Checks Given To Hillary Clinton By Wall St

Logs Prove Dem Vote-Riggers Visited WH - One 340 Times

CNN Reporter Admits Media Giving Clinton A 'Free Ride'

Sensational Trump Speech Serves Notice On Criminal
Political Elite - Calls For Term Limits, Talks Of WikiLeaks
Clinton Felony Criminal Revelations - Drain The Swamp!

Ex-Hillary Fixer Says He Set Up Sex Fiend
Hillary With Males & Females For Sex Orgies

Devvy - Female Clinton Voters - When A Muslim Or Other
Illegal Alien Rapes Your Daughter Or Your LIttle Boy…

Trump - Vote Fraud Is All Too Common

Trump Claims ‘Large-Scale’ Fraud In First Voting Results

Dems Create 4 MILLION Dead & Ineligible Voters

Buchanan - Is the System Rigged? You Betcha

WATCH - NBC Crew Reveals Hillarys Insane Meltdown
She Fears Trump Will Send Us 'All To The Gallows'

Rigged Election - How To Commit Mass Vote Fraud - Pt 1

Rigged Election - How To Commit Mass Vote Fraud - Pt 2


MSM Ignores Clinton Attempt To Steal Election

Still - Trump Rally Violence Paid & Staged By Clinton

Activist Behind Violent Chicago Protests On Hillary Payroll

FBI Docs - Ex Security Agent On Hillary’s Reign Of Terror

Wiki Dumps 1,894 More Podesta Emails - 17,150 Total

Hillary Has Hidden 55,000 EMAILS!

Did Kerry, US Demand Assange Internet Be Cut?

Assange Mystery - Hillary Already Called For His Murder

Fears Grow Assange Was Extradited On ‘Gitmo Express’

Mystery Swirls Around Assange Safety, Location

Wiki - First 'Insurance' File Just Released?


Still No Assange - MSM Spreading Misinformation On Him

CNN Host Lies To Viewers About WikiLeaks

Melania On How Very Kind Donald Trump Is

50% Voting Americans Doubt US Election Will Be Fair

70% Of Republicans Believe Election Could Be Rigge

Multiple People 'Offered Bribes For Votes'

US MSM Journalists Shower Clinton... $382,000 In Donations

NYT Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda

Is Trump’s Son-In-Law In Talks On Potential Trump TV?

Trump May Meet Putin Before Inauguration If He Wins


Trump Chatter Breaking All Facebook Records

US And UK Want RT International Silenced

Chelsea Called A 'Spoiled Brat' By Clinton Aides

Ex-Agent - Hillary Took State Furniture For DC Residence

Trump vs Hillary On Russia

Hillary - Presidents Need Judged By What They’ve Done

Toxic Days For Hillary Clinton

Kirwan - If Clinton Wins…

Bill’s Library Penthouse Is Like A ‘Wet T-Shirt Contest’

Gun Stores Urging People To Buy Before Election

MSM Excusing Itself For Not Reporting Neg Clinton Info

More On Michael Robinson Becoming Michelle Obama

Trey Gowdy Shocks Media, Then Walks Off Like A Boss

The US Military’s War Over Russia


Russia, Syria Halt Airstrikes In Aleppo

Al-Nusra Must Either Leave Aleppo Or Be Destroyed

EU Blasts Russia, Syria, Ignores US War Crimes

Why Russia Wins The Whole Arab-Muslim World

Russian & Syrian 8 Hr ‘Humanitarian Pause’ In Aleppo Oct 20

70 Iraqi Soldiers Dead In Mosul Convoy Suicide Attack

Kerry Overblows Aleppo Humanitarian Disaster

Outside Forces In Russian Jet Downing By Turkey

Pentagon Now Unsure Yemen Fired Missiles At US Ship

US Airstrikes In Libya Double In 30 Days

Israeli Siege Adversely Affecting Pals In Gaza


Israel Arresting Pal Youths for Facebook Posts

Germany Fertility Rate Hits 33 Yr High Due To Muslims

GCHQ, MI5, MI6 Guilty Of Illegal Tapping For Decades

Scotland, Northern Ireland Seek 'Special Status' In EU

NYT Calls RT Intl 'Anti-West' Russia Mouthpiece

UK Bank Will Now Review Closure Of RT Accounts

UK Move On RT Part Of EU Anti-Russia Policy

Brit Establishment Doesn't Want People To 'Question More'

Account Blocking Won’t Stop Truth Seekers From Turning To RT

Right And Left Agree - TPP About Corporate Control

Russia-India Oil Deal Challenges Saudi Supremacy In Asia

Baku Ready to Unilaterally Stop Increasing Oil Production

Azerbaijan - Must Monitor OPEC Oil Production Deal


China's Outbound Investment Increases By 53% In 2016

Russia, China & Indy Allies Forming Alliance To Oppose US

ECB's First Chief Economist Warns EU Is 'House Of Cards'

EU, IMF Back To Greece For Another Bailout

Washington Engaged in Witch-Hunting Profit?

Drastic Reduction In Transgressions At Indo-China Border

New Delhi Preps For War, Plans Underground Bunkers

Duterte Turns To Beijing As Rift With US Widens

Media Silent As Anti-Trade Deal Protests Cover Europe

Swiss Branch Of Rothschild Banking Empire Under Probe

Tokyo Massive Lies About Costs Of 2020 Olympics


West Is Gunning Foir A Russian Media Ban

Ex-AR Judge Indicted For Bribery, Sex From Defendants

Roberts - Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Aleppo

America’s Hidden Unemployment Crisis

Australian War Crimes In Afghanistan Exposed

Hospital Ward Gripped By Mysterious Hallucinations

Yeti Reappears In Siberia

The Civilized Black Bears Of Asheville, NC

Russia Holds Key To Antarctic Marine Sanctuaries

The Soviet InterNyet

When You Go Under General Anaesthetic

6 Non-Lethal Weapons To Carry Instead Of A Gun


Why Billionaires Have More Sons

One Of History’s Most Ambitious Maps

Strange Voids Found In Great Pyramid

ETs Built First Airport Says Iraqi Transport Min

Drone Turned Into A UFO

‘Stuxnet’ - Ret US Marine Gen Admits Lying To FBI

Robot Arm Allows Paralyzed Man To Feel Again

Physicist Explain String Theory

CoQ10 Can Significantly Reduce Dementia Risk

Does Your ‘Self’ Have A Soul?

10 Of The Most Mysterious Ancient Manuscripts

Vitamin B12 Injections Benefits, Risks


WikiLeaks Says Ecuador Cut Assange Internet

Ex Clinton Chef States Hillary Called Black Servant 'Nxxger'

Postal Worker Brags Online Of Destroying Trump Ballots

Trump - FBI Records On Clinton Show 'Criminal Act'

More Clinton Deceit And Lies In Newest Wiki Batch

Ben Carson On Trump's Statements Of A Rigged Campaign

Laura Ingraham - Hillary's Record Is Fraudulent

Ecuador Cut Off Assange Internet After Hillary Data Dump
Gosh, Do You Suppose Someone Threatened Ecuador?

WATCH - Stunning Probe - How Hillary Is Stealing Election

Soros Controls Voting Machines In 16 States, Incl PA & FL

Watch - Car With Trump Stickers Looted, Destroyed By Blacks

Clinton FBI Files Literally Mention 'The Shadow Govt' - Wow

Politico Reporter Sends Story To Hillary Aide For Approval !

A Trump Victory - OUR Victory - Is In Your Power

Doc - Clinton Fndn Paid Beck & Kristol To Suppress Votes

Unprecedented CIA Interference In The 2016 Campaign

FBI Docs - State Offered 'Key Posts' To Get FBI To
Remove 'Secret' Classification Of Hillary Email
Quid Pro Quo Bribery? 'The Red Light Of Criminality'

Quid Pro Quo Charges Against Hillary 'Absolutely Damning'

'Take The Money!' - Clinton Aides Took Lobbyist Cash!

FBI Docs - Hillary 'Contemptuous' Of Her Security Agents!


The Real Trump And Why The Elite FEAR Him

Wikileaks Says 'State Actor' Cut Off Assange Internet

Assange's Internet Link Severed By A 'State Party'

WATCH - O'Brien Exposes Hillary & Bill As Homosexuals

The Cathy O'Brien Story - The Most Dangerous Game

Major Media Preparing To Steal Election?

Illinois Residents Say Offered Bribes To Vote Democrat

Democrat War On Intelligence For The Election

RT Stunning US Election Fraud Special Report


Trump Advisor Slams 'Arrogant' US Foreign Policy

Trump Accuses Dems Of Attack On Repub HQ In NC

UK MSM - Hillary Knew ALL ALONG US Funding Isis

Axelrod - Clinton Should Skip Debate Over Drug Testing

Wiki - Heavy Press Collusion Over Hillary's 'Excellent Health'

NBC Execs ‘Leaked PussyGate Tape To WaPo To Harm Trump

Wiki - Hillary Planned Obama 'Hit' For Cocaine Use In 2008

Obama Free Speech Attack Is Hugely Dangerous & Radical

Clinton - Anti-Fracking Extremists Should ‘Get A Life’

Smearing Donald Trump & The New York Slimes

Clinton Foundation Toxic Legacy in Colombia

Systemic Mainstream Misinformation In Poll Data


Election Hackers Could Erase You

Kirwan - Everything Is Connected

Look What European Children Are Being Forced To Do

German Mayor Begs For Help With Muslim Crime Deluge

Mayor Begs For Help - African Blacks Control German Town

Muslims Send Shooting Threats To German Schools

French Cops, Muslims Clash At 'Calais Jungle' Camp

Armageddon Proportions - pdf

Vladimir Putin - Today's Paul Revere

Banksters March To World War III

Turkey Warns WW3 Inevitable If Syria War Continues

US Blames Russia, Syria For US-UK High Crimes


Western War On Truth-Telling Intensifying

US Plans New Anti-Russia Sanctions Over Syria

Kerry Signals More Illegal Sanctions On Russia, Syria

Putin - Moscow To Keep Counter Sanctions & More

Exxon Has Lost Over $1 Billion From Russian Sanctions

Real Perpetrators Of War Crimes On Aleppo, Gaza

The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

Confrontation With Russia In Syria Risks WW3

A No Fly Zone For Aleppo The World Cataclysm

US Has Put Itself In A Corner' Is 'Seriously Frightened'

Terrorists & Paymasters Hold Aleppo Civilians Hostage

ISIS Boss Al-Baghdadi Escapes Mosul Airstrike By Minutes

Mosul Fight May Be More Bloody Than Battle For Aleppo'

Bro Nat - US 'False Flag' Against Russia Puts Hillary In

Liberating Mosul A Walkover, Not A Giant Battle As Hyped?

DPR Militia Spots Mercs From US, Canada In E Ukraine

DPR commander Motorola assassinated

Assassination Of Motorola - The Last Straw? Chilling Message

Moscow, Beijing Together Against US Anti-Missile Plans

Russia, India To Work On 5th Gen Fighter Together

N Korea Threatens US With Preemptive Nuke Strike

Putin On Biden Cyber Threat - First HIghest Level US Admission

Putin To BRICS - How Russia Sees US Actions In Syria

Preferential Deals May Destabilize World Trade - Putin

Power Failure After Putin ‘Said Something Wrong’

State's Gottemoeller Now First Female NATO Deputy Chief


US-Russia Standoff - NASA Has No Manned Launch Ability

China Launches Spacecraft With Two Crew Members

Roscosmos-ESA Mars Mission Starts Probing For Life

China Wants To Expand Cooperation w/Russia In Space

Rise Of Saudi Prince Shatters Decades Of Royal Tradition

US Involved In Yemen 'Since First Month Of Fighting'

US, Britain Urge Immediate Ceasefire In Yemen

Iran Air Force To Hold Massive Drills

US Root Cause Of All Problems In Mideast - Iran

Hitler's Austrian Birth Home To Be Demolished

RT Bank Accounts Blocked In UK

The Debate - TTIP & CETA Trade Deals


BRICS Leaders Adopt Goa Summit Declaration

BRICS Leaders Agree To Create Rating Agency

Russia-OPEC Talk Target Month For Oil Output Freeze

All Russia Oil Companies To Take Part In Output Freeze

UK Towns, Villages Running Out Of Hard Cash

EU Dairy Farmers In Disarray Over Glut

2,000 Born With Microcephaly In Brazil In 2016

Strongest Antibiotics On Euro Farms At Record Levels

Britain’s Seven Covert Wars

The Divide - The Roughest Post-Nuclear Film

JoeTalk - You Will Be Judged

Chicago Toughest Gun Control - 1,000 MORE Shot In 2016


CA Penitentiary Guards See Inmates As Wild Animals

Sweden Swamped With Evil Clown Shenanigans

Italy Has A Massive Child Porn Addiction

Golden Gate To Hire More Cops To Stop Suicides

GeoEngineers In Desperate Attempt To Mask Planet Meltdown

A Bit Of Class & Real Music On The Beach In Waikiki

A Different Perspective On Survival Tips

2,000 Year Old Killer Fungus In Oregon

The Christian Myth Still Haunting Pompeii

How Strong Is Disaster Culture In LA?

15 Of The Longest-Running Scientific Studies In History


Gun Dealers Get 2 Yrs For Pistol Disguised As A Cane

How To Increase Libido The Natural Way

Acetaminophen - Most Dangerous OTC Pain Reliever

Drug Industry Answer To Opioid Addiction - More Pills

Behind The Scenes Bollywood

Prices Of Vegetables In Cambodia - Morris

Hostile Contact With Non-Human Entities

‘UFO’ Spotted Again Over Shropshire Airfield

Sun, Moon, Earth Align For Supermoon Finale 2016

The Milky Way's Ancient Heart

Doing Laundry Can Be Deadly For Marine Animals

Evidence Of Advanced Ancient Seafarers?


More Astonishing Clinton Crime Machine Acts Revealed

'Absolutely Damning' Quid Pro Quo Allegations vs Hillary

Clinton Backers Worried About Hillary Scandals

Judge Jeanine - Hillary Is Damned Dangerous, Wake UP

Gingrich Crushes ABC's Radditz On Anti-Trump MSM Assault

Gingrich - Election Being Stolen By Criminal MSM

Gingrich Calls For Monitoring All Election Sites

NBC, CBS Ignore New Hillary Denials On Email

Judge Jeanine On 'Deplorables' And The Psychopathic Liar

Podesta Wished San Bernardino Shooter Had Been A
WHITE MAN Rather Than Muslim - Podesta HATES US

Wiki Releases 9th Batch Of Hillary's Chief, Podesta, Emails

Wiki Releases 8th Batch Of Campaign Chair Podesta Emails

Wiki Podesta Emails - Black Voters And San Bernardino

Wikileaks - Seven More Hillary Scandals Exposed

What Trump Has Already Done Just Being A Candidate

NSA Whistle - DNC Hack Not By Russia, But By US Intel

Trump Blasts Rat Ryan On Twitter Before WI Rally


Clinton Performance-Enhancing Drugs Before Debate - Trump

Trump - Clinton Clearly 'Pumped Up' On Drugs For Debates
Calls For Pre-Debate Drug Tests On Both Candidates

Trump - 2016 Election Rigged By Corrupt Media

Soros OWNS Voting Machines In Key States

Soros & Running Online Voting For Tuesday UT Caucuses

Poll - Clinton, Trump In Statistical Dead Heat

Clinton To Enforce Syria No-Fly Which May Ignite WW3

Clinton Whines Of Fake 'Russian Assault On Democracy'

Wikileaks Exposes The Fake Trump 'Groping' Plot

Judge Jeanine w/2 Witnesses Trump Sex Moves Not True

Wiki - Email Shows Bloomberg Wants To Be Clinton Sec State!

CNN Tells Viewers It's ILLEGAL To Read Wiki Hillary Email


Amazing Black Woman Tells Why We Need Trump

100,000 Democrats Switch To Republican In PA

30 Reasons In 30 Days To Vote For Donald Trump

State Tried To Force FBI To Change Email Classification!

Time For Special Prosecutor For DOJ-Clinton Scandal

Clinton's 3 Goldman Speeches - She Got $675,000

MSM Trying To Kill Trump Base - Fans Must Stay On
Message - The Wall, Economy, Foreign Policy, PEACE

Gingrich - Hillary's Dangerous Open Borders Dream

Hillary's Crimes Make Her INELIGIBLE To Run, Hold Office

Podesta Tied To Russian Mafia, Money-Laundering

Neocon WaPost Endorses War Goddess-She Devil

Voters See Hillary As Traitor To America, Ignore Trump Tape

Establishment Trying To Rig Nov Election - GOP Sen


Wikileaks Shows How Grim MSM Impropriety Is

Hillary's Past Leaves Her Muted In Furor Over Trump

Machon - Fear Election Hacking By The US Establishment

State Tried To Make FBI Change Email Classification In Probe

NC GOP HQ Firebombing Violent Attack Civil Rights

NC Republican Office Torched By (communist) Firebomb

Zio Banking Cabal Expose Selves After Trump Speech

Atzmon - A Glimpse Into Jewish Guilt & Aggression

Poll - Near 50% Of Americans Say 'No Mosque Near Me'

Who Is REALLY Behind The EU Muslim Invasion?

Vladimir Putin IssuesUltimatum To Obama Regime

Analysis Of Putin's Extremely Serious Remarks

Putin Blasts Stupid US Cyber Threats

The History Of The Illuminati In 7 Minutes -

New UN Chief A Globalist, Socialist, Extremist

Cmdr Fired After USS Freedom Suffers Engine Damage

'Megadrought' Looms In American Southwest, NASA Warns

5 Big Bank Warnings The Economy Is Now Suicidal

Syrian-Russian Airstrikes Destroy Terrorists in Latakia

Failure In Lausanne On Syria

NYT Blasts Moscow, Syria, Ignores US War Crimes

Syria’s 'White Helmets' - Fiction And Reality

In A China-US Standoff, Russia Will Stand With Beijing

Putin, Xi Jinping Discuss Syria Settlement & Terror Fight

Russian Border Patrol Fires On NK Boat Refusing Search

US Again Vows To Protect S. Korea & Japan From NK

India Calls Pakistan 'Mothership Of Terrorism' At BRICS Mtng


Why Is Passing Of Thailand’s King A Big Deal?

Russia Faces Unprecedented Cyber Threats From US

Royal Navy Set To Intercept Russian Warship In Channel

Adm Kuznetsov Carrier Group Heads To Mediterranean

Aleppo - Rebel-Held East Enforcing Full Civilian Lockdown

US Assault On Mosul May Flood Europe With Terrorists

US Airstrikes Kill 15 Civilians In Syria's Raqqah

Egyptian Military Kills 100 Daesh Members In Strike

Legendary DPR Cmdr 'Motorola' Murdered In Donbass

Zionist Israel A WORLD Pariah

Atzmon - A Glimpse Into Jewish Guilt & Aggression

UNESCO Declares Israel An ‘Occupying Power’ In Jerusalem


Israel’s Latest Propaganda Video Is Offensive

Bibi Raps Israeli NGOs For Anti-Settlement UN Comments

At Keast 20 Wounded At Israelis Fire On Protest

Poland To Build Canal To 'Break Off From Russia

Scot First Minister Believes Its Time For Independence

1,000s Protest TTIP, CETA Deals In France & Poland

Russia, India Sign-Off On Gas Delivery Routes

Changing Reason - Elections Are Pointless - Morris

Boris Johnson...1st Utterly Clueless Foreign Secy - Kollerstrom

UFO Expert Dead In Poland - Warned He Was In Trouble

Doom - ITT And Corinthian...Ending The Scams


Hannity - Huge Wikileaks Clinton Email Bombshells

Trump Wants Hillary Tested For Drugs Before Debate

Heroic Trump -This Is America's 'Moment Of Reckoning'

Trump - Clinton Part Of Global Elite Crushing America

Leaked Emails Show Hillary's Hideous Life Of Deceit

Podesta Tied To Russian Mafia, Money-Laundering

New FBI Files…Criminal 'Quid Pro Quo' In Clinton Emails

Email Shows Hillary "HATES Everyday Americans"

Clinton And Her God, Alinsky - You'd Better Wake Up

Vandals Spray Paint 20+ Cars At Trump Rally In Bangor

Escobar - Hillary Clinton's Axis Of Evil


Trump Camp Rejects Claims Its Tied To WikiLeaks

Anti-Bank Remarks In A Clinton Speech Were A Ruse

Clinton Wanted ‘Manhatten Like Project’ To Hide Behind

Trump, Rosa Parks, Ali Honored For Inner-City Youth Work

Wikileaks Further Exposes Corporate Plot

Obama Budget Deficit Increases To $587 Billion

Meet The Worst President In US History

Snowden Ridicules Biden's Cyber Threats Against Russia

EU Told To Take 1.3 Million MORE 'Muslims' Yearly

Paris Covered In Filth, Excrement By African Blacks

Fukushima Forests Are ‘Radiation Reservoirs'
They Are Now Full OIf Mutated Animal Life Forms

Mark Twain Perfectly Described The 2016 Race


Common Core - Standardized Reality

Govt Science Of Shutting Up Whistleblowers

Open Recruitment For Breakaway Civilization Begins

80% Of Med Studies Are Ads For Big Pharma

Big Pharma Lead Poison Drug Price Hike Of 2,700%

The High-Risk, High-Stakes Race To Mars

The Hidden Glaciers Of Mars

Strange Signals From 234 Stars Could Be ET

Norway Scientists Vid Of UFO At Observatory

Why Is Earth’s Axis Shifting?

Trees Are Man's Best Friend

LA's Water Reservoir Shade Balls Worked!


Legal Weed NO HARM To Schools Or On Roads

Best Free Campsites For Every Region In US

Watch Waterspout Striking In Oregon

BMW Future Motorcycle Balances On Its Own

Great Barrier Reef Dies - 25 Million BC To 2016

Sensors Sniff Out Volcanic Eruptions Early

Why Quake Prediction Remains Shaky

Why Are You Always Tired?

Kratom Users Celebrate After DEA Drops Ban

Fasting Prevents Aging, Transforms Body

The Morphine Genocide - How 'Palliative Care' Kills

Never Been And Never Will Be A Safe Vaccine


Trump Calls For Drug Tests Before Debate

Clinton Would Force No Fly On Syria - Starting WW3

US Military Preps All Out War Amid Syrian Deadlock

Drudge Fires Warning Shot At Hillary

Drudge - 'On The Sex Stuff, Hillary Is About To Get Hers…'

Hacked Emails Prior To Scalia Murder Show Hillary’s Rage

Did Wikileaks Uncover The Scalia Murder Plot?

Flowers Confirms Bill Paid Her $200 For Abortion

Hillary Doesn't Recall Most Of Her Time As SecState!

Clinton Waffles, Admits No Permission For Secret Email

Wiki - Emails PROVE Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play

Clinton Sold $300 Billion In Weapons To Foreign Regimes!

Pathological Liar Hillary's Convenient Memory Lapses

#WomenWhoVoteTrump Unite Behind The Don

Trump Supporters Destroy CNN Stooge Alisyn Camerota

The Socialist Left Demands SNL Must Destroy Trump


Super-Rich Crooked Hillary Vows To Sue The 'Rich'

Wiki Releases 7th Batch Of Podesta Emails

Wiki - Clinton Will 'Ring China With Missiles' - WW3

Wiki - The Two Faces Of Clinton On Syria

Clinton Backs US Police Full 'Use Of Force'

Where Is Blumenthal's 16th 'Missing' Email?

Wiki - Clinton All-White Staff On How To Exploit Black Vote

Trump's Scorched Earth New Worry For Clinton World

Trump Camp Releases Accuser's Cousin Statement

NBC Sitting On 'Devastating Tape' With Broaddrick

Megyn Kelly Pounded In Ratings - Beaten By Maddow


Why Obama's Attack On Free Speech Is So Dangerous

Obama Threatens Putin With Nuclear War

Russia Tells Citizens To Locate Closest Bunkers

Syria-Russsia Winning Aleppo - Key Terror Supplies Cut

A False Flag May Be Imminent To Drag U.S. Into War

NYT Blasts Putin, Ignores US Imperial Lawlessness

Russia Will Stop US From Turning Syria Into Yemen

Turkey Camps Still Train Nusra Terrorists For Syria War

Turkey Establishes Airbase In Iraq

Rockets Hit Turkey Resort Amid Hefty Tourism Drop

Russia, China Trying To Prevent War In Outer Space

‘American Exceptionalism'...Means Anything You Want


CIA Working On Massive Cyber Attack On Russia

Biden - US Ready For Alleged Russian Cyber Attacks

Wiki - US Unlikely To Use Cyber Attacks Against Russia

NATO 'Concerned' Over Russia Arms Deployments

Ukrainian Forces Attack S Donetsk - Fight Ongoing

Donbass Militia Downs NATO-Manned Copter

Obama Vows More ‘Self-Defense’ Strikes In Yemen

'Self-Defense' - Pretext For US Escalation Of Yemen War

UK Try To Rescue Saudis From Yemen Quagmire

Yemen - 60 Saudi Mercs Killed In Convoy Attack

Saudi Arabia Admits Bombing Yemen Funeral

Iran Urges End To Arms Sales To S Arabia, Israel

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Jeff & Jay Weidner - America Will Choose...Life or Death

Jeff & Tim Rifat - Social Engineering On A Mass Scale

Jeff & Tim Rifat - Satanic Hollywood - Pitt-Jolie, Depp-Heard

Jeff & Tim Rifat - Evil American 'Presidential' Politics

Jeff & James Fetzer - Hillary Clinton...Don't Believe The Illusion

Jeff & Jay Weidner - America Hangs By A Thread

Jeff & Jordan Maxwell - Hillary Made Deal With The Devil

Jeff & David Icke - Perception Deception, Downloading Reality

Jeff & William Tompkins - Look Up And Be Amazed!

Unequivocal Proof Of Buildings On Mars

Jeff & Tarek Farag - Biggest Threat In Our History

Jeff & Jay Weidner - Crisis In America

Jeff & Jordan Maxwell - The Final Battle To Destroy Morality

Jeff & Jordan Maxwell - The Dark World We Live In


Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

Yoichi Shimatsu &
Dana Durnford
Fukushima Update
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Updates - NO BUGS, NO BIRDS As We've Warned
Extinction Is Here - Please Contribute Observations

Watch Animated Map Of Gigantic 3-11 Japan Quake

Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

Fukushima Radiation Blasted US In March 2011 - Model

Real Time World Earthquake Monitor

Your Radiation This Week - No 77 And 78

Fukushima Forests Are ‘Radiation Reservoirs'
They Are Now Full OIf Mutated Animal Life Forms

Your Radiation This Week - No 75 And 76

Fukushima - Fake Vs Real Reactor 4

World First Floating NPP To Cost Half Billion - Russia

As We Have Been Telling You For Over 5 Years...
Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The
Entire Pacific Ocean (And It's Going To Get Worse)

France Nuke Plants At Risk Of Catastrophic Failure

Fukushima Disaster & Nuclear Power in Japan

Thumbs-Down For Durnford In Attack On Environmentalism

Fukushima Activist, Dana Durnford, Guilty Of 'Harassment'

Shimatsu - Rebuttal To Pro-Nuclear French Media

Mystery Death Of Humpback Whale On OR Coast

Radioactive Food, Water New Normal In Japan

Backlash Hit Abe...Fukushima NOT Under Control


Fukushima Radiation On America

Hear Jeff Discuss How To Establish
Your Own Online Rad Station - Click HERE

Pictures Of How To Create Your Own
PacRadStation.net Clone HERE

* Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

* National Nuclear Emergency Map
Updated 24/7 In Real Time

* Obama OKs DEADLY Hikes In 'Safe' Radiation Exposure

* Obama Raises 'Safe' Rad In Drinking Water 27,000x Higher

* Huge Radiation Readings In CA And NM Disappear

* Enormous W Coast CPMs Vanish After Site Back Online - Vid

* Japan Earthquakes 2011 Visualization Map - Vid

* W Coast Covered In Massive 3/11 Radiation - Vid

* Coverup Of West Coast Radiation From Fukushima

* Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

* WATCH - What Cesium 137 Will Really Do To You - Vid

* Chart Of Radiation Dose Levels In Millisieverts

* Jeff & Dr. Russell Blaylock - Supplements
To Fight Radiation Exposure
- Vid

* Live National Radiation Network Map

* Radiation Dose Chart

* The Radiation Database User Guide - Vid


Crooked Hillary, The Cheat
Earbuds, Hand Signals, More

Proof Of Hillary's Rigged Podium Mini Teleprompter - Pics

Hillary Cheated AGAIN…Read Podium Mini-Prompter & Earbud

Frankenstein w/Injector Or Laser - Drugged Hillary Skates

Is Hillary Mumbling At Someone During Debate?

How The Clintons Rigged The First Debate

Vile Clinton Caught Using Child Actor At PA Town Hall

Holt - 'Mr Trump, Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife?'

Debate Commission Admits Trump's Mic Was Defective

Blatant Revelations Of Clinton Cheating At Debate
Rigged Podium Electronics, Hand Signals & More

WATCH - Proof Hillary & Holt WORKING TOGETHER With
Hand Signals To Control & Manipulate The Debate - WOW

Clinton Caught Cheating Again With Another Ear Piece

Hillary Using Earbud To Receive Transmissions

'FOXACID' Is An NSA Spying, Computer Hacking-Infection Tool -
How Did Brock's Trolls Get It?

They Reference '18-2381' - Do A Search…18 US Code 2381 Is 'Treason'
Read FULL TRANSCRIPT Of The Alleged Plot Conversation

Hillary's Failing Health

Visible Physical Seizures

Clinton Has Mild Bobble-Head Seizure After Debate?

Did Clinton Have A Mini-Seizure During Debate?

Ben Carson On Hannity - Hillary's 'Chicken Head Seizure'

Watch Hillary's Bizarre, Brain-Damage, Mental Problems

Hillary Brain Seizure On Stage - Handler Orders 'Keep Talking'

WATCH - Who Is Her Black Handler? No Normal S/S Agent

Hillary Parkinsons…Handlers Ready To Inject Her - Pics

Same Black Handler When Hillary Left Hospital w/Brain Clot

It's Worse Than We Thought - Her New Handler Raises Questions

Hillary's Eyes

More Proof Of Hillary's Severe Eye Problems

Laser Pointer! - Clinton Hiding Perkinson's Or Dementia
Bardack - Clinton Scored Perfectly…On Non-Existent Test

Clinton's Eyes Point To Major Health Issues

Hillary Falling Apart - Left Eye Now Wandering - Esotropia

Watch - Why Are Clinton's Eyes Crossing?

MDs Diagnose Hillary's Failing Health

Physicians Detail Evidence Of Hillary Parkinson's Disease

Prominent MD Shreds Bardack's Coverup Letter

The Original Hillary Medical Records Leak

Watch - Shocker...Med School Prof - Hillary Has Vascular
Dementia, One Year To Live

WATCH - Clinton Illness By MD - She Could Die Anytime

Watch Carefully - Clinton's Devastated Health
Logically Described By Career MD

Prominent Doctor, Prof Of Medicine On Hillary Health

Top Doc - Hillary's Health Crisis Real, Not 'Conspiracy'

General Updates

Hillary Tries To Cover Parkinson's Shakes By Nodding

EMT Medics Rush Gurney Backstage Before Hillary Akron
Rally - Did Medical Event Occur? - Watch Medics Faces

AMTS & MMSE Are Cognitive Tests - A '3' On AMTS Shows
SEVERE Mental Impairment

Another Clinton Mini-Seizure During Debate...Watch Closely

Hillary Clinton's Sickness Unto Death

Hillary In Orlando Lying About Her Health, Again

Hillary's Vascular Dementia & Obama's Three Head Scars

What's That White Thing In Hillary Double's Mouth?

Agent Who Protected Hillary - 'Something Seriously Wrong'

Weak Hillary Helped Up The Stairs At Tiny Philly Rally

New Film Wallops Hillary's Mind - To Open In 1,000 Theaters

Dr Noel - Hillary Has Severe, Advanced Parkinsons

Hillary's Back - Clearly Sick, Mentally Unwell w/Press On 9-17

'Hillary' In NC - Where Are The FLAGS In Smart Phones?
Fraud!... Visible Crowd Is From ANOTHER Event!
It Was Edited In - Their Phones Show A Different Background

Watch - No Flags On Smart Phones In NC Audience

Hillary Dying Of Sepsis Encephalopathy In Secret Med Facility?

Strangely More Vibrant, Younger, Smoother Hillary In NC
Just Four Days After Collapsing And Looking Nearly Dead

Huckabee - Clinton Health Coverup Will Be The End

Clinton Body Double Story In USA Today

Limbaugh On The Body Double And 'Pneumonia'

MORE Health Lies From The Clinton Campaign

Metrocare Home Svcs & Chelsea Apt - No Coincidences

Hillary Raced Right Past Hospital To Chelsea's 'Apt'

Hillary - Brain Tumor, Vascular Dementia Or Alzheimers?

Hillary's Friends Admit She Has Parkinson's Disease

CBS Fraud - Edits Out Bill's Slip About Hillary's Health

Hillary 'Pneumonia' BS - Got A Neuro Test Before Collapse

MSM Forced To Admit Clinton Health Is Major Issue

Hillary Health - NBC Asks 9 Unanswered Questions

Evidence For Hillary Having Parkinson's - Diet Coke

Clinton 9/11Collapse

What Fell Out Of Hillary's Pants? Part Of The Catheter
Equipment And Urine Bag? Strange Anomalies Here

The Evidence For Advanced Parkinson's Is Major

Video Of Collapse With Audio, Right Side View

Video Of Hillary's Collapse, Left Side View

Video Zoom Of Hillary's Foot Shows She Is Out COLD

Breitbart Story On The Collapse

Did Hillary Clinton Die After Collapsing At The 9/11 Event?

Clinton Leaves Chelsea Apt - No S/S ! - Gives Child 'Pneumonia'

WABC-TV Reported Clinton Died After 9/11 Event

Hillary's Body Double Controversy

Complete Archive Of All Body Double Stories & Videos

Devvy - Clinton Body Double - What Changed My Mind

Watch - Hillary Has A Voice Double AND Body Double?

Shocking Difference Between Perky 'Hillary' On 9-15,
Then In 9-17 Press Chat After NY Bomb...Near Collapse

Revealing Comparisons Of Pre-9/11 & 9/14 'Hillary'

No Doubt A Double Left Chelsea Apt 90 Min After 9/11

Excellent Analysis Of Blatant Differences Between
Hillary And The New North Carolina Body Double

Rense Discovers 2nd Hillary Double - Photos On Plane
Prove Fraud - Double Used For NC Rally & Speech


What Sane Person Could Honestly Consider This Gangster Suitable To Lead America Not To Mention Prevent World War 3?

Hillary Clinton...A Career Criminal - Click Here

Hillary Clinton Salutes America - Click Here

Remote Viewing The
Death Of Adolf Hitler

Join Us For Time Travel Back To WW2 Germany And Then Forward To The Final Moments Of The Life Of Adolf Hitler With Remote Viewer Dick Allgire And Historians Jim Marrs and Harry Cooper. A Classic Program!

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10-21-16...Reversals From The Final Debate!

10-13-16...Prof James Fetzer & Preston James with Special Guest David John Oates - Key Speech Reversals On Hillary & Trumps Stunning Assassination Prediction
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10-12-16...Debate Speech Reversals!
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10-7-16...Reverse Speech Political Newsmakers

9-29-16...Reverse Speech Analysis Of The Debate
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9-1-16...More Stunning Political Speech Reversals

8-19-16...Latest Political Speech Reversals

8-8-16...Hillary's Failing Health Reversals

8-5-16...Reverse Speech Newsmakers

7-29-16...Reversals Of Hillary Clinton At DNC - MP3

7-29-16...Reversals Of Hillary Clinton At DNC - Vid

7-21-16...Reverse Speech Of Melania Trump

7-19-16...Reverse Speech Of Melania Trump - Vid

7-6-16...Reverse Speech Of Comey's Announcement About Hillary

7-6-16...James Comey Speech Reversals

7-1-16...More Stunning Political Speech Reversals

6-22-16...Latest Campaign Speech Reversals


Joseph Skipper's Incredible Mars Research

Mars Anomaly Home Page - Undeniable Artifacts & Life

Mars Anomaly Research Index - From Water To Structures

Enormous, Perfect Hole On Mars - Who Made It?

Stunning, Historic JFK PROGRAMS


JFK Murder Solved By Reverse Speech PART 1
David John Oates, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire
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JFK Murder Solved By Reverse Speech PART 2
David John Oates, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire
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Remote Viewing JFK - Whodunnit?
Jim Marrs
- World's #1 Scholar On JFK Assassination
Dick Allgire - One Of World's Premiere Remote Viewers

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Photos 1 ... Photos 2

1-4-15.. Hour 1 MP3
1-4-15.. Hour 2 MP3

Photos 1...Photos 2

Jim Marrs, Courtney Brown & Remote Viewer Daz Smith - Revealing More Answers To The JFK Murder

12-29-15..Hour 1 MP3
12-29-15..Hour 2 MP3

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Super Technology Truths Hidden From US

William Tompkins

Book - Selected By Extraterrestrials

Rense UFO-ET-Black Ops Disclosure!

8-29-16 ..Hour 1 ..Hour 2 .. William Tompkins Another Amazing Conversation

7-26-16 ..Hour 1 ..Hour 2 .. Hour 3 .. William Tompkins with Maj George Filer & Frank Chille More Amazing Revelations!

7-8-16 ..Hour 1 ..Hour 2.. William Tompkins with Maj George Filer & Frank Chille The Astonishing Revelations Continue!
Tompkins Boss Ran 29 Spies In WW2 Germany & Began Secret Space Program

6-29-16 ..Hour 1 ..Hour 2 .. Hour 3 .. William Tompkins with Maj George Filer & Frank Chille Time Travel & More
Sensational Telescope Photos Of 'Solar Warden' Spaceships?

6-10-16 ..Hour 1 ..Hour 2 .. Hour 3 .. William Tompkins with Maj George Filer & Frank Chille The Incredible German Flying Disc Program
Video & Photos Of German Discs

5-31-16 ..Hour 1 & Hour 2 .. William Tompkins with Maj George Filer & Frank Chille More Startling Secret Technology Revelations

5-4-16 .. Hour 1 & Hour 2 ..William Tompkins with Maj George Filer & Frank Chille The Amazing Story Continues

3-23-16 .. Hour 1 & Hour 2 ..William Tompkins with Maj George Filer & Frank Chille Our Technology Decades Ahead Of What's Known

12-14-15 .. Hour 1 & Hour 2 ..William Tompkins - Pt 1 - ETs, UFOs & The US Navy With Dr. Bob Wood, Maj George Filer & Frank Chille

12-23-15 .. Hour 1 & Hour 2 .. William Tompkins - Pt 2 - ETs, UFOs & The US Navy With Dr. Bob Wood, Maj George Filer & Frank Chille

1-6-16 .. Hour 1 & Hour 2 ..William Tompkins - Pt 3 - ETs, UFOs & The US Navy Maj George Filer & Frank Chill

Jeff & William Tompkins - Look Up And Be Amazed!

Jeff & William Tompkins - The ET & Nazi Secret Space Program

Tompkins Boss Ran 29 Spies In WW2 Germany & Began Secret Space Program

Bill Tompkins' Ultra Secret Director - Adm Rico Botta

More Proof Of German Flying Discs - pdf

NASA Dir Dr. Kurt Debus, Dr Werner von Braun And JFK

Michael Salla On Tompkins And The Navy League
ET Special Projects In Medford OR 1985-1999

Michael Salla On Tompkins & The Navy League
ET Special Projects In Medford OR 1985-1999

6-26-16 .. Hour 1 .. Hour 2

Navy League ET Special Projects From 1985-1999

 Clark McClelland
The Stargate Chronicles

Rense UFO-ET-Black Ops Disclosure!

10-20-16 .. Clark McClelland Is Back!

2-1-16 .. WW2 German Flying Saucer Technology

10-7-15 .. The Grim Truth About US Space Program

10-17-15 .. The Truth About NASA

6-23-15 .. More Inside Dope On NASA

4-23-15 .. True Origins Of NASA Space Program

12-29-14 ..ETs Are Watching Us

7-21-14 ..More Truth About NASA

5-8-14 ..NASA Secrets

10-30-13 ..The Truth About  Americans In Space

9-20-13 ..ET & The Apollo Program

8-9-13 ..ET & The Shuttle Program

3-4-13 ..The Kecksburg Object

3-29-12 ..ETs Are Here

11-29-12 ..Astronaut UFO Encounters

Die Glocke
9-14-15 ..
Harry Cooper & Clark McClelland - WW2 German UFO …'The Bell' -MP3

Die Glocke/Kecksberg - Pics

Get A Piece Of Apollo 15 GOLD FOIL That
Went To The Moon And Back! - Click Here!

Order Clark's Stunning e-Book The Stargate Chronicles Here!

Contact Clark at

To The Sheeple Of Our Now Destroyed Nation

Clark McClelland - Celestialism

Jeff & Clark McClelland - ET And The Apollo Program - Vid

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg
UFO Connection
- Part 1 - pdf

The Cape Kennedy-Kecksburg UFO Connection - Part 2 - pdf

NASA Dir Dr. Kurt Debus, Dr Werner von Braun And JFK

Herbert Dorsey

Book - Secret Science & The Secret Space Program

Rense UFO-ET-Black Ops Disclosure!

6-23-16 ..Astonishing Technology & German Flying Saucers ..Pics

6-6-16 ..Secret Science & The Secret Space Program

5-25-16 ..Our Secret Space Fleet

5-24-16 ..The World Is Not As We're Told

One Millennial Speaks
Kindness Costs Nothing

A 'Moronnial' Fesses Up

David Duke Videos

Duke And Trump - The Supreme Court Does Matter

Baton Rouge…Black Lives Matter...& They Murder - Vid

The Dallas Massacre & The War On Whites - Vid

Donald Trump Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchs - Vid

Ted Nugent vs The ADL - Who's Behind Gun Control? - Vid

Watch - David Duke Destroys The Liar, Fraud Ted Cruz - Vid

Zionist Terror In Gaza - Free Palestine & The World - Vid

The Illustrated Protocols Of Zion - Vid

Israeli Media Reveals Secret Behind Communism - Vid

Jeff Rense & Dr. David Duke - Worldwide Zionist Stranglehold - Vid

How The Media Incites Violence & Racism - Vid

Jeff Talks To Russell Bentley On
The Donbass Frontline


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  Zika And Viral Updates

Dr. Henry Niman's
Exclusive Reports With Jeff
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August 18- MP3

Dr. Henry Niman's Swine Flu World Tracking MAP

Updated H7N9 Pandemic Map From Dr Henry Niman

Florida Zika Cases Increase To 1044

Florida Local Zika Cases Increase To 189

Florida Zika Exports Increase To 19

Yokohama Japan Zika Sequence Matches Florida

CDC HAN On Zika Exposures In Miami Dade, FL

Colombia Microcephaly Cases Spike Up 55 To 538

Florida Zika Cases Increase To 968

Florida Zika Exports Increase To 16

Local Florida Zika Cases Increase To 153

Pinellas Co Zika Sequence Matches Miami Dade

FL Confirms Local Zika Transmission

Four Thailand Microcephaly Cases Under Zika Probe

Colombia Microcephaly Cases In Week 37 Increase 32 To 483

Miami Wynwood & Miami Beach FL Zika Cases Linked

CDC Press Conference On FL Zika - Sept 23

Local Zika Virus - Miami-Dade & Broward Cos, Fl Latest

2016 Zika Linked Microcephaly In Brazil - Lancet ID

Eight Non-Residents Zika Infected In Florida


Videos Of HAARP Destroying Pacific
Rain Storms & Continuing The Deadly
Artificial CA Drought!

HAARP Report New Video

Special Report - Watch How HAARP Is Melting The Arctic - Vid

DEADLY Ultraviolet UVA UVB UVC Measured, 10-15-15 - Vid

How HAARP & Chemtrails Are Changing You - Vid

Five PROOFS HAARP Created CA Drought - Vid

Weather Manipulation - Brutal Cold In US, Melting Arctic Methane 1-9-15 - Vid

Polar Vortex Restarted - Weather Warfare On Europe - Vid

Yellowstone Supervolcano - Vid

Rense - How The Pacific Storms Of, 2013-2014 Were Trashed

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-24-14 - Pt 2 - Vid

WATCH HAARP Kill Pacific Storm 9-25-14 - Pt 3 - Vid


The Trouble With Sandy Hook


NEW Free Listen 8.4.14 - Wolfgang Halbig

NEW Free Listen - Wolfgang Halbig & James Fetzer MP3 - Sandy Hook - Latest Shocking Developments - Click HERE

Free Listen - Hear Jeff With Wolfang Halbig - Sandy Hook Hoax - MP3 - Click HERE

The Sandy Hook Massacre…Uh, I Mean Drill

Would You Allow Your Children To Attend Sandy Hook? Update

Halbig On The Latest Lies Out Of Sandy Hook

Would You Put Your Child In Room 12 At Sandy Hook?


Stunning Journalism - Awesome History

John Barbour's Last Word On 'The Garrison Tapes'
Don't Miss This Incredible Video!


David Haynie and Jim Wyrick

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Hitler In Argentina
Harry Cooper

Sharkhunter Books

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Jeff with Harry Cooper & Jim Marrs - Hitler In Argentina - mp3

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Hitler In Argentina - Buy The Book Here!

Reviews Of Cooper's 'Hitler In Argentina' Show Truth Wins

Jeff & Harry - Hitler In Argentina - mp3

Harry Cooper's History-Shaking New Book - Hitler In Argentina


FBI Declassifies Files Proving Hitler Went To Argentina

More On Giant WW2 Japanese Sub I-400 Found Off Hawaii

FREE Listen MP3s

7-15-16...Hour 1...Hour 2...Hour 3


Harry Cooper - Germany In Argentina During & After The War - mp3


Harry Cooper - Hitler's Post-War Time In Argentina - mp3


Jeff & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 1/2 - Vid

Jeff & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 2/2 - Vid

Hitler's Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden And Underground Bunkers - mp3


Stunning Evidence Hitler & Eva Braun Escaped To Argentina - mp3


The Escape Of Adolf Hitler To South America

Talk A Walk Through A Restored German U-Boat - Pics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish Genocide Of Armenian Christians - Mp3

Walter Bowart

Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart - pdf

Report From Iron Mountain - pdf

The Invisible Third World War - pdf

Incontrovertible Evidence!

Solid 3D Proof That Apollo Photos Were Faked

Robert Felix

'Climate Change' BS Exposed
IceAgeNow.info - Latest Global COOLING
News Updated Around The Clock

Slovenia Buried Under Ice - Forests Destroyed - Pics

Glenn Greenwald

How Internet NSA Agents Manipulate, Deceive, Destroy Reputations

The Great American Adventure

The Secrets Of America - pdf

EMF Dangers

EMF Effects On Your Cells And Tissues

DARPA & Google Plan Total Control

Top DARPA Projects That Should Creep You Out - Vid

Kirwan - For Your Eyes Only!

Ex DARPA Boss Talks About Beast Tech - Vid

Ex DARPA Chief Dugan, Now At Google, On The Future

The Ultimate Sociopath?

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 1 - Vid

Jeff & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations, Pt 2 - Vid

Obama Exposed By High School Friend

Pastor Manning - Mia Pope Outs Obama As Gay - Vid

How You're Being Mind Controlled
And Don't Know It

Illuminati Mind Control & The Report From Iron Mountain

MK Ultra - Handlers, Propagandists, Professional Liars - Vid

Walt Disney, MTV & Hollywood & Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control Through TV And The Media - Vid

The Stark Reality Of Precision Scientific Individual & Mass Mind Control

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Hippies And Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control - An Exact Science
FREE Listen MP3

Dr. Colin Ross - Mind Control, How Easy, How Deadly

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 1

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 2

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 3

Ventura - Artificially Created Multiple Personality Killers - Vid

Mind Control - A Piece Of Cake - Vid

Trauma Based Culture - Vid

Stop Eating Meat And Dairy

McDonalds Kids Watch Slaughterhouse Videos - Vid


2013 Stonehenge - Photos

UFO - Man Gets More Than Rocks In Stonehenge Photo

Think You Know Cars?

The Ultimate Car Trivia Test! - Pics

The Mysterious Charles Dellchau

Incredible Drawings & Descriptions Of 1850s Flying Machines

FREE Listen MP3

Jan Smith/Cliff Mickelson - Shocking New Morgellons Photos - mp3

Jan Smith's Morgellons - CDC Says It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'

Elizabeth’s Morgellons Samples

Destructive Wiki Editing Keeps Morg Sufferers In Dark

Jeff And Cliff Mickelson - CDC Liars Say Morgellons Doesn't Exist - mp3

Stunning - BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellons Particle Pulled From Chin - Vid

Official CDC Denial - Morgellons Does Not Exist


When Radio Was King

Here Is A Major Collection Of All The Great Old Time Radio Shows - LISTEN!

Aspartame Deaths & Suffering Must Stop
FREE Listen MP3

Dr. Betty Martini & Jeff Rense - The War On Aspartame

Aspartame Study - 2 Diet Drinks Day Double Diabetes Risk

Aspartame - The Deadly Poison

Diet Coke WON’T Stop Diabetes - It Can CAUSE IT

The Dangers of Hidden Aspartame in Chewing Gum

Diane Fleming's Last Hearing - Husband Died From Aspartame?

Iatrogenesis, E. coli, Deadly Scopes & Aspartame

Dr. Betty Martini On The Major UK MSM Article On Aspartame

UK MSM - Cancer, Premature Births Tied To Aspartame

Dane Wigington
FREE Listen MP3

Jeff & Dane Wiggington - GeoEng...It's Too Late - Free Listen

GeoEngineering...A Fancy Word For Murder! - Vid

GeoEngineering Targets Drought Condition In CA

Jeff & Dane Wigington - Chemtrails...Heavier, Deadlier - Vid

MASSIVE Increase Of Ultra-Violate Light Pounding The Earth - mp3

GeoEngineering Insanity - It's Far Worse Than You Think - mp3

Jeff And Dane Wigington & Stunning Chemtrail Video - Vid

Professor Doom & 'Education'

A Good College Has 4.1% Graduation

Seven Highest Paid At UC Berkeley? Coaches

The Uber Cheater Economy

Most Arts Grads Say Degree Overpriced

Poo Bah Arrogance Exposed Again

The Amazing Careers Of The 1%

The Most Racist College...Scripps

Professor Sues Over Required Gibberish

MA Program Cancelled, Stranding Students


Must Viewing

Jeffrey Smith's 'Genetic Roulette' Full Documentary - Vid

Battle Of LA

Footage Of UFO Being Fired On In 'Battle Of LA' - Vid

1942 Battle Of LA - Biggest Mass UFO Sighting In History


Ingo Swann Passes
Into Great Beyond

FREE Listen MP3s
March 1999 with Jeff Rense & Ingo

Hour 1 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 2 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 3 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013)

Humans In An Inhuman War

Bf-109 Ace Franz Stigler And B-17 Pilot Charlie Brown Meet - Vid

Feline Adventures

Videos And Photos Of Cats At 'Work' And Play - Vid

Kitty Cams Show Secret Life Of Cats

Required Reading

How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist!


The Best 5 Minute Documentary On 911 Ever - Vid

Was 9/11 An Inside Job, Or A MOSSAD Job?

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 1 - Vid

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 2 - Vid

Charlotte Iserbyt

The Secret History Of Public Education - Vid


More Corn Ethanol...More Harm To Consumers, Environment

E10 Ethanol Gas Destroys Engines...Proof - Vid

E15 Ethanol Gas Even More Destructive Than E10 - Vid

A Provocative Documentary

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Vid

Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins - How The Rothschilds Created Israel

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Power Of The Rothschild Bankers

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Drugs, War & Manipulation - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - WW2...Orchestrated Slaughter - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 21, 2003) - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 31, 2003) - Vid

National Socialism + Zionism = NAZI - Vid

The Cult Is Everywhere

Ritual Child Sex Abuse, Pedo Conspiracy Of Silence - Vid

Andrew Gause

FREE Listen - Vivid Portrait Of Post-Sandy Chaos, Suffering In NJ

GM Yellow Corn Equals
Tumors, Cancers & Death

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia

Justice Kagan Rules For Monsanto In Farmer GMO Case

Nestle Folds To SA Consumer Pressure Over GMOs


The Term 'Organic' Rapidly
Becoming Useless

The Great Organic Deceivers 

Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Dr. Alan Cantwell - Why Doctors Ignore Bacterial Cause Of Cancer

'Watchful Waiting' Just As Effective A Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Toxins In Skin Bacteria Help Lymphoma Cells Spread

Bacteria As A Primary Cause Of Breast Cancer

The Incredible & Unrecognized Germ Of Cancer

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer

World Man-Made AIDS Day - December 1

Ignored Bacteria And The Cause Of Lymphoma Cancer

Bacteria Cause Cancer...The Microscopic Evidence - Photos

Heroines All

Women At Work In The 1940s - Rare Color Photos

Creepy, Weird Otherworldly
Sounds...Vanished Again

Eerie Strange Sky Sounds Are Back Again

Sky 'Trumpets' In The Netherlands

Strange Sounds Over Tangiers, Morocco

Eerie Sounds Over Casablanca

Creepy Sounds Over Bristol, England

Those Otherworldly, Bizarre Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

A Chronology Of The Eerie, Strange Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

Eerie Sky Sounds Validated By Russian Scientists

Bizarre Noises Over Cambridge, England - Vid



The Platters

LV Court Restores The Platters Name To Rightful Owner

The Platters - The Great Pretender 1956 - Vid

The Platters - Twilight Time 1958 - Vid

The Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1955 - Vid

The Platters - Only You 1956 - Vid

Hollywood's Golden Days

A Drive Through Beverly Hills In The Early 1930s

Wonderful Vintage Hollywood Photos... pdf

Great Vintage Hollywood Photos

Fabulous Hollywood Stars And Their Classic Cars

The Original Hollywood Sign Read Hollywoodland - Pic

Round About Hollywood 1931, Color - Vid

Wonderful Color Photos Of 50s & 60s LA/SoCal - Pics


American Graffitti In LA

Background To Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s

Rick Mack - Cruising Van Nuys Blvd In The 1970s - Pics

A Dream Lost

1940s Small Town America...Cafes, Stores, Shops - Color Photos

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 1 - Vid

Portrait Of 1950s American Suburbia, Pt 2 - Vid

The Death Of Clean US Mass Transit

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 1 - Vid

How GM Destroyed Clean US Mass Transit, Pt 2 - Vid

What You See Isn't What You Get

The Fraud Of Digitized 'Beauty' - The Big Lie - Vid

Things You MUST Have

Poor Man's Guide To Survival Gear

UN Agenda 21 Evil

Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda For The NWO - Vid

Agenda 21 - The Plan For A Global Fascist Dictatorship

Agenda 21 - Your Life Is In Their Hands - Vid

Agenda 21 Takeover In Klamath Basin

Agenda 21 Has Rural America In The Crosshairs

Agenda 21 - The Steady-State Illusion



The Arc Blasted Earth

Big Blue Jet Above The Electric Earth

Baffling Mars Plumes Are Electric


Mysterious John Lenard Walson

John Walson Is Back - Another Mystery Video, Bizarre - Vid

Walson Visits The Moon Through His Telescope - Vid

Walson Finds New Lunar Anomalies...Strange - Vid

Walson's Work Apparently Verified - Vid

MARS - The Mysterious

Unequivocal Proof Of Buildings On Mars

Must See - Life On Mars…Water, Trees, Cities

This Is Mars - 2015

Stunning - The Best Mars Discoveries, Part 2

They've Hidden Entire Mars Cities From Us

Clearly A Intelligently-Designed Relic On Mars

Reaching Mars In A Few Days? Yes! Says NASA

Oh, My - Hidden By NASA - Stunning Structures On Mars

NASA Coverups On Mars Continue - Clear Structures

1,000s Of Obvious Buildings On Mars -What Do You Think?

Explosive Mushroom Cloud On Mars By Indian Orbiter

Encore - Obvious Valve Found By Curiosity On Mars - Vid

Leaked Mars Photos Loaded With Signs Of Life - Vid

Trees On Mars Coverup - Vid

Amazing Photos On Mars 2014 - Vid

Train Wheels, Axle On Mars - Vid

Tomb, Cross, Platform, Relics Found On Mars - Vid

Looks Like NASA Hid Entire Cities On Mars - Vid

Rense & Joseph Skipper - Proof Of LIfe On Mars

Mars' Greatest Mystery

LIFE On Mars - Forests, Lakes, Rivers In Stunning Photos - Pics

Jeff And David Oates FREE Listen Click Here

Fascinating Mars Structures, Cities, Plant Life?

Mars Structure Found - The Real Reason For The US Vendetta Against Gary McKinnon?

Obvious, Unquestionable Tracks On Mars - Object On Track? - Pics

MSNBC Picks Up The Mars Structure Video

Stunning Mars Anomalies 

Mars Life, Water, Vegetation, Anomalies

World's Best

The Ten Most Influential People In The Alternative Media

The American Dream Is Dead
(graphic language)

Carlin - War Culture And The Sham Of Democracy

George Carlin On The Rothschilds - Vid

The Genius George Of Carlin - Vid

George Carlin On NASA Plans For Mars - Vid

George Carlin On Civil Liberties In America - Vid

George Carlin - It's Over - Vid

Robert Hastings

10 UFOs Cavort Above US Nuke Missile Base

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Roswell Eyewitness
FREE Listen - Jeff With Jesse Marcel, Jr

Peter Davenport , Noe Torres & E.J. Wilson - Roswell 2010! - Very Special Guest - Col Jesse Marcel, Jr - MP3

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Veteran, Patriot & Roswell Witness Passes On

Memories Of Jesse Marcel By Kevin Randle

Phoenix Lights Witness Remembers Jesse Marcel, Jr - Fortson

Remembering Jesse Marcel, Jr - Balthaser

Mainstream Media Homage To Jesse Marcel's Passing

Dr. Roger Leir
Astonishing UFO Over Turkey

Roger's Personal Photo Video Analysis Showing ETs

Non-Humans, ETs, Shown Inside Turkey UFO

All Known Videos Of The Turkey UFO

Spectacular Turkey UFO - Information Site


Podesta Urged To Involve Obama In ET Disclosure

UFO At Incredible Speed Tracked By Radar

Eerie, Daylight Ghost Ship Seen On Lake Superior

Area 51 - Bikers Held At Gunpoint By Security Guards

Digital Message Sent To Possible ET Civilization

UFO In Yorkshire Filmed By Retired Policeman

Fidel Castro UFO Sighting

CEFAE Conference On UFO Research In Argentina

Mystery UFO Over Moscow High Rise

China Drivers Leave Cars To Film Low-Flying UFO

Why Are UFO’s Shutting Down Our Nuke Missiles?

UFO Photographed Over Hoboken, NJ

Metallic UFOs Photog Over Superior, CO

UFOs Break From Group, Appear To Go Down

UFOs Caught On Cam During Camping Trip

Second UFO Witness Comes Forward

First-Ever Binary Alien Planets Found?


New Earth Health Solutions
Oxy C • Allicin C • Rife • Ozone Generator
Click HERE

Health Matters

Aspartame - The Deadly Poison

Diet Coke WON’T Stop Diabetes - It Can CAUSE IT

Antibiotics In Fast Food – 25 Top Chains

Record Rates Of STDs Hit America – CDC

How To Thrive On Two Hours of Sleep

15 Disturbing Consequences of Sugar

Medical Marijuana Decreases Big Pharma Opioid Use

‘Memory Hacker’ Explains How To Plant False Memories

Eight Non-Residents Zika Infected In Florida

Super-Gonorrhoea Outbreak Out Of Control

Medical Misdiagnosis In America - Shocking Statistics

Engdahl - Bayer AG Makes Bee Contraceptives

'Statins Ruined My Life'

Aspartame - The Silent Poisoner Of The 21st Century

How To Find MD To Support Your Vax Choice

Millions Dead Bees Dropped Off At US Enviro Agency

Contagious Cancer Common In Oceans - Scientists

How Dirty Are Public Restrooms, Really?

Looking For Calorie Labels On Menus?

Foraging For Edible Wild Plants


Vegan Recipes

High Protein Foods For Vegetarians

Vegan Hummus

Raw Recipe - Avocado Tropical Salsa...Addictive! - Vid

Easy Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Dick Allgire

Haven't Felt This Good Since Bangkok - Allgire

Time-Cross August Remote Viewing Results

News Analysis - Clinton's Collapse Is Conspiracy Theory

July Remote Viewing Of AUGUST - US City Blasted?



More Data

9-11 Master Archive

Click Here

9-11 Ten Years Later

9-11 Nine Years Later


Morgellon's Data Center

Click Here


George Carlin

George Carlin - 'I Gave Up On My Species' - Vid

Click Here


At Home With Hitler

1938 Homes & Garden
Magazine Spread


Mars Anomalies

Remote Views Mars

The Man Who
Talks To Animals

Coral Castle

War of the Worlds

The Deadliest Medium Ever
How TV Ruined Your Life - Vid

Click Here

Nano-Chemical Poisoning
Of The World

Aerosol Crimes & Coverup


Depleted Uranium

Click Here

Depleted Uranium
Videos - Important

Bush's DU Nightmare



A US Soldier Remembers Eisenhower's Monstrous Genocide

Satanic Eisenhower's Starvation Order And Genocide

Click Here


Mad Cow Data

Click Here


Rense UFO Data

Click Here



Click Here

The Museum
of Hoaxes

'Baby Dragon'
In The Bottle

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