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Stephen Lendman

Will Trump Destroy The World For His Statue?

Has The Tide Turned On Russophobia?

The Rockets Glare Red Over A Dumified Democracy

In The Interest Of The People Of The United States

US Looney Tunes Foreign Policies

The Only Red Line That Matters

WW3 Closer Than Anytime Since Cuban Missile Crisis

Vladimir Putin...The Emperor Of Patience

WaPo's Editorial War n Russia - Part II

US Supports Letting Palestinian Refugees Starve

Trump Administration Implacably Hostile Toward Iran
(Following Orders From Its Zionist Controllers)

Trump Headed Toward Abandoning Iran Nuclear Deal?

The Trump-Bannon War

WaPost Urges Arming Ukraine To 'Counter Russia'

Trump's Deplorable Tax Cut Scheme

Endless NYT Russophobic Propaganda

Sunday's Catalonia Independence Referendum

US Terror-Bombing Syria With Chemical Weapons

NYT Gives Feature Op-Ed Space To A Russophobe

Trump's Extended Travel Ban

PLO Request For ICC To Probes Settlements Goes Nowhere

Can An Entire Nation Be Mentally Deranged?

Bernie Sanders On Israel And Iran

Iran's New Ballistic Missile

Fallout From Harvard Mistreatment Of Chelsea Manning

Trump Again Threatens Venezuela

Were Arrested London Bombing Suspects Easy Patsies?

Nikki Haley's Security Council Temper Tantrum

Former Head Of Israeli Military Intelligence
Urges Trump War On North Korea

McCain Unleashed

The Battle For ISIS-Controlled Deir Ezzor

Iran on Trump's Target List?

Israel’s War On Poetry

Condemnation Of Israel's Revocation
Of An Arab Citizen's Citizenship

Al-Araqib Village - Symbol Of Palestinian Resistance

Undemocratic Alliance For Securing Democracy

New Illegal US Sanctions on Iran

NATO Chief Idiot Calls For Removing Nonexistent
Russian Forces From Ukraine

Israeli Persecution Of Mordechai Vanunu

Deplorable NYT Denigration Of Syria's Assad

Israeli Torture and Abuse of Palestinian Detainees

The NYT Big Lie About US Combating ISIS

ISIS Leader Killed?

HRW Mocks Human Rights

US Stupidly, Recklessly Provoking Russia

Big Lies About Russia Persist

Trump Lets Mattis Decide On Troop Levels

Fear-Mongering Following Saturday Night London Incident

The Charade Of Russian US 'Election Hacking'

Lavrov In Washington - Hold The Optimism

Trump On His First 100 Days - Lies vs Facts

Russia's Futile Outreach to Washington

WaPo Big Lies Of Russian Meddling In West Elections

US Aegis Onshore anti-Missile System Violates INF Treaty

Trump’s Op-Ed Big Lies

Trump vs FDR's First 100 Days

Mattis In Israel

Gaza’s Sole Power Plant Shut Down

Turks Vote on Constitutional Referendum



NYT Now Says Trump Threatens Europe

Greater US Aggression Under Trump Coming?

Trump Rejects Diplomacy With North Korea

Mass Grave Discovered Near Mosul, Iraq

Hollywood Honors Terrorism - Phony 'White Helmets'
Film Completely Obscures Their Terrorist Links

Failed State Of Ukraine Wants Russia's
Security Council Veto Power Curbed

Standing Rock Water Protectors Face Eviction

Jewish Group Opposes Trump Pick For Israel Ambassdor

Anti-Trump Campaign Claims First Victim

Russia No Comment On Flynn's Resignation

Federal Judge Rules Against Halting DAPL Construction

Kiev's Aggression On Donbass Continues

Trump Signals More Support For Useless NATO
And Its Backing Of The Illegal Ukraine Govt

Saudi Terror-Bombing In Yemen - Now Trump War
He Has Inherited All Of Bush, Cheney, Obama Wars

Appeals Court Dubious About Trump Travel Ban

Germany Blasts Israel's Illegal Land Grab

Relentless NYT War On Trump And Russia

Le Pen Ahead in First Round French Presidential Election

Is US Rapprochement With Russia Possible?

Americans - The World's Most Over-Entertained,
Uninformed, Useless Know-Nothings

ABC News Interviews Trump

Mass Foggy Bottom Exodus

Trump At War With Islam

Putin Blasts Anti-Trump Prostitutes

Outgoing CIA Boss Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

Deep State Orchestrated Storm Awaits Trump In Office

TrumpCare Nears Completion

Syria Responds To Israeli War & Aggression

Dutch Court Blocks Truth-Telling On MH17 Crash

Fake Bomb Threats in 16 US Jewish Centers

Delegitimizing Trump Prelude To Ousting Him Once In Office?

Netanyahu Invents New Way To Persecute Palestinians

Facebook Banishes Stephen Lendman For Truth-Telling

Obama Wants War In Syria Continued

Russian Christmas Gifts for Syrian Children

Mindless Bipartisan US Support For Israel

Mass Graves Found In Aleppo

Christmas Weekend In Chicago - 27 Shootings

Neocon McCain Blames Putin And Assad For US War Crimes in Syria

4 UNSC Members Demand Illegal Israeli Settlements Vote

NYT Frantic Over Russia, Iran, Turkey
Alliance On Syria, Excluding US

1,000s Of US Cities With Lead-Poisoned Water

The Curse Of Govt And Media Scoundrels' Fake News

War Criminal Kerry Given France's Highest Honor

The NYT Won't Quit Misreporting on Syria

Palmyra Again Reportedly Seized By ISIS

NYT Can't Accept Idea Of US Defeat In Aleppo

Aleppo Largely Liberated

Washington's Imperial Project In Syria Facing Defeat

US-Backed Terrorists In Aleppo Near Collapse

Fidel Castro Passes, An Era Ends

NYT Opposes Abandoning TPP (big surprise)

Obama Promotes His Deplorable Legacy

US Terrorists Deny Medical Care To E Aleppo Residents

Police State Tactics Against DAPL Protesters

Wrongheaded UN General Assembly Resolutions

Lendman - Will Trump Drain The Swamp As Promised?

Wrongheaded Anti-Trump Protests

Irresponsibly Saying Putin Wants Elections Disrupted

America Wants War, Not Peace, In Syria

Russia's Current Strange Behavior In Syria

US, Turkey Aided ISIS Attack On Kirkuk, Iraq

Bill, Hillary Clinton, Inc - For Sale At The Right Price

NGOs Supporting US Imperial Ruthlessness in Syria

NeoCon Washington Post Pushes Fo VZ Regime Change

Shaky Russian/Syrian Ceasefire In East Aleppo

Draining The East Aleppo Swamp

Liberating Mosul A Walkover, Not A Giant Battle As Hyped?

Dueling Russia - US Agendas On Syria

Security Council Wars

One-Sided Scoundrel Media Reporting on Aleppo

Kerry Arrogantly Calls For No-Fly Zone In Syria

Assad - US Jets Willfully Bombed Syrian Troops

Ban Ki-moon's Deplorable General Assembly Address

Obama's Last UN Speech As Duplicitous As His First

Putin-Led United Russia Party Scores Huge Triumph

Turkey Aggressively Seizing More Syrian Territory

The Myth Of 'Moderate' Rebels in Syria

Putin Spokesman On US Russophobia

How Fantasy Democracy Works in America

Geopolitically Clueless Libertarian Gary Johnson

Israel Attacks Syria

Obama Talks Peace In Syria While Waging Death

Putin Wants Turkey Relations Despite Syria Invasion

FBI Continues Suppressing Hillary's Crimes

War-Bent Obama Expands Illegal Sanctions On Russia

Bloomberg Interviews Putin

NYT Editors Support Brazil's Coup d'Etat Regime

Amazing Media Self-Indictment

Anti-Coup Rage in Brazil

'Republicans' For Clinton

America…The Epicenter Of Pure Evil

Media Scumbags For Hillary

Hillary's Criminally Vile BleachBit Controversy

Reality In Syria

Russian FM Not Happy With Turkey Invading Syria

US Supports Turkey's Invasion of Syria

NYT Hides Escalated US-Turkey War In Syria

Russia Patient With America To A Fault

The Price of US Olympian Arrogance

Pentagon Threat To Down Russian Jets, Start WW3

Aleppo Boy Photog Ally Of US Funded Terrorists

US-Supported Genocide in Yemen

Aleppo Boy Stunt vs What Media Won't Show You

Man On Death Row In TX For 18 Yrs Killed No One

Russia Won't Let Terrorism Win In Syria, China To Help

NYT Editors Ignore Obama's War On Yemen

New Element In Russia's War On Syria Terror

Israel Planning 3rd Temple On Al-Aqsa Mosque Site?

Outrageous, Scandalous Anti-Trump Media Bias

Beat Clinton With Her War Crimes, Racketeering

Putin-Erdogan Meeting - No Geopol Breakthroughs

Fidel's Birthday Message

Fidel Attends Gala Honoring Him On 90th Birthday

Horror Stories From Obama's War On Syria

Feliz Cumpleanos Fidel - Happy 90th Birthday

NYT Going Through Bottom Of Gutter Abusing Trump

NYT Anti-Russia Venom

The Bernie Bribe For Endorsing Hillary?

NYT New Low In Filth - Infers Trump Wants Hillary Dead

Raging Anti-Trumpism

Russia Foils Terror Attacks On Crimea By Ukrainians

Clinton's Post-Convention Surge in Polls Shrinking

A Disgrace Of Olympian Proportions

Rio Represents Olympism At Its Worst

US Missile Likely Downed Russian Relief Helicopter

US Terrorists Refuse To Resume Syria Peace Talks

NYT vs Trump On Putin And Ukraine

Terrifying Glimpse Of What Hillary In Charge Means

Clinton In Outrageous Lie On Fox News Sunday

Judas Goat Sanders Still Hanging Around

Huge Stakes In The US Presidential Race

Hillary's Despicable VP Choice

Media Scoundrels Laud Deplorable Clinton VP Choice

Suspicious Munich Shootings

Russia's Lavrov Blasts West

US, French Warplanes Massacre Civilians In Syria

Ukraine's War On Press Freedom

False Prophets Hype Brexit Disaster

Brexit Another Excuse For Putin Bashing

Turmoil in Britain Following Brexit

Brexit Contagion Breaking Out

Kerry In Brussels And London

Unindicted War Criminal Blair Calls Brexit A Coup

Memorial Day Hypocrisy

Another Israeli Anti-BDS Conference

ISIS On The Move In Syria

Obama In Hiroshima

Deconstructing Obama's Demagoguery in Hiroshima

Russia Admits Syria Ceasefire Let Terrorists Regroup

Terrorists, Weapons Flow Into Syria From Turkey Daily

Scandalous Scoundrel Media Big Lies on Syria

Fantasy Ceasefire in Aleppo

Revisiting Chernobyl

Fidel Castro’s Farewell Address?

Obama in Germany

Russia Foiled US Imperial Plans for Syria

Incoming Idiot NATO Boss Militantly Anti-Russian

Perpetuating The Myth Of Arab Responsibility For 9/11

Remembering Deir Yassin

Endless War in Syria

Jill Stein vs Bernie Sanders

Pro-Palestinian, Anti-AIPAC Protests

America vs Cuba On Human Rights

Sergey Lavrov on Russia's Foreign Policy

Deranged NATO Commander Philip Breedlove

Trump Bashing Goes Global

Hollow Papal Shock Over Nuns and Others Killed in Yemen

Conflict Rages During Syrian Ceasefire

Saudi Crown Prince Awarded France’s Highest Honor

Trump Bashing Reaches Epic, Obscene Proportions

Does A JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump?

Netanyahu Wants West Bank Families of Palestinians Wrongfully Called

NYT Endorses Ousting Venezuela’s Maduro

Hillary Clinton - War Criminal, Racist, Psychopath

Neocon Super PAC Aims To Undermine Trump

Hillary Clinton Loves Goldman Sachs

US & Israel Call The Shots On Syria

Turkey Vows to Continue Supporting Terrorists in Syria

Obama & Netanyahu Intend Undermining Ceasefire in Syria

NYT Reinvented History of War on Libya

Phony Claims About US Supporting Its Troops Exposed

Israel's War On Palestine Ignored

BBC Reinvented History of War in Syria

US-Led ISIS Support Money Lets ISIS Thrive

Lavrov Warns US Not To Undermine Syria Ceasefire

Obama OKs Turkey Shelling Syria Despite Ceasefire

New US Syria Strategy Aims To Con Russia

Futile Diplomatic Efforts To Resolve Syria Conflict

Liberating Syria Requires Defeating Terrorism

The Sordid NYT Anti-Russia Bashing Machine

Syria Winning the Strategic Battle of Aleppo

Devastating Toll of Obama’s Rape of Syria

Super Bowl 50 To Resemble Combat Zone

Damascus Terror Bombings Amid Farce 'Peace Talks'

Institutionalized Racism in Israel

Naked Turkish Aggression On Syria

Scurrilous NYT Anti-Syrian Propaganda

Farcical Syrian Peace Talks - Dead On Arrival

Israel's Thermonuclear Subs

Ruthless Israeli Injustice

Gulf States Equity Mkts Dive As Iran Sanctions Lifted

Syrians Besieged By ISIS Face Death

More Evidence Of Turkey Aiding ISIS

Iraq's Longstanding Nightmare

Four Dozen Saudi Extrajudicial Executions

Brazil Rejects Deplorable Israeli Envoy Choice

Palestine And Chicago - War Zones

Zio NYT Urges Full Scale Zio US War On Syria & Iraq

Terrorist Leader Zahran Alloush's Death

Tyranny In France

Israeli Holiday Season Holy Land Atrocities

Brutalizing And Murdering Palestinians With Impunity

Meaningless Greek Recognition Of Palestinian Statehood

Americans Irrationally Fear Terrorist Attacks

Bernie Sanders Hypocrisy, Carson's Geopolitical Ignorance

Hyped Fear Grips Europe And America

Jonathan Pollard Released

Neocons Call for Invading Syria

Netanyahu Equates Heroic Pal Resistance To ISIS Terrorism

Two Stabbed To Death At RT Tel Aviv Office

Netanyahu Equates Heroic Pales Resistance to ISIS Terrorism

US Rejects Russia’s Syrian Peace Proposal

Syria Not Invited to Talks On Resolving Endless War

Meet Israel's Terminator - Murder Is Now 'Heroic'

Netanyahu's New PR Chief

House Adopts Anti-Palestinian Resolution

Israel's Dirty War On Palestine

Palestinians Courageously Resisting Israeli Tyranny

Israel's War On Truth

Russia Beating America's Dirty Game in Syria

New Book Rips Hillary Clinton

US Warplanes Kill Defecting ISIS Field Commanders

Israeli State Terror Rages

Israel Tear Gases 8 Mo Old Palestinian Infant To Death

Mindless Proposed Solutions To End Violence In Pal

NYT Ignores Root Cause Of Violence In Palestine

NYT Big Lie Claims Russia Bombing Syrian Hospitals

US Imperial Strategy in Disarray

Israelis Are Today's Nazis

Rampaging State-Sponsored Israeli Settlers

60 Minutes Interviews America's Liar-In-Chief

The War On Jeremy Corbyn Rages

Netanyahu Unleashes Attacks By Settlers

Human Rights Watch Blasts Israeli Violence

Putin: The Preeminent World Leader

Lunatics In DC Want Direct Confrontation With Russia

NYT Falsely Claims Russia Sending Troops To Syria

Latest NYT Propaganda Piece on Syria

US And Rogue Allies Plot Plan B In Syria

Candidates Denigrate Muslims And Hugo Chavez?

US Zionist Organizations Blast UN Criticism Of Israel

The Big Lie About Russian Forces in Syria

Israel Desecrates Islam's Third Holiest Site, Again

Israel Denies 1,500 Sick Pal Prisoners Medical Care

Kiev's Yalta European Strategy Forum

Syrian Refugees Call Israel Their Main Enemy

Israel Protecting Killers of Immolated Palestinians

Trump On The Issues

Murder, Inc Official Israeli Policy

Thousands Demand Netanyahu's Arrest For War Crimes

Palestinian Hunger Striker Life Hangs By Thread

John Kerry Lectures Cubans About Democracy

Haiti’s Sham Electoral Process

Full-Scale War Looms In Donbass

Think Tank Warns Of NATO-Russia Clash

Unjustifiable De Facto Martial Law in Ferguson

Baseless Russia Downed MH17 Charges Resurface

Greece, Troika Agree On Bailout Deal In Theory

Anti-Iranian Nuclear Deal Blitzkrieg in Full Swing

Life In Donetsk - Resilient Despite Obama's Proxy War

Iran Nuclear Talks - Mixed Reports

Entrapping Greece In Debt

Human Rights In Venezuela v. America

Troika Intends Starving Greece Into Submission

EU Bashes "Russian Propaganda"

Obama's Latest Demagoguery

Troika Rejects Greece Bailout Extension

Netanyahu's Latest Demagoguery

Israel Bombs Lebanon

House Reject Fast Track Authority - For Now

Presstitute Media Support Anti-Consumer Fast Track Authority

Washington's Nakba Museum

Saudis Terror Bomb Yemeni World Heritage Site

Israel Whitewashes Mass Murder

FBI Misuse of Patriot Act Authority

Dysfunctional Ukrainian Military

Freedom Flotilla III Headed For Gaza

Israeli Security Force Thugs Attack Russian Journalists

Obama Wants Extreme Yemeni Pain, Suffering

US Defense Department's Fabricated Chinese Threat

China-Russia Partnership Continue To Grow

Kiev's Ongoing Aggression On Donbass

Israeli Soldiers Break Silence On Gaza War

US Wars Kill Mostly Civilians

US/NATO Readying For War On Russia

Obama Wars Rage At Home And Abroad

More Evidence of Ukraine's Reign of Terror

US-Saudi Blockade Prevents Aid From Yemen

Kiev Announces Readiness For New War

US/Saudi Recruited Terrorists In Yemen

Former NATO Chief Targets Russia 'Irresponsibly'

Saudi-Style Yemeni Ceasefire - Continued Terror-Bombing

Efforts To Restart Sham Israeli/Pal Peace Talks

Obama's War on Yemen Risks Involving Iran

Comments On Major Geopolitical Events

Post-Nuclear Deal Iran Bashing

Preparing For War Opposite Ways

Iranian Nuclear Program Deal Postmortems

A Yemeni's Call For Help

Brits Prepare For Nonexistent Russian Attack

US-Sponsored Slow-Motion Genocide In Yemen

Secret US Intel On Yemen Compromised

More US-Sponsored Middle East Aggression

Fascist US House Members Declare War On Russia

Snubbing Russia, Reinventing History

Hyping A Nonexistent Russian Threat

Kiev Junta War Crimes

Ukraine On Boil - DC Prepares For Greater War

Proposed European Army - Good Idea Or Bad?

Israeli FM Wants Arab Citizens Beheaded

Obama's Neocon Infested Administration

Zio Hawk Sen Menendez Charged With Corruption

Questions For NYT & Other Scum Media Editors

The Great American Lying Machine

Nemtsov Murder - Anti-Putin False Flag

US Diplomats Paid To Lie

Raging Anti-Russian Propaganda

Normandy Four In Paris

Donbass Ceasefire - Relative Calm Before The Storm?

No Let Up in Intense Anti-Russian Propaganda

Lavrov In New York

Obama In Ukraine - Fascism, Oppression, War, Chaos, Misery

Kiev Surrenders Debaltsevo - Huge DPR Victory

Bashing Russia And Rebels For Kiev Crimes

Washington Wants War With Russia

Post-Minsk EU Sanctions On Russia

Elie Wiesel's Anti-Iranian Big Lies

Ceasefire In Donbass?

Copenhagen False Flag?

Promoting Escalated War On Donbas

Blowback Against Israeli State Terror

Rights Groups Condemn Israeli Gaza War Crimes

Greek Election - Mixed Messages, Hold The Cheers

Lunatics Run The Washington Asylum

Cuba Bashing

Perfect Storm Conditions Threaten Ukraine

Why Palestinian Sovereignty Matters

Abbas Signs Rome Statute - Hold The Cheers

Lendman - Thoughts On New Year's Eve

Comments On Palestine's UN Failure

Bahrain - Profile Of A Police State

Christmas In America

Israel's War On Press Freedom

US Attempted Color Revolution In Russia?

Ukraine Headed For Disaster

Kiev Anti-Russian False Flag Planned?

Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?

Former Mossad Head Blasts Netanyahu

NATO Delivering Arms To Ukraine

Obama vs Venezuela's Maduro

Kissinger Geopolitics

Risking Possible Bloodbath In Palestine

Internal Israeli Wars

Punitive Israeli House Demolitions

Battleground America

Insult To Injury In Egypt

Israel Attacks Gaza Border Areas

Israeli Ruthlessness

Unaccountable Israeli 'Settler' Criminality

Rewarding Israel for High Crimes Against Peace

Biden In Ukraine

Lavrov - West Wants Regime Change In Russia

Obama's Sham Immigration Reform

The MH17 Coverup

Collective Punishment - Official Israeli Policy

The Day Israel Attacked America

Sadistic Israeli Murder Of 14 Yr Old American

America's Rogue Agenda

Irresponsibly Targeting Russia

Israel's War On Islam

Atty Stanley L. Cohen - Guilty Of Doing His Job Honorably

Reinvented Scoundrel Media History

Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom

Renouncing Judaism

Obama's 'Economy'

Illusory Ceasefire In Ukraine

Britain - Washington's Convenient Pawn

Obama Wants Regime Change In Russia

Holder Quits

Vile Media Reactions To Obama's Syrian Aggression

Enlisting Support For Imperial War

Telling It Like Is On Israel

Israel's Hannibal Directive

Abbas Blocks Israeli War Crimes Investigation

Barghouti On Operation Protective Edge

Amnesty Intl A Front For Globalist Power

9/11 - The Mother Of All Big Lies

Ukraine's Whitewashed Odessa Massacre

Steven Salaita Goes Public

Reflections On Israeli High Crimes vs Peace

Obama Intends Escalating MidEast Aggression

Organized Labor In America Today

Russian Efforts To End Ukraine Crisis Heroic

MSM Suppresses Hard Truths On Ukraine

Selling NATO's Killing Machine

Fact-Checking Obama

Gaza 'War' Postmortems

Gaza Ceasefire - Hold The Cheers

Israel vs Palestine - MSM Unreported Truths

Russia And America - Geopolitical Opposites

Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide

Kiev's Dirty War

Russia - Waging Peace In Ukraine

Promoting Confrontation With Russia

Netanyahu - Israel's Pinochet

The Great Israeli Iron Dome Hoax

Blocking Russian Humanitarian Aid

Impasse In Cairo

Obama's War On Iraq

Investigating Gaza War Crimes

Mass Murder In Gaza & Ukraine

Waging Genocidal War On Humanity

Israel Murders Gazan Health Workers

The Battle For Ukraine's Soul

Abbas - Longtime Israeli Collaborator

Middle East In Turmoil

Back From The Abyss

Syrians Vote

Obama In Europe

Palestinian Unity Governance

Egypt's Illegitimate New President

Manufacturing Crisis Irresponsibly

Reactions To Obama At West Point

Punishing Palestinians Ruthlessly

Irresponsible Syria Bashing

Kiev's War on Freedom

China-Russian Unity - Washington's Worst Fear

State-Sponsored Terror in Ukraine

Kiev Waging War on Its Own People

Lavrov On Washington's Dirty War

The New York Times War On Truth

Lugansk & Donetsk Declare Independence

Kiev Obstructs Peaceful Dialogue

US And Europe Planning To 'Cut Off' Russia’s Gas Supply

Bashing Putin's Diplomatic Proposal

Impeach Obama! Do It Now!

Israeli Independence Produced Nakba Suffering

Proposed Basic Law Declares Israel a Jewish State

Scandalous Scoundrel Media Big Lies

Kiev Losing Control

Right Sector Thugs Attack Odessa Activists

Putin vs Kerry

Ukraine Hypes A Nonexistent Russian Threat

Obama's Imperial Agenda Reflects Madness

More Kerry Bullying, Bluster And Big Lies

Collective Punishment - Official Israeli Policy

The Day Israel Attacked America

Sadistic Israeli Murder Of 14 Yr Old American

America's Rogue Agenda

Irresponsibly Targeting Russia

Israel's War On Islam

Atty Stanley L. Cohen - Guilty Of Doing His Job Honorably

Reinvented Scoundrel Media History

Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom

Renouncing Judaism

Obama's 'Economy'

Illusory Ceasefire In Ukraine

Britain - Washington's Convenient Pawn

Obama Wants Regime Change In Russia

Holder Quits

Vile Media Reactions To Obama's Syrian Aggression

Enlisting Support For Imperial War

Telling It Like Is On Israel

Israel's Hannibal Directive

Abbas Blocks Israeli War Crimes Investigation

Barghouti On Operation Protective Edge

Amnesty Intl A Front For Globalist Power

9/11 - The Mother Of All Big Lies

Ukraine's Whitewashed Odessa Massacre

Steven Salaita Goes Public

Reflections On Israeli High Crimes vs Peace

Obama Intends Escalating MidEast Aggression

Organized Labor In America Today

Russian Efforts To End Ukraine Crisis Heroic

MSM Suppresses Hard Truths On Ukraine

Selling NATO's Killing Machine

Fact-Checking Obama

Gaza 'War' Postmortems

Gaza Ceasefire - Hold The Cheers

Israel vs Palestine - MSM Unreported Truths

Russia And America - Geopolitical Opposites

Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide

Kiev's Dirty War

Russia - Waging Peace In Ukraine

Promoting Confrontation With Russia

Netanyahu - Israel's Pinochet

The Great Israeli Iron Dome Hoax

Blocking Russian Humanitarian Aid

Impasse In Cairo


Obama's War On Iraq

Investigating Gaza War Crimes

Mass Murder In Gaza & Ukraine

Waging Genocidal War On Humanity

Israel Murders Gazan Health Workers

The Battle For Ukraine's Soul

Abbas - Longtime Israeli Collaborator

Middle East In Turmoil

Back From The Abyss

Syrians Vote

Obama In Europe

Palestinian Unity Governance

Egypt's Illegitimate New President

Manufacturing Crisis Irresponsibly

Reactions To Obama At West Point

Punishing Palestinians Ruthlessly

Irresponsible Syria Bashing

Kiev's War on Freedom

China-Russian Unity - Washington's Worst Fear

State-Sponsored Terror in Ukraine

Kiev Waging War on Its Own People

Lavrov On Washington's Dirty War

The New York Times War On Truth

Lugansk & Donetsk Declare Independence

Kiev Obstructs Peaceful Dialogue

US And Europe Planning To 'Cut Off' Russia’s Gas Supply

Bashing Putin's Diplomatic Proposal

Impeach Obama! Do It Now!

Israeli Independence Produced Nakba Suffering

Proposed Basic Law Declares Israel a Jewish State

Scandalous Scoundrel Media Big Lies

Kiev Losing Control

Right Sector Thugs Attack Odessa Activists

Putin vs Kerry

Ukraine Hypes A Nonexistent Russian Threat

Obama's Imperial Agenda Reflects Madness

More Kerry Bullying, Bluster And Big Lies

Russia Bashing Escalates

Unprecedented Settlement Construction Exposes Sham Peace Talks

Holocaust Remembrance Day Duplicity

More Lawless US Sanctions On Russia

Russia Will Benefit From From US Sanctions

Ukraine - Ground Zero For Possible WW3

NYT Russia Bashing Stench

Obama's War on Net Neutrality

Kiev-Style Democracy

Kerry Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies

Irresponsible RT International Bashing

Profile Of A World Class Diplomat

Obama Threatens Russia and China

Slavyansk Braces for Onslaught

Israel Wants Temple Mount Control

PLO/Hamas Detente?

US Threatens Russia

Cold War 2.0

Canada Targets Russia

Koch Brothers-Style Free Society

Kiev Violates Four-Party Agreement

Fake Donetsk Letter Circulating

Israel Targets Fundamental Freedoms

More NATO Forces For Eastern Europe!

Israel Seeks Regional Anti-Iranian Alliance

Obama Heads For War In Ukraine

Ukrainians Resist

Duplicitous Human Rights Misinformation on Ukraine

Duplicitous Obama Civil Rights Hyperbole

We're All Ukrainians Now

Navi Pillay: US Imperial Tool

Israeli State Terrorism

US Anti-Iranian Arrogance

Ukrainians Denied Democracy

What Ukraine Propaganda Looks Like

Escalating War On Syria

Big Lies Drown Out Truth

Meet Obama's New HHS Chief

Sham Peace Talks Continue

Netanyahu Declares War on Palestine

Eastern Ukrainian Resistance

Afghans Vote

Supreme Court Rules for Big Money

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Flounder

Kiev Sniper Shootings - Lies v. Truth

Duplicitous Mideast Peace Talks

Palestine to Join 15 UN Bodies & Treaties

NATO Plans Global Dominance

Jonathan Pollard's Imminent Release?

Kerry & Lavrov - World's Apart

The Russians Aren't Coming

Planned Turkish False Flag Exposed

Debunking Western Propaganda

The Struggle For Ukraine's Soul Continues

UN Report Denounces US Human Rights Record

Israeli Crimes Go Unpunished

Willful Medical Negligence in Israeli Prisons

The Real Evil Empire

NYT Editors Front for Power

Obama's Ruthless Egyptian Friends

Tymoshenko Caught in the Act

The Russians Are Coming

Containing Russia

Rogue State Israeli Policies

Crimean Reunification Day

Cold-Blooded Israeli Murder

Cheerleading Potential Disaster

Israel's Racist War on Palestine

Media Prostitutes Defend the Indefensible

Anti-Russian Media Wars

Sanctions Wars

Pre and Post-Crimean Independence Treaty Propaganda

Crimeans Choose Russia

Post-Crimean Referendum Propaganda

Propaganda War on Russia Rages

Washington's Dirty War on Venezuela

White House Crime Boss Powwow

Israel Attacks Gaza - Again

Meet Obama's New Ukrainian Friends

NYT Editors Wage War On Truth

Putin on Ukraine

Yatsenyuk Comes to Washington

US Private Military Contractors in Ukraine?

Heightened US/Russian Tensions

Israel Denies 45,000 Palestinians Water

Big Lies Drown Out Truth

Israel Hypes Nonexistent Iranian Threat

Talking Peace While Waging War

Putin v. Obama: Geopolitical Opposites

Media Scoundrels On The Wrong Side Of History

Crisis in Ukraine

"Fair Harvard" Lacks Fairness

East/West Confrontation Looms

Scoundrel Media War on Russia

Obama Warns Russia

Israel Accused Of War Crimes In West Bank

Ukraine - Potential Flashpoint for Global War

Escalating East/West Tensions

Turning the World Right Side Up

Hardened Racism in Israel

Cheerleading Ukrainian Fascism

Scoundrel Media Putin Bashing

Obama Includes Iranian Missiles in Nuclear Talks

Israel Bombs Syrian/Lebanese Border

New York Times: Supporting US Imperial Lawlessness

OR County Pushing Measure To Ban Planting GMOs

The Organic Illusion

Israel Targets Palestinian Children

Anti-Bias Laws Persecuting Christian Businesses

Ukraine - US Orchestrated Coup d'Etat

Destabilizing Venezuela Continues

US-Stoked Violence Rocks Ukraine

Britain Harasses Human Rights Lawyer

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Vienna

Obama's Multiple Regime Change Fronts

Street Violence in Venezuela

Duplicitous Geneva Diplomacy

NYT Syria Bashing

US Intelligence Community Worldwide Threat Assessment

Obama's Kill List

Racist Israeli Rabbis

Obama Violates Iran Geneva Agreement - Again

Low Wage America

UN Report Unfairly Bashes Syria

Cold War Politics In Sochi


Washington's Dirty Game

Bernanke At Brookings

Farm Bill Fiasco

Abbas Accepts Occupation Harshness 

Obamacare Harms America's Workforce 

WMD Deception - Pretext For War On Syria?


Militarism in Germany

Obama Planning War on Syria?

Kerry Backs Keystone XL Pipeline

Obama's MyRA Proposal - Hold the Cheers

America's Criminal Afghanistan Legacy

Obama's Abominable State of the Union

Media Scoundrels Target Ukraine

Deadlocked Syrian Peace Talks

International Data Privacy Day

Mass Surveillance Called Illegal

Fake Syrian Peace Talks Continue

Unprecedented Inequality under Obama

Obamacare Enrollment Misinformation

Kerry In Davos

New York's Zionist Mayor

Western Manipulated Violence in Ukraine


Sham Syrian Peace Talks

Obama Maintains A State Of National Emergency

Malicious Syria Bashing: Part II

Beating Up on Russia

New York Times Editors: On the Wrong Side of History

Syrian Peace Talks - DOA

Syrian Peace Talks

How Israel Gets Away With Murder

Reactions To Obama's NSA Address

Obama Defends The Indefensible

Israel Denies Palestinians All Rights

Rafik Hariri Murder Trial

Obama's War on Freedom

The Ghost of Ariel Sharon

Beating Up on Syria and Iran Persists


NSA's Fake War on Terror

Subverting Peace

Obama Nominates Three Fed Governors

Sharonian Evil Lives

Talking Peace, Waging War

Eulogizing A Mass Murderer

NAFTA's Deplorable Legacy

Ariel Sharon's Criminal Legacy

Obama's Fake Economic Recovery

Obama Sabotaging Syrian Peace

Fidel At 87

Rich Congress, Poor America

America's Imperial Agenda

Homelessness in Winter Cold

Anti-Iranian Sentiment Persists


Israel's War on Asylum Seekers

The Third Battle of Fallujah

Criminal Unaccountability

Exonerate Edward Snowden Unconditionally!

Corporate Taxes in America

Rand Paul v. NSA Spying

Kerry's Peace Plan - Worthless

US Universities Of Shame - Part II

Legislating Tyranny

Palestinian Children in Cages

Peace Process Hypocrisy Continues

Lynne Stewart Arrives Home

AIPAC's Federal Reserve Vice Chairman

Israel Targets Conscientious Objectors


Terrorist Crimes Against Humanity

NSA's Top Hacking Unit

Released Palestinian Prisoners Aren't Free

2014 Predictions

Planned Israeli Jordan Valley Annexation?

US Universities of Shame

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Geneva

Debating Syria

US & Israeli Season's Greetings: Part II

Israel Bombs Gaza - Again

Egypt's Pinochet

US & Israeli Season's Greetings

Mission Accomplished, Says Snowden

Rogue State Israel

Israel Attacks Gaza


Conflict In South Sudan

Samer Issawi's Liberating Struggle

100 Years of Financial Terrorism

Making War, Not Peace In Syria

New Iran Sanctions Bill

Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

US Supported Death Squads Massacre Syrian Civilians

1,000 Days And Counting

Obama Violates Geneva Agreement

Rigging Foreign Exchange Markets

Hardball US Geopolics

Beltway Bandit Named Senior Obama Adviser

The Iran Sanctions Game

Disturbing Obamacare Surprises

Venezuelan v. US Budget Priorities

US Hawks Want War On Iran

AIPAC Pressure Threatens Iran Nuclear Deal


Battle For The Ukraine

Peace Without Occupation

Obama Sentences Lynne Stewart To Death

Bolivarianism Triumphs

John Kerry's Anti-Palestinian Agenda

Ukrainian Protests Continue

Venezuelan Municipal Elections

Western Officials Collaborating Against Ukraine's Government

Mandela Eulogies - Reinventing His Disturbing Legacy

Honoring Lynne Stewart

Obama's Rogue Agenda

Fukushima's Deadly Legacy

Britain's War On Press Freedom

France Lies For Israel

Israeli Judaization

Global Protests Against Bedouin Ethnic Cleansing


Contesting Stolen Honduran Election

Bashing Ukraine

US/Israeli Iran Policy Remains Unchanged

Proposed Senate Bill Risks Undermining Geneva

Provoking Iran

US Saber Rattling Diplomacy

Israeli Police State Lawlessness

Massive Fraud, Intimidation & Vote Buying In Honduras

Hunger In America

Ukraine Dodged a Bullet

Coup d'Etat Rule in Egypt

Undermining Geneva

Rigged Honduran Elections

Market Euphoria During Troubled Times

Iran Nuclear Deal Bashing

NSA Infects 50,000 Computer Systems Worldwide


Israel's War On Palestinian Children

ACLU v. Clapper

Obamacare Restricts Choice of Hospitals and Doctors

Deal In Geneva - Hold The Cheers

Life in Occupied Gaza

Israel Wants Walls, Not Peace

No Breakthrough in Geneva

Longstanding Anti-Iranian Sentiment

Permanent US Afghanistan Occupation

Modern Day Slavery in Qatar

Remembering Jack Kennedy

Massive Pentagon Waste, Fraud and Grand Theft

Israeli Unaccountability

Resumed Iran Nuclear Talks in Geneva

Targeting Iran in Beirut

Israeli Rabbinical Scandals

Sabotaging Rapprochement With Iran


TPP - NAFTA On Steroids

Anti-Iranian Israeli/Saudi Alliance

America & Israel: Police States Writ Large

Targeting Press Freedom in Palestine

Obama's Healthcare Fix

Dead In The Water Peace Talks

Former Fed Official Apologizes

Judaizing Palestine

Vilifying Venezuela's Maduro

Waging Economic War on Venezuela

Challenging Wrongful Convictions

Scuttling Middle East Peace

Palestine's Land Defense Coalition

Overtime in Geneva

Mass Surveillance Violates EU Law

Israeli Settlements Are War Crimes

Reported Iranian Nuclear Deal: Hold the Cheers

Israel Killed Arafat

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume

Healthcare Professionals Involvement in US Torture


Institutionalized Spying Targets Freedom

Whitewashing Crime in Israel

Netanyahu Launches Anti-Iranian Twitter Campaign

NSA Spying: Get It All

Two Editorials Fall Short

Senate Legislation Legitimizes Lawless Surveillance

Sham Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Continue

Police State Britain

Former New York Times Executive Editor Defends the Indefensible

Israeli Apartheid Ruthlessness

Iraq Today: America's Genocidal Legacy

Gaza Running Out of Fuel and Medicines

Israel Attacks Syria and Gaza

Appeals Court Stays Stop and Frisk Ruling

NSA Spies On Pope

Israel's Deplorable Human Rights Record


Iranian Reality v. US/Israeli Lies

Remembering Michael Mandel

Anti-Defamation League's Top 10 Anti-Israeli Groups

Obama Encourages Spying On World Leaders

Consumers Abandoning

Obamacare Fallout

Merkel in NSA's Crosshairs

NSA Spying on World Leaders

New Israeli Discriminatory Laws Tabled

Lawless Drone Killings

Disturbing Obamacare Inequities

Le Monde: France in NSA's Crosshairs

Iran's Outreach Deserves Reciprocal Response

Remembering Fouzi El-Asmar


Fiasco Obamacare Debut

Syrian Peace Talks

Billionaire Mayor Wins Genesis Prize

Longstanding New York Times Pro-Israeli Bia

America's Economic Dark Side

Guantanamo Hunger Striking Continues

New NSA Revelations

Suffocating Palestine Toward Extinction

Study Shows Palestinian Authority Corruption

War On Terror Advocate To Head Homeland Security

China Calls for De-Americanizing


Appalling Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain

Iranian Nuclear Talks: Hold the Cheers

Nestlé: Global Water Predator

Iranian Nuclear Talks Continue

Debt Ceiling Hype

Washington Brinksmanship Masks Class War

People Power Alone Can Save Us!

Haitian Cholera Victims Sue for Redress

Ghost Village Beitin


Palestinians' Right to Resist

Nobel Hypocrisy Repeats

ReThink 9/11: Revealing Truths, Dispelling Lies

Palestinians & Israelis: Unequal Treatment

Unholy Alliance

The United States of Inequality

Double Standard Victims of Israel's War on Palestine

US Globalized Torture Black Sites

Netanyahu: His Own Worst Enemy


Violence, Instability, Torture and Deaths in Libya

Der Spiegel Interviews Assad

Wall Street Bosses Run America

Happy Birthday Lynne

FBI Lawless Unaccountability

Police in America: Licensed to Kill

Appalling Migrant Worker Conditions in Qatar

Saudi Arabian Backed Insurgents Responsible for Ghouta Chemical Weapons Attack

Public Banking Avoids Today's Debacle

America: The Republic of Lying


America and Israel v. Iran

Anti-Iranian Media Bias

World Reaction to US Government Shutdown

More On Inventing An Iranian Threat US/Iranian Relations

Longstanding US/Iranian Relations

Fastfood Healthcare

Netanyahu in Washington

What A Way To Run The Country

NSA: Rogue Spying Writ Large

Lavrov: Insurgents Have Chemical Weapons

Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal: What Follows?

Iran/Syria Bashing


Netanyahu Exceeds Sharonian Evil

Another Fake US Terror Alert

Rohani in New York

Remembering Edward Said

Lendman - More Americans Tune Out MSM Lies - Vid

Iran Bashing

Syrian National Coalition Spurns Peace

Unchanged US Policy on Iran

General Assembly Address

Syria's Troubled Waters

Merkel's Germany

Washington Pressures Russia for War Resolution on Syria


New York Times Disparages Mother Agnes Mariam

Israel Launches Anti-Rohani Media Blitz

Lynne Stewart Petitions for Justice

Destroying Social America

Occupation Harshness Belies Dead On Peace Talks

Israeli Forces Attack EU Diplomats

Rogue State America

Fabricated US/Israeli Intelligence on Ghouta Gas Attack

Rohani Seeks Rapprochement

Syrian Insurgents Battle Each Other

Bernanke Stays The Course

Evidence Shows Insurgents Responsible for Gas Attack


Anti-Assad Death Squads Responsible for Gas Attack

Israel's Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Weapons Threaten World Peace

Janet Yellen Likely New Fed Chairwoman: Hold the Cheers

Syria Gas Attack: Assad Wrongfully Blamed

Media Scoundrels Wrongfully Blame Assad for Gas Attack

Washington and Israel Conspire to Oust Assad

Whither Occupy Wall Street?

UN Inspectors Gas Attack Report: A Manipulated Fraud

East/West Cracks On Syria

Anti-Assad Media War Continues


Obamacare Rips Off Americans

Consensus 9/11: New Truths Dispelling Old Lies

Priority One: Stopping Obama's Rage for War

Assad Pledges Full Cooperation for Peace

Putin Challenges Obama Responsibly

NSA Conspires With Israel Against Americans

Human Rights Watch Misinformation on Syria

No Change in Obama's War Plans

Undermining Russian/Syrian Peace Deal


Obama's Rage for War on Syria

Testimonies Prove Israel Tortures Palestinian Children

Obama's War On Syria Delayed, Not Deterred

NSA Undermines Encrypted Communications

Cooking The Intelligence For War On Syria

New York Times Wants War on Syria

On The Move With The Murder & Money Junkies


Lavrov Calls Kerry's Bluff

AIPAC Lobbies for War on Syria

Whither Obama?

Obama Intends Shock & Awe Madness On Syria

Global Opposition to Attacking Syria


Obama Plans One of History's Great Crimes

Obama Supports Israel's War on Palestine

Stop Obama's War On Humanity: A Personal Statement

Obama's Planned Lawless Aggression on Syria

Spurious Anti-Iranian Accusations

Israeli Lobby Urges War on Syria

Anti-Syrian Media Bias

NATO Chief Urges War On Syria

Impeach Obama Now!

Britain, France, Germany & Israel Lie For Obama

Why Was Syria Attacked?


Obama's Waging War On Humanity

Obama's War On Syria Imminent

Obama Intends Lawless Aggression On Syria

Israeli Lobby Targets Syria & Iran

Obama's War On Syria: Dissent In The Ranks

Putin Speaks Out On Syria

Duplicitous Anti-Syrian Editorials

Harsh Criticism of Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks

Senator vs President - Obama On War And Peace


Nobel Peace Winner Obama Plans War Based On Lies

Obama's War On Syria Based on Lies

Obama's Cruise Missile Diplomacy

Israel Attacks Palestinians During Peace Talks

War on Syria Looms

Imperial Madness

Israel Poised To Attack Syria?

Pentagon Preparing For War On Syria

Selling War On Syria

Britain's Middle East Spy Station


Monsanto's Harvest Of Shame

Imminent US War On Syria?

Drumbeat For War On Syria

False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack on Syria

Lawless NSA Spying Exposed

Bradley Manning: Imprisoning a National Hero

State-Sponsored Terrorism on Lebanon

Duplicitous Peace Talks Resume

Syria: Truth v Lies on Chemical Weapons Use

Egypt's Reign of Terror

Police State Terror In Egypt


Murarakism 2.0

Al Jazeera America Set to Debut

Egypt's Bloody Friday

NSA Caught Red-Handed

Institutionalized US Spying: More Than NSA Involved

Police State Egypt

World Leaders Declare America and Israel Pariah States: A Fable

Dispossessing East Jerusalem Palestinian Residents

Bradley Manning Addresses Sentencing Hearing

Egypt's Bloody Wednesday


Obama Appoints Spy Chief To Head NSA Investigation

Egypt: Blood In The Streets

NYPD Stop and Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional

Will or Won't Obama Attack Syria?

Fukushima: Uncontainable

Israeli Occupation Harshness Prevents Peace

EU A Key NSA Target

Israeli Business As Usual

Larry Summers: Wall Street's Man

Israeli Democracy: A Convenient Illusion

Obama Spurns NSA Spying Reform

NSA Spying: Worse Than You Think


Anti-American Sentiment in Egypt

Presidential Medal of Freedom Hypocrisy Redux

New York Times Fuels Anti-Iranian Sentiment

Temper Tantrum Politics

Engineering Potential Disaster in Syria

Palestinian Prisoners: Petitioning to Block Their Release

Decades of Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Failure: 50 Reasons Why

US-Backed Death Squads Massacre Hundreds of Syrian Kurds

Obama Shoots Himself in the Foot

Fake Terror Alert Extended


Suspect Turkish Court Rulings

New York Times Editors Support Police State Persecution

Lynne Stewart Petitions For Release

AIPAC Promotes War on Iran

FBI Lets Informants Commit Crimes

Destroying Greece to Save it

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Rebooting Failure

Syrian Conflict Resolution: Stamp Out Terror

Iran Inaugurates President Hassan Rohani

Goldman Sachs Trader Conviction: Hold the Cheers

Fake Washington Terror Threat


Kerry Supports Egypt's Coup

Duplicitous Committee of Inquiry on Syria

Heightened Russia Bashing

Israeli Referendum Measure Blocks Land for Peace

Obama's Grand Bargain 2.0

Russia Grants Snowden One-Year Asylum

Longstanding Bahraini State Terror

Israeli/Washington Peace Terms: Unconditional Surrender

Bradley Manning: Guilty of Doing the Right Thing

Remembering Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972)

Detroit Mirrors America's Decline


Hardwired Inequality in America

Palestinians Oppose Fake Peace Talks

Israel Spurns Peace and Justice

Lies, Damn Lies and US Promises

Israel: Talking Peace, Waging War

America: Super-Bully Nation

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Let the Charade Begin

Russia & China Prepare for Global War

Daniel McGowan: Victimized by US Injustice

Obama Plans Full-Scale War on Syria

Israeli/Palestinian Peace: Illusion Substitutes for Reality

America and Germany: Longstanding Espionage Partners

Aafia Siddiqui: Victim of US Injustice

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival

EU Shamelessly Declares Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization

What's Next for Syria?


Venezuela Bashing

EU Guidelines on Israel: Part II

Russia Bashing Redux

Israel's Duplicitous Prisoner Release Offer

Helen Thomas: Dead At 92

US Courts Approve Indefinite Detention and Torture

America's Surveillance Society

Bradley Manning: Aiding the Enemy Charge Sticks

Snowden: Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

New EU Guidelines On Israel

Targeting Free Expression in Israel

Attacking Syria: Israeli/Turkish Denials Ring Hollow

Lawlessness Remains Official US Policy

Israel Waging Undeclared War on Syria

Napolitano to Head University of California


Zimmerman: Not Guilty of Cold-Blooded Murder

Snowden's Asylum Quest

Syria Discovers Terrorist-Used Chemical Weapons Factory

Gitmo Force-Feeding Continues Through Ramadan

Wrongheaded Fed Policy

Israel Governs Lawlessly

Ongoing Fighting In Sinai

Rage Against The System: Why It Matters

Junta-Style Transition In Egypt

Vilifying Alice Walker Irresponsibly

Targeting Iran

Washington Ousted Egypt's Morsi

Syrian Opposition In Disarray

Middle East Continues to Boil

New Stasi Incarnation

Criticizing Venezuela's Maduro Irresponsibly

Unrest Continues In Egypt

When Is A Coup Not One?

Jobs Report Shows America in Decline


Venezuela Grants Snowden Asylum

Business As Usual In Egypt

Targeting Foreign Leaders - Longstanding US Policy

Controlling the Message: Targeting Press TV

America's Independence Day Hypocrisy

Obama Threatens Humanity

Turmoil Rocks Egypt: Morsis Out

Obama's New Climate Plan

Hands Off Snowden Campaign


Quelle Surprise: NSA Spies on Europe

Kerry's Shuttle Diplomacy Excludes Peace in Our Time

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Wrongfully Indicted

Whistleblower Russell Tice Tells More

Snowden on the Move

Richard Falk: Speaking Truth to Power

America: Police State Ruthlessness Writ Large

Brazilians Demand Social Justice

Trafficking In Lies About Syria

General Wesley Clark: Whistleblower, Warrior

Another Israeli War Criminal of the Year Award

Obama's Nuclear Arms Reduction Hoax


Washington Funds Secret Israeli Ballistic Missile Base

Obama's Berlin Moment

Big Brother Writ Large in America

Fast-Tracking Toward War on Syria

High Level Opposition to Escalating Syria's Conflict

Putin Alone At G8

Lawless NSA Global Spying

Syria & Iran: In America's Crosshairs

Corporate America Loves Jason Furman

Netanyahu Falsely Says Iran Plans Another Holocaust

Hassan Rohani: Iran's President-Elect

NSA Chief Lies To Congress

Obama Ups the Stakes In Syria

Iranians Vote

Killing The Messenger: Official Greek Government Policy

Challenging Unconstitutional Spying

Turkey - Epicenter Of Police State Violence


America's National Security State

Assad: Winning Hearts, Minds and Battles in Syria

Epidemic of Birth Defects and Cancer in Iraq: America's Toxic Legacy

Whistleblowing: Exemplary Patriotism

Police State America in Good Hands with James Comey

America's Student Loan Racket: Stiffer Debt Bondage Coming

Mass Surveillance In America

Syria's Qusair Victory Matters

Freedom In America - Rest In Peace

Israeli Involvement In NSA Spying

New York Times Editors Defend the Indefensible

Unconstitutional US Data-Mining

Anti-Syrian Blame Game Escalates

Susan Rice for National Security Advisor


Bradley Manning Court-Martial: Secrecy and Injustice on Trial

Illegitimate Palestinian Prime Minister Appointed

Evidence of Israeli Mass Murder Discovered

Anti-Government Protests Rock Turkey

Iran's June Presidential Election

Washington Criticizes Syrian Self-Defense

State Department Terrorism Report: Upping The Stakes For War

Murder, Inc: Official US Policy

Natan Blanc: Heroic Israeli Refusenik

Bilderberg June 6 - 9 Conference

Obama's Anti-Populist Agenda

Israel Threatens Russia

Lifting the Fake EU Arms Embargo

Obama - America's Second Teflon President?

Obama at Annapolis


Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Syria's the "Linchpin of Resistance"

Monsanto - Profits Above Human Health

Lebanon's Victory Day Of National Resistance

Media Responses To Obama's Speech

Obama: Defending The Indefensible

Mission Creep Toward Full-Scale War on Syria

Iraq Today: America's Imperial Legacy

Israeli Pillar of Cloud War Crimes

Israel Heads Closer To War On Syria

Obama's War On Free Expression

Are Japanese Bonds Signaling Trouble?

Supreme Court Colludes with Monsanto

Reinventing Guatemalan History

America: A Modern-Day Sparta

Disconnect Soaring Markets, Troubled Economies


IRS Scandal Headlines - More Than Meets The Eye

Israel Threatens More Syrian Attacks

Stop and Frisk: NYPD Racial Profiling

Russia Catches CIA Spy Red-Handed

Obama's Contempt for Venezuelan Democracy

Turkey: US Imperial Tool

Close Guantanamo Now!


Another Anti-Assad False Flag

Israeli Lobby Power in America

Thirdworldizing America

Eroding Freedom in America

Obama's Syria Game Plan: Libya 2.0

Hawking Boycotts Israel

Willie Manning: Unjustly Sentenced to Death

Kerry in Moscow

UN Human Rights Council Duplicity


Fannie & Freddie In Good Hands With Mel Watt

Yair Shamir - Profile Of Israeli Extremism

Profile Of Lawless Aggression

BBC's Longstanding Pro-Israeli Bias

Google Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime

Honduras: State-Sponsored Death Squad Terror

Andy P. Hart - Suicide Or Murder?


US-Style Free Trade in Good Hands with Michael Froman

US Hatched Terrorist Plots

False Flag Chemical Attack on Syria

Tiptoeing Toward War On Syria

Communications Giants In Good Hands With Tom Wheeler

What's Ahead For Syria?

Institutionalized Spying On Americans


Simpson-Bowles 2.0

Syria: Upping the Stakes

Israel's War On Fishing Rights

US False Flag Pretext For War On Syria

Obamacare: Unaffordable Coverage

America's Addiction: Waging War on Humanity

Creating A Pretext For War On Syria


Fukushima's Catastrophic Aftermath Continues

FBI Responsibility for US Terror Plots

Torture Remains Official US Policy

Obama Heads Closer Closer to War on Syria

The Bush Legacy

Target Syria: Allegations of Chemical Weapons Use

Free Lynne Stewart Now

Terrorists "R" Us


Targeting Iran

Anti-Zionism Not Anti-Semitism

Marathon Terror - Homegrown Or State-Sponsored?

Destabilizing Venezuela

Venezuela: Post-Election Sour Grapes

Gold Drops Most in 30 Years

Chavismo Wins


New York Times v. North Korea

Imperial Partners Showcase Their Ruthlessness

Venezuelans Vote

Secret FDIC Plan To Loot Bank Accounts

Exploiting Holocaust Remembrance Day

New York Times Supports Targeted Killings

Destabilizing Venezuela - Longstanding US Policy

More Peace Process Hypocrisy


Defending IMF Financial Terrorism

Iranian Nuclear Talks

Permanent War: Longstanding US Policy

BOJ Increases QE

Institutionalized Barbarism: Official Israeli Policy

Playing The North Korea Card

Israeli Murder by Neglect

Public Banking: What Better Time Than Now

Playing The Venezuelan Anti-Semitism Card


Tariq Aziz: Victim of US Imperialism

Guantanamo Hunger Strike Spreads

Expanding Draconian Computer Fraud & Abuse Act Powers

Scandal Hits Cyprus

Monsanto Protection Act

Discriminatory Israeli Land Policies

America's War On North Korea

Depositor Haircuts Spreading

Commemorating Land Day


Regime Change Begins at Home

Depositor Haircuts: The New Normal

NYT Editors Ignore GMO Health Dangers

Cyprus Postmortems: Part II

New BRICS Development Bank Announced

Destroying Public Education in Chicago

Cyprus Postmortems

Washington Escalates War on Syria


Obama Spurns Palestinian Rights

Expanding Guantanamo

Cyprus Update

Cyprus Seeks 11th Hour Deal

Grand Betrayal

Payday Loans - Modern Day Usury

High Noon In Cyprus

Obama In Jerusalem

Lawless NYPD Spying on Muslims


Unbreakable US-Israeli Ties

Washington Supports Venezuelan Opposition

Grand Theft Cyprus - Part II

Obama In Israel

New York Times Hypocrisy

America's Genocidal Iraq War

Grand Theft Cyprus

Escalating Syria's War


Remembering Rachel Corrie

Israel's Fascist Government - Part II

Holding Harvard's Crimson Accountable

Washington Post Anti-Bolivarian Propaganda

UN Human Rights Council - America's Imperial Tool

Obama Heads To Israel

Chavez Laid To Rest

America's Dirty War In Iraq

Detroit Symbolizes America's Decline


Paul Ryan's At It Again

Challenging Israel's Right To Exist Responsibly

Israel's Fascist Government

Gitmo Atrocities Continue

America's Retirement Crisis

Pritzker - Obama's Likely Commerce Secretary Pick

Obama Wants Lynne Stewart Dead

New York Times vs Hugo Chavez

Turkey Targets Press Freedom


Mid-April Venezuelan Presidential Elections Scheduled

Thomas Perez - Obama's Labor Secretary Choice

Venezuela - A Nation Mourns

Israeli Violence On International Women's Day

Chavez - Visionary Leader Extraordinaire

Syrian Death Squad Invaders Seize UN Peacekeepers

Oprah At Harvard

Obama Authorizes Killing Americans Domestically


Chavez - A Personal Tribute

Media Scoundrels Pillory Chavez Before He's Buried

Persecuting Hanin Zoabi

Chavismo Lives!

AIPAC Conference Day Two

More Controversial Obama Appointments

AIPAC Conference Promotes War

America's Draconian Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

Profile Of Imperial Lawlessness

Obama's Sequester Chicken


Israel - Accountability Now

IAEA Report Confirms Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program

Israeli Murder By Torture

More Economic Straight Talk

Washington Whitewashes Israeli Murder

UNESCO Peace Prize To A War Criminal

Washington Backs Anti-Syrian Government Terrorism

Straight Talk On Israel


Guilt By Accusation

Italians Reject Austerity

Whitewashing Israeli Murder By Torture

Imperial America In Good Hands With Philip Gordon

Eroding Free Expression In Israel

Hawkish Senators Want War On Iran

Manning - Courage Above & Beyond Call Of Duty

Thaw In Israeli Immunity?


Supreme Court Authorizes Lawless Wiretapping

Israeli Commanders On Trial

Nuclear Roulette Update


University Of Ottawa Racism, Censorship & Abuse Of Power

Obama's Asia Pivot



Targeting Jeremy Hammond

Straight Talk On US-Israeli Relations

Israel War Criminal Of The Year Award

Samer Easawi - Hunger Striking For Justice

Israel's Racist Of The Year Award

West Bank Village Struggles To Survive

Upcoming Iranian Nuclear Talks

Lieberman's Trial Begins


Chavez Returns

Israeli Lawlessness In Issawiya

Escalating Tyranny In America

Medals For Murder

Israeli Gaza Airstrikes Violated Laws Of War

LAPD High Crimes - Rupert 'I Believe Dorner 100%'

Disappearing Prisoners - Official Israeli Policy

Obama's Failed State

Beating Up On Iran Continues


America's Deplorable State Of The Union

Beating Up On North Korea

Escalating Pressure On Iran

Impeach Obama - A National Imperative

Vatican Changing Of The Guard

Obstructing Hamas/Fatah Unity

More Evidence Obamacare Ripped Off Americans

Mavi Marmara Massacre Whitewash Redux

Record Numbers Of US Military And Veteran Suicides


Whitewashing Extrajudicial Killing

Washington And Israel Target Iran

Israel Commits Crimes Without Punishment

Big Oil’s In Good Hands With Sally Jewell

New York Times Misinformation On Syria

Extrajudicial Killing - Official US Policy

Israeli State Terror Crowd Control Weapons

Israel's One Of World's Biggest Land-Grabbers

Israel's 19th Knesset


Obama - Destroyer Of Jobs

Moscow To West - Hands Off Middle East & Africa

Hillary Clinton - Imperial Arrogance & Lawlessness

Washington OKs Israeli Aggression On Syria

Iran's Legal Right To Enrich Uranium Challenged

Ban Ki-moon Fails To Condemn Israeli Aggression

UN Mission Condemns Israeli Settlements

US Economy - Troubled Or All's Well?

Premeditated Aggression - Official Israeli Policy


Waging War On Immigrants

Washington's Terror War On Syria

Israel Attacks Lebanon

Islamofascist Rule In Egypt

Netanyahu's Apartheid Government

Obama Prioritizes Targeted Killings

Targeting Iran Continues

Tim Geithner's Legacy Of Shame

Medical Negligence In Israeli Prisons


Wall Street's In 'Good Hands' With Mary Jo White

Israel's Likely Coalition Govt Threatens Humanity

Targeting Younas Abdullah Muhammad

Fascism Wins Big In Israel

Targeting Chavismo

Israeli Election Results

Lynne Stewart's Struggle For Justice Continues

Inaugural Hypocrisy

Dominant Israeli Parties Spurn Democracy


Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian Sovereignty

Israelis Vote

Israel Criminalizes Throwing Snowballs

Navi Pillay Targets Syria

Targeting Mali

Open Letter To New York Times Editors

Western Sponsored Aleppo Mass Murder

Israel Complicit In Global State Terrorism

Police State Israel


Israeli Apologist Benny Morris

Obama vs Netanyahu - Round Two

Aaron Swartz - Suicide Or Murder?

Obama - Money Power's Point Man

Chavez Shows Clinical Improvement

FAIR vs Scoundrel Media Misreporting On Venezuela

The Suspicious Death Of Aaron Swartz

Israelis Want Out

Netanyahu - The Face Of Israeli Fascism


Israeli Elections Near

Permanent US Afghanistan Occupation Planned

Hysteria Part Of Flu Epidemic

Chavismo In Venezuela

US Law Prohibits Gitmo Prisoners To America

Obama Picks Jack Lew For Treasury

Anti-Chavez Media War Rages


Chavez Inauguration Postponed

Washington Post Supports Israeli Settlements

NYT War On Medicare And Social Security

Hagel And Brennan Nominations

Western Media War On Syria

New York Times Supports Austerity Harshness

America's Lackluster December Jobs Report

Foreign Terrorists Wage War On Syria

Bolivarianism In Venezuela

PA Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Netanyahu - Unfit To Serve

Michael Moore - 'I Support The Troops' Should Just Stop

Another NNC Lendman Interview

Hardening Israeli Fascism

Institutionalized Inequality In America

Flim Flam Fiscal Cliff Legislation

No Relief For Palestine In New Year

New UN Report On Syria

Venezuelan Leadership Up For Grabs?

Beating Up On Iran And Syria

The Gatekeepers - Exposing Israel's Dark Side

Responsible Fiscal Cliff Resolution

Rare Israeli Justice

Cliff Notes

Treasonous Congress Extends Warrantless Spying On Us

Israel's Long Arm

Moscow Talks On Syria

Avigdor Lieberman Faces New Charges

Bahraini State Terror

OWS Activists Called Domestic Terrorists

Scrambling For Africa's Resources

Institutionalizing Indefinite Detention

Israel's Man At The State Department

Imperial Warrior Kerry At State

Piling On Syria

Odd Man Out & The Israeli Settlements

Fiscal Cliff Realityf

BDS Breakthrough

Obama, Boehner Two-Step

Palestinian Hunger Striking Steadfastness

Netanyahu's Rage To Judaize Palestine

New York Times Fiscal Cliff Duplicity

Obama's Washington Targets Syria And Iran

Tortured In Sinai, Imprisoned In Israel

Islamo-Fascist Killers Threaten Syria

Premeditated Israeli Violence

Bolivarianism Wins Big

Israel's Lieberman Resigns

Gun Violence In America

Chavez Recovery Will Be Complex

Holding Israel Accountable

Waging War On US Workers

Propaganda War On Syria Rages

America And Israel Wage War On Humanity

Uncertainty About Chavez Health

Lawsuits For Information On Drones

Syria - Tightening The Noose

Syria Boils

Netanyahu Mocks Legitimate Governance

Preemptive Strike On Syria Looms

NATO Military Intervention (War) In Syria Imminent

Hamas Commemorates 25th Anniversary

Raising Money For Killers

Obama Plans African Wars

Netanyahu's Israel

Middle East On The Boil

Corruption In Israel

Israel - Heading For A Political Cliff?

Venezuelans Vote Again

Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout

NNC News Interviews Lendman

Rogue State Israel - Waging War On Palestine

Susan Rice's Imperial Credentials

Punishing Palestine

Secret US Construction In Israel

UN Vote On Palestine

Palestine UN Vote Postmortems

Israel's Genocidal War On Palestine

Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized

Arafat's Body Exhumed

Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire

World Social Forum - Free Palestine

Abbas Submits Weak UN Status Bid

Israel Signals Hardline Policy Intentions

ACLU Challenges Warrantless Wiretapping

Abbas - Collaborating With The Enemy

Drums Of More War

Righteous Condemnation Of Israeli Mass Murder

Israel's War On Palestine

Palestinians - Dying To Live Free

Gaza Postmortems

Gaza - Victimized By Israeli Terror Bombing

Israeli Terror Attacks - Women, Children Targeted

Israeli Terror Attacks - Day 7

We're All Palestinians Now

Israeli Aggression - Dress Rehearsal for Iran?

Israeli Terror Attacks - Day 6

Did Israel Overstep This Time?

Israeli Terror Attacks - Day 5

Straight Talk On Gaza

Bahrain Cracks Down On Freedom

Naked Israeli Aggression

Ahmed Jabari (1960 - 2012)

Israel's Operation Pillar Of Cloud

Israeli Threat To Annul Oslo

Pro-Israeli Media Coverage

Sandy - Katrina Redux?

Israel Shells Syria And Gaza

Petraeus - Resignation Or Sacking?

Waging War Without Declaring It

Grand Bargain Betrayal Coming

Obama, Netanyahu Post-Election Reset

Israel's Dr. Strangelove

Haaretz On Obama's Reelection

New York Times Opposes Palestinian Self-Determination

Money Party Wins US Election

Turkey Tries IDF Commanders In Absentia

Torturer Lawsuits - Some Good Newsa

Overreach - America's Imperial Waterloo?

Abbas Ill - Serves And Insults Palestinians

Rebel Or Perish

Public Banking Works

Trick Or Treat Jobs Report

Vote Independent Or Stay Home

Good News And Bad

Caught In The Act - Syrian 'Rebels' War Crimes

Profile Of A Police State

Greece Suppresses Free Expression

Beware Post-Elections

Drone Wars

Greek Whistleblower/Journalist Risks Imprisonment

Supreme Court Spurns Justice

Obama Rejects Palestinian Statehood

Tepid Palestinian Authority UN Upgrade Bid

Obama's Disposition Matrix

Remember Bani Walid

Netanyahu/Lieberman Unite For War

Netanyahu Pledges Continued Lawlessness

Genocide In Bani Walid

Big Week For Justice Department Vigilantes

Activists Challenge Israeli Lawlessness

Green Party Populism

Ship To Gaza Activists Brutalized

Remembering Russell Means

Israel Wages War On Human Rights

Direct US-Iran Nuclear Talks?

Israeli Electro-Torture Ship To Gaza Activists

Dubious Reports About Fidel Castro's Health

Rage Against Austerity

Latest Beirut Bombing Incident

Israel Again Commits Barbarism And Piracy

Good Guys, The West Is Not

Iran's NNC News Interviews Lendman

Besieged Gaddafi Stronghold Bani Walid Under Attack

Beating Up On Russia, Syria And Iran

Palestinian Authority To Hold Sham Elections

Sham Israeli Elections

American-Style Fascism

Long-Suffering Haitians Want Change

Broken Lives And Families In Bil'in

EU Wages War On Free Expression

Thoughts At This Most Perilous Time In History

The Sanctions Game

Israel Encourages Settler Violence

Intensified Warrantless Spying In America

Israeli Crimes Without Punishment

Demagoguery Substitutes For Debate

Nobel Hypocrisy Wins Again

Turkey's High Risk Game

Holy Land Foundation Case Goes To Supreme Court

Cooked Or Accurate US Employment Numbers?

War Or No War On Iran?

NATO Edges Closer To War On Syria

Venezuelan Electoral Postmortems

Worrisome Middle East Developments

Chavez Win Strengthens Bolivarianism

The UAV Incident Over Israel

Syria On The Boil

Expect Bolivarian Victory In Venezuela

No More Israel In 10 Years

Turkish False Flag On Syria

Pressure Building For More Middle East War

East Jerusalem Schools - Failing Grade

Flim-Flam Substitutes For Debate

Cowardly Terrorists Slaughter Syrian Civilians

America's Sham Electoral Process

Bolivarianism vs Fake US Democracy

Palestine - One Or Two State Solution

US Inciting Unrest In Venezuela

Living With The Enemy

Neocon Uber-Hawks Want War On Iran

Pressure Builds For Full-Scale War On Syria

Lakota Sioux Nation Leaves America

Julian Assange Declared Enemy Of The State

Julian Assange Declared Enemy Of The State

Judge Stays Terry Williams Execution

Warmonger Netanyahu At The UN

New York Times Promotes War On Syria

Terry Williams - A Life In The Balance

Obama In New York

Drones - Instruments Of State Terror

Atonement - Not In Israel's Vocabulary

Agitate For Change

Fatah Israeli Collaborators

Occupation Hell In Palestine

Education And Democracy

Stealing Palestinian Resources - Israel Wants It All

Privatizing Israel's Legal System

QE Shell Game

ACLU Sues CIA Over Drone Killings

Long Knives Target Iran

NDAA - Judge Hedges Short-Lived Victory Over Obama

US Media War On Islam

Bailout Fraud And Unaccountability

Unconditional Surrender In Chicago

Hypocrisy Not Democracy In America

Syria's Divided Opposition

Chicago's War On Education

Netanyahu At It Again

September Surprise In Chicago

Chicago Teachers Union Sellout

Fed Panic

Obama vs Netanyahu

Capitulation In Chicago?

Anti-Muslim Hate Film Incites Violence

Rahm Emanuel's Privatize Chicago Plan

Corporate Media's War On Public Education

German High Court Capitulates To Bankers

Chicago - America's Epicenter Of Resistance

It's The Occupation, Stupid

State Terror - Official Israeli Policy

Chicago Teachers vs Rahm Emanuel

Obama vs Romney On Issues Mattering Most

Living Under Israeli State Terror

Legitimizing Illegal Spying

America's Dismal August Jobs Report

Bogus Iranian Nuclear Threat

Irrational Draghi Exuberance

Mitt & Mormonism - Does It Matter?

Fars News Agency Interviews Lendman

Stealth Corporate Coup d'Etat

Netanyahu - The Mouth That Roars

Let's Have Another War

Bona Fide Eurozone Crisis

NAM Leaders Support Iran

Israel Uses Palestinians For Target Practice

Romney-Ryanism In Tampa

Netanyahu In New York

Anti-Iranian Rage

Waging War On Leaks

Settler Attacks On Palestinians

Israeli Court Legitimizes Murder

Circus Shenanigans In Tampa

Anti-Syrian Blame Game

Palestinians Living In Firing Zones

Washington Opposes Peace

Historic Tehran NAM Summit

Inventing An Iranian Threat

Getting Away With Torture In Israel

Risking Nuclear Armageddon

Trillions Stashed In Tax Havens

Troubling Israeli Religious Fundamentalism

War Of Words On Iran

New York Times Pro-Israeli Bias

Syrian False Flag Planned?

Lawless National Security Letters

Anti-Iranian Hysteria

Japan - America's Imperial Proxy

AIPAC Wants War On Iran

Agent Orange - A Deadly Legacy

Silencing Dissent In America

Bahrain Imprisons Human Rights Leader

Another Anti-Iranian Hate Group

Israelis Against War on Iran

Ecuador To Washington And Britain - Go To Hell

The American Way...Soul-Less Gangsterism, Death

Non-Aligned Movement Summit

Colonizing Nations 101

What Next In Syria?

War Without Mercy In Syria

Goldman Sachs Free To Keep Stealing

Paul Ryan's Socially Destructive Agenda

Drumbeat For War On Iran

Austerity Hastens Economic Decline

Bahrain's War On Freedom

Crimes Against Humanity

New York Times Style Debates

Full-Scale War In Syria

Another Mossad False Flag?

Obama's War On Humanity

Stoking False Threats

Cybersecurity Bills Threaten Freedom

To War Or Not To War

Death Squad Atrocities In Syria

World Bank Opposes Palestinian Sovereignty

World Bank Opposes Palestinian Sovereignty

Day Of Infamy At General Assembly

Illegitimate Sanctions On Iran

The Austerity Hoax

Remembering Gore Vidal

Washington's Total War On Syria

Washington's Aleppo Strategy Failed

Capitalism Failed

CIA Calls Israel Main US Regional Spy Threat

Major Media Admit Presence Of Foreign Fighters In Syria

Emergency Central Bank Intervention Coming?

Permanent War - Official US Policy

High Stakes In Syria

New York Times On Israel's 'Democracy'

Preventing More Middle East Wars Tops All Priorities

Torturing Children - Official Israeli Policy

US Proxy Al Qaeda Death Squads In Syria

Lawless Domestic Spying

Chavez Riding High In Polls

Intense Anti-Assad Propaganda

Syria Threatens No One

Approaching The Financial Abyss

Eroding Social Justice In Spain

Washington's Plan B For Syria

Stoking Fear Ahead Of London Olympics

Saudi Kingdom Rocked By Protests

Dying For Justice In Israel

Spoiling For Another Lebanon War

Security Council Showdown Aftermath

Syria Roulette

Israel Likely Behind Bulgaria False Flag

US Cities Going Bankrupt

Divorce Scuttles Shotgun Likud/Kadima Wedding

ICRC Supports Imperialism For Profit

Olympiad Readiness - Militarized London Total Policing

Propaganda War On Syria

Protesting Social Injustice By Self-Immolation

Criminalizing Dissent In Israel

Washington's Man In Tripoli

Scoundrel Media Warmongering

Pressure Building More For Middle East War

UK Democracy In Terminal Decline

International Law Revisionism

Whitewashing Criminal Fraud

Denis Rancourt's Struggle For Justice

Media Scoundrels Endorse Sham Libyan Election

Clinton - Assad's Days Are Numbered

Stolen Haitian Relief Money

Maligned For Doing The Right Thing

IsraelI Judicial Harshness

Sham Libyan Elections

Israel - Land Of Inequality And Injustice

Bullying, Bluster And Imperial Arrogance 101

Libor Scandal Reflects A Cesspool Of Financial Fraud

Dismal Jobs Report Reflects Economic Decline

Israel Likely Killed Arafat

Unresolved Iran Nuclear Talks

TPP - A Trade Deal From Hell

Stealth Trade Agreement Secret Negotiations

PRI Regains Mexican Presidency

Turkish Warplane Downed In Syrian Waters

Yitzhak Shamir's Criminal Legacy

Lynne Stewart Loses Appeal

Palestinian Authority Police Brutalize Protesters

Failure In Geneva

Profile Of Institutionalized Racism

Obama Planning More War

Spurious Terrorism Indictments

Summit Fatigue

Big Win For Predatory Healthcare Giants


CIA Arming Syrian Insurgents

Struggling On Empty Stomachs For Justice

UN Monitors In Syria Spy For Washington

Israel Declared An Apartheid State

Palestinian Footballer Wins Release

The Putin - Obama Talks

Fraud At The Polls

Israeli Turned Palestinian Activist


Washington's Imperial Brinksmanship

Europe In Crisis

Scoundrel Media Support For Obama

Gaza Blockade Fifth Anniversary

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Hypocrisy

JPMorgan Chase On Capitol Hill

Olympism Profiteering, Exploitation And Corruption

Stepped Up Russia Bashing

Supreme Court Approves Police State Harshness

Spain - The Latest Shoe To Drop


Insurgents Named Responsible For Syrian Massacres

Palestinian Hunger Strikes Continue

Stepped Up Media War On Syria

Targeting Bahrain Human Rights Lawyer Al-Tajer

America's Student Loan Racket

David Sanger's War On Iran

More Syrian Blood On Obama's Hands

Endangered Press Freedom In Israel

Remembering Bob Chapman


Walker Wins, Wisconsinites Lose

Israeli Commanders Face Trial in Turkish Court

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric Promotes War

Crisis Economic Conditions

Reason For Hope And Despair In Palestine

Wisconsin's Recall Election

Discrimination vs Arab Communities In Israel & Palestine

Opposing Doctrines - Putin vs Obama

Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies About Houla Massacre

Risking Global War


Baghdadi Mahmoudi Faces Torture, Death In Libya

Murder, Inc - Official Obama Policy

Obama Prioritizes War

Obama Plans War On Syria

Looming Economic Realities

BBC Wages Propaganda War On Syria

Violence-Wracked Honduras

Anti-Syrian Propaganda Promotes War


Reports Of Troop Movements Near Syrian Border

Duplicitous Human Rights Council Report On Syria

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric

State Of War In Syria

Commemorating Anti-Torture Day

Advancing The Ball For War On Syria

Boland Amendment Redux

Syria Blamed For Turkish Provocation

Social Justice Protests In Israel


Heading For Economic Collapse

Destroying Susiya Village To Save It

Gulf Of Tonkin Redux?

Cold War Politics Redux

Israel Reneges On Hunger Striker Deal

Turkish Plane Reported Shot Down Over Syria

Western Hypocrisy On Iran Nuclear Rights


Piling On Irresponsibly Against Syria

Daily Kristallinacht In Palestine

Israel's Enforcer

Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit

Social Justice On Trial In Canada

Continuing Palestinian Hunger Strikes

Iran Nuclear Talks In Baghdad

Separate And Unequal In Israel


Heightening Tensions For War On Iran

Time Profiles A World Class Thug

Killing With Impunity

Chicago - America's Police Repression Capital

Battleground Chicago

Pushing For War On Iran

Peter Eyre Interviewed By Stephen Lendman

Jerusalem Day

Chicago Under Siege


Life In Occupied Chicago

Headlines Reveal Life In Occupied Palestine

Chicago Militarized For NATO

Israeli Police State Crimes

Greece's Growing Economic Turmoil

Ziyad Yaghi - Guilty of Being Muslim In America

Israel's Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Weapons

Syria And Iran In Focus

The Nakba - Before And After


Hunger Strike Aftermath

The US-Israeli 'Special Relationship'

Hunger Strike Deal

FBI Wants Greater Surveillance Powers

Israeli And Palestinian Protests

Fabricating Lies To Wage War On Iran

Waging Total War On Islam

Brookings - A Reliable Imperial Tool

Hunger Strikes Highlight Israeli Injustice


NATO Heads For Chicago

Activism For Justice

Guantanamo Show Trial Begins

Israel - Profile Of A Police State

Another Foiled False Flag

Predatory Capitalism Failed

Israel's High Court Rejects Justice

Electoral Postmortems


Palestinian Prisoner Unity

Washington Targets OWS

Last October, Obama Told ABC News

FBI Entrapment Snares More Victims

Occupy Wall Street - Act II

Solidarity With Palestinian Hunger Strikers

York Times Publishes Hate Ad



Israel Toughens Prison Harshness

World Press Freedom Day

Choice Not On Ballot In French Election

United Methodist Church Rejects Divestment

Afghanistan - Permanent Occupation Planned

Targeting Murdoch

May Day Protests For Justice


Chavez In 2012

Whitewashing Mass Murder

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Painfully Force-Fed

Washington And Israel Threaten Humanity

What's Next For Libya?

Palestinian Rights Activism Endangered

Drone Warfare In Yemen

Daring To Criticize Israel

Glorifying Israel Shames Harvard

Dying To Live Free


Israel's Gulag Prison Hell

Land Day - Why It Matters

A Nation of Morons

Abbas Censors Truth

Preventing Peace To Wage War

NGOs Promote Wars For Profit

Media Scoundrels Promote War On Syria

Bahrain Grand Prix State Terror

Shaky Economies

Marwan Barghouti - Suspect Accusations After The Fact


Grand Prix In Bahrain A Disgrace

Security Council Authorizes 300 Syrian Monitors

Protesting For Justice In Bahrain

America's Gulf Disaster Revisited

Grand Prix Hypocrisy In Bahrain

Warning - Visiting Israel Is Dangerous

Israel Using Oslo To Steal More West Bank Land

Defending The Indefensible

Khader Adnan - Freed For How Long?

Collectively Punishing Palestinian Prisoners & Families


Afghanistan - America's Lost War

Failure In Cartagena

Beating Up On North Korea And Iran

Mass Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

Worrisome Security Council Syrian Resolution

Israel Criminalizes Travel

Tarek Mehanna - Criminalized For Doing The Right Thing

Nuclear Chess

Syrian Insurgents Violate Ceasefire

Israel's Lawless Settlement Project

Media Scoundrels Promote War

Israel Declares War On Gunter Grass


Justice For Rachel Corrie Delayed

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Near Death

Obama Wreaks Duplicity

America's Fiscal Cliff

Friends Of Syria Subvert Peaceful Resolution

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja - Dying For Justice

Obama Authorizes Greater Wall Street Theft

Viktor Bout - Victimized By US Injustice

Draconian Cybersecurity Bills

The Pain In Spain

US Belligerency Risks Global War


Gunter Grass Addresses Israel Nuclear Threat

ICC Absolves Israeli Lawlessness

Israel Plans Theft Of 10% More West Bank Land

Palestinian Hunger Strikers For Justice

'Friends Of Syria' Declare War On Assad

Republican Paul Ryan's Budget -Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Hana Shalabi - Not Quite Free At Last

The View From Istanbul

Obama's War On Iran

Obama Plans Regime Change In Syria


Imagining The Unthinkable

Papering Over Disaster

What's Next In Syria?

Terrorizing Palestinians Daily

Challenging Israeli State Terror

Legislating Greater Wall Street Theft

Fragging In Afghanistan?

The Criminal Class In Washington Is Bipartisan

Washington Admits Aiding Syrian Opposition

Terrorizing Palestinian Youths

Stand Your Ground Laws Legalize Murder

Israeli Court Enforces Hana Shalabi Injustice


Challenging Obamacare

Afghanistan Crimes - Absolving Higher-Ups

Israelis And Iranians Against War

No Letup In Western-Backed Syrian Violence

Keeping The Syrian Pot Boiling

Heading For Inevitable Disaster

Palestinians Denied Essentials To Life

Gaza Siege Harshness Continues

The New York Times: America's Unofficial Propaganda Ministry

Khader Adnan - Day 60 And Counting

Israeli Hanging Judge Sentences Khader Adnan To Death


Iran Falsely Charged With India And Georgia Attacks

Iran's Historic Anniversary

Khader Adnan's Heroic Struggle For Justice

NATO's Secret War On Syria

America's Sham Economic Recovery

Duplicitous Mortgage Settlement Deal

Murdering Khader Adnan

Act Up Against ACTA

Gaza - Isolated Under Siege

Targeting Syria And Iran

Economic Recovery? What Recovery?

Iran - A Manufactured Threat


Israeli Political Prisoner Khader Adnan Near Death

America's Racist Drug Laws

Heading For War On Syria

City Of Brotherly Love Event Promotes War, Hate

Russia And China Veto Syria Resolution

Promoting War, Spurning Peace

New Syria Resolution - Better but Still Flawed

Israeli 'Settlements' Make Peace Impossible

New York Times-Style Journalism

Former US Policymakers Promote War On Iran

Targeting AIPAC

Europe's Losing Game

Washington's War On Syria


Targeting Iranian Nationals

ACTA - Worse Than SOPA And PIPA 

Forecasting Economic Decline 

Torture And Abuse In Libya

Profile Of A Rogue State

Selling War

The Armenian Genocide

Whistling Past The Graveyard

Violence Rages in Libya

Arab League Arrogance

America's Great Divide Between Rich And Poor

NPR And PBS Anti-Iranian Propaganda


UK Government Censors, Suppresses Truth

Handbook On Israeli Apartheid

Anti-Syrian Pack Journalism

Israel Claims Syria/Hamas-Connected Terror Cells Uncovered

Protesting Internet Censorship

Postponing Joint US-Israeli Exercises

Israel Plans Major Gaza War

The New Normal - Economic Weakness And Decline


Mitt Romney's Hard-Right Agenda

Abusing East Jerusalem Children

Sinai Torture Camps

Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Criminalizing Dissent In America

Planned Regime Change In Iran And Syria

Heading For More Middle East War


Targeting Journalists Covering OWS Protests

Marwan Barghouti - Prisoner Of Conscience

Obama's New Military Strategy

Libyan Violence And Instability

Promoting War On Iran

Obama Plans More War


Systematic West Bank Settler Violence

Palestinian Children Detained Oppressively in Isolation

Shooting The Messenger In Syria

Money Power Runs America

Crisis Conditions Grip Eurozone

Proposed FCC Media Consolidation Rules

Obama's America - Tyranny And Permanent War

Ratcheting Up Middle East Tensions

Obama's New Year Resolution - More Middle East War

Appalling Bahrain Prison Conditions And Treatment

Israel vs Palestine In 2012


Saudi Arabian State Terror

Escalating Anti-Iranian Tensions

Grim 2012 Economic Outlook

Wrecking America's Postal Service

Gaza - Remembering Cast Lead

Netanyahu Rejects Peace

Obama Year Three - Continuing His Rogue Agenda

Russian vs US Elections

Spoiling For A Fight With Syria And Iran

Israel's Repressive Permit System

EU Protests Israeli Occupation Policies

Holiday Season Hypocrisy

Medicare Privatization Plans


Deepening Global Financial Trouble

Grim Holiday Season Tidings

Tarek Mehanna - Victimized By Racist Injustice

Destroying The American Dream

Israeli Delegitimization

Money Power World Rule

Growing Hunger And Homelessness In America

Global Economic Tremors

Israel Terrorizing Palestinians And Israeli Arabs


Ugly Israeli Realities Emerge

Washington's Greater Middle East Agenda Is War

Kristallnacht In Palestine

Political Washington Abolishes Due Process Protections

Banker Occupation And Europain

Obama Approves Draconian Police State Law

Europe In Disarray

Illegal FBI Spying On Community Groups

Legislating Tyranny In America

Lawless Israeli Oppression In Palestine


Europe Lays An Egg

Critical Health Issues In Gaza

Wrecking Europe To Fix It

Treating Palestinians Lawlessly

Muslim Charity Principals Denied Justice

Critical Health Issues In Gaza

Human Rights Day

Denying Palestinians Fair Access To Water

Russia Bashing

We're All Egyptians Now