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Fallout from Harvard’s
Mistreatment of Chelsea Manning

By Stephen Lendman

Harvard’s Kennedy School Dean Douglas Elmendorf’s deplorable rescindment of Manning’s fellowship and disinvitation to speak didn’t go unnoticed on campus.

Sharp criticism followed his reprehensible action, letting CIA director Mike Pompeo and former deputy agency director Michael Morell influence school policy - mocking academic freedom, shaming the Kennedy School and university.

Twelve campus organizations endorsed a letter (see below) - written by three undergraduates to the Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper.

They expressed “deep dissatisfaction” over Manning’s deplorable mistreatment. They called for immediate reinstatement of her fellowship, invitation to speak, and a personal apology for offending an individual deserving high praise and acclaim.

Harvard deplorably gave fellowships to CIA torturers, Pompeo and Morell. It maintains its relationship with war criminal David Petraeus - defrocked from his CIA directorship for leaking classified information to his mistress.

“Chelsea Manning’s critics are not actually concerned with the law or the safety of soldiers,” the letter said. “What they take issue with is her exposure of unchecked military violence,” unaccountable war crimes she exposed.

War logs Manning courageously revealed exposed unpunished Nuremberg-level high crimes. “Americans have a right to know the atrocities their government commits in their name, and we are all indebted to Ms. Manning for bringing these atrocities to light,” the students wrote.

“In light of her selfless sacrifices as a whistleblower, her dedication to the truth, and her commitment to human rights, we call upon the Harvard Kennedy School to reinstate Chelsea Manning’s designation as a fellow at the Institute of Politics,” they concluded.

Manning is a genuine hero, warranting universal high praise for extraordinary courage above and beyond the call of duty.

Speaking at a Sunday conference in Nantucket, MA, she called Harvard a “police state,” adding “I’m not ashamed of being disinvited. I view that just as much of an honored distinction as the fellowship itself.”

The following campus organizations endorsed the letter to the Crimson written by three undergrads:

Harvard Anti-Islamophobia Network, Harvard Asian American Women’s Association, Harvard College Pakistan Students Association, Harvard Global Health and AIDS Coalition, United Auto Workers Organizing Committee of the Harvard Graduate Students Union, Harvard Islamic Society, Harvard Organization for Prison Education and Reform, Harvard Progressive Jewish Alliance, Harvard Queer Students and Allies, Harvard Student Labor Action Movement, Harvard Trans Task Force, and Renegade Collective.

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