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Media Scoundrels Laud Deplorable Clinton VP Choice

By Stephen Lendman

Media scoundrels largely bash Trump, extolling Clinton instead of resolutely opposing two deplorable candidates unfit to serve.

Each supports wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively, mindless of populist concerns and needs. Don’t let their duplicitous rhetoric fool you.

They’re like all the rest, saying one thing, intending another, embracing policies benefitting monied and imperial interests at the expense of enormous harm to most people worldwide.

Media scoundrels are establishment mouthpieces, supporting fascism over freedom, wealth over populism, privilege over equity and justice for all.

New York Times editors rabidly support Clinton, outrageously calling her “the most broadly and deeply qualified (presidential aspirant) in modern history” - a shocking perversion of truth.

They describe Trump as “the most volatile and least prepared presidential candidate nominated by a major party in modern times.”

In response to Clinton choosing Kaine, they called him “a safe and solid choice…a staunch Catholic with blue-collar roots…a moderate…a liberal Democrat…provid(ing) (her) with important ballast for the stormy and unpredictable race ahead.”

Times editors, like their mainstream counterparts, never let facts conflict with their biased opinions and analysis. Hillary chose a deplorable running mate with extremist views matching her own.

Washington Post editors hailed her “strong running mate…a steady hand marked by a mastery of policy details and politics…His choice reflects well on Mrs. Clinton’s judgment,” they said.

The Wall Street Journal called Kaine “a safe choice…a seasoned politician from a battleground state…broadly respected in the Senate…seen by (Clinton and aides) as a potentially strong partner in governing.”

USA Today editors said Kaine is “the right pick for veep…the smartest…pick Hillary Clinton could have made.”

The Los Angeles Times called him “a well-liked swing-state moderate with broad governing experience…long considered a front-runner for the No. 2 spot in this race.”

The Chicago Tribune described Kaine as “a favorite for Clinton’s ticket…a centrist former governor of a crucial battleground state,” his foreign policy experience making him top choice.

Trump-Pence v. Clinton-Kaine gives voters no choice. Neither party or ticket serve their interests. Both represent wealth, power and privilege exclusively.

Expect four more hellish years ahead, hardening the scourge of previous ones since the neoliberal 1990s.

Endless imperial wars, crony capitalism over populism, and full-blown homeland tyranny are likely. Planet earth trembles at the prospect.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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