Stephen Lendman Receives Journalists Club
of Mexico International Journalism Award
On December 8 in Mexico City, Stephen Lendman received the prestigious Journalists Club of Mexico's (Club de Periodistas) annual International Journalism Award at an elaborate internationally-broadcast ceremony on television and radio.
Distinguished guests attended, including Mexican and foreign journalists, media representatives, and many others dignitaries.
A representative of Mexican President Filipe Calderon was present to deliver the President's prepared remarks, congratulating recipients.
The event was extraordinary in all respects and is the truth-telling journalistic equivalent of Hollywood's Oscars.
All recipients received a certificate and beautiful medallion which were draped over their heads like an Olympic winner.
Primarily Mexican and other Latin American journalists were honored.  Only two journalists from North America were included - Stephen Lendman from the U.S. and Mahdi Nazemroaya from Canada.
Both spoke briefly on international television to all Latin America. Their remarks were translated into Spanish.
Stephen's opening comment was:
"Today, this gringo from north of the border is proud to call himself a 'periodista'." means 'journalist' but to the Mexican Journalist Club, it's much more than that.
The club holds this event each year and next year will mark the club's 60th anniversary. Each year the organization honors very special journalists for their contribution to truth.
Stephen said, "I'm truly overwhelmed, deeply honored, and extremely humbled to have been invited to participate. I'll treasure what happened forever, won't ever forget its meaning, and will try always to live up to it." extends its warmest congratulations to Stephen for an award and honor richly deserved
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