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Standing Rock Water Protectors Face Eviction

By Stephen Lendman

Courageous Standing Rock Sioux tribe members and supporters face eviction, along with possible police brutality and arrest for defending sacred ancestral land from environmentally destructive pipeline construction.

They’ve struggled for justice since last April, not about to quit now. The stakes are too high.

Surrounded by police and Bureau of Indian Affairs agents, a video they produced on Monday said “(w)e have 48 hours before militarized law enforcement raid Oceti Sakowin camp. Elders and children need protection.”

“After the deadline for February 22 at 2PM, we are all at risk of facing arrest, police brutality, federal charges and prison time. In the history of colonization, they’ve always given us two options.”

“Give up our land or go to jail. Give up our rights or go to jail. And now, give up our water, or go to jail. We are not criminals. We need your help.”

On February 15, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum issued an emergency evacuation order for the main Oceti Sakowin camp, its sister Rosebud site, and portions of the Sacred Stone Camp.

The order called for establishing police checkpoints into and out of the campsites, along with clearing the land for development.

The Army Corps of Engineers refused to extend Wednesday’s deadline. Violence may follow later today - much like earlier with tear gas, beatings, water cannons in temperatures around the freeing mark, and attack dogs, police state America in action.

North Dakota senators approved legislation, calling for stiffer penalties on anyone inciting or participating in what they called riots. Others call these actions legitimate protests.

Another measure criminalized demonstrations in “public safety zones” declared by the state governor. Activists allegedly posing a threat risk imprisonment.

Legislation targets Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) water protectors. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Kelly Armstrong said “I have no doubt that the vast majority of the people at the DAPL protest are peaceful.”

“But there is a strong minority and contingent that has not always acted peacefully and our laws have proven to be inadequate down there in regards to felony prosecution.”

Resistance continues in court and on the ground. The struggle for Standing Rock justice continues - despite Trump authorizing the completion of DAPL construction.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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