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Putin-Led United Russia Party Scores
Overwhelming State Duma Election Triumph

By Stephen Lendman

Recent polls showed United Russia with around 50% support. In December 2011 elections, it won 49.67% of the votes, two-and-a-half times more than its nearest rival.

With over 95% of lower house State Duma votes counted, United Russia scored an impressive 54.2% triumph. Only four of the competing 14 parties achieved the minimum 5% threshold to qualify for any parliamentary seats.

The Communist Party came in second with 13.5% electorate support - followed by the Liberal Democratic Party at 13.3% and Fair Russia at 6.1%.

Putin commented on Sunday’s vote, saying “(t)he situation is not easy and people see it…(T)hey want the political system and society to remain stable,” adding “(o)rdinary people know that empty promises are worth nothing.”

Russia’s process is scrupulously open, free and fair - polar opposite America’s money-controlled sham system, fantasy democracy giving US voters no say over who leads them or how they’re governed.

Democrat Youth Community of Europe international observer Javier Hurtado Mira called Sunday’s atmosphere “calm. People…vote(d) just like in other European countries.”

Russia’s process is “absolutely transparent. (Its) democracy has evolved.” A previous article explained State Duma representatives are elected under a split system - 225 by party membership, the other 225 representing one-seat constituencies.

Tass explained “United Russia will receive a total of 343 mandates (76.22% of seats), the Communist Party (CPRF) gained 42 mandates (9.34%), the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) - 39 mandates (8.67%), A Just Russia - 23 mandates (5.11%), Rodina, Civic Platform (Grazhdanskaya Platforma) and independent Vladislav Reznik - gained one mandate each.”

Turnout was 47.81%, well below 60.2% in 2011. Legislative assemblies were elected in 39 regions along with around 5,000 municipal officials.

Media scoundrels reacted to the results as expected. Mocking real democracy in Russia, The New York Times said “result(s) (mean) a business-as-usual State Duma…which has long supported (Putin) as he curbed civil liberties and sent the military on new foreign adventures” - a despicable perversion of truth.

The neocon Washington Post disgracefully called Russia’s parliament under Putin “rubber stamp” - quoting one voter calling United Russia “the party of crooks and thieves,” a correct description of US duopoly governance media scoundrels ignore.

The Wall Street Journal unjustifiably said “(s)ome observers and opposition groups claimed some violations such as ballot-stuffing” - despite no corroborating evidence.

It bashed Putin, saying he “wanted a tightly scripted outcome,” despicably suggesting election rigging - commonplace in America throughout its sordid history.

Putin is up for reelection in 2018 if he chooses to seek another term. Given his overwhelming 80%+ popularity rating, Russians clearly want no one else leading them.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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