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Israel’s War On Truth


By Stephen Lendman

Israel is an apartheid police state, waging war without mercy on fundamental freedoms - politically and belligerently, Palestinians targeted for not being Jews.

Human rights groups blasted new legislation its racist justice minister Ayelet (“little snakes”) Shaked introduced, requiring foreign-funded NGOs to mark their documents, indicating which “foreign entities” finance them, as well as wear badges identifying their backers when visiting the Knesset - the way Nazis forced Jews to wear Star of David patches on their clothing.

Failure to comply would result in a NIS 29,000 ($7,500) fine. The so-called Transparency Bill targets groups critical of Israeli policies. Shaklet said the measure will stop “the blatant intervention of foreign countries in the state of Israel’s affairs.”

Palestinian youth organization Baladna director Nadim Nashif said the bill “is only the most recent attempt to crack down on watchdogs,” groups documenting Israeli high crimes and other human rights abuses.

B’Tselem accused Shaked of “unprecedented…cynicism. (She) uses the word ‘transparency’ to camouflage her (real) objective: maligning and defaming organizations critical of the occupation and opposed to government policy.”

If Shaked and Netanyahu "are so concerned over foreign intervention in Israeli politics, they ought to start by waiving the millions (of dollars gotten) from foreign business tycoons they receive for the benefit of primary elections.”

They “constitute the overwhelming bulk of contributions received by the heads of the (fascist) Likud and Jewish Home parties.”

Shaked’s measure targets Israeli critics, human rights groups exposing its high crimes, aiming to discredit and delegitimize them - one step removed from banning them altogether, the way all fascist regimes operate.

On Tuesday, Israeli soldiers stormed Al-Huriya Radio’s offices, ransacked it, damaged and confiscated equipment, shut it down for a reported six months, perhaps altogether once the period expires.

Staff were warned their facility will be demolished if anyone enters it. Other Palestinian media operations are attacked the same way, at times arrests made, part of Israel’s war on truth.

On Monday, the Palestinian Ministry of Information-Government Media Office (GMO) released a report, documenting Israeli abuses against Palestinian journalists in October - resulting in one death, two arrests, two others harshly interrogated, and dozens injured.

A total of 89 attacks were documented (67 in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, 27 in Gaza) - incidents involving live fire, potentially lethal rubber/plastic-coated steel bullets, beatings and arrests - journalists targeted for doing their job, revealing information Israel wants suppressed, especially video evidence of its high crimes.

Israel’s war on Palestine continued Monday into Tuesday - more all-out brutality against a people wanting to live free, a right viciously denied them.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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