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NSA Chief Lies to Congress

By Stephen Lendman

General Keith Alexander is NSA director. He's US Cyber Command head. He's in charge of lawlessly spying. He directs illegal hacking.

He does both globally. He's a serial lawbreaker. He violates fundamental constitutional law. He testified before Congress. More on that below.

Edward Joseph Snowden revealed what vital to know. He exposed unconstitutional spying. He said more. He accused NSA of lawless hacking. He knows. He was there. He revealed what he saw firsthand.

On June 14, Russia Today headlined "Snowden's asset: NSA hacking exposer knows secrets China wants," saying:

He's currently in Hong Kong. He's a wanted man. Washington wants him extradited, arrested, prosecuted, disappeared or murdered. He fears for his safety.  

According to the Chinese daily Global Times:

"The US is accumulating all the advanced powers of the Internet to forge a state-level 'fist' in order to launch cyber attacks on other countries."

"The unparalleled power of this 'fist' is beyond our imagination, which should be an alarm bell for us to catch up with the development of the internet."

On June 14, the South China Morning Post headlined "Edward Snowden: Classified US data shows Hong Kong hacking targets."

Records show specific NSA-hacked Hong Kong and mainland dates and IP addresses over a four year period. According to Snowden:

"The primary issue of public importance to Hong Kong and mainland China should be that the NSA is illegally seizing the communications of tens of millions of individuals without any individualised suspicion of wrongdoing."

"They simply steal everything so they can search for any topics of interest."

Exposure "demonstrated (America's) hypocrisy and arrogance" on matters regarding cyber warfare.

On June 12, the Wall Street Journal headlined "NSA Director Says Data Programs Foiled Plots," saying:

"Classified US government data shown to the South China Morning Post by whistle-blower Edward Snowden has provided a rare insight into the effectiveness of Washington's top-secret global cyberspying programme."

"New details about the data can be revealed by the Post after further analysis of information Snowden divulged during an exclusive interview on Wednesday in which the former CIA computer analyst exposed extensive hacking by the US in Hong Kong and the mainland."

In testimony before Senate Appropriations Committee members, NSA Director General Keith Alexander defended the indefensible. He lied doing so. He falsely claimed NSA spying foiled "dozens" of terror plots.

He "didn't elaborate on the attacks that were stopped, other than to tie them to two well-known foiled 2009 plots." More on them below. No such plots existed. They were invented. Innocent victims were falsely accused.

No verifiable evidence shows any plots were foiled on Alexander's watch. He's been NSA chief since August 1, 2005. His claims don't wash.

He committed perjury. He's guilty on multiple counts. Don't expect recrimination against him. Key Senate members are fully briefed. They're complicit in state crimes. So are many other congressional members.

Post 9/11, Washington declared war on Islam. Muslims became America's enemy of choice. They've been wrongfully vilified and dehumanized as terrorists.

So-called terror plots are fake. None existed earlier. None exist now. Dozens of innocent men and women were falsely charged, prosecuted, convicted and given long prison terms. Expect more innocent victims persecuted ahead.

Alexander referred to Najibullah Zazi and David Coleman Headley.

Justice Department officials claimed Zazi "received bomb-making instructions in Pakistan, purchased components of improvised explosive devices, and traveled to New York City on September 10 (2009) in furtherance of his criminal plans."

No evidence whatever supported government accusations. Zazi got no bomb-making instructions. He planned no crimes. His so-called ingredients included hydrogen peroxide, acetone and hydrochloric acid.

He bought them at a beauty shop. He did so legally. Anyone can buy the same things. Hydrogen peroxide's a common bleaching agent. It's a mild disinfectant.

Acetone's an inflammable organic solvent. It's used in nail polish remover, plastics and for cleaning purposes.

Hydrochloric acid's used in oil production, ore reduction, food processing, pickling, metal cleaning, and over-the-counter eye lubricants, among other applications. It's found diluted in stomachs.

Zazi's alleged plot was fabricated. Authorities claimed he planned to attack New York commuter trains and/or other high-profile New York targets. No motive was explained. None existed.

No legitimate evidence surfaced. None was presented. Innocence is no defense. Zazi was declared guilty by accusation.

According to Justice Department officials, Healy was guilty of "a dozen federal terrorism crimes relating to his role in planning the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, and a subsequent proposed attack on a newspaper in Denmark."

No verifiable evidence links him to any crimes. CIA, Mossad, India's Research Analysis Wing (RAW, and perhaps Pakistan's ISI were behind twelve coordinated shooting and bombing Mumbai attacks. They were false flags.

DOJ officials fabricated charges against Healy and others. He's innocent but guilty as charged. Thousands of political prisoners rot in America's gulag.

Media scoundrels pronounce guilt before trial. They do so in the court of public opinion. They support the worst state crimes. They violate core journalistic ethics. They it unapologetically. They betray their readers, viewers and listeners in the process.

Post-9/11, dozens of Muslims were falsely convicted of terrorism and/or conspiracy to commit it.

Alexander's claims about NSA spying foiling plots and keeping America safe don't wash.

On June 12, London's Guardian headlined "Senators press NSA director for answers on secret surveillance program."

It was more show-and-tell than holding Alexander accountable. Congress is fully briefed on what's ongoing. Key members know the worst of it. Permitting it makes them complicit.

FBI Director Robert Mueller lied like Alexander. In testimony before House Judiciary Committee members, he claimed spying could have foiled 9/11. It will prevent "another Boston," he said.

Both incidents were state-sponsored false flags. Mueller didn't explain. House members didn't ask. Perhaps they know and don't need to. Maybe key House and Senate members are briefed in advance of US-staged terror plots.

Mueller claims watering down spying leaves America vulnerable. "If you narrow (the scope of surveillance), you narrow the dots and that might be the dot that prevents the next Boston," he said.

America has no enemies except ones it invents. Mueller lied to Congress. He committed perjury like Alexander. He remains unaccountable.

He's stepping down in September. Perhaps he'll accept a high-paying private sector job. Most exiting US officials do so.

America's war on terror continues. Doing so reflects war on humanity. Obama represents the worst of rogue governance. Accountability is sorely lacking. Fundamental laws are spurned.

Diktat power rules. No one's safe anywhere. Tyranny and permanent wars define Obama's agenda. Ravaging humanity continues. Unchallenged dominance alone matters.

Thermonuclear war is possible. All bets are off if it happens. Imagine a worst case scenario. Imagine not going all out to prevent it.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at

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