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Russia Beating America’s Dirty Game in Syria


By Stephen Lendman

Syria’s war isn’t civil. Obama launched it in March 2011 to accomplish what Washington achieved in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya - mass slaughter, vast destruction, utter chaos, unspeakable human misery, replacing their independent governments with US-installed puppets, and preventing democratic rule.

After over four-and-a-half years of conflict, Assad remains overwhelmingly popular, he’s still in office, and with Russian air power his military is on the offensive, regaining lost territory, slow-going but moving in the right direction.

Wars aren’t won overnight, especially when the adversary is America, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as proxy foot soldiers, giving them air support, bombing Syrian infrastructure and other government targets.

Russia’s intervention changed everything, attacking ISIS and other terrorist elements effectively, destroying their weapons, munitions, command centers, underground bunkers, other facilities, and for many the will to keep fighting.

It takes more than air power to win wars. ISIS still controls vast amounts of Syrian territory. Assad’s military is sorely stretched. It takes time to achieve decisive breakthroughs. The reliable Saker web site cited an unnamed Russian expert estimating 85,000 soldiers lost since fighting began.

It takes time to train new recruits. Weapons lost need replacing. Russian air power gives Syria’s army important breathing room. It’s aided by Hezbollah forces and Iranian advisors.

Putin’s goals include defeating the scourge of terrorism, preventing its spread to Russia and Central Asia, keeping Syria intact, assuring its people alone decide who’ll lead them, and preventing America from controlling another regional country, isolating Iran, then initiating there what it’s done throughout the region.

His intervention accomplished much in a few short weeks, plenty more to come as Russian warplanes batter terrorist positions. Washington has no effective counter-strategy, little more than propaganda war so far.

US media noticed. On November 2, The New York Times headlined “New US-Backed Alliance to Counter ISIS Falters.”

Don’t expect Times reports to explain ISIS and other terrorist groups are US allies, proxy foot soldiers, trained by CIA operatives and special forces to kill with proficiency, commit gruesome atrocities, use chemical weapons blamed on Assad.

The Times report consists of explaining the Pentagon’s failed scheme to train nonexistent moderate rebels - along with saying evidence shows “forces in the (so-called anti-Assad) alliance…exist in name only…”

It’s unclear what fighters The Times means, citing “commander(s)” saying they lack enough of everything: heavy weapons, munitions, other supplies and equipment.

Unreported is how Russian air power destroyed much of what they had, losses mounting daily as sorties flown and targets struck batter them.

Washington Post editors expressed the same frustration, headlining “The US continues its scattered approach to Syria,” saying:

“A flurry of US actions on Syria in recent days not only failed to add up to a coherent strategy, but also did not even support one another.”

On Saturday, administration officials announced a new $100 million aid package for anti-Assad forces - after earlier admitting $500 million spent to train so-called good bad guys accomplished nothing.

Russia is besting America militarily and diplomatically, WaPo editors concluded.

Wall Street Journal editors headlined “Obama’s Syrian Illusions,” ludicrously claiming he “has Putin and Assad right where (he) wants them.”

“(W)e doubt Mr. Putin feels…beleaguered. (He) stabilized Mr. Assad’s (government) and let (his army) go on (the) offense…”

Journal editors support more aggressive US intervention, including balkanizing Syria by establishing illegal no-fly and safe ground zones.

America’s three leading broadsheets expressed a comment lament. Putin is winning the battle of Syria, including growing numbers of hearts and minds supporting his righteous mission.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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