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Presstitute Media Support
Anti-Consumer Fast Track Authority


By Stephen Lendman

It's easy knowing where corporate media stand on fast track and anti-consumer, environmentally destructive, jobs killing trade bills. They one-sidedly support power, profits and privilege. Popular interests be damned.

Instead of explaining harmful trade bills and outlandish fast track authority Obama wants to ram them through Congress irresponsibly, media scoundrels support passing what demands denunciation.

In mid-May, New York Times editors urged passing TPP and TTIP (Trans-Pacific Partnership and its counterpart Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

They lied claiming both bills are beneficial "in areas like labor standards and environmental protection…"

They "could help reduce environmental destruction and improve the lives of workers in" participating countries.

Times editors accept Obama's Big Lie claiming TPP and TTIP language "prevent(s) the use of trade measures to change American laws," they said.

False! They override them. They empower corporations over national sovereignty and popular interests. They destroy jobs and the environment. Instead of denouncing these bills, Times editors support them.

So do Washington Post editors - shamelessly claiming defeating fast track (for now) is a "blow to the United States' standing among its Pacific Rim allies" while ignoring anti-consumer, environmentally destructive TPP and TTIP provisions.

"We hope there’s a way out, but in the meantime Democrats will have to consider what this turn of events says about their party’s approach to the global economic challenges of the 21st century," WaPo editors blustered.

Wall Street Journal editors accused Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D. CA) of "knif(ing) Obama." She "sandbagg(ed)" him, they said.

"House Democrats pulled off a mutiny against President Obama on Friday and absconded with his trade bill as a hostage."

"Republicans will launch a rescue mission next week, but this astonishing fiasco could inflict lasting economic and strategic harm on the US."

Journal editors are notorious for irresponsible hyperbole and disinformation. Previous articles explained destructive TPP and TTIP provisions no responsible government would tolerate.

Obama prioritizes what benefits corporate predators at the expense of vital popular interests.

Journal editors are right saying "fast track isn't dead yet." Heavy-handed administration tactics may pressure passage in a subsequent vote as early as next week.

It's up to proponents of fairness to keep demanding their congressional representatives oppose fast track passage. The longer action is delayed, the better the chance for success.

Global Trade Watch Director Lori Wallach explained saying:

"Passing trade bills opposed by a majority of Americans does not get easier with delay because the more time people have to understand what's at stake, the angrier they get and the more they demand that their congressional representatives represent their will."

"(M)illions of Americans across the political spectrum actively campaigning against fast track will intensify efforts to permanently retire the Nixon-era scheme and replace it with a more inclusive, transparent process that instead of more job-offshoring can deliver trade deals that create American jobs and raise our wages."

Dark forces never quit. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Obama's trade agenda remains alive, and he'll keep pushing for fast track passage.

In a Friday statement, Obama repeated the same tired old Big Lies he said before - demagogically claiming TPA "expand(s) worker rights…"

Fact: It a hugely destructive jobs killer.

Obama: "(I)t will protect the environment."

Fact: It's ecocide on steroids.

Obama: "(I)t will promote a free and open Internet…"

Fact: It undermines Internet freedom. ISPs could be required to police online content, remove what governments and corporations find objectionable, and compromise unrestricted Internet access.

Imposed barriers benefitting corporate predators would stifle innovation and start-ups to protect their monopoly positions.

Obama: "(N)ew trade agreements  should go hand in hand with support for American workers who've been harmed by trade in the past."

Fact: TPP and TTIP makes other destructive trade bills seem mild by comparison.

Together they let corporate predators compromise or negate vital consumer rights and environmental protections too precious to lose.

An obvious observation: If TPP, TTIP and similar bills are so consumer and environmentally friendly as Obama and other proponents claim, why are negotiations secret?

Why is the public deliberately kept uninformed? Why does Obama want fast track authority to limit congressional debate and prevent amendments? Why aren’t these questions publicly answered?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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