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Dick Eastman


Dick Eastman On The Pentagon - Vid

The Batman Shooting Why, How And Who Time Line

Credit Like Potatoes - Social Credit Ireland

Recent Old Dick Eastman Videos

Classic Old Dick Eastman Videos

It Boils Down To This

Capitalism vs Consumer Sovereignty


America Must Flush Fox News

Why I Believe In Santa Claus

The Crime Of Insufficient Radiation Testing

Transuranian Liquidation

Why The Rothschilds Do It - Exterminating Moslems With DU

How The Rothschilds Took Control Of Japan In The 1990s

Thanks For The Memories

Down With The Gold Bugs

Economics From The Heart

The Isolation Of The Individual In The Debt Slavery Culture

Time To Overthrow Jewish Crime Power In America

Kiss The Egyptian Revolution Hello Again

The Mob Still Rules In Chicago

Kiss Egypt's Revolution Good-Bye

If All The $17 Million Debt Were Owed To Me...

Eastman Defends Reagan

Egypt A Practice Run For China Conquest Of US?

Egypt - A Controlled Burn?

Answering The Most Important Question
A 21st Century Nation Can Ask

Thomas Edison Questions Arthur Kitson

All This Suffering Is Unnecessary

To Jewish Finance - Give Us A US Industry Bubble Now

Toxic Zionism

Wheeler's Death - Politics & Crime Are The Same Thing

US Is Run 'Khodorkovsky-Style' - Same Zionist Backers


The Weapon That Put Them On Top Is Deflation

Snow And Gold

Most Jews Don't Understand Real Zionism

Ron Paul The Deceiver - Out Of The Closet

Jesus For Communists, Zionists And Lawyers

It Had To Be A Jew

Williams Analysis Wrong - Securities, Not Dollar, Collapsing

Allah, Elohim, Jehovah, Lucifer, Abraham, Rothschild And You Brothers And Sisters

 Americans Are No Longer Solution Oriented

The Frame-Up Of Edgar Steele In Northern Idaho

The Economy

Dick Eastman On BoE Statements

The More They Liquidate, The Heavier Our Debt 

Behold Their Unworthy Cause - Our Enemy Exposed

The Unfeasibility Of The Social Credit Solution

The American Populist Educator #1

Sen Joseph McCarthy - American Patriot - Vids

The Definitive Analysis Of The Economic Crisis

Eugenics And Nazis - California Connection

Goldman Predicts Deeper Dollar Drubbing

Understanding Stealth Economic Warfare

Thomas Huxley Against The British Aristocracy

Solzhenitsyn's Warning On Judeo-Pornographic Society

To Jerry Brown From Dick Eastman

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Now We Know It's War

Unite With Me Against Rothschild Zionism

Netanyahu Mocking US Video Airs On Israeli TV

Did Larry McDonald Survive The 'Shootdown' Of KAL 007? 

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