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Sen Joseph McCarthy - American Patriot - Vid
By Dick Eastman
The following film by Marxist Carl Cohen which includes clips from investigative hearings of March 24, 1954 was intended to demonstrate "McCarthyism" in action -- however I believe the tape vindicates McCarthy. Watch this tape and also McCarthy's answer to the misrepresentations of Edward R. Murrow.
McCarthy remains the great litmus test of American politics. I for one could never trust or respect anyone who could listen to the following and walk away still critical of Joseph McCarthy or the justification of the Senate inquiry into the extent of communist infiltration in the American government.
America is degraded and crushed today by all of the William Mandel's in in high positions of trust who were not identified as the subversives and conspirators who have worked this nations ruin.
The battle heard in this clip is the battle that goes on today -- except that our side has no one fighting for it. We no longer have men of the stature of Joe McCarthy (or Nixon) -- so much have the William Mandel's succeeded in their program of degrading our people.
The Investigation of William Mandel
By Sen Joseph McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy answers Edward R Murrow
McCarthy on Democrats
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