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Unite With Me Against Rothschild Zionism
By Richard Eastman
Bomb the King David Hotel and become Israeli Prime Minister
Dead Germans 1946
USS Liberty attacked by Israel in two waves while the flag was flying. Men in lifeboats straffed. Covered up by Admiral McCain under orders of Lyndon Johnson. Had the ship sunk the deaths of all hands would have been used as the deaths of September 11 have been used -- to use American blood and money to kill Israel's neighbors.


"We were sent to film the event." Seen laughing and giving hi-sign as they stood on a roof filming the burning Towers and filming each other holding up a lighted match against the  burning skyscrapers in the background as though they were setting it on fire."

Also 87 Israelis had illegal top secret passes at Dulles and Reagan National airports on 9-11 -- giving them access to the control towers, customer boarding, hangers, ticket counters and security. They were quitetly arrested and within three months queitly deported to Israel by John Ashcroft.

The attack on the Pentagon was a false-flag black-op conducted by Zionist Israelis and American Zionist Jews and Secret Crime Societies allied with Zionists against Islam and simple love-thy-neighbor Christianity.
Pentagon 9-11:   Planted bombs and a flying weapon half the length of a Boeing 757  killed Pentagon personnel on September 11.   Highest Treason Substantiated here:
Dick Eastman's findings.
Unite with me against Rothschild Zionism
The great mass-murdering criminal establishments of modern history, the Red Shield and the Red Flag, are in a race to destroy orderly civillization with law and justice from the earth or face justice themselves.
Their enemies are liberalism and christianity of Western Civilization and Islam of Moslem Civilization. Their enemies who have fought them openly  have been the German National Socialists and the American Populists.
The Germans who opposed "international interest slavery" have occupied, divided, brainwashed and pacified. Today it is debated whether the Germans were set up to fail, whether they were betrayed at the top, or whether they simply could not fight the Soviet Union, US, and the British Empire when those two were allied.
The American Jeffersonians/populists, those who openly acknoweldge the international bankers' hands in the great troubles of every nation -- cannot be defeated as the Germans were. Their knowledge is too pervasive, too much taken hold at the grass roots.  Not even infiltration of the power poistions of the US to the saturation point falls short of the power to outlaw the Jeffersonian/populists just by decree of the Department of Homeland Security. They must destroy the US and all vestiges of Jeffersonian political liberty and populist economic liberty.
It being impossible to destroy by conventional military battles a nation which dominates a nearly self-sufficient continent, which has a positive and popular ideology and a system of government that still commands loyalty, and which moreover is a nation armed with nuclear weapons, it has been necessary to overthrow the United States with an array of clandestine operations of sabotage. Drugs, pornography, banning moral instruction from schools, easy divorce deconstruction of basic principles at the universities, degrading education and replacement of history with the propagandas of anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-"homophobia," mainsteaming the retarded with the average and the gifted, tearing down every ideal, removing even the mentality for the application of instrumentalities to attain ends -- teaching the young magic and vampires and horror and psychopathic murder as the norms of television fare -- while nowhere is the model of a healthy family ever shown, except in the teachings and publications of a few "cult" religions that have been hard to infiltrate and subvert -- the Jehovahs Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, and the Mormons come to mind, both of which have maintained their adherence to core American values over the years -- although neither of them have any political power or speak at all in political forums. Most religion is submerged in Last Days Zionism that wears the skin of dead Christianity -- speaking in tongues, conducting fake healing services on television, taking money and promoting donations and tourism for Israel and calling for persevering in war against Islam.
As I was saying, it being impossible to destroy the us in direct military confrontation towards which our defense spending has been directed -- the Red Power (Rothschild, Rockefeller, European Royalty, US, British, Israeli, NATO, Germany, France and the rest of the G-20 ruling elites) defeat the US by sending their troops into the middle east and central Asia to be swallowed up by both the Moslems they are fighting and the snippers and bombers of Mossad who target and kill all those capable of recognizing what is happening and showing independence and leadership to resist. On the home front they are destroying the nation not with atomic bombs or biological or chemical weapons dropped from planes -- but by sabotage that is delivered in a thousand ways -- most effectively through manipulation of money and credit, the diverting of investment and industrial capital to China, the diminishing of purchasing power, the concentration of monopoly power in enemy hands, the capture of goverment by the dual-citizenship fifth-column of inflitrators saboteurs, and the corruption through seduction and blackmail of every Congressman and Senator and top bureaucrat -- murdering those who do not yield to the weaknesses of the flesh -- but usually just offering people of inferior character and abilities high positions which they never would have attained on the basis of their own merit. And in the most sensitive positions for occupation power and sabotage -- dual-citizenship anti-American Zionist Jews.
When a nation is attacked in this way -- with no newspapers or television or government to announce that we are being attacked -- and with politicians who claim to be in office because we wanted them their, because we raised them up from among us and put them in office etc. when we hear such politicians supposedly with our ballot decision giving them authority telling us that we are in a recovery and that the Fed need not give any more purchasing power so as not to ignite inflation -- that the US must persevere in wars because terrorisim on our soil is still a threat -- that gigantic sabotage to our country by the use on earth-science technologies are unfortunate accidents but that we must not interfere with the private enterprise system by telling BP how to "clean up" what has already destroyed 1/3 of our sea protein and which is killing crops as far north as Ohio -- the president "promising" it will be cleaned up etc. -- when we are attacked in this way -- the people cannot respond properly. People need their reality validated by one in authority who is trusted and who speaks for all -- and all such positions have been infiltrated and taken over by the conspiracy that is bent on murdering us in our silent sleep.
More than a million Americans know the truth -- but they are scattered and unorganized -- and at least that many and more are working to discredit and marginalize them or bury them in a sea of misinformation from a deployed "false-opposition," sabotaging our communications to rally and organize us to fight the red conspiracy.
The men and women who warn their countrymen heedless of the consequences are out there -- you need to join them -- and you need to do it fast. The slow acting super-sabotage of the US food supply has already been set up and initiated at food choke points around the world -- the most obvious being the "BP oil spill" event in the Gulf of Mexico. The plan is that we will stupidly organize ourselves into races and proceed to kill each other stealing and protecting food. That is what is going to happen if people do nothing -- if the message of intelligent and people of good will who have the facts are not heeded. (I think a thousand different disaster movies Hollywood has put out has, thorugh some conditioning of helplessness, prevented you psychologically from taking in reality and rising to the challenge the of Stealth World War III.
If you join in total commitment to global domination by the Roth schild -- you may not live very long -- but there is every hope that those you care about will survive to life in the kind of world that you know is worth any price to pass on to our posterity.
Here again, is the message sent two days ago:
Brother or Sister , wherever on this planet you are reading this.
Toleration of the super rich is at an end. The American are being murdered because we have not yielded to control by International Organized Crime.* The poisons in the deliberately Gulf of Mexico -- especially the Corexit chemicals weapon which is now in the water cycle and is  killing all forms of vegetation reaches in the rain all the way to the northern states of the United States -- is going to result in the destruction of the US. This is only one destructive measure that the Rothschild/Rockefeller controlled government and international corporations have imposed on the US.  The crime against the American people of the US now, has been done to people in hundreds of nations around the world, often many times to particular nations throughout their history. But now the last pockets of middle-class power that might stand up to this power is being exterminated in mass-media silence.
Now the Rothschild/Rockefeller international money power and their globalization allies around the world -- the ruling elite of every nation -- is consolidating their absolute power over the destinies of all nations by taking down the last of the independent middle classes of the so-called developed nations.
I will not let these evil and unworthy people kill my family and your family. Tell everyone it is time for everyone to raise their hand and stop the rich from murdering the poor. They have been given land and a monopoly of credit and political power and the organs of the mass media and they have used this power to murder us and rob us.
Like the Corexit on the vegetables of America I am going to rain down on the on Rothschilds, on the Rockefellers, on the enclaves of their power in America and China and Africa and South America like the poison they have rained down upon us. You, my brothers and sisters of this planet, will rain down them with me -- so that all of their organs of money and corporate power will fall down with them. To all mercenaries who work for the International Money Power, break your contracts now, return to your countries or place yourselves at the service of the Repudiation of All Debt, the breaking off all exploiters contracts. To all soldiers serving as slaves for the bankers who thought you were protecting your country -- you will now follow orders of the highest ranking officer or enlisted man who supports his parents, his wife and children, his grandparents, his friends and neighbors in repudiating the Money Power in his own country -- or joining the nation you have been occupying -- and help them throw off the power of the banks and the corporations and corrupt puppet politicians. I want no fighting. I want no man left standing with the bankers to make it a fight. I know very well that these criminals will not fight themselves. They cannot even think for themselves. And so everyone who works for the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve or Goldman Sachs or Chase or the IMF or World Bank or any other Central Bank or merchant bank will expunge all debt owed to their employers for all customers. All workers for Money Power owned media will not report for work. Everyone will do his part. Everyone will stop making it possible for these would-be murders of four billion people to command anything. All of their secretaries and servants and middle-level executives stop serving them. No one is to obey any of their commands. If they are recognized they are not to be served in resteraunts. Pilots and chauffers and taxi drivers will now refuse them service. Money and gold and land and mansions and stocks and bonds and land titles in their possession are not to be transacted. Everyone working for corporations involved in the attempted murder of 4 billion people will now make known all they know about the mechanisms by which the crime was to be accomplished. They will stop all mechanisms now in operation to effect this end. The secret hiding places will now be disclosed and broken open and their stores distributed to the people. 
Don't wait for further instructions. You know where you have been cooperating with evil and where and how you will now stop it. 
I will not let these evil and unworthy people kill or enslave my family and your family.  
Become what I have just become.
Richard Eastman
Yakima, Washington

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