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Down With The Gold Bugs
By Dick Eastman
Everyone who thinks we need a gold system or that Americans should hoard gold now -- please let me know so I can get your name the heck out of my mailbox and can block you so I am not driven to suicide by the gross stupidity of people who will not think or accept sound teaching from those who do.
Gold is not money. Money is a convention, an abstraction, a political creation, not a commodity.
The value of gold is the hope that if you buy it and resell after an increase in the quantity of money you will have more purchasing power than if you remained liquid.
But gold is not an investment. Gold is a matress. If you buy gold from Rothschild you are putting your money in a mattress where it will not be spent until the day you sell the gold for cash.
But putting money in the mattress and/or buying gold from Rothschild with it has the effect of destroying the US economy by worsening deflation. There is already a big enough shortage of purchasing power due to interest drain and foreign buying on credit unmatched by export revenues coming in.
If you think there is going to be a collapse of the economy -- why the heck are you buying a metal that can't be eaten, that can't clothe you or warm you or burn as fuel? Why didn't you buy seeds? Why didn't you buy propane tanks or gasoline tanks? Why didn't you invest with other local people in a small multi-purpose factory that can turn out basic tools that would be needed in a collapse or that could support local invention and small scale production if the economy does not collapse?
I have told you that the gold market is fixed. I have told you that the Rothschild's are selling their gold to you in a seller's market even as they hire their prostitute mouthpieces like Beck, Celente, Alex Jones, Ron Paul and all of the sponsors of all of the internet and talk radio programs. They create a panic for gold -- sell it to you high -- and as everyone's very act of buying gold takes money out of circulation it causes the deflation that will destroy the country -- that will end more jobs and foreclose more mortages and thus contract the money supply even further -- until you out of desperation because of what your hoarding has done, will sell your gold back to Rothschild in a buyer's market.
I despair for my country, Busser, when in a hundred posts this has still not sunk in. Really and truly phooey on all of you for not understanding what I am saying -- for sticking with that absurd Austrain Economics analysis. 
And don't talk to me about a gold standard either. We see that gold is monopolized and controlled by the international super-rich -- rich because they have played their crooked game over and over -- their is no stability in that. The Austrians talk about gold's intrinsic value being a floor on how low gold backed purchasing power can go -- but that is absurd -- gold in electronics and art is nothing. The Austrians and libertarians talk about gold "backing money" -- but don't you see that the idea of gold backing money is a fallacy as wrong and harmful as the fallacy of the labor theory of value. 
The value of money is what it will buy. The value of any article is the use one has for it or the use one has for something that it can be exchanged for. Money is a convention. It does not start as warehouse receipts for gold that become exchanged. That would never occur on a grand enough scale to put a community on a gold standard. What really happens is that the king taxes his people -- and the king can print money and the people will accept it if and only if the King will accept that paper money in taxes.
That is all there is too it. Theoretically (under a populist government) California could repudiate all of its debt right now and issue its own California Dollar which would be accepted by all Californians because everyone knows that property taxes and state income taxes etc. can be paid in California dollars. And thus we cut out the Rothschilds.
So what hold things up? You do, Robert Busser.
Why don't you stop sending me any more until you wise up and quite backing Rothschild against the rest of us. You are discouraging the hell out of me -- because you are so thick headed. I mean, why don't you shut off your radio and shut down your computer and just think about it for a while. I know you are not stupid.
One more thing: If gold isn't money then what really is a gold standard. A gold standard is Requiring Rothschild's dog tag, his permission slip, his tribute token and stamp, on each unit of abstract purchasing power so he can have his cut in every transaction. A community of people need to buy a Rothschild gold seal for permission to use money. And they call that system "libertarian" -- I say it is straight from Satan and his brothers Molloch and Mammon. Use that system and you find yourself immediately in economic hell.   
And if you advocate gold or push gold panic -- then you are every bit as much of a stooge of Rothschild as Celente or Senator Rand Paul or Alex Jones or Glenn Beck (who with only a high school education a background as a cut up radio disc jockey and reading a lot of libertarian propaganda (Rothschild propaganda) holds himself out as an expert on gold. The man is not to be listened to on this subject -- and the fact that you put out all these lies about gold and never once give to anyone my arguments against it -- what else can you be but either a shill or a hopeless dupe?
Forgive me, but as I see I am going to fail and that evil is going to win -- I lose all composure -- and all patience with peoples willful stupidity.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
And can't you see that Jewish Reuters and Douglas Casey are also shilling for Rothschilds to create the panic to buy gold?
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