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The Crime Of Insufficient Radiation Testing
What Kinds Of Radiation Are Being Measured?
By Richard Eastman
America can't stand intellectuals. I know I can't. But we still still respect intelligence combined with knoweldge and experience.
In college (Lake Forest) I completed a year of physics, courses in chemsitry, biology, math, logic, philosophy of science, psychology, sociology etc. I majored in economics. In graduate school I plodded through courses in experimental psychology, linquistics, six courses in statistics, econometrics, and courses in the doctoral program in economics at Texas A & M -- so much education I never was any good at honest work -- however I did learn a few things about sampling and statistical inference. I tell you this in the hope that you will put a little weight in what I am about to say about radiation testing in this country following the sabotage of the Fukushima atomic energy complex that amounts to a nuclear dirty bomb attack against us. So here we go:
We have gotten single individual samplings from several parts of the country. We all know that radiation was found in milk in Spokane Washington. Merely a trace, they told us. Nothing to worry about. But let me point out:
1. At Chernobyl it was found that very strong radiation could be found right next to a place with no signs of radiation at all. In other words radioactive contaminants carried by wind did not disribute evenly in the countries where the wind carried it. This fact means that a few spot checks of sampling is worthless in telling us how serious the problem of contamination of milk really is.
2. Eastman's Point: Taking adequate samples each showing zero radiation is way the heck not the same thing as taking zero samples in order to arrive at zero samples showing radiation.
When the state tested sample cows or dairies for radiation and got a postiive reading they stopped taking samples and no more was heard about it. They said this was just a trace and nothing to worry about, "see you next year." Way wrong! Given the fact of the way Chernobyl radiation was distributed in Eastern Europe (and Sweden where Plutonium reached) it was imperative that a thousand of samples (three or four per location) be taken throughout the Pacific Northwest by this time following the Spokane reading. Bu twhat was imperative for our welfare never happened. Homeland Security did absolutley nothing - even though Fukushima is exactly a dirty bomb directed at the US.
There have been no more tests around Spokane -- and the media seems to be treating it just as if the thousand tests had been made and they all came up zero. Homeland Security, the Obama Administration, the Department of Engery, the Department of the Interior, the Agriculture Department HAVE NOT conducted the necessary tests. The Governor of Washington HAS NOT ordered the required testing. And people are let to believe that "no news is good news" == that not taking the samples is to be viewed with the same relief and satisfaction as if a thousand samples were taken and all ended up negative.
Is government that stupid? Are the specialists in toxicity, pollution, public health, agriculture etc. all shy, or afraid to speak up, or busy with more important matters? I don't think so.
In every country in the world there is a government of puppets , each with a central bank, an army, a police force and an anti-terrorism program -- and each of these governments does what it is told by the international banking interests who are hostile to the common people of eacdh of those nations -- and does it look like our government is any different? If they gave a darn about Americans do you think they would be deliberately avoiding taking the necessary steps to determine the extent and shape of our nuclear contamination problem?
There has been no follow-up on the Spokane finding -- or if there has it has been too small and two under-reported because no one can find any anywhere on the internet in any news stories.
3. Yes, it causes trouble and people may panic and it is unpleasant to the theater management when someone yells, "Fire!" in a crowded theater. And yes, people may get hurt in a stampede. But what if the building really is on fire and people really will burn to death if they don't get out?
4. They know the building with us in it is on fire, and they have turned off the fire alarms and are not allowing the theater ushers to tell what they know about the flames in the projector room.
The politicans and those who own them-- those behind the 3-11 tsunami and the dirty bomb, the economic meltdown and 9-11 -- know that in the US the deaths will not come fast as radiation sickness, but will manifest in cancers and birth defects and all of those human health problems and environmental problems (animals and vegetation all have genes that can be modified by neutron bombardment -- "Chernobly AIDS" for example. This governance class knows that when cancer appears or a birth defect no one will be able to say for sure whether the defect was just the result of a roll of the genetic dice that the parents carried with them in their inherited gene pool or whether some stray cosmic ray did the deed rather than plutonium or cesium from Fukushima. They can make sure there will always be plausible deniability -- be ensuring that there will always be inadequate sampling.
As usual, I am going to close with an exhortation that Americans start right away talking this over-- explaining the situation to each other and then -- some great saints I am praying for -- take to the streets and demand what we really need -- massive sampling, raqdiation detectors avbailable to the general public, fast analysis and reporting from different independent agencies -- a national emergency -- why the heck even have the concept of national emergency if you cannot call on an occasion like this? Then take to the streets and -- like the great Egyptian people -- stay in the streets until you get what you are asking for or the governance crowd is driven from the country. (And ask for paper ballots in every state - going into locked ballot boxes with poll watchers and public video cameras on the box and the counters the whole time -- etc. - you'll find it amazing what good things you can think of to demand once you are out there with everhyone walkiing up and down main street.
There. Class is over. You have completed the course. (Now I can tell you that I can't remember 90 percent of what I learned in college -- and a lot of my grades were "C's" -- but at least I got a respectful hearing from you. Now let's each think for himself.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man
From: bigbucks
To: minlab@xxxxxxx
Hello Minlab,
Thanks for you best efforts and your radiation mapping informaton.  
I have been following much of the radiation release discourse and per Mr. Eastman's attached article, I would ask what types of radiation your participating monitors are measuring? Are they--as Eastman [and many others] suggest--only measuring Iodine radioactive isotopes--and/or are the monitoring GeigerCounters actually capable differentiating and measuring one type of radiation isotope from another [let's say iodine from plutonium]?  
It is also my limited understanding that Mox fuel radiation output [one of the most dangerous] cannot be measured unless one has a very expensive and sophisticated measuring instrument.  Is there anyone within your monotoring network who has access to one of these devices?
In brief - does your radiation network http://www.radiationnetwork.com/  provide meaningful information as it relates to all relevant types of dangerous radiation releases from the Fukushima Power Plant--or are we [USA] subject to an unknown type and quantity of radiation--which may have significant ill health effects both in the near term and long term time frames?
Gary Schofield
I have included the above concerned global citizens to help in this important dialogue. 
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