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All This Suffering Is Unnecessary
Time To Shake The Chains From Your Brains

By Richard Eastman
You were given the old choice and you picked the same as always. The choice was change the put right the economy by opening you political mouth to those around you to get back to the rule book or to invent some new rules that will put things right or to avoid the stress and risk of doing that and simply stay shut up and continue to take what the cheaters are leaving you which is next to nothing.
Social credit is the answer -- but I don't even see people going for Kucinich's or Helen Brown's half-way solutions.
None of this is necessary -- except insofar as you find it necessary that you and I don't step in to insist on what we need.
No one backs the bankers. Everyone who works for them, except the Jews, serves them like the castle guard of the Wicked Witch of the West served her. Just throw the bucket of water.  
The Chinese communist dictatorship was put in power by the Rothschilds and their agents in the US -- from Hiss to George C Marshall and Dean Achesen -- and perhaps you saw the picture yesterday of Obama bowing to Hu Jintao yesterday as he shook hands. It is so obvious that Obama is a minion -- that both sides of the economic negotiations are taking the Sino-Zionist side against Americans.
If every citizen thinks he is too small to have any effect -- then how is a republic and representative government possible. The plutocracy will buy the media to set a false norm -- and the people conform to it.
You, dear reader, have a lot to answer to -- but of course the consequences of your betrayal by inaction will be the most just punishment -- we will all continue facing those consequences together.
social credit - 
And by the way, Jesus was a conspiracy theorist -- and the people who crucified him have just ruined the remaining middle classes of more than fifty nations.
22 Signs Of Crushing Government Austerity
Written by CA Political News on January 18, 2011, 03:05 PM
Austerity In America: 22 Signs That It Is Already Here And That It Is Going To Be Very Painful
The Economic Collapse,1/18/10  
Over the past couple of years, most Americans have shown little concern as austerity measures were imposed on financially troubled nations across Europe. Even as austerity riots erupted in nations such as Greece and Spain, most Americans were still convinced that nothing like that could ever happen here. Well, guess what? Austerity has arrived in America. At this point, it is not a formal, mandated austerity like we have seen in Europe, but the results are just the same. Taxes are going up, services are being slashed dramatically, thousands of state and city employees are being laid off, and politicians seem to be endlessly talking about ways to make even deeper budget cuts. Unfortunately, even with the incredibly severe budget cuts that we have seen already, many state and local governments across the United States are still facing a sea of red ink as far as the eye can see.
Most Americans tend to think of "government debt" as only a problem of the federal government. But that is simply not accurate. The truth is that there are thousands of "government debt problems" from coast to coast. Today, state and local government debt has reached at an all-time high of 22 percent of U.S. GDP. It is a crisis of catastrophic proportions that is not going away any time soon.
A recent article in the New York Times did a good job of summarizing the financial pain that many state governments are feeling right now. Unfortunately, as bad as the budget shortfalls are for this year, they are projected to be even worse in 2012....
While state revenues - shrunken as a result of the recession - are finally starting to improve somewhat, federal stimulus money that had propped up state budgets is vanishing and costs are rising, all of which has left state leaders bracing for what is next. For now, states have budget gaps of $26 billion, by some estimates, and foresee shortfalls of at least $82 billion as they look to next year's budgets.
So what is the solution? Well, for state and local politicians from coast to coast, the answer to these financial problems is to impose austerity measures. Of course they never, ever use the term "austerity measures", but that is exactly what they are.
The following are 22 signs that austerity has already arrived in America and that it is going to be very, very painful....
#1 The financial manager of the Detroit Public Schools, Robert Bobb, has submitted a proposal to close half of all the schools in the city. His plan envisions class sizes of up to 62 students in the remaining schools.
#2 Detroit Mayor Dave Bing wants to cut off 20 percent of the entire city from police and trash services in order to save money.
#3 Things are so tight in California that Governor Jerry Brown is requiring approximately 48,000 state workers to turn in their government-paid cell phones by June 1st.
#4 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing to completely eliminate 20 percent of state agencies.
#5 New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has closed 20 fire departments at night and is proposing layoffs in every single city agency.
#6 In the state of Illinois, lawmakers recently pushed through a 66 percent increase in the personal income tax rate.
#7 The town of Prichard, Alabama came up with a unique way to battle their budget woes recently. They simply stopped sending out pension checks to retired workers. Of course this is a violation of state law, but town officials insist that they just do not have the money.
#8 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently purposely skipped a scheduled 3.1 billion dollar payment to that state's pension system.
#9 The state of New Jersey is in such bad shape that they still are facing a $10 billion budget deficit for this year even after cutting a billion dollars from the education budget and laying off thousands of teachers.
#10 Due to a very serious budget shortfall, the city of Newark, New Jersey recently made very significant cuts to the police force. Subsequently, there has been a very substantial spike in the crime rate.
#11 The city of Camden, New Jersey is "the second most dangerous city in America", but because of a huge budget shortfall they recently felt forced to lay off half of the city police force.
#12 Philadelphia, Baltimore and Sacramento have all instituted "rolling brownouts" during which various city fire stations are shut down on a rotating basis.
#13 In Georgia, the county of Clayton recently eliminated its entire public bus system in order to save 8 million dollars.
#14 Oakland, California Police Chief Anthony Batts has announced that due to severe budget cuts there are a number of crimes that his department will simply not be able to respond to any longer. The crimes that the Oakland police will no longer be responding to include grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism.
#15 In Connecticut, the governor is asking state legislators to approve the biggest tax increase that the state has seen in two decades.
#16 All across the United States, conditions at many state parks, recreation areas and historic sites are deplorable at best. Some states have backlogs of repair projects that are now over a billion dollars long. The following is a quote from a recent MSNBC article about these project backlogs....
More than a dozen states estimate that their backlogs are at least $100 million. Massachusetts and New York's are at least $1 billion. Hawaii officials called park conditions "deplorable" in a December report asking for $50 million per year for five years to tackle a $240 million backlog that covers parks, trails and harbors.
#17 The state of Arizona recently announced that it has decided to stop paying for many types of organ transplants for people enrolled in its Medicaid program.
#18 Not only that, but Arizona is do desperate for money that they have even sold off the state capitol building, the state supreme court building and the legislative chambers.
#19 All over the nation, asphalt roads are actually being ground up and are being replaced with gravel because it is cheaper to maintain. The state of South Dakota has transformed over 100 miles of asphalt road into gravel over the past year, and 38 out of the 83 counties in the state of Michigan have transformed at least some of their asphalt roads into gravel roads.
#20 The state of Illinois is such a financial disaster zone that it is hard to even describe. According to 60 Minutes, the state of Illinois is six months behind on their bill payments. 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Croft asked Illinois state Comptroller Dan Hynes how many people and organizations are waiting to be paid by the state, and this is how Hynes responded....
"It's fair to say that there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people waiting to be paid by the state."
#21 The city of Chicago is in such dire straits financially that officials there are actually toying with the idea of setting up a city-owned casino as a way to raise cash.
#22 Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is desperately looking for ways to cut the budget and he says that "hundreds of jurisdictions" in his state could go bankrupt over the next few years.
But everything that you have just read is only the beginning. Budget shortfalls for our state and local governments are projected to be much worse in the years ahead.
So what is the answer? Well, our state and local governments are going to have to spend less money. That means that we are likely to see even more savage budget cutting.
In addition, our state and local politicians are going to feel intense pressure to find ways to "raise revenue". In fact, we are already starting to see this happen.
According to the National Association of State Budget Officers, over the past couple of years a total of 36 out of the 50 U.S. states have raised taxes or fees of some sort.
So hold on to your wallets, because the politicians are going to be coming after them.
We are entering a time of extreme financial stress in America. The federal government is broke. Most of our state and local governments are broke. Record numbers of Americans are going bankrupt. Record numbers of Americans are being kicked out of their homes. Record numbers of Americans are now living in poverty.
The debt-fueled prosperity of the last several decades came at a cost. We literally mortgaged the future. Now nothing will ever be the same again.
Study: Many college students not learning to think critically
An unprecedented study that followed several thousand undergraduates through four years of college found that large numbers didn't learn the critical thinking, complex reasoning and written communication skills that are widely assumed to be at the core of a college education.
This is intentional. The powers that be are perfectly willing to sell you an advanced education on credit, and to fill your head up with memorized dogma, but they dare not allow people to learn how to actually analyze and comprehend what they see happening before them. Logic and critical thinking are the hallmarks of a free society, while rote memorization and repetition are the dictator's counterfeit.
If (Zionist) Jews were simply ambitious and assertive and favoring their own, we could tolerate it as we tolerate those characteristics in anyone regardless of race or creed -- but most Jews are all about conspiracy to rob and enslave and set up a world kingdom of the Jews and most of the rest give their tacit consent to the others, covering for their crimes. Until about 4 or five billion people are all in agreement with that assessment the state of the world is not going to improve.
From: Wendy
To: BryanD
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 2:47 PM
Subject: Re: Study: Many college students not learning to think critically
Noooooo.....really....? Bry--say it ain't so!!
After I completed my master's degree in 2005 I decided to do some research on the authors of all of my textbooks and reading materials. Over 90% of the authors were JEWISH.
I had an almost completely communist education. Only a handful of authors were Western--Tom Paine, John Locke were a few, but the rest were jews.
That's why there's no critical thinking--almost no contrast, and it's all politically liberal.
In fact, the few conservatives who were enrolled in the program (mostly from the military) got BASHED by the liberal students.
What was my masters degree in? Conflict Analysis and Resolution. [Taught by the greatest conflict provocateurs and conflict exploiters on the planet.]
Jewish atrocities in the Middle East - Vanguard News Network Forum
Behind the scenes of conspiracy during December 19 Presidential Elections in Belarus
Letter from Minsk -- White Russia populists obtain a copy of the conspiracy manual for overthrowing a populist government. Making populists look like anti-populists.
"Behind the Scenes of one Conspiracy"
The Minsk Times    &laqno;Behind the scenes of one conspiracy
Foreign policy, pursued by Belarusian leadership, is of exceptionally amicable character, it is aimed only at the development of good-neighbourly relations with all countries; and the country's domestic policy provides steady and progressive advance of Belarusian society. Even the most vehement opponents of the Belarusian authorities, both inside and outside Belarus, have to admit the unique nature and the effectiveness of the Belarusian model of development.
However, the very fact of existence of such an independent state building its policy based on its national interests, causes harsh irritation on the part of some foreign political forces willing to subdue to their interests those post-Soviet states that are not yet under their influence, to which the Republic of Belarus belongs in the current conditions. The reason for such close attention to and interest in our state on the part of foreign political consultants is obvious.
Military invasion of a country aimed at overthrowing the ruling authorities is no longer "effective". Another strategy has been employed - aimed at inspiring an internal political conflict controlled from the outside. A striking example of its implementation is the so-called "colour revolutions" in several post-Soviet countries.
But despite the sophisticated methods of influence and the exquisite tools, such as economic pressure, intimidation, imposition of different sanctions and restrictions, Belarus still holds to its interests and continues to realise its policy in compliance with its national interests, including participation in different projects initiated by the West, the major of which is the "Eastern Partnership" project.
It is necessary to state that this program, which is in its essence a frame that can be filled with any content depending on the current situation, was immediately employed by the powers whose aim was to use the process of improving Belarusian-European relations in their mercenary motives. An attempt was undertaken to employ "Eastern Partnership" in order to weaken the cooperation between Belarus and Russia and to finally convert the republic into a buffer in its own way between Russia and Europe (virtually, a sanitary cordon), and also to transform it into a source of cheap resources, including labour force and a market for EU products.
From the confiscated "Tell the Truth"Strategic Action Plan
"Possible priorities of the future counter-propaganda campaign. Background campaign (rumours)."
"One of the components of the support campaign for the candidate of national confidence should be deliberate production of stimuli for the dissemination of rumours. Rumours are to be regarded as information passed on by means of informal communication and having a virus-like dissemination pattern. The ideal platform for such campaign is the Internet, especially various social networks, blogs, Twitter (Internet social network).
A well-run rumour campaign forces the authorities to continually look for excuses, which helps create the so-called presumption of guilt and evokes greater mistrust towards the government in the general public.
One of the basic rumours to be supported throughout the campaign should be the rumour of Lukashenko's possible resignation. Its purpose to assure the general public and the elite of the very possibility of such resignation.
Suggested rumour cycles:
The personality of Lukashenko and his family, the rumors about the president undermine his personal position and destroy the image of a strong, brave and resolute man.
Here are the main directions and goals of the "background campaign":
- The poor health of Lukashenko and members of his family.
- Lukashenko gets treatment abroad and spends a lot of money on it.
- Lukashenko's money is deposited in foreign banks. This fact should be emphasised, and sums should be constantly increased.
Economy. Rumors of economic problems must countervail the information that the country has been barely affected by the crisis.
The following rumors are also effective:
- Every day brings more and more unemployed, new unemployed people are expected.
- The government has not fulfilled the IMF requirements, and credits should be repaid ahead of schedule.
The safety of large public projects is questioned.
- The nuclear power plant to be constructed will use a Chinese reactor that can be prone to explosion.
- The nuclear reactor at the nuclear power plant is, in fact, future missiles, and a platform for nuclear blackmail ...".
- The country is being sold out on the cheap, clandestine privatization of enterprises is going on at full speed. Officials sell state property to the Arabs and the Chinese for bribes.
From the TT CC "Strategic Action Plan"
What is necessary to create a political crisis in the country:
"Stage 1. Creating conditions to have the voting results delegitimised through use of "independent" observing, as well as by bribing members of electoral commissions.
The directorate of the "Tell the Truth" campaign has begun to study the executives and members of territorial electoral commissions and potential candidates for local election commissions. Particular emphasis was placed on the so-called promising polling stations where V.Nekliaev was rather popular among voters.
The plan is to personally approach members and executives of the commissions at the selected stations and offer them incentives in an attempt to induce them to make public statements that the voting results announced by the CEC have been falsified, and voice the "real" data on the votes V.Nekliaev has received in the given district".
Reference note. They were promised a "compensation" of up to 100 thousand dollars for inducing officials to cooperate with the "campaign".
The TT CC believed that with 3 to 5 executives of election commissions ("and if things turn out well, even more") making such statements opponents of the government would be able to "meaningfully" challenge the official outcome of the election, appeal to foreign structures and launch a "justified" campaign of civil disobedience.
"Stage 2. Hold mass protests. As the electoral process went through its main stages, the opponents of the government planned to foment social tensions in the country, increasing the number of participants in the planned protests as the election date got closer".
From operative materials
"A. Mikhalevich noted that he had studied in England, travelled to Poland and Germany. In one of his trips to Germany, he got a phone call from a woman who introduced herself as a German journalist A.M., and suggested a meeting. During that meeting, the "journalist" started asking questions beyond the previously agreed subject of the conversation. In particular, she was interested in the political and economic processes taking place in Belarus. After that, A. Mikhalevich had another two meetings with her. In A. Mikhalevich's view, that was not a journalist but a representative of the German special services.
A. Mikhalevich said that the BPF (Belarusian Popular Front) party is mainly funded by the U.S., Germany and Poland. According to A. Mikhalevich, the bulk of the grants was appropriated by the top leaders of the BPF, never reaching the rank-and-file members of the party".
From an analytical note
"The financial standing of the opposition candidates.
It was noted that because donors refused to finance A.Milinkevich (the 2006 presidential candidate, the "For Freedom" movement leader) and he had no money to support the collection of signatures with, he is depressed. He does not answer mobile phone calls.
Y. Romanchuk received about 150 - 200 thousand U.S. dollars from IRI to stage local events, after which he went to Germany and the United States to obtain additional financing.
A. Kozulin does not intend to run for President, but is ready to provide paid assistance to the Tell the Truth campaign in nominating V.Nekliaev. A.Kozulin views participation in the elections as a possibility to earn money".
From a summary
During preliminary talks with V.Nekliaev, A. Sannikov stated that "cooperation with the "Tell the Truth" leader would inflict damage on his reputation, costing him at least 500 thousand US dollars.
"... A. Feduta (ideologist of the TT CC) and A. Vardomatsky (director of the research laboratory "Novak") discussed the TT CC financing during the election campaign. The plan is to get about 400 thousand US dollars in donor money to support signature collection, and 600 thousand US dollars to run the propaganda campaign. As the funds to collect signatures were allocated, Y.Slutskaya (a former editor-in-chief of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi" newspaper) stated that she needed 100 thousand for media support, and S.Vozniak requested 250 thousand to produce printed materials. The executives of the entity decided to discuss this issue at the following Directorate session. It was noted that in September A. Dmitriev (the head of Nekliaev's Office) would receive 150,000 US dollars (A. Feduta - 70,000, and A. Vardomatsky - 80,000).
To finance the preparation of analytical documents on the social, political and economic situation in the republic for the TT CC, A.Feduta proposed that 50,000 - 100,000 US dollars should be allocated from his off-budget fund to organise the activities of the TT CC external consultants (V.Silitski, etc.). At the following Directorate session, they would be presented with a list of consultants and their salaries.
A. Feduta reported that S.Gaidukevich, the Chairman of the LDP (the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party), contacted him and suggested that he should, for 1,000,000 US dollars, assist the "Tell the Truth" campaign in promoting its candidate in the forthcoming election period and withdraw his candidacy in TT CC support. The members of the Directorate assumed that this was a provocation by law enforcement agencies. A. Feduta noted that, perhaps, S. Gaidukevich is a channel for dialogue with the authorities.
S. Vozniak said that A.Feduta himself invited him to the "Tell the Truth" campaign.
According to S.Vozniak, the TT CC was sponsored by representatives of a "governmental structure" of the Republic of Poland (the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
The foreigners only stayed in touch with the "campaign" leaders they selected: first that was A.Feduta, and then (from May 2010 and on), with A.Dmitriev and V.Nekliaev.
S.Vozniak's tasks included the transfer of the money he received from A.Feduta and A.Dmitriev abroad to Belarus. After receiving the money from those people, he was to deliver it to Belarus (he did not have any personal contacts with the sponsors).
From an operative summary of the state security agencies
On July 19, after A.Dmitriev agreed in a conversation with the NED head R.Pototski that he would participate in the youth group to organise the "ploshcha" (square) event, he was contacted by D.Dashkevich, the Young Front (YF) leader who suggested they should discuss the plan of action for the structure being created. D.Dashkevich proposed to call a youth group "Belarus for freedom" or "Free Square". He noted that the group would include representatives of the "Young Front", "Right Alliance", the Belarusian Popular Front and the movement "For Freedom" or "Free Square". The coordinators are D.Dashkevich and a representative of "For Freedom".
In early August, in the EU territory, D.Dashkevich would hold an initial meeting of the youth group representatives to draft proposals to organise the "ploshcha" and the entity's budget (up to 2,000,000 US dollars - part of it would be used by the YF). Money is scheduled to arrive in September. From September till October, the entity activists would buy tents (about 500) and other items at shops and markets and would keep them at secret addresses. D.Dashkevich plans to gather about 3,000 people at the "ploshcha". If Oktyabrskaya Square is sealed off by the law enforcement agencies, a different venue for a tent camp is considered".
A fragment of Skype correspondence between A.Beliatski (Vice President of the International Federation for Human Rights, Minsk) and the coordinator for the Freedom and Democracy Fund (Warsaw).
- Hello, this is Marek. Can you do me a favour? Will you send some data, please? In English, if possible.
- Hello, speaking.
- I've got a request: can you confirm, if anyone from Poland asks you, that our fund took part in creating your large database on repressions as part of the project on victims of repressions? It's unlikely that anyone will ask, but just in case The thing is that our Foreign Ministry wants to know what the information effect of our project is. We need to give them an answer. So we said that we helped for free. You know what this is about.
- OK, good. If they ask, we'll confirm.
- Thank you! As for this year, the payout to the victims of repressions is 200,000 zloty. Plus a fee for your coordinator. 200,000 zloty is about 7,000 dollars.
- Has it been confirmed?
- Yes.
- Great!
- Now we are waiting for the money to be transferred to our account. And could we maybe preliminarily agree with you later in Warsaw about who is to get it?
- I think we'll be able to decide on that.
- The Foreign Ministry has cut the sum by half. We asked for 500,000 zloty.
- We can start today then. This is fine, too, because we have about 40,000 from the NED, though we've already spent half of that money
- They've got utter theft there. They've sponsored two partnership projects in Belarus in the field of veterinary medicine. One agro-enterprise from northern Poland got ten percent of the Foreign Ministry's money for foreign assistance! They were given two and a half million zloty! Utter corruption.
- It's far from us You're in a better position to judge.
- And yesterday Sikorsky boasted to your oppositionists that he helps the victims of repressions a lot, and our project was given as an example. An outright lie.
- Ha-ha-ha!!! Those POLITICIANS, I'm afraid they're all like that. 
>From an operative note
"In a number of cases S. Vozniak called regional coordinators of the "Tell the Truth" civil campaign to Vilnius where he gave each of them a specified sum of money in cash in a prearranged location (a hotel or a caf).
In other cases S. Vozniak devised another scheme. Having received money from A. Dmitriev, he divided the sum and put the money in luggage lockers at a railway station in Vilnius (or in bank safe deposit boxes). Then, contacting the regional coordinators via Skype, he gave them the number of the box, the code, the date and the time when the said functionary or representative had to come to Lithuania and take the money.
Thus, S. Vozniak distanced himself from distributing the money personally and the indication of a specific date allowed him to make sure that the couriers could not see each other while withdrawing the money from the said luggage lockers in Lithuania.
The foreign currency was taken to the Republic of Belarus only in cash by selected couriers.
S. Vozniak said that in summer 2010 he received a bag with a large sum of money in cash from A. Dmitriev in Vilnius (more than 700,000 USD according to his own estimate).
There is no doubt that first of all the special services of Poland and Germany have a hand in the events of December 19. They planned and organised the "Tell the Truth" civil campaign, which was supposed to become 'the new opposition force' capable of changing the government in the country. To achieve this objective they selected organisers, technologists and used significant financial resources. Various funds were used as fronts for smuggling the money into Belarus. Poland became 'a training range' where they tried to form a force capable of changing the legal authorities in Belarus. There they organised special training camps for 'activists', prepared the future ruling class, reached foreign policy decisions with the assistance of the diplomatic corps. All this is regrettable, at least because the people of brotherly Poland have very close ties with Belarusian people. It is a pity that some political intriguers do not want to understand that.
As it is known, the main instigators and ringleaders have been arrested and charged, investigation is now underway and it will put everything in its place. These people have been detained not for their political views. They have been arrested for specific actions, which manifested themselves particularly in their attempt to seize the Government Residence and plunge the country into chaos. They have been arrested for forming an illegal 'government'.
Below is a fragment of the questioning of a person named in the criminal case, which casts light on many events. In particular, it casts light on the active participation of official representatives from Warsaw and Berlin in the events in Minsk.
From a protocol
Officer (M) puts questions to a high-ranking functionary of the "Tell the Truth" civil campaign (M1)
M1. About the source of money, I already told you everything yesterday and my opinion will be unchanged, I don't care who says what. This is German money, this is German politics. Next it's just using the countries which, let's say, are directly related to Germany.
M. Are these Poland and the Baltic states?
M1. Mainly the Baltic States, also Poland, sometimes Sweden. And I am not talking about the financial aspect now, but the organisation. I don't have any other answer, I've already told you that.
M. I see.
M1. I'm quite sure, when we talked about Milinkevich yesterday I think that Germany just arranged for Milinkevich not to be among those who got any funding. It may have been an agreement of some sort, not just taking money away from Milinkevich.
M. Tell me this. About a month ago you went to Poland, when the first problems with the money transfer arose. Who did you speak to there?
M1. Do you mean when I was with Nekliaev?
M. Yes, you might be with Nekliaev.
M1. Well, that was an official visit.
M. Who did you speak to about the financing?
M1. I spoke to everybody about the financing there. We spoke to Litvin (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland) and to some people who introduced themselves as officers from the secretariat. We spoke to them as people asking for assistance, "Yes, we need more funds, could you help us in any way?" Plus we had a very important meeting there, and it was in Poland by the way that we had a very important meeting with some Germans.
M. Which Germans?
M1. It was a sample of experts over there.
M. Who organised the meeting with the Poles?
M1. These were the Germans who organised the meeting with the Poles for us. But I also told you yesterday that when we were in the receiving office, the assistant remarked that
M. And whose office was that?
M1. I think Litvin's office, now I don't She made a remark, it was either Sikorsky's office or Litvin's office, I don't remember whose assistant she was, but she said 'You should be grateful for your meeting in Poland.
M. Why do you think they cut down on the financing? Have you become somewhat more independent?
M1. No, the presidential elections were supposed to be a transition stage, the objective was to get into Parliament little by little, and in this way to legalise the relations and a sort of work with Belarus. The presidential elections were supposed to be just a stage. We were to show ourselves, we were to show leadership, we were to form as the new opposition which Europe will speak to.
M. Has anyone voiced this strategy?
M1. This strategy was not made public, last time in Brussels they told Nekliaev directly, well it may not be exactly the way they did it, but he was told, "We are interested in the elections being recognised by Europe to the extent Europe can recognise them, so that it is a dialogue and so on. Milinkevich has already played his part and nobody is going to continue any dialogue with him, we need a new leader, a new structure, it will make it possible to conduct international policy, but there will be a parallel dialogue as well. And from now on, if this structure suddenly starts the dialogue with the authorities, everybody will trust this dialogue. It means that Europe can support it. There are people who are considered as opposition, but who are actually no opposition at all like Tereshchenko, Gaidukevich, and now Mikhalevich. Europe can't accept such opposition, it is impossible due to the political reasons. We need the opposition which will be not that radical, well, but just opposition and when the dialogue starts, it will be beneficial for everybody".
... The conversation continued
"Did A.Feduta go away with any documents?
1. Yes. We continued working, and he left and then he came back. But on the whole it was we who wrote the strategy, that is, there was not anybody who told us how to do it in the right way. You know, I just think that one of the possible variants why they did not say that there, was Germany One of the versions is that because Germany has never worked with such big political projects. Maybe it is an attempt, say, to refer to those countries which are the usual sponsors, like the Baltic States, well, and Poland. That is to refer to what will be usual for the authorities. On the other hand, in case of failure, you see, Germany will come out with the spotless reputation. It could just be possible to agree with Poland so that Poland didn't finance it anymore after all.
M.Who tried to organise Milinkevich's dialogue? Was it Germany? It concerns the question whether or not it participated in some projects.
1. It just seems to me that Poland is not an independent player in the policy like that.
M. But Poland wanted very much to be this independent player. I understand what you are talking about. But they could just give it some powers or a chance.
M1. Proceeding from our last meetings where we already had some talks with Westerville, it just seemed to me that in case of the continuation, Germany will come out of the shadow more.
M. And who initiated the meeting?
M1. The meeting with Westerville?
M1. We didn't have a meeting, we had a telephone conversation of Nekliaev talking with him. But it was the initiative of the German party when we were in Brussels.
M. And what did they speak about?
M1. They spoke about some common things. He confirmed what had been said at the meeting in Brussels concerning the fact that Belarus should move in the European direction and that, of course, Russia won't so easily let Belarus go..."
Behind the scenes of one conspiracy (PART 2)
: 20:30:59 17.01.2011
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