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The Mob Still Rules In Chicago
Emanuael As Mayor - In Your Face Organized Crime Control

By Dick Eastman
Rahm Emanuel is now the Mayor of Chicago -- such in your face organized crime control -- this killer and Israeli agent -- sends the message "the mob rules!" I'd rather have Gadaffi bombing my house
Scores of the most courageous and valuable people are going to be murdered in the next few years or months. Whoever still owns a business in the midwest who is for America is going to lose that business. The Rackets are going to close in on everything. There is no law in Chicago except the Jewish mafia, and all mafia in the US has always been Jewish mafia. 
Of course, the election was fixed -- but Chicago knows that Emanuel will play with Gadaffi rules but will have backing from the White House and Goldman Sachs and all Zionist Jewish power. "Governance" in Chicago is what this country has in store for it for the next hundred years.
There is nothing but mush in what is left of the American ruling elite -- who isn't Jewish is prostrate on his face to iSRAEL and Jewish Zionist financial crime
How I despise my gutless countrymen.  The Democrats certainly now have the mayor of Chicago they truly deserve.
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