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How The Rothschilds Took
Control Of Japan In The 1990s
By Richard Eastman
Japan was the leading industrial and consumer goods innovator until the 1990s when the Nikkei stock market crashed.
I remember, reading in the Wall Street Journal or New York Times who workers left their stock exchange offices and went out into the streets saying "The Jews have crashed Japanese markets." I remembered how odd it was to me that the Japanese would actually say that -- they are not given to rash statements.
The world would have been a different place had Rothschild -- with Israel and China -- done that. Japan had no bubble -- or let us say that that bubble was our real future -- a future of robots doing our work, a futgure oriented towards goods for households a future with lots of leisure for everyone. The Japanese, by the way, were, according to Richard Cook, very interested in the social credit ideas of C H Douglas when Douglas was still alive, both before and aftger WWII.
But a fuutre of Robots and very high standards of living for the common man do not fit the Zionist dream of Rothschild power. They derive satisfaction not from absolute height attained but from their elevation in wealth and power and command over everyone else. In this sense Rothschild and Zionism are oriental despotism, whereas Japan was really, before the great crash, the leader of the Western Civilization for the future -- although the US, Britain and France would not like to admit it.
Once again, there was a geat rise in land prices -- but as Henry George wrote more than a hundred years ago -- rent will automatically rise -- a boon to speculators with development. And yes, rent, like usury, doesn't deserve the big share of income it gets -- but the collapse of Japan was caused not by a bubble puncturing pin as the popular imagry is, but by Rothschild market manipulation. The bubble analogy is bad, because with it one blames the bubble and not the pin. Anyway, it was not uintil February of 2001 that N. M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd. jumped in to reap the harvest of dead Japanese enterprises they had killed, entering the merger-and-acquisition market in this country that hitherto they were unable to crack into. At this time also China along with the Rothschild international mafia -- regional bosses Bush and Rockefeller etc. -- so that the US bought into a future of slave labor and debt slavery -- rather than the vision of the future we were expecting and wanting and that we shared with the great Japanese people.
I also remarked at the time at over thirty books, perhaps a dozen of them on the NYT best seller's list, warning about Japan taking over the world economy. They even made movies on the subject. All, I noted back in the 90s were authord oer co-authored by Jews.
That's the truth. take it or leave it.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every otehr man
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