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You Need To Understand
Stealth Economic Warfare

By Dick Eastman
What is the connection between Wal Mart, the trade deficit, foreclosures and the end of domestic middle-class ownership of the means of production?
After careful economic survey of your town's economic environment one or more Wal Mart stores are built. Wal Mart with economies of scale, a surplus war chest for cut-throat competition and advantages in the import of foreign produced goods, Wal Mart focuses on driving each locally owned or domestically owned competitor out of business. People may not want to shop at Wal Mart but their own budgets and deflation which makes "making ends meet" progressively more difficult forces them to give in sooner or later. Only after the local competition is bankrupt will prices climb to monopoly pricing levels. What you don't know is that this is but one aspect of a grand strategy for conquest without war waged by an international elite against us.
In the days of regulated international trade what is being done would be called "dumping." Where one industrial country's monopoly corporations dump their unsold surplus on another. (The surplus is unsold because the workers of those countries are deprived of purchasing power, it being drained off in taxes and interest payments, and monopoly pricing.) Dumping undercuts what the local producers can profitably produce and so forces the replacement of self-sufficient local production with international dependency -- dependency on foreign supply. But there is more to what is happening today than that.
Today, the financial sector is allied with the foreign trade sector in intensifying the power of this economic weapon to the destructive equivalent of an H-bomb attack. Wal Mart undercuts while at the same time the American people lose their manufacturing base and all profit from domestic production of goods and services. Normally this would end because the people who no longer produce for export cannot continue to buy imports. That is where the the financial sector comes in and "supersizes" the catastrophe. When people lost their jobs and their small businesses there was a great reduction in money staying local.
Profits that used to be realized in your town used to stay in your town. Now all of the profits go to the international corporations. This means less money in circulation in the domestic economy -- in addition to the reduction of purchasing power resulting from general deflation in the domestic loop due to pro-creditor monetary and credit policies.
But it did not end because the financial sector jumped in with offering homeowners very easy terms on loans, so that, in exchange for all of their wealth as collateral, second mortgage and easy business loans were extended that put money in the system that allowed the people to continue importing goods that their production was no longer able to pay for.  Of course, the amount of a loan received must be paid back in that same amount plus compound interest -- but people did not see what was going on. Not only were they to ignorant of economics, but the media that should have known and reported to them was actually owned by the very interests waging this economic war. Those who saw it coming were marginalized by gatekeeping and misrepresentation.
So we mortgaged the farm and everything else to keep up the standard of living we had been accustomed to and that we expected would remain normal into the future. The average American had no idea that everyone was living on everyone else's borrowed time.
So not only did they enemy dump their goods on our economy and drive us out of our means of livelihood, they just kept us cannibalizing ourselves by taking out loans. But the enemy was not really stuck with bad loans, because all of our loans were backed by our last holdings of real wealth -- the remaining equity in or homes and whatever earning power the lender though worthy of attaching and, in the last resort, the government stepping in to make good on our payments when we failed to make our debt payments -- meaning that the government is guaranteeing to high finance that if they make a loan contract and the loan goes bad, the government will make it good by going after other citizens who still have untaxed income, citizens who had no part of that contract -- which is the essence of total debt slavery in a nation. 
They loan us the money so we can continue to buy from China through Wal Mart and they allow us hock everything we own so we may continue to buy foreign instead of buying domestic, and when -- because of lack of earnings at home we can no longer keep up our debt payments, the government bails (with a borrowings also at interest!!!) and the government will use the IRS and bankruptcy law to get the rest.
The result is the transfer of all the wealth of a nation to the internationalists, global organized crime aiming at the new owners and rulers of the world -- the end of self-sufficient and self-respecting middle-class existence under the Jeffersonian model -- the "liberal" model of freedom from money power aristocrat tyranny.
I don't think enough people are seeing this.
Dick Eastman -- the anti-Beck anti-Paul anti-Celente anti-gold Mormon
Yakima, Washington
My solution:
Vicky Davis Writes:
I found a copy of it online!  When I looked for it a couple of years ago, I couldn't find a copy so I had to buy the book. 
Workforce 2000?
This book was the one that told me that the people who negotiated the trade agreements - in particular the Marrakesh Agreement that ended the Uruguay Round, that created the WTO, absolutely knew what was going to happen to our economy when they agreed to it.
The planning for changes in the education revealed the intentions... Workforce 2000 gives their justification.  The tell is that a lot of what they were saying wasn't true at the time, but it was going to become true after they signed the agreements. It's a major dot connected.
William Brock commissioned the report in 1987 when he was Labor Secretary after leaving the position of U.S. Trade Representative.
Workforce 2000 - Work and Workers for the 21st Century
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