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Eastman - Kiss The Egyptian
Revolution Hello Again

Dick Eastman
Jim Kirwan
Of course Kirwan is right. If you forwarded my note "Kiss Egyptian Revolution Good-bye" to anyone, please send this one after it. As long as one man in Egypt has the spirit of Jim Kirwan the revolution is still on. The same goes for America. I confess I know very little about the Egyptians. I do know their enemy however and the intentions of that enemy-- if Egyptians let these international investors grant loans to "reconstruct" your country you can indeed kiss your revolution good-bye. The "kiss goodbye" title was merely a way dramatize the seriousness of the threat posed by international finance. Cherifa Sirry of Cairo wrote to me of my letter, "Whoever wrote this has little knowledge about what is happening in Egypt." Thank God this is true! As for me, I'm now with Jim Kirwan!
-- Dick Eastman
Kiss Egypt Good Bye? Not Yet!
By Jim Kirwan
"The "The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is ready to lend a billion Euros a year to Egypt for reconstruction and free-market reform -- even as Egypt's Minister of Finance Samir Radwan has gone begging to the City of London bankers and the British Ministry of Trade and Investment for relief on debt payments that are about to throw Egypt into bankruptcy since Egypt has been such a good boy in privatization and austerity to give Egypt a 7 percent growth rate mostly in investments that will end up in international hands as ventures fail to pay out with ever diminishing Egyptian domestic purchasing power.
First EBRD will lend at interest and build what they want backed by Egyptian collateral and the value of the projects themselves. Then when it turns out they can't make the debt payments because of all the interest we have sucked from them, we take over all of the assets we have developed. That's freedom and EBRD is really going to give it to them. After all EBRD is experienced at this. In 1991 the EBRD was organized to financially lead Russia and Eastern Europe in their transition from paternalistic socialism to sustainable
free-market economies open to international investment.
The U.S. is the EBRD's largest shareholder, although the combined stakes of European Union nations give that bloc the greatest say in how it operates."
So says Dick Eastman (1)
However 'agenda's of this kind were made to shattered, not just broken. Everything happening in Egypt now is still in flux; and will be for awhile. This game of "GOTCHA" has no real future in reality. Worst of all for Eastman's clarion-call is that "money," especially international-money is the weakest link in the daisy-chain that the N.W.O and the elites are frantically clinging to. I wonder how this escaped the laser-focus of Mr. Eastman in his latest-assessment of this deal-breaking staple of the revolution that Egypt just endured?
As always Eastman gives no credit at all to the people in Egypt that are anything but stereotypical of any other nation-state, in the region or indeed any place else in the world today. Aside from this fact; why do so many 'automatically fall-back to embrace the party-line of the elites, whenever anything arises that has real potential to challenge the status-quo? You can smell the fear of "What's to Come" throughout Eastman's article. It's as if he does indeed fail, to convince the world that Egypt FAILED, then he is somehow a lesser person which makes no sense at all. The era of criminally acquired money that was supposed to lead directly to outright global domination is DEAD. Money itself-everywhere-is suspect at best; and is most likely not to be able to meet its own obligations in the near term much less down-the-road. Again why was this factor missed entirely in the article "Kiss Egypt's Revolution Good-Bye"?
This is the map of most of what is at stake now, and while Egypt is a key piece in this major shift in global power-it is not the only country involved.
Eastman continues:
"EBRD President Thomas Mirow in a speech at Oxford University declared, "Twenty years ago, the EBRD rose to the challenge posed by the collapse of communism. Today, in the Middle East.. we are ready to act again, championing the values that we hold dear. . . . We have the ability to deliver the development of the private sector, particularly the small and medium sized enterprises which drive job creation and thus supplement the efforts of other international financial institutions which focus on public infrastructure."European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton told Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit that the EU will permit new loans and provide "expertise" if Egypt is willing to make the necessary economic reforms to get them.
Meanwhile new parties are being formed through Facebook to counter the crowd out the Muslim Brotherhood. New Parties like the "25th of January Party" -- no indication of what it stands for in the name -- has garnered hundreds of thousands of "likes". Another Party, the "Freedom and Justice Party" is a magnet for a secular pro-free-market Egyptians looking for power and position in the new Egypt.
But a hundred other parties are being financed, each directed at peeling away one or more demographic groupings from the Muslim Brotherhood.
This important work is proceeding as the world is distracted by the violence in Libya. By the time the world is ready to look at Egypt again, the nation will show an entirely different political landscape." (1)
The events of twenty years ago, in terms of money & power are irrelevant in today's upheaval; so why site them here? There is no precedent for what is happening in state after state because we are witnessing a global eruption not unlike a volcano exploding in slow motion. When the dust settles over the remaining landscapes nothing will be as it was before. To suggest as Dick tries to do here that "somehow" the powers that were, will still be in power, because they have always been the levers behind everything that happens in the world-is just plain stupid! Especially in light of the fact that what brought this on was not a "very cleaver tactic" from the same bumbling fools that have driven the world to the edge of oblivion-but rather this D.O.A. proposal has been nothing more than a Hail-Mary desperation attempt, to convince the world, that the elites have not become just another failed empire caught in the throws of their own demise.
But if Eastman and his champions have their way we are all expected to bow down to the ancient money-changers as if "nothing has really happened" in Egypt or anywhere else because they (and we) will just line-up at the Money-changers doors to get screwed all over again-as if nothing at all had really changed. What is being described in the article is a sucker's game that fails utterly to even consider what the momentous nature of what exactly that rebellion brought into a formerly "beaten and downtrodden-world."
Collectively the world has got to stop giving the elites the power they cannot ever have unless we give it to them. They did not actually have it before the revolution-and now it has slipped immeasurably from their tight-fisted grasp-unless you chose to believe Eastman's ode-to-dead-powers everywhere. The "power' they are so frantically clinging to was never really theirs in the first place. All of that was no more than a shadow of something they have been trying to project since they began this D.O.A. foreign policy that depends entirely upon the belief of their captives: That they and only they (The Elites), shall reign supreme!
Perhaps worst of all the Money-Changers put all their eggs in the weakest basket of all: "THEIR MONEY" which is weakest of all links which they once had used to control everything.
DE again: "It is clear that the little people have lost again, that Egyptians have lost their revolution and that the people simply are not well enough informed to raise up their own alternative to domination by International Finance. "The so-called Egyptian revolution has been hijacked by the Rothschilds while the world has shifted its eyes to Libya.
"Citi has unveiled what it dubs the 3G countries: Global Growth Generators. The 11 countries it picks out as leading lights are Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Mongolia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam." -- The Wall Street Journal, 2-24-2011
The closure of Egypt's banks for two of the past three weeks has added strain on an economy already reeling from the evaporation of tourism and a prolonged stock market closure caused by the political upheaval that ousted longtime leader Hosni Mubarak. The bank shutdown and the draining of ATM machines have paralyzed businesses and left ordinary people scrambling for cash. The country's banks had long been a source of pride for Egyptians, with its strong regulatory environment and their lack of investments in the kind of toxic assets that hammered Western banks helped Egypt weather the worst of the global financial meltdown.
"Two weeks Moody's Investors Service downgraded its credit ratings for five Egyptian banks. Future loans from international agencies will depend on eliminating those regulations and meeting other benchmarks for free-market reform." (1)
k) Again: When a nation has been living for so many decades under tyranny, it is not expectable that they should have an entire government-in-waiting ready and able to assume a seamless and seasoned control over a freshly liberated state. What those people did for themselves was powerful and overflowing with potential; not just for Egypt but for the world. And their real and perhaps most lasting gift to the rest of us was their determination to survive despite the torture, the murders, and now the open assault of 'new players' made from the same criminal stock as those they are seeking to replace?
No one can attempt to use the measurement-scales of the old-order to guage whatever the new government decides to embrace; unless of course they do not go outside the traditional leaders to find and make use of new blood to go with their newly discovered human-spirit of resistance!
DE: "Banks remained open the first few days of the 18-day democracy uprising. But after a weekend of looting, arson and lawlessness on Jan. 28-29, they closed for a week and many ATMs ran out of cash. The following week, the banks closed. They reopened the week of Feb. 6-10 and this week on Sunday. The military-led caretaker government has sought to re-establish a measure of normalcy after Mubarak's ouster. Banks reopened on Sunday and officials breathed a sigh of relief when a much-feared run on them did not materialize.- the first weekday after Mubarak's ouster. They closed again on Monday, the central bank ordering them to remain shut at least until the start of next week on Sunday. A week ago, Credit Suisse estimated that the unrest had cost the country at least $310 million per day, and predicted the Egyptian currency would come under heavy pressure as investors shifted to dollar deposits or pulled their money out entirely. The projections for economic growth this year were quickly revised down from 6 percent to between 2 and 4 percent." (1)
Only a fool would attempt to measure something new by using the instrumentation of the old template along with all the instruments of torture that were continually-used to create the whole of this suppression in the first place: But then Eastman has never been "a people person" anyhow; as he has portrayed himself as The Lone Ranger now for years. That's too bad because this entirely new resistance has been about people and their rights as well as the way in which they will be able to live their lives - maybe that's why Dick missed the guts of these still unfolding events.
This has always been about courage over cowardice, determination over slavery and in the long run freedom over tyranny: There can never be any freedom without the will to fight and to keep on fighting until what was denied is restored to those that have demanded it!
1) Kiss Egypt's Revolution Good-Bye
"There can never be any freedom without the will to fight and to keep on fighting until what was denied is restored to those that have demanded it!" -- Jim Kirwan
Another letter I received:
The Muslim Brotherhood is a British Intelligence front. (That's all the world needs: more London-financed apostate Islam, to suit the banksters' Masonic agenda.)
The EU's Catherine Ashton is typical Common Purpose Eurotrash. Never worked an honest day in her life: appointed to her post like a good little Marxist ideologue / micromanaging meddling bureaucrat.
You see, Puppetworld Post was right about "Rothschilds Stage Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to Kill Islamic Banks in Emerging North African Markets".
And another related to the newly elected mayor of Chicago.
I agree with you our country is being run by a bunch of soulless Zionist criminals; doomed to fail because they have forgotten one thing, God!
However, as you can see, God is beginning to open up the mind of the people to understand that there really is a conspiracy by the criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve and it's primary proponent USA INC. This criminal enterprise, best described as a cabal is populated by perverted, pedophile criminals who have planned, financed and implemented one of the most diabolical crimes one could imagine; the plundering of the entire creation and the subjugation of all people to their soulless global rule.
But I see a time coming when millions march on and surround DC, sealing off it's roads, cutting off it's water and power until they surrender. I can also visualize televised trials of these traitorous subhumans for treason and crimes against humanity. I think they know their time is short. And just as those in Libya jumped ship when it began to flounder we will see a massive exodus from this putrid mass of dung known as the NWO. We will know them by their fruits.
Already, they have exposed themselves and their agenda and there is no turning back; they must finish or die. Soon they will, as Adrian Salbuchi says, have to kick the chess board, but it will be to no avail. The pitting of one group against another failed in Egypt as it will increasingly fail around the world.
And when the fox is not in charge of the hen house they will all have to pay the piper.
ps Old Dick Eastman? How old?
Funny how in scripture Jesus is emanuel which means "God with us".
By the way, I have a property up in the redwoods in Northern California. The name of the park: Rockefeller Redwoods, the name of the grove, "Founders Grove" the park dedicated to:
Who was Bernard M Baruch? He was instrumental in the the destruction of America. Do a google search. There is a lot of symbolism in the tallest tree being in Rockefeller Redwoods and it being named Founders Grove and the slogan on the Bernard Baruch plaque stating that "His stature is that of these redwoods". Think Bohemian Grove, which is 140 miles south, where I also used to have a farm close by. So they are saying that Bernard Baruch was instrumental as one of the founders of the New World Order and just as the redwood is one of the largest trees so too will the NWO take over and consume America and the world.
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