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Transuranian Liquidation
By Dick Eastman
They would not have done 9-11, a foreign president, the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico region, and the Fukushima   dirty bomb if they thought we would live long enough to find out and do something about it.
They plan to bring us down so low that we will not longer be a threat to them even by terrorism. They are going  for a total win -- our death.
They have stockpiled all they need and built underground shelters, they have arranged a world famine through a variety of sabotage means (including Fukushima irradiated food of North America) while they have spilit the US military made to fight 2 1/2 wars by putting half in east central  Asia boardering China and the rest in the Middle East where they are opposed by all Islam even before the Israelis (who control their command structure and their intelligence) move in to wipe them out.
I love Sharon, Wolfowitz, Perle and Blankfein no more than all of you who ridicule stupid whacko conspiracy theories.
I called for the world to rise up in resolute and unfailing Gandhi opposition to any and all power, claims, contracts, influence of the great credit, money, corporate, organized crime power of the bankers and the mass-murdering dictatorship of Bejing which international finance put in power.
What I was asking of you was hard. What I was asking of you went against the flow of all of the  disinformation in education and in media and in corporate culture and religious indoctrination that you have heard all your life. What I was asking you to do called on you to put aside all of the prejudices of race and race and  religion and religion and native and immigrant that the dividing-and-conquering Jewish subversion put in your hearts.
The civilization we had here will be erased -- neither the gang controlling China nor world Jewry can endure to know of the free and  prosperous for all nation we once had here.
Nor will they remember the last great battle of that civilization -- where the real defenders of that civilization were unknown men, stripped of all power and voice because of their integrity, because they understood the war and knew how to win it and restore the good of it.
No iodine pills for me. Give me another  glass of milk. I know the ending and I have no desire to watch the final scenes.
Most sincerely,
Crazy stupid conspiracy theory man.
Dick Eastman Yakima,
Washington Responsibility discharged.
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