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The More They Liquidate, The Heavier Our Debt 
And Their Creditor Wealth Becomes  
By Dick Eastman
The more the foreclose and deflate ­ the more valuable to them and the heavier to us is the remaining debt burden.  They are liquidating us ­ but the remaining debt upon us, due to deflation, is heavier than when the foreclosures began.
The Financier Conspiracy is actually increasing the value of the debt owed to them by foreclosing on loans.  That is why they are sucking up all the dollars they can  -- trading their securities for them at the NY Fed Res Bank, snatching dollars in the form of bailout money, getting dollars by selling gold to Americans bamboozled by their mouthpiece shills Glenn Beck and Gerald Celente.
They know that there are two loops, as I have told you ­ they know that in their loop there is plenty of liquidity and they are adding to it every last drop of our dollar liquidity they can squeeze.  Meanwhile, down here where we live, they purchasing power is dried up.  We are forced into distress sales ­ or are outright foreclosed or simply have our domestic business loans called.  Big deflation here  -- but all Beck and Celente talk about is inflation  -- even though there is no inflation in our loop --  all the oxygen is going to them and they get our possessions after we die for want of air.
Here is another statement  -- from a letter of mine to a fellow 9-11 investigator who happens to be a fellow Mormon:
Glenn Beck is selling gold for the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds, therefore, are buying dollars. Bernanke is, they say, pumping helicopter money -- but it is all going to the international merchant banks -- it is not going to local financial intemediaries who make domestic business loans -- this means the bankers are trading securities for dollars. Now here is my main point:
The money power combinations are unloading securities because the US will default payment on them -- they are buying dollars and selling gold, because the domestic economy of the US is undergoing astounding deflation -- fewer dollars chasing goods, chasing the worker's labor, chasing factors of production -- this means that each dollar in circulation will buy a bigger slice of pie (or, holding pie slice size constant -- it will take fewer dollars to by a given slice of pie) -- thus those holding dollars and IOU's denominated in dollars are getting a big unearned premium -- a windfall -- on each dollar and on each dollar-denominated IOU they hold because of deflation.
It is more profitable for the big financiers to get together in a plot to drain the economy of purchasing power to deflate the dollar (adding to the purchasing of of each of their dollar claims to pie.) So as we are bankrupted and foreclosed and engaged in buyers' market distress selling -- there is no money in the domestic loop for the little people who have just been ruined by starvation of purchasing power to bid against the financier holding all those dollars outside the domestic loop. Thus they are able to buy up our former homes put on the auction block, to buy them up and convert them into rental properties with absentee landlords -- so now when we find a home to rent, the rental money will go to a landlord who himself buys and sells outside of our economy -- he only collects our tent.   
Now when you buy gold, you are giving needed blood from our national veins -- our dollars -- in exchange for gold which is not spendable, which only adds to the deflation behind this depression.
Glen Beck -- is a convert to Mormonism, as am I -- and his birthday is Feb 10 as is mine, and he can talk those good family values and pro-constitution talk -- as do I. But on the question of gold there is great disagreement.
If you are still in touch with faculty in economics at BYU -- please forward my comment and have them consider this proposition. Tell them that the part about liquidating debt -- by calling loans and foreclosing etc. -- not really liquidating -- but actually increasing the total debt burden -- fewer dollars around, but the total weight in deflation bolstered per dollar purchasing power has increased. (Fewer dollars are owed, but they buy more than before -- no one getting the old higher wages anymore, people willing to take low paying second jobs to try and save the house etc.
Glenn Beck is not trying to save the economy -- he is just trying to sell you gold so that after the ocean liner United States sinks people will have gold and silver with which to bid food and water rations in the life boats away from the other survivors. I am trying to save the ship and all she carries - dollars could be used to help passengers bail -- gold just weighs down the ship so it sinks faster. Beck is selling poison and bleeding us of what we need most -- dollars in circulation.
--Dick Eastman
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