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Egypt - A Controlled Burn?
By Richard Eastman
Consider the possibility that this Egypt "Revolution" and its likely suppression and purge of opposition by international intervention is a practice run for future "interventions" where similar pre-planned agent-provoked rioting and revolt breaks out here?  
Are the Egyptians victims of a trap? The start of a planned military conquest of the world disguised as policing the world against "extremist rioters"? -- and perhaps an exercise in preparation for a long planned final-stroke military conquest of their enemies and targeted potential enemies in Europe and the US? -- including their chosen racial enemies -- since Zionists and the ruling elites of the world are, in almost every nation, of different racial stock than the masses) in Europe and the US?
Revolutions "for freedom" do not start up as this one has -- without a compelling precipitating event. Why now and not before? Where did it come from?  The masses of nations are too well controlled for a true spontaneous revolution to take hold without a precipitating shock, without an unplanned disruption.  I think systems of mass controlled were deliberately let down. But if defenses have been intentionally let down to let these "riots" occur -- not just police power, but the psych-warfare power that holds mass opinion captive -- and if agitators are set to work to ignite the dry sticks, a synthetic fake revolution can be started. And a fake revolution can be used to justify a real conquest by Israel and NATO.
In my opinion (70 to 80 percent confidence) Husni Mubarak is not fleeing to Israel, rather he is retreating to Israel while Egypt will now be purged of his enemies by an Israeli invasion with lots of NATO help and plenty of Chinese "observers" if not outright Chinese participation.
This is a practice run, again in my opinion ( which I know will gather suspicion against me as "anti-Egyptian Freedom" -- but I warn you anyway as my responsibility to Egyptians and to Americans ) -- for the application of force to rid a nation of pre-targeted opposition -- with the goal of turning Egypt into occupied Iraq -- because Eliteworld (Rothschild interests)  and their new muscle states (the C-I-B-E* quadumvirate) are tired of buying off Egypt -- which receives the most US aid of any nation after Israel -- buying off a Zionist puppet government (Mubarak) in order to keep Egypt from interfereing as Israel -- through its control of the US (via 9-11 false flag and AIPAC) -- demolishes Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and, as was planned, Iran. 
However, now the timetable of the conquest of the US and Europe and erradication by force of something called "particularist society", to be replaced with dysfunctional "slave society" calls for the Iraq-style occupation of the US - after hunger riots and a Mexican-US race war is fomented by controlled famine already arranged. Conquest of Egypt and the return of Mubarak to control in Egypt after the nation has been "fumigated" of awake and uncompromising Islamic/populist elements is a dry run for a bigger operation -- in addition to "breaking the contract" between Began and Sadat which has controlled Egypt with money and is now deemed too expensive to continue.
If I am right, how does this change the picture? Not much from our point of view. Even if I am right and Egyptians enjoined in the conflict agree -- there is nothing they can do about it -- except be much more wary of exactly who is leading their revolt -- check their backgrounds -- use only people they know for sure have no chance of being a double agent of Israel/Mubarak --
What I fear is that this is not really a true revolution --meaning that the masses are not really fed up and up in arms -- but only provoked riots here and there -- which will still bring an Israeli invasion in either case.
I do not like the way Merkel, Sarkozy, Obama are now talking force "to protect Israel" -- Israel will enter Gaza -- the Egypt army will not deploy against Israel -- it is as well controlled by Israel as is the US military.
I believe all of the riots/revolutions we are seeing have been planned -- or at least. allowed for -- by the enemy, by Machiavellian Eliteworld.
I hope this suspicion/premonition/fear is wrong. I know the suspicion is reasonable.
May true world opinion with true mass support for the Egyptians (and against Israeli/NATO domination either under Mubarak or as the "next Iraq") defeat this or any Zionist/Eliteworld plot for world enslavement. To know -- or second guess -- Eliteworld's real plan is an advantage. 
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
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