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The Isolation Of The Individual
In The Debt Slavery Culture

By Richard Eastman

As usury exacts its ever increasing toll of debt -- impossible to catch up with -- inevitable to fall behind on -- because compound interest grows faster than any conceivable profit from a loan-financed investment, because more money is withdrawn from the out flow of means of payment in the form of principal and interest that is far greater than the inflow of new loans -- man becomes a debt slave living on a dissolving tablet of wealth that will eventually entirely dissolve drowning the debtor. His wife is forced to work his leisure is gone -- and even when he has time off there is no one for him to talk to, because all are paying their own debts and their share of the governments debt. All leisure has been stolen from Americans and so has childrearing time and homemaking time and husband-wife relationship time and friendship time.

And even if some few people have sacrificed of themselves to learn what the problem is and what the solution is -- it is all to no avail -- because even if people with computers and those little kazootis that everyone carries around textizing and chirping and whatnot -- they have nothing left after a day of working for Rothschild to devote any energy or even further thought to anything they read. We read and write and pass on in the hope that someone somewhere still has the reserves and the high morale and confidence and fresh intelligence and organizing ability to do something about the Jews and Masons and Chinese.

Someone tells you that the planes Gadaffi is using against his own people were obtained from Israel who obtained them from the US as "military aid to Israel", Israel that is the arms merchant to every money-controlled puppet tyrant over a goy population. So what are you going to do about it? Nothing of course -- except get a little more tension and anxiousness and despair speeding the deterioration of health and loss of capacity to keep up with debt payments.

I don't know what I would have done if when I was younger twenty or so readers had decided to sponsor me in a speaking tour -- before I was fat and incapable of uttering complete sentences etc. -- I used to think -- and often said -- that if I could just get my information in front of an audience that something would happen that would give us energy to lift up and go forward and shake the foundation of global organized crime.

Now I just write hoping that I can put truth out that may help some unusual great spirit to see what can be done if a person has the ability to rally people to their own defense against crushing toil at subsistence level for another man's gain.

This year I know six people interested in Social Credit -- last year I knew six people interested in Social Credit

And so it goes.

I think social scientists saw in advance that this was how it would turn out -- probably explains why I wasn't even worth silencing.

If I had the gumption and energy I would put an add int he paper for all old fat white males --we superfluous men -- should form a walking club -- where every evening we just get out and walk en mass to some park -- and there, as we rested would actually discuss the politics of the day. When was the last time you discussed politics with someone in your own community -- much less came to a meeting of minds? But I know I never will -- not even to save my life.

Well at least no one can accuse me of positive thinking.

Maybe when I have the urge to ponder the problem of overcoming a conspiracy of billionaires -- four and a half trillion dollars is owned by fewer people than the number that lost their lives when the Titanic sunk. Titanic I should just use the Bob Newhart technique and Stop it.

Let me tell you from experience -- if you give your life to trying to get people to save themselves and they don't respond -- it's sure to kill you. In fact you wish for death every day.

Just the truth -- and there is certainly little reason to expect that the truth will be a remedy. 

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