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Now We Know It's War
By Richard Eastmen
"In Southwest Michigan, a state of emergency has been declared in response to the Kalamazoo River oil spill. At 9:45 a.m. on Monday morning, an oil pipeline began leaking."
Residents are already reporting heavy fumes and oil-coated wildlife along the waterways from pipeline which has been carrying crude from Griffith, Ind., to Sarnia, Ontario. The well has not been shut down. 819,000 gallons have been spilled into the Lake Michigan as of Wednesday morning.  Other experts have put the number at 1,000,000 gallons or more No action is being taken to shut down the well. The fresh water lake is not the Gulf, we are already nearing Gulf concentration proportions. And the oil is passing mixing with toxic chemicals. 
"In Southwest Michigan, a state of emergency has been declared in response to the Kalamazoo River oil spill. At 9:45 a.m. on Monday morning, an oil pipeline began leaking."
The oil is flowing through the region of the  Kalamazoo River Superfund cleanup site. The polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs found in the superfund site will react with the chemicals that evaporate off the oil. This could cause very dangerous toxic fumes. The EPA has not committed to assistance. The governor has not ordered a shut-down and is only asking for cleanup help -- while the oil is still flowing.
The well is owned by a Texas company, Enbridge Energy -- but who owns that company remains to be seen.
This event, a disastrous spill of unexplained origin, that is poisoning one of the Great Lakes with no circulation other than through evaporation, with all of the pattern of official incompetence boardering on encouragement of the progression of the disaster which we have seen in the Gulf of Mexico attack (yes, both events are attacks on the American people -- they no longer can conceal that they are destroying us by indirect stealth-environmental warfare means, so now they must finish us fast before we can gather out wits, organize and interfere with the plans.
People of Michgan and Illinois and Wisconsin to the west of the lake,  take to the streets and raise their voices immediatlely to force their governor and the federal government to take action. 
Begin  massive demonstrations now -- everyone. The militias must realize that their guns are useless. Rothschild-Rockefeller have chosen a chemical attack.    ALready there is going to be a lot of loss from damage already done. Remember, no one has stopped the well yet. This can only be intentional -- letting it happen, like letting the Pentagon get hit on 9-11.  
Forget everything you hear on Fox news. Talk to your neighbor about how you will make public opinion known to the world.
The nation must demonstrate all together -- forgetting every difference or race, party, position, religion or any other consideration We must as a nation demand before the eyes of the world that the People of the US demand that the Rothschilds and their criminal allies around the world stop waging war against the American people. Stop this attack on Lake Michigan and stop all other planned attacks against other regions of the US and other countries.
There is not room for questioning. The pollution of Lake Michigan while the posioning of the Gulf of Mexico is still continuing -- makes it certain -- as we became certain that 9-11 was not accidental when the second tower was also hit by a plane. The plan is to poison the heartland of the US -- the populist middle -- the land of militias and ol southern boys who are such good shots etc. Trust you mind -- don't look for truth from Fox or CNN or national public radio. All of those information sources are  in enemy hands and have been for a long time. I am asking you to trust me this time -- and take the action I am asking you to take.
It is the responsiblity of the rest of mankind to stand behind the efforts of the American people -- we are a people of all races and creeds -- to overthrow the criminals who would rule the world with ruthless oppression.
Please do more than simply pass this information on. You must know, you must pass the word, then you must organize and fight and do so immediately. 
Richard Eastman

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