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Thanks For The Memories
By Dick Eastman

You will deny reality to the end, or to the point where it is too late whether you accept the reality and begin to act on it our not,  but the events speak the truth to whatever reason remains alive:

-  WACO - this one event should have been enough -- it created the militia movement, it threw the Clinton Democrats out of Congress in 1994 -- but they responded with the Oklahoma City bombing frameup and with Newt Gingrich to redefine and spin our revolution into call for the same Rockefeller agenda Clinton


-  9-11;

-  BP spill and handling;

-  debt Kleptastrophes;

-  trillion bailouts to banks; 

-  Clinton put in office by China;

-  coziness Bush41-BClinton-Bush43-Obama-HRClinton;

-  suicidal trade policy with China ;

-  Homeland Security police state all unnecessary all damaging to us;

-  super weather disasters with no admission that weaponized weather modification exists or any organized effort of science to publiclly control weather for our good;

-  falsley pretexted wars in Iran and Afghanistan;

-  the China-Israel style Patriot Act anti-"terrorist" state;

-  the total absense of listening to the people;

-  the deliberate overthrow of the competent elite of achievement ;

-  for the elite of crime, toadies and willing sell-outs;

-  the media monopoly poisoning us with filth, depriving us of role models

the list is endless -- all proving my thesis of Zionist Jew - Chinese Communist war against us

-  but dear to my heart is the vigilant army of people who got in the way of we watchmen on the wall -- Karl Rove's boys -- who blacklisted me and others like my from every forum where we might have convinced you of the truth -- who created whole false movements to distract people from the intelligent people of good will who had the facts and knew what was going on -- or else poor abuse on their heads and raise up stupid theories so as to discredit those who discovered the truth simply by association with these theories -- such agents being Jim Fetzer, Morgan Reynolds, Celente, Beck, -- I can name a hundred of these -- and all the minions of Murdoch and all the other Jewish media and entertainment magnates -- as well as academia -- and the alternative media who in reality were no such thing (name them yourself)

No one will remember the war my side fought to save the world -- it is all written on sand -- the internet -- which enabled them to monitor us and to show them where to intervene so we never came together -- next to nothing of our ideas made it to hard paper copy. You cannot even google my name and find me at all for two pages -- and nothing I have said about any of the above -- and I warned you early about ALL of the above -- but even that will be purged -- replaced with another system -- so there will not be any "old books" for people to find. They know where we live -- our libraries will be confiscated and destroyed at 451 degrees F.

All part of there plan -- and it is really a too too clever plan -- of intellectuals without souls prostituted to the worst men in the world because these worst men by their crimes had accumulated the most money.

The Zionist Jews and the Chinese Communists and the Masonic pinheads - you are inferior to the Moslems and the Populists and the Falun Gong and the Zapatistas and the true Liberals and the Germans and Japanese who fought you in the 1930s and 40s.

I had the key to the future and you are the criminals who take it away and impose your own future of pornographic x-rated super horror Sadism and anti-culture.

Yet in the end -- all of you who have effected this -- are the slaves of your own smallness, the victims of your own false "upper loop" propaganda.

Right now no one will read this -- you are too transfixed by the rape and humiliation of Japan -- the taking down of these good people -- you watch it all, not with a thought of helping them -- but just as the audience to a horror movie -- the only talent any of you have -- sitting passively and watching horror movies and horror realities -- between the two there is no difference as far as all of you are concerned.

I wish to thank about twenty people for being good allies -- and Jeff Rense the man responsible for however many thousand have read articles of mine. Of course I was buried in all that information -- not enough spark to start a fire for organizing behind the solutions I offered.

I have been living for twelve years in the world that you are now beginning to see clearly for the first time -- my job is over -- the end is in sight of everyone in the US.

But for the rest of the world -- those in lands where the people have not been enslaved by Jewish mass media or state controlled media -- the fight is not over for you. You still have a chance to follow the recent example of the People of Egypt, Tunisia, Iceland -- maybe some of the idea of social credit has gotten out -- some of the evidence of who the Conspiracy is and how they operate. My last piece of advice is this: never let your community stop talking politics face to face -- never let them have hired commentators and newsmen and "famous personalities" or the entertainment media shape your view of the world you live in or tell you who your neighbor is and what he is like -- it will all be lies and it will all paralyze you so you cannot unify to save yourselves.

Dick Eastman

Yakima, Washington

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