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It Had To Be A Jew
Only their extreme prejudice against non-Jews enables these lords
of the savings sector to freely conspire to rob us as they do.

By Dick Eastman
Sociologically speaking and taking into account both a truly accurate history of their conduct over the last two centuries and the fundamental principles of the science of human behavior and of the economics models that reliably identify ways of maximizing profit or wealth in managing transactions over time, I say, unequivocally, that Jews who control our entire financial sector from both the inside (Fed, Goldman etc.) and the outside (CFR, AIPAC, IMF, World Bank, BSI etc), those Jews's whose financial houses  for fiftty years have taken the earnings of the highest earning generation of our history, the" baby-boomesr" and have speculated recklessly and dishonestly with that money -- we can't call it investing can we? --  taking and using that money with the contracted understanding that they would later on  pay back even greater sums --added to by speculative earnings -- , paying back in the form of pension income, medical care, savings income (401K etc), those Jews who individually and as masters of an economic sector that is managed centrally by the Rothschild and other investment banking interests run the sector as a single set of interests.
I say those Jews have decided to renege by mass-murdering by indirect means  those people to whom they were obligated to live up to contract, of destroying the government and laws which is responsible for enforcing those contracts come due -- and I say that only they could have done such a monstrous thing because only they had both the multi-trillion dollar incentive to not give up the money they have had for themselves all these years and the complete moral disregard for the plight of the "gentile" victims they would be cheating and murdering. Only the Jew who views all others as less-than fully human and not worth worrying about when the financial power and wealth of the tribe of Jews is at stake. 
Only instilled, implacable Jewish racial prejudice and their trained Talmudic indifference to the suffering of non-Jews that Jews unfailingly expect each other to evidence when plans for cheating gentiles are afoot, only this has made it possible for this group of human beings to destroy this nation and murder so many to avoid living up to their financial-sector contracts with the gentiles of the American household and production sectors.
I see because my education and study have enabled me to see it. Those behind this conspiracy intend that you will not see it and you will not organize politically to stop it.
The only thing I don't know is whether the truth will get out and whether you and I will be able to separate the Jewish financial sector from the wealth they owe us - and to take apart the Jewish financial sector and replace it with a national system where both money and credit originate from the people and stays with the people for the good of the people without rigged-game usury or predatory speculation with other people's money that is never paid back.
My personal conclusion about most Jews? 
They can't be trusted with positions in the financial sector or in government. They must be treated as the anti-civilization terrorists they wrongly accuse Moslems and Christians of being. Limits must be set on what they can and cannot do in politics. Jewishness -- which is now entirely dominated by Rothschild banking ethics and Rothschild Zionism -- must be viewed as a social-system and interest group that is ultimately criminal, conspiratorial and irrationally against every good plan of those not of their own. 
Jewishness/Zionism/Rothschildism is a psycho-social disease -- a parasite -- that is always fatal if not isolated, contained and treated -- so that being Jewish no longer means having a chosen status that gives license to cheat and murder to prosper the tribe. This can be accomplished by gentiles and by Jews who have converted to omni-humanity with love and compassion and and unwavering and unfailing determination that being Jewish in the old way will never again be tolerated.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man
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