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Why The Rothschilds Do It -
Exterminating Moslems With DU
By Richard Eastman
For the best information and most trustworthy editorial judgment I recommend http://www.rense.com/ -- the best source of the truth.
Please, after reading my remarks below, please go there and scan Jeff's front page.
US troops opened fire on Libyan villagers in an operation to rescue two jet fighter crew after their warplane crashed in the east of the country, according to a British report.
World power is being devided among China, India, Brazil and Israel
-- and the US president has been in Brazil with his family during critical periods of the deadly release of radio active particles over the Pacific and the beginning of bombing operations putting tons of depleted uranium in Libya.
Why the Rothschilds Do It.
Depleted Uranium rounds used in Iraq did this. The same thing will be occuring in Libya
and North America.
You are being lied to at all levels in what I easily recognize as coordinated lies and conspiracy to keep the victims in the target area. Here is Glenn Beck, a sociopathic yes-man who knows what to say to rise from a disk jockey in the Murdoch organization, with his high school education, telling you that it impossible for the sabotaged reactors to harm anyone. Whereas it was clear to all the intelligent looking at the facts that the entire tree of failsafe measures were defeated in Japan -- proof of the one contingency that radiation engineers did not prepare for -- large-scale sabotage involving unlimited scientific and black-op resources of international organized crime.
Why the Rothschilds Do It
They do it for two reasons. First, they have been raised to bring honor to themselves by furthering the advantages of the family and of their vision of Zionism against the interests of "the nations." Second, the truth about their intentions and past super crimes is abroad in the world and those who know the truth are attempting to organize the informed to overthrow Rothschild power. In other words, they want the glory of winning and they want to avoid the pain of any countermeasures taken by their victims.
Radioactive particles, faded into the atmosphere over the Pacific are now in the US and it is not being reported. Depleted uranium is being used in Libya and that too is not being reported. Milk and cattle are already being irradiated and not just in US Pacific coastal states. A nation may appear to survive without many deaths from radiation sickness only to be decimated later on by cancer (thyroid, lungs, other vulnerable organs) and by chromosomal breakdown or recombination destroying the newborn generations.
And you elected these people to look out for your interests against the schemes of the evil rich?
Of course the Rothschild dynasty members don't know anything else but the game of gaining more than those who came before you, of exalting Jewish power (which is really their power) over the gentiles.
There is more news of recent developments than I could ever hope to put into one of my Items posts. I have decided that I am not a news agency or a Jeff Rense. I see that it is best to direct people to the best sources of info rather than just pass on what comes to my mailbox as I have been doing.
If you think I am well informed you have not been visiting Rense to see all that I have missed about Libya, Egypt, Japan, radiation and all of it.
My best advice for the country is that we get more people to read Rense. No one is going to start carrying signs that say "I agree with Dick Eastman" -- but they will and they do say the real news can be found at Rense.com.
We can't win unless we rally to a viewpoint based on the facts.
Dick Eastman
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
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