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Time To Overthrow Jewish
Crime Power In The US
Facts Are Facts

By Richard Eastman
Orthodox Jews in Germany
Since the Second World War, Germany has been trying to re-establish a Jewish presence in the country. There are now some 120,000 Jews living in Germany, and many are Orthodox.
Orthodox Zionism in Action in the "Holy Land"
Jewish origins of the homosexual movement in America
"I care not what puppet is placed upon
the throne of England to rule the Empire
on which the sun never sets.
The man who controls Britain's money
supply controls the British Empire, and
I control the British money supply."
- Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1815
Why do people distrust Gypsies but trust Jewry with everything?
Gypsy ­Reads your palm and tells you your 'fortune'.
Jewry ­Reads your palm and charges you a fortune.
Gypsy ­Picks your pockets.
Jewry ­Picks your pockets and robs your Treasury, as well.
Gypsy ­Peddles 'magic potions'.
Jewry ­Peddles 'magic potions', as well as hundreds of billions
of dollars-worth of 'legal' pharma drugs.
Gypsy ­Runs Punch and Judy show, while picking your pockets.
Jewry ­Runs your media, government, 'jew-diciary' and what not,
while picking your pockets and robbing your Treasury.
Gypsy ­Gets drunk and stabs someone to death.
Jewry ­Gets drunk with power, greed and paranoia, tricks you
into a trillion-dollar war, robs your Treasury more than
ever before and calls you a traitor, an 'anti-Semite' and
an 'apologist for terrorism', if you dare to question his methods
and motives, while, at the same time, pouring
conspicuous praise upon his own fellow tribesmen for
their 'courageous opposition to war'.
But the Jew-owned US media say Israel is forced to retaliate for Palestinian "rocket attacks."
Like this one?:
I am convinced that Mossad or IDF sneak in and fire most of those rockets into Israel themselves. Why else are so few Jews every hurt by them?
And they tell us that Palestinians tie bombs to themselves and try to kill Jews in "suicide bombings."
You mean like Mahmoud Sala?
1. Mahmoud Sala was walking down the street with a friend.
2. He and his friend are forced to the ground at gunpoint.
3. Friend driven off and shots are fired in air to frighten people from street & windows.
4. Jew takes careful aim while no Israeli is under threat of any kind.
5. Mahmoud is shot in the head.
6. Planting the "suicide bomb" you will read about
in your Jew owned newspaper or hear about on
your Jew-owned radio or TV news program.
Ashkenazis - descendants of Khazars, a semi-nomadic
Turkic tribe from the steppes/prairies of Central Asia, whose
ruling families converted to Judaism c. 8th century AD.
During the Dark Ages, Khazar converts wandered into
Eastern Europe and the German lands, where Yiddish
became their tribal tongue and Talmud their way of life.
In 1917, they seized power in Russia and murdered
countless millions. In 1948, they captured Palestine
by a campaign of mass murders, re-labelled it
"Israel" and gained UN recognition by brazen bribery,
terrorism and blackmail.
The Jewish 'Trotskyite-Socialism' in Palestine has the
very same Talmudic principle at its foundation as the
Jewish communism in Russia had: mass theft of 'goy'
property and mass murder of the property owners.
The origins of the "Islamic" terrorism are very much
the same as were those of the "Russian" communism:
it's the Jews. The Jews and the Jews alone handsomely
profited from both.
The organized Jews are THE most highly organized
organized criminals on earth, who are successfully
operating on both sides of the law. Should their
monstrous extortion racket in the US ever fail,
their kosher apartheid in Palestine would collapse
like a house of cards.
*Ashkenazi - just another fake Khazar Jew
label (falsely derived from the Old Testament).
"Were the Holocaust shown to be a hoax,
the number one weapon in Israel's
propaganda armoury would disappear."
- Prof. William Rubinstein, Melbourne University
"Indeed, the Holocaust has proven to be
[Israel's] indispensable ideological weapon.
Through its deployment, one of the world's
most formidable military powers, with
a horrendous human rights record, has
cast itself as a 'victim' state, and the most
successful ethnic group in the United States
has likewise acquired a 'victim' status.
Considerable benefits accrue to this
specious victimhood ­ in particular,
immunity to criticism, however justified."
- Norman Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry
"Fill the jails with anti-Semitic criminals.
Fill the insane asylums with anti-Semitic lunatics."
- The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
The term "Jew" creates a tribal identity which the Zionists can use to solidify into a power block all those who identify themselves with this word. Attacking this identity from the outside causes all "Jews" to immediately unify in opposition against the "anti-semite." Those sharing the identity cooperate as members of a secret society for economic and social gain, an ongoing conspiracy against all others. All other peoples are ruled by deception and robbed in any way that has a reasonable chance of success.
Here is what your sons become when enlisted to do the bidding of a government dominated by "legalized" and/or "ignored" Jewish organized crime.
"Serve the Jews or your life goes nowhere."
I say we overthrow Jewish Criminal Power in the United States
What do you say?
It's time for everyone in government who is to afraid of Jews to do the right thing and resign immediately from their positions of responsibility join the American people in Egypitan and Gandhi-style once-and-for-all decision "No more phony democracy fronting a murderous, degrading and enslaving Jewish Dictatorship!"
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.
Who Owns the TV Networks
#1 Taking Total Control Of Our Food - S. 510 "The Food Safety Modernization Act"
#2 Taking Total Control Of Air Travel - The Dehumanizing Full Body Scanners And "Enhanced Pat-Downs"
#3 Taking Total Control Of Our Health Care - The Loss Of Our Health Freedom
#4 Taking Control Of Our Money - Multiplying Taxes
#5 Taking Control Of Our Businesses - Thousands Of Ridiculous Regulations
#6 Taking Control Of Our Environment - The Green Police
Rothschilds AND Goldman Sachs Are Both On The LIST Of Billionaire Bondholders Gettting Bailed Out In Ireland
It is financiers like Rothschild that are the enemies of the people, industry and indeed, the high street banks, not the banking industry nor capitalism in general. For they can liquidate or dilute loans and the value of money and savings, by greedy compound interest and unbridled hikes in that.
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