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Toxic Zionism
Populst insurgency in defense against the class warfare waged by a the global crime syndicate, the 
theft-minded and theft-enriched decision-makers who have taken over most of the planet.

From Dick Eastman
Who is being described? 
"They are aggressive, forceful, always plotting terror and ever indifferent to any and all suffering or injustice their crimes inflict upon innocent others who are in the right -- yet they are the ones who accuse their victims of being "full of hate" of stealing their land."
Hear Joyce Kaufman. The 7 Reasons to Support Israel
Now consider the message of this Palestinian woman 
Toxic Zionism
A new year, and the battle against evil goes on....  We in the real truth movement have taken aim at the real criminals involved in the destruction of our way of life, and the eventual subjugation of us all, which of course are the Zionist Jews....  The fact is that exposing criminality has nothing to do with racism, or what these criminals call "hate".  If you are a criminal, then you are a criminal... Period!
Right now, I want to present a very important article that I came across from another real truth seeker, who goes by the moniker: Desert Peace. His site is at www.desertpeace.wordpress.com. This article is entitled: "Toxic Zionism" and has a video that is absolutely wretched to view! I am enclosing this entire article here for my own readers to view, and I have some comments to follow:
January 2, 2011 at 08:42 (DesertPeace Editorial, Gaza, Hasbara, Israel, Oppression, Palestine, War Crimes, zionism)
The writing on the wall..
It's not only the bombs, the guns and the tear gas that is killing off an entire people, it's zionism itself.
We constantly see and hear justifications for the Jewish 'right' to have a homeland . but from whom and for whom? The madwoman speaking below would certainly make a good running mate for Sarah Palin in the next US Presidential election (sic).
Click here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmV1ffKP0ms&feature=player_embedded
The above is an indication that zionism is not only toxic, it is a form of insanity. If there was no Palestine as they claim, who have they been killing for the past 63 years? Who have they walled into ghettos reminiscent of the ones created by madmen of history? Who have they been expelling from their homes in Jerusalem and other major cities?
And just what is the secret hold these tyrants have over the rest of humanity, especially the West? Why is there silence when a Palestinian child is slaughtered? Why is there silence when an entire segment of the Palestinian people is slaughtered in Gaza? Why is there silence when a family is evicted from their home to make room for illegal squatters? Why is there silence when two people from one family are slaughtered by Israeli troops for demonstrating PEACEFULLY against their lands being stolen? Has it become a crime to speak out against injustice? If so, isn't it time toSPEAK EVEN LOUDER?
The madwoman in the video above speaks of God promising the land to Abraham and his seed Did she forget, or just not pay attention to theFACT that there was also a son named Ismael? Did the rest of the world forget that as well?
A message from non zionist Jewry can be seen in this video. a message to the people of Palestine.
Click here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wbhrtoi9tr8&feature=player_embedded
Palestinians must be reassured that there are many Jews including Israelis standing with them to rid the land of the toxic waste that surrounds us. Justice and Peace WILL prevail We will not remain silent!
Related report posted by Joseph Dana
Joyce Kaufman. The 7 Reasons to Support Israel.
When I first viewed the video of about Joyce Kaufmann, I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing from this loudly, proudly and fixedly death-on-Palestine propagandist and agitator. And the Youtube comments on this video in support of Kaufmann were equally an eye-opener 
Kaufman's outright falsehoods regarding the history of Palestine presents are so full of holes that I do not even know where to start.
Desert Peace points out that the land of Palestine was not desolate as she falsely claims, and I could not agree more. Simple research into the population of Palestine before the Zionist Jews infiltrated the territory shows that an estimated 1.5 million Palestinian people lived in the region! Most took flight from Palestine after 1947, primarily due to the Zionist rampage of murders, in what is known as the "Nakba"! Others have been subjected for 63 years to the brutality of the Zionist regime and are locked away in either the Gaza concentration camp, or being walled up into small apartheid style enclaves in the occupied West Bank.
One other key point is that she says the Jews have made Israel a vibrant and energetic country.  People must understand that that and other claims of the greatness of Israel are absolutely false.  It is a fact that if it was not for the estimated 5+ BILLION dollars that Israel receives annually from private donations world wide, and the gift of over 3 BILLION dollars that the US hands over to these criminals in the form of "aid", the country could not survive and its phoney "economy" would collapse. Some have claimed that Israel is actually the biggest welfare recipient nation on the planet, and considering the free handouts it receives annually for its very survival, I would agree...  So much for a vibrant economy!
If she loves Israel so much, then I recommend that she give up her US citizenship immediately, and take the first flight to Tel Aviv as soon as possible to live in her "paradise". Guaranteed that it will only be a matter of time before she discovers what that "paradise" is really all about.  
All that anyone needs to look at are the words of Jack Bernstein in his article "The Life Of An American Jew In RACIST, Marxist, Israel", that I have in its entirety in the left hand column of this blog, to see the TRUTH about life in this sick "paradise".  Many have been lured into going to that racist sick nation only to discover the lies that they have been told. Jack Bernstein discovered the truth and it cost him his life!
Yes, this is another wake up call for everyone, and a must for readers to pass around to others.  Again, the truth must be told!
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