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Economics From The Heart
By Dick Eastman
Pop-o: Why did "supply-side" economics fail to save our America?
Bozo: Because the reduction in taxes kept money in the hands of international speculators, now investors in domestic entrepreneurs.
Pop-o: How can that be true if there are economic bubbles, and inflation, and all that excess of government and personal spending that we are not forced to cut back on.
Bozo: Because while the bankers invested our savings and our interest payments in China, Americans began to be starved of purchasing power, due to the relentless net drain of purchasing power due to the fact that principal plus interest money outflow is bigger than new loan inflow -- so that as we could not make ends meet we were forced to burn the equity in our houses -- our only remaining pockets of wealth -- converting our fraction of ownership in our mortgaged homes into mortgage loan money to "pay off debts"
and incidentally to keep buying from China the things we could not pay for with domestic production -- since there no longer was any domestic production. So not only did Big Usury -- euphemism for the Kikes -- give China all of our savings and paid interest -- they also gave China our ownership in our houses to buy Chinese products. The purchasing power Big Usury supplied us always had to be paid back to them with interest and to make up with that loss -- because nothning we did could ever be profitable enough to equal
than the interest payments we lost. And without domestic profit all we had was our wages and salaries from sale of labor -- called "the service economy" -- they made us "lean" but we never got "mean" with them for doing this to us. So in the end all wealth was drained from the people of this country.
The people have no more house equity to burn to stay alive. All of their assets have been sold. The last great asset was our medical system has been plundered and now everything that the people get from the public sector is also about to be taken away - and even the Democrats, who live on government jobs that once paid more in order to buy government workers administer and enforce this system of plunder and murder.
Pop-o: If this is so why didn't you warn people?
Bozo: I should have, but instead of going to people I know and talking to them -- I went to the internet where every view is expressed and there is no way of sifting the good from the bad -- so the result is just white noise. Even if a very good explanation weighted with proofs rose pretty high, it would be forgotten in no more than three days -- usually within half a day -- as people just pass on messages without reading them -- without taking respopnsiblity for their content and the implications. All politics is local and people to people.
In thirteen years - I have converted six people to social credit.
People don't listen to clowns.
Pop-o: Well, its been nice talking with you, old friend.
Bozo: Nice talking with you, too.
Who said the heart has answers?
Til Next Time
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