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To Jewish Finance - Give Us A US Industry Bubble Now
Or Lose All Wealth Your Swindles Have Taken From US

To Jewish Finance
From Dick Eastman
You told us you were necessary for industrial growth and progress.
We would borrow from you and with the borrowings we would build machines the output of which would pay back the amount borrowed, pay back usury interest and leave a surplus remaining for profit and a higher standard of living for all. This was because wages rise the more machinery surrounds worker.
You knew that LOAN IS LESS THAN PRINCIPAL PLUS INTEREST. You knew, in fact you arranged, that no money would go to real industrial investment or infrastructure investment to increase output of goods.
Yet for every loan of fresh purchasing power none of it went to domestic machines for production. You did allow a blob of loans to create applications for the internet, but when we developed what you wanted you cut the loans and allowed deflation to bring it all to bankrupcy so you could buy it all up, have monopoly power and shut the door on new entry by American cyber innovators and entrepreneurs so that Silicon Valley became a ghost town. You did allow a blob of loans to the housing sector alone -- but nowhere else! -- or should I say to the "second mortgage sector" for people crushed by debt who still had equity -- but you wanted those remaining pockets of household wealth too and so after 400 million phone calls to people to get them to refinance "to consolidate debt", when all household wealth was your collateral -- you then did everything you could to bring on deflation and force people into foreclosure. Now all of the wealth is yours and you are selling our homes to foreigners as absent landowner slumlord living on high rents exacted from people with no money.
Even now you are forcing another sterile bubble on us in the form of "alternative energy" -- tearing down atomic plants and coal and oil power plants and even hydro-electric damns so non-productive windmill energy -- impossible for powering industry -- will replace the system we have and displace the ample atomic and gas etc. fuel sources we should have had.
From begining to end you have swindled the people with a fraudulent system that takes more in interest and principal than it injects in loans. You have created derivatives and foreing investment ventures for mutual funds wetc and other non-production enhancing speculaton for the rich to do with their money while you starved the 300,000,000 Americans of purchasing power at home -- so you could buy up the country and make the people rent slaves and Wal Mart employees and entrepreneurs limited to tatoo parlors or fingernail painting.
But now we see exactly what you have been doing and with what aim. Now it is our turn to set terms and conditions. Your fraud has repudiated all contracts and all title to your (stolen) wealth.
The people of the world you this alternative. Use the wealth and power you have stolen to set up a non-usury system and restore people to control of their own governments and their governments to complete power to regulate credit and trade -- or else face a world uprising that will end Jewish presence in Finance and will take from you all but one of your mansions and all but one of your firms which will be subject to anti-trust regulation.
You can show you good intentions by creating in each country now in crises a new industrial bubble and agricultural bubble that will enable each of them to attain maximum self sufficiency with competition and plenty of purchasing power to people to be productive and self-supporting with no threat that it will all be taken away by deflation.
The next order is going to be world domination by the household sector -- and it will happen either with your full cooperation and participation or it will happen by the people meeting out to you and to all of your hirelings the retributive justice at the hands of a human race fully conscious of all of the unnecessary misery you have intentionally caused them to prosper yourselves at their expense.
You will communicate you acceptance or non-acceptance of easy way out for you by a sudden change in the talk of your propaganda mouthpieces in the media and the puppet politicians and all of your agents infiltrated into every key institution of this country. If the People do not see this change signaling acceptance of our game plan you will find yourself the victim of the first war in 200 years which you did not start.
Choose your consultants carefully when evaluating this ultimatum. Keep in mind most of them have not served you well to bring you to this point, to the bursting of the merchant banker bubble. Also bear in mind that lawyers will not be of help to you when the people themselves determine that the judicial branch of government and the writing of lay by the legislative has been sabotaged and set against the people by organized crime.
GIVE US AN AMERICAN INDUSTRY BUBBLE RIGHT NOW or lose ALL wealth your past swindles have taken from us
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
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