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To Jerry Brown From Dick Eastman
By Dick Eastman
Congratulations, Jerry Brown, the new governor of California.
Immediate relief for California will come from making the State of California IOU's acceptable tender for the payment of state taxes while at the same time making the bills negotiable. 
A secondary market has formed on these IOUs and by making California taxes payable with them you increase the demand. The IOUs will circulate almost at par with the dollar.
To do this, you will have to fight both the Democrats controlled by Goldman Sachs and the Republicans and Tea Partiers controlled by Ruppert Murdoch. Also, Chinatown will fight you tooth and nail.
Of course, I am not mailing this to him. Who the hell ever responds to anything I write?  But maybe there is one person with the new governor's ear who may read this on rense. The future of California may rest with that person.
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